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A Jovar Ardent and Cognatus Battlecruiser attack one another in the Intergalactic War

Have you ever seen what a single Jovar ship can do to a planet? It can make rocks flow like water, turn it into a giant ornament of glass, cook its inhabitants in seconds. It's quite amazing, actually.

- Unknown

The military of the Jovar Empire is composed of the Grand Army of the Empire and the Grand Navy of the Empire. With approximately 20 billion soldiers and 1 million capital ships, it is a large force, and is very powerful.

Grand ArmyEdit

The Grand Army is composed of approximately 20 billion soldiers, 5 billion tanks, 4.5 billion attack fighters (somewhat obsolete), ad a small force of attack boats, used primarily on water-planets.

Jovar Soldier

Jovar Soldier

Jovar SoldierEdit

A Jovar soldier is usually recruited at a young age (as young as 17). Training is usually brief, about 2 months, but is extremely intense, involving rigorous real-life combat situations,in which failure can often be fatal. After training, a soldier is usually "assigned" to a planet within the empire.

Soldiers appear in both ground and space forces. In ground combat, soldiers are best suited fighting other soldiers, but some can be specialized with specific assignments, such as anti-tank/aircraft units, or stealth units. In space, Jovar marines will often guard capital ships from attempted captures, and will likewise attempt to board and capture enemy capital ships.

Ursian OrderEdit

Ursian Jovar2

An Ursian Jovar.

Though the Ursian Order is not even an organization founded by or predominately made up by the Jovar, they have nevertheless joined the order, with many Ursians becoming some of the best troops in the entire Gigaquadrant. This is because Ursians are trained in the arts of Mystic Energy, and thus are given "superhuman" abilities because of this. Ursian Jovar are also given better equipment than a typical Jovar soldier, making them some of the most feared, if the not the most feared type of Jovar infantry to be faced on the battlefield.

Jovar Tanks/ArtilleryEdit


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A small Jovar battalion on the surface of a planet. (Yes the guy in the middle is an idiot)

Although the Jovar would simply prefer on bombing runs and/or orbital bombardments, when relying on absolute precision to destroy a target, the Jovar uses one main type of artillery unit: the Frenzy-class artillery tank. Propelled by four massive legs, it is slow, however it makes up for this by being incredibly well-armored and -armed. Its main guns have firepower almost equivalent to a normal capital ship's small turbolasers, but is able to make extremely long shots over very vast distances. It even has a back gun, allowing it to fire at targets behind it (although it is much weaker than the main gun). Although it has few flaws, its biggest is the vulnerability of the walker legs. But even worse, the underbelly of the tank is much lightly armored than the rest, making it the best place to destroy it.


The main tank of the Empire, the Terminator-class is heavily armed and has very heavy armor. However it lacks much speed.

Aggressive-class tanks act as small, light tanks, focusing almost primarily on speed.

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Ground Forces RankingsEdit

  • Private
  • Corporal
  • Sergeant
  • First Lieutenant
  • Second Lieutenant
  • Captain (Land)
  • First Major
  • Second Major
  • Colonel
  • General
  • Major General
  • Sector General
  • Commander-in-Chief (Chancellor)

Grand Navy of the JovarEdit

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A squadron of Eagle-class bombers score a critical hit on a Cognatus Battlecruiser.

Jovar fleet

A very small portion of the Jovar Navy.

The Grand Navy of the Jovar is comprised of approximately 968 thousand capital ships, ranging from small transports to Star Destroyers and even Star Dreadnaughts. See here.

Like for the army, naval officers are also trained within a few weeks or months, and are sent to specific planets do perform specific duties, from cleaning toilets on a Star Destroyer to managing the fuel supply of a ship. Often, naval officers and personnel may not ever see combat in their entire career (which typically lasts about 200 years).

Naval RankingsEdit

  • Cadet
  • Junior Officer
  • Officer
  • Senior Officer
  • Junior Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant
  • Senior Lieutenant
  • Captain (Personnel gets command of a ship at this stage.)
  • Junior Admiral
  • Regional Admiral
  • Planetary Admiral
  • Sector Admiral
  • Grand Admiral
  • Senior Grand Admiral
  • Omnipotent Captain
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