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The jack-of-all trades of the intergalactic community. Somewhat large, a rather powerful military, good relations with most nations, and good influence overall. Though I must say, their military is more powerful than many others at her level...

- Unknown

Note that all information on this page describes the Jovar Empire before The SplitEdit

The Jovar Empire is a group of planets located within the Milky Way Galaxy. The Empire currently spans 52,000 star systems in the Milky Way, and over 200,000 in the Galaxon Galaxy. Perhaps most famous for their shipbuilding techniques and their capital ships, they are also famous for finding the true ancient human home world, as well as defeating the Grox in the Milky Way. The Empire's main military force is the Jovar Fleet. Most of the governing in the Empire takes place on the Jovar homeworld Jora, although foreign relations is usually dealt with at a nearby planet, Osion. The Empire is a constitutional monarchy that is controlled under a single constitution, with each branch of government working under a system of checks and balances.


The Jovar Empire's total extent is (as of today) 252,000 star systems. Of these systems, 52,000 are within their home galaxy, the Milky Way, and over 200,000 are located in the Galaxon Galaxy. The majority of the planets are from former empires, althought the areas surrounding Jora are mostly original Jovar colonies. The inner parts of the Empire, closer to the capital, tend to be richer and produce more spice, as well as benefit from a higher standard of living than the outer colonies, that serve mostly as outpost for the Empire. The empire's main issue, having removed the Grox from existence, is small rebel attacks that target small, weak outpost planets. The empire has celebrated great prosperity since the destruction of the Grox, and most foreign civilizations tend to try to please the Jovar. Of course, the Jovar rarely forge alliances within their own galaxy, and usually destroy these empires quickly (referring to Tier-5 or weaker).


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Jora, the capital of the Jovar Empire.

The Jovar Empire features a wide array of planets, from beautiful, Tier-3 worlds to hostile, dead lava planets. The vast majority of the Empire's planets are Tier-1 planets that specialize in spice mining.

Inside the galactic arms, colonies are more economically-supported, thus the need of a military is less (but still very important). In the Core region, however, almost all colonies have major military installations on them. This is primarily because of their vital purpose during the Jovar-Grox War. A few colonies utilize both aspects, and are considered the "Great Planets".

Most planets rely on two major goods to run their economies: spice products or weapons. However, tourism is another major contributor. Also, many planets specialize in mining rarer elements necessary to produce power, capital ships, and computer parts. Some planets even produce nothing more than food for other colonies that cannot produce their own.

The Empire is divided into twelve sectors, acting as provinces. Each sector has a capital, and is named after one of the original tribes of Jora.


The military of the Jovar Empire is large and vast, and the vast majority of money spent by the empire is directed towards increasing its military might. The Jovar Fleet has an approximate size of 900 thousand-1 million capital ships, made up of mostly aging Executor-class destroyers and new Ardent-class star destroyers. The flagships of the Fleet are the Earthbound-class battleships and Captain Jovar III's heavily modified Ardent-class star destroyer.

Jovar Soldier

A standard Jovar soldier, who's fur color has been repainted to display the military's standard red and black color scheme.

The ground forces of the Jovar Army compose of approximately 1 billion- 1.5 billion total troops, which is entirely made up of Jovar adults, although teenage males may begin training at as young as age 17 years old (Joran years).

The Empire's first and only superweapon is the Jgindi Superweapon, which is capable of destroying a star by releasing highly reactive and unstable particles into the star's core. The Jgindi is also capable of destroying planets by means of planet busters, as can the Earthbound, Ardent, and Executor classes of starships. The Jgindi superweapon is over 600 miles in length, and was built in complete secrecy in the Jerruna star system, near the planet Auder-2.
Jgindi Superweapon

The Jgindi Superweapon

All capital ships are capable of both interstellar and intergalactic space travel. The latter of which is possible thanks to recovered human technology. However, starfighters and frigates require the assistants of capital ships to travel intergalactically, and only frigates can travel without assistance between star systems. Starfighters are solely dependent on capital ships to transport them, via hangars.


The Empire is also a founding member of the Universal Alliance of Nations (UAN), and a member of the Intergalactic Federation.





Quotes from Other EmpiresEdit

A fair and kind race, the Jovar are one of our favorite allies and they have proved very useful in helping us in the Intergalactic War. Long live the Jovar!

- President Apollo of the URC

Hur. Wat losas. Dey is waste manz.

- Zr'Ahgloth of Da Loronz

We would help them, like they have helped us in the Intergalactic War! Also, they seem very familiar. We feel we have seen them before...

- Sylit Republic

A Great Empire, they even have more planets than us! Cool.

- Gablinus-Avis Empire


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Additional Stats Edit

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Full Military Forces: About 968,000 spaceships (150,000 Star Destroyers, 45,000 Dreadnaughts, 68,000 Battleships, rest smaller frigates), 18-20 billion soldiers
Active Military: About 968,000 spaceships (150,000 Star Destroyers, 45,000 Dreadnaughts, 68,000 Battleships, rest smaller frigates), 18-20 billion soldiers
Galactic Trade State: Strong intergalactic trade
Ruling Body: Joran Parliament and Supreme Chancellor
Official Currency: Modified Sporebuck (M§)
Trade Exchange Rate: 1 M§= 10.3 §
Colonial Extent: 52,000- Milky Way Galaxy, 200,000- Galaxon Galaxy
Total Number of Colonized Systems: 252,000 systems
The Jovar's Fiction
Yes, we have no arms. Now stop laughing!
The Jovar Empire
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