Jioan was the long time Chancellor of the Venatioa ever since 2783/15 BQF. A kind and noble spirit, putting the interessts of his people above his own needs and wishes only the best for them. He comes from a long line of family relatives who were either chancellors of advisors at the court. As such he is well educated and knows how to thrive politics and in 2820 became the first president of the Dinotopian Republic.


Chancellor of the VenatioaEdit


Jioan and Or-Ana in friendlier times

Born at Bikasulam, Jioan lived a life of plenty, wealth and health. He led his people into space and explore beyond its own borders. Soon after starting their space exploration program, the Venatioa met Rambo Nation and joined them as a member species. Jioan personally appointed Or-Ana as the official senator to his sector. Sadly with the new wealth coming to Bikasulam and the Western Sector- a sickness grew within Jiaon, a sickness of the mind. His love for gold grew fierce and as such he was one of the first to loose his bright appearance. Over the years Jiaon grew duller in color and became corpulant to the point he began using a hover chair to move himself around.

He even allowed to have servants, a fact not seen before at Bikasulam as servants were actually nothing more than slaves. His relationship with senator Or-Ana strained as the wealth of Bikasulam began to grow more and more!

President of the Dinotopian RepublicEdit


July 2820, the formation of the Dinotopian Republic

Jioan was horrified when the Imperial Inquistor Chi Chodecra leveled the cities on Bikasulam and drove the honorable Venatioa away from their homeworld. He vowed to take revenge and grew angry with the Ramboidae politics who did nothing against it. With the loss of High King Rambert Ramveral and the fall of Rambo Nation in 2819 Jioan believed all hope was lost until the Rambo Loyalist resistance faction liberated Umbrax and invaded Impaerusqiantia. Using his political ties he met with Lord Asparex and Ramuno on Impaerusqiantia after its liberation in July 2820. Together they agreed to from the Dinotopian Republic as the Rambo dream was lost without its Royal Dynasty.

Jioan was elected as first president and pledged his support to aid the Loyalist.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Jioan is a kind and gentle person, caring for those he likes though his desire for wealth and status sometimes makes him arrogant and blind for facts. He is also quite wealthy, a fact he really enjoys and prefers to wear and display his family necklace, an ancient jewelry some believe to be a divine artifact crafted by the Atlantica.



Blue faceI believe I can trust them


Orange faceBlergh

  • Chi Chodecra - He will answer for the destruction of Bikasulam
  • Sarossk - Only 'cause the SSC is vital, otherwise....



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