Jolene Adams was a Rambo Nation bridge officer onboard the USS Enteprise-A, under command of James Rambo. She didn't join the crew of the Enterprise from the start, instead she was transferred later on. Onboard, she is the head of the science department and when the captain asks, she is expected to give an answer to all scientific events onboard the ship or those the encounter, even if she doesn't know what the encounter she is still expected to give an explantion, and prefferly a solution as well!

During the subjugation of the Nation by the oppressive Galactic Empire of Cyrannus Jolene left Rambo Command and joined Santa Company as a starfighter pilot.


Early history and Cadet[]

Jolene Adamas was born at 2782 (16 BQF) at Terra Prime. Born in a hard working family, she was send to decent and good schools while her parents worked for it. Being grateful and gentle she studied hard at school and had a great time. Her results eventually allowed her to join the Rambo Acadamy in 2798 (0 BQF), shortly after the devastating Second Galactic War. There she learned all the basic needs to become a Rambo Command officer and took her exames in science, having a love for exploring distortions and other spacial events. After four years, in 2802 (04 AQF) she graduated at the age of 20 and was promoted to Ensign. A year later, at the age of 21 in 2803 (05 AQF/01 NE), she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and was transferred to the USS Enterprise-A, shortly after Empress Ramashe signed the Concordate.

Service onboard the Enterprise[]

As of 2803 she is one of the newest and most inexperienced bridge officers onboard but is a valuable assest to the crew- soon gaining the full trust of the captain as his chief science officer. Her first mission onboard the Enterprise involved the investigation and respons to a distress call from a Rambo Nation station. Rambo Command informed them an Imperial ship, a star destroyer was to investigate as it was closer, however her captain still decided to go as well and discovered that both the station and the star destroyer had been destroyed by the Quadrantia Grox. After they returned their mission in exploring Quadrant 21, Jolene was present at the banket for the first contact with the blue skinned humanoids, known as the Andormaru.

James and Jolene encounter Azylkene

Afterwards she gave her support to captain Rambo to search for his daughter, Claire who was involved in the Hunter for the Zevian Skull. After those events she was present at the bridge when the Enterprise arrived at Aecor, and informed James that the structure was of Atlantica origins. As the Cognatus Empire was present as well, with one of their commanders, Thel'Vicliquam leading the search for James' daughter, she was given command of the ship when James led a landing party to safe his daughter from the hands of the dreaded Cognatus commander.

After shore leave at the Rambo Capital, she returned her duties onboard the Enterprise and was present when New Cyrannian Republic captain, Helo Roslia returned from a dangerous adventure from the future and the following diner to celebrate his return. After Helo Roslia left, the crew of the Enterprise came under attack by a Congregation cruiser. This cruiser overpowered the Enterprise. The Congregation ship appeared from an anomaly due to fractures in the timeline. After escaping the cruiser, Enterprise was drawn into an unexpected wormhole and travelled to the future herself. After returning the Enterprise was struck by a cloacked mine, trapping the vessel inside an Icolian-Web, studying it's origin, Jolene managed to find a way to dissolve the web by using the deflector dish of the Enterprise. After reporting her findings to the captain, they were disturbed by Azylkene who ordered the surrender of the Enterprise. Before events could unfold, Azylkene left as the Enterprise came under attack. Managing to escape the Enterprise safely returned to the Rambo Capital.

James and Jolene surprise a sleeping Tania

After the Enterprise finished repairs, she informed her captain, James Rambo. Together they faced the night-shift commander, lieutenant Lefler, who was sleeping in her bed, in her underwear atop her blankets. He informed her that she was to ask for permission to leave space dock, a high honor.

While the Enterprise traveled to the homeworld of the Gaskhan, Jolene remained onboard and was saddened by the news of Walter's death at the hands of the dreaded Mortalitas known as Mortikran. A few days later, captain Ramniels Ramcelsior brought a new helms officer, ensign Idris Changecloack, a Carnthedain Elf still at the Acadamy.

New mysteries arrive with the sudden space cloud!

James accepted and ordered a course heading towards the homeworld of the mysterious Chavelli, when Idris was unable to take the ship to warp, Jolene suggested if she had released the external internal dampeners. Ashamed, Idris corrected her beginners mistake and the Enterprise headed towards their new course.

During the trip to the homeworld of the Chavelli, Idris and James investigated a lone astroid with strange minerals on it after donning their space suites. The minerals turned out to posses markings, but before she could research it more closely a massive green spacial cloud appeared from nowhere. Surprised and taken aback by the suites sensors that went wild, the two decided to leave the minerals for what they were and returned back onboard the Enterprise. While onboard she was unable to find an answer for the sudden appearance of the spacial cloud. As the captain ordered to continue their route to the Chavelli homeworld, Jolene continued her research about the cloud. In 2813 (15 AQF) the Enterprise-A was withdrawn from service and Jolene resigned.

Santa Company[]

Siege on the Autokrator

After resigning from Rambo Command Jolene was contacted by Doohan who, as her was disillusioned with the Nation and its ruler. Able to escape Koerband with aid of RN-2052 she joined Doohan and traveled to Ramrevera where she joined Santa Company. In the initial years she used her science knowledge to help expand and construct the base though by 2820, at the age of 38 was one of the best starfighter pilots within the Company.

By the end of August 2820, Jolene and Cobra Squadron were deployed by the Rambo Loyalist to track down the ICS Autokrator. After fruitless hunt of over three hours she finally located the star destroyer within the Metruia Nebula and began their assault. Due to the efforts of the starfighter squadron the Autokrator was boarded and its command, rear-admiral Stutgrat was captured. With the capture, Jolene ordered the squadron to withdraw.

In September 20820, Jolene fought during the battle of Pauvenris, destroying multiple ASP-wings but unable to prevent the destruction and death of her friend Zabiela. Jolene survived the battle and afterwards remained at Pauvenris for a while, inspecting the crashed wrecks.

Personality and Traits[]

Jolene is a kind and gentle person, often described as being shy and honest she is well liked by the other crew members onboard the Enterprise. As the bridge lieutenant of the science division, Jolene became responsible for sensor readings, observations, theories and explanations about spacial events like anomalies. Sometimes, due to James demanding nature she feels this as a great responsibility, as well as a burden at times. Due to her position, she is often seen as the third in command of the ship, something she finds difficult to do.

Jolene is well aware that she attractive for humanoid males, resulting in her being a bit arrogant. She sees Captain James Rambo as a hero and takes a great example of him and is honored to serve under him. Jolene likes to visit exotic places as well and loves to make pictures of places where she has been, among them Aecor, the Rambo Capital and Zevia. After the Enterprise was relaunched into service during the Voyages of Enterprise, Jolene changed her appearance with a more decorated uniform, as well with a ponytail after she grew her hair.

During her time with the Santa Company she wore the flight overall and grew her hair as well.


A great and fine officer, she is given my full trust in scientific matters as well as taking command of the bridge in my absence. I see her commanding her own ship in the future!

- James Rambo


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  • Dino's Star Trek Online charachter for Starfleet is based upon this creation!