Jimmy James Rambo is the son of famous captain James Rambo and the politician Chuinaylia Ivalaë Pantaria. He is bold and adventurous, quick to form an opinion though holds quite some diplomatic skills if he wants to use them. His twin sister is Jenna Lenissa Rambo and his half-sister is Riyo Apanoida.


Jimmy James Rambo is born in 2804, son to James Rambo and Chuinaylia Ivalaë Pantaria. Shorlty born before his twin sister, Jenna Lenissa Rambo he was born healthy and in good condition. He enjoyed living on the Estate on Koerband and idolised his frozen hero half-sister, Eclair Misca Sancest Rambo. From childhood, Jimmy loved sports like soccer and tennis and was often known to get into trouble when he left the Estate to go on his bold adventures. Passing his high school with rather ease, he often teased his younger sister Jenna with his better scores. In 2819 (21 AQF), he decided to join the Rambo Academy to follow his father footsteps.

Academy Years[]

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First Year on the Academy

Meeting Jenna in Rambo City to start their Academy carreer

Arriving in Rambo City before his sister, Jimmy donned his Cadet uniform and explored the city, often drawing attention from the local girls. He met with Jenna when she arrived and guided her to the Academy. On first day, Jimmy made fun of the Cogsangui Cadet Volerx Ateeshe until he was corrected by his mentor, commander Tash Hannity. During lunch later that day he openly flirted with Solana Cholia Stefani, daughter of the singer Osha Stefani and quite attractive. By the end of the day however, he was shocked to hear that his mother had perished when Mou'Cyran was destroyed by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, sparking the Second Great Cyrannus War.

Jimmy onboard the Grissom during his internship

In May 2819 (21 AQF), a fieldtrip to Noldágorel was issued. Jimmy loathed the idea to study the dusty Aldárae Order and study the native Scions. Jimmy was an explorer, he loved to explore the wilderniss or find artifacts that were lost, not known places or study animal behavior patterns. The running hike through the rain was a nice change though he had difficulties keeping up with the group. Perhaps he had to party less and sport more. During the hike his sister Jenna fell of a cliff though was saved in time by Volerx. The act made him a bit jealous though his respect for the Cogsangui grew. In June 2819 Jimmy was send to follow his internship onboard the USS Grissom, an Oberth-Class science vessel under command of the grumpy S'aur who was known to dislike Cadets and recruits. The first week was a hard week as S'aur often barked at him, even when he noticed a shimmering on the view screen. S'aur, not impressed and rather annoyed dismissed the notion until it turned out to be a decloacking Hutter Bird of Prey. Though the Grissom managed to escape destruction it's exploration mission was over due to needed repairs. S'aur respected the keen insight of Jimmy and helped him to accomplish the internship.

Second Year on the Academy

Jimmy and his damsel in distress

Afterwards he returned to the Academy and followed another semester before starting his second internship in January 2820. Jimmy, tired of Imperial propaganda at the Rambo Capital decided to choose the focus of his second internship in logistics, one of the most boring and least popular amongst the students. Jimmy was happy to be assigned to captain S'aur again, though now onboard a Kounotori-class heavy cargo platform of the Saurien Sector Corporation. Taking the long route to Ozdudrahk, Jimmy enjoyed time onboard and grew acquainted with the Legatus observer, lieutenant Swain Tavira. At January 6th, Jimmy returned to his quarters to study though was eventually summoned by Swain to her quarters. Entering, to his surprise and delight found her half-naked on bed and she asked him to help her with an itch on her back. Jimmy kissed the back of her neck, resulting in a moan of delight of Swain, gently pushing her on her back his hands moved down Swains body to lower her skirt, so the two could truly enjoy each other's company. Later on, the two were dragged from their quarters by Recon Squadron personnel and brought before Tatsu Irana. While Swain was beaten, Jimmy tried to prevent her execution but resulted in a fist to his head and the scolding of being an Imperial sympathizer. Luckily captain S'aur prevented her execution and ordered Jimmy to take Swain back to her quarters and take care of her, in any matter she required.

Personality and Traits[]

Jimmy is a bold and adventurous person and quit head strong. With a love for adventure and girls he often gets in trouble. Since youth he enjoyed sports like soccer and tennis and loves hiking as well. At moments he can be cynical, has a great sense of integrity and respect for knowledge, believing that culture was something to be shared and preserved for future generations and could be learned from.

Jimmy is known to have one lesser trait as he is quite biased about non humanoids, something that often gets him in trouble and a fight or two. As such he has a self learned style of self defense. He is a great shooter and keeps himself in shape. Though loving parties he has a low tolerance of alcohol and often stammers when getting drunk.

He also has a weak for attractive woman and is prone to seduction.

Jimmy James RamboLarge.png Jimmy in his Rambo Command Academy Cadet Uniform.
A sleek, tight-fitting flightsuit only worn by Cadets. The uniform signals their position as Cadets and Students. Most the suit is colored black, with a white shoulders and high neck colar with red lines running along.

The uniform displays a Rambo Nation comm badge in the form of the Rambo Nation insigna. It is normally located above the left breast. The new and more darker uniform reflects an increased military alertness.

Service Record
Location Assignment Dates Rank or Rate
Rambo Academy

USS Grissom

Kounotori-class freighters

Student Officer 2819 - Ongoing

2819 June 2819

2820 January - March


USS Grissom



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