Jenne Lenissa Rambo is the daughter of famous captain James Rambo and the politician Chuinaylia Ivalaë Pantaria. Bold, gentle, eager to learn new things yet sometimes quite temperamental to the point of being blunt. Her traits remind James of his lost daughter, Claire Rambo both in appearance and behavior. Her relatives include her twin brother Jimmy James Rambo and her half-sister Riyo Apanoida.

Her personal hero is her father, former captain of the USS Enterprise-A and she hopes to follow in his foot steps after she completes the Rambo Academy. In the background of her study rages the Second Great Cyrannus War which will have a significant impact on her carreer and personal life.

In May 2820, during her second year on the Academy Jenna was onboard the USS Harakaze when it got relocated to the Argoroth Sector of the Endless Space. Serving at its trainee XO she was eventually field-promoted to commander and CO of the Harakaze upon the passing of commander Tash Hannity. Tasked with the difficult task of getting the ship home and taking care of a crew while still young and inexperienced became a burden for her she became determined to get her ship and crew home.


Jenna and her grandfather at Christmas time (2818)

Jenna was born in 2804 shortly after the twin brother Jimmy James Rambo, daughter of James Rambo and Chuinaylia Ivalaë Pantaria on Koerband. In her youth, she enjoyed living on the estate of her grandfather, Augustus Ceasar Rambo and often got glimpses of him meeting Empress Ramashe. Loving her father's stories about space travel Jenna decided to apply for service in Rambo Command as well, hoping to be able to enter it at the age of 15. Her hopes shattered as she failed an exam and as such was not able to get her high school diploma on time. In december 2818 (20 AQF) Jenna donned her Christmas outfit with bear shoulders. The dress revealed the fine outlines of her trained body and showed her female curves. As she stamped down the stairs she had awoken her grandfather who gave her a present and told her the outfit was eye catching, no matter her fathers opinion of it. To her surprise the present included a letter of approval to join the Academy class at the start of 2819 (21 AQF). Hugging her grandfather and headed to the galabal to end her high school time.

Jenna and Jimmy in Rambo City

On the 4th of january 2819, she says her goodbyes to her family as she takes the space bus for the Rambo Capital after hugging her family. Upon arrival in Rambo City she meets with her brother, Jimmy as the two hugged each other Jenna commented on him already wearing his Cadet uniform. Jimmy simply shrugged as he proclaimed it attracted the girls that resulted in an eye roll of Jenna.

Academy Years[]

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First Year on the Academy

Recieving the terrible news of the death of their mother on the first day on the Academy

5 January 2819 (21 AQF) Jenna awoke abruptly by the wake-up alarm. Anxious for her first day she slept badly and had some troubles with the rather tight Cadet flight suite. After meeting her brother for breakfast the two headed for class where her brother mocked a Cogsangui cadet by the name of Volerx Ateeshe that soon resulted in a remark from their approaching mentor, Tash Hannity. During lunch Jenna and Jimmy got acquainted with the Ortella girl Solana Cholia Stefani who recognised them as the Rambo Twins. Later that day, their father informed them their mother had perished during the destruction of Mou'Cyran by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. The Second Great Cyrannus War had broken out!

Volerx saves Jenna from a Cordata

Saddened by the news and heartbroken, Jenna had some trouble studying during the first semester and had to do some retests to pass it. In May 2819 however she was allowed to join on the fieldtrip to Noldágorel where they visited the temple associated with the Aldárae Order. Jenna loved to study both the temple scrolls and the native Scions in the valley nearby. At one day, their chief petty officer took them for a running hike of 6 km through the run, something she loathed. Soaked by the rain, Jenna managed to keep up well though after 4 clicks she grew tired after all the running, push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks and more. At one point, her legs were burning and her muscles flexed when she was unable to keep her footing and slid down a hill and fell over a nearby cliff.

Jenna serves under Commodore Malegras during her internship and would meet the Commodore multiply times in her coming carreer

Hitting the groudn hard four meters below, she broke her ankle as an startled and angry Cordrate moved in on her. Dizzy and in pain, Jenna was unalbe to move and the timely arrival of fellow Cadet Volerx Ateeshe spared her from further harm. The Cogsangui took her in his arms and brought her back to the temple where she recieved medical care from headmaster Robert Lefler and Knight Janice Ross. Afterwards, she thanked Volerx and sat next to him in class, Jenna decided Volerx was a worthy and honorable Cadet and she wanted to befriend him very much.

In june 2819 (21 AQF), Jenna was assigned to serve onboard the Caradhras-Class USS Galathynia, flagship of the notorious cybrog Commodore Malegras. Jenna was nervous and a bit affraid to serve as his personal yeoman for the remainder of the month and on her first day the Commodore barely spoke to her. Later on, the Commodore relied on Jenna's sharp mind and enthusiasm and began to trust her, even taking a liking to the young Cadet. A rarity for the otherwise known cold and ruthless Rambo officer. Jenna was present during the Battle of Lianna, a battle part of the New Republic Civil War taking place at Lianna-station. Jenna was shocked to see the Rambo siding with the True Republic instead of the New Cyrannian Republic but none the less followed the orders given by the Commodore. By July, shortly before Malegras invaded New Republic space Jenna's internship was over and the Commodore complimented her on her performance and promised to watch her carreer with great interest.

Second Year on the Academy

Gaskuark meets Cadet Jenna Rambo, March 2820

After her first internship Jenna returned to the Academy where she finished her following semester exams with fine results and high grades in tactical and sports. She was horrified though when Rambo Nation fell in October 2819 and was subsequently conquered by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus after the sudden death of High King Rambert Ramveral. Afterwards, she was unable to see her father who was imprisoned though still decided to remain on the Academy. She started her second internship in January 2820 onboard the USS Royal Oak under command of fleet-captain Garan Andarch till March. During her internship she learned a lot of command and tactics and near the end of March the fleet-captain took her to Ramaakota. A planet he enjoyed and allowed Jenna to explore the city for three days on her own, though he expected an essay of it afterwards. Delighted Jenna explored the city and by the end of the day stumbled upon the Saloon. Entering it in a dancing mood she met with the saloon holder, the Gaskhan Gaskuark who poured her Quadrantia Patrons to get her tipsy and earn some extra money. Jenna, to her own defence could not stand alcoholic consumptions that well and got easily tipsy. Feeling quilty Gaskuark arranged a pick up by Garan Andarch so she got back to the Royal Oak safely. Onboard she was reprimanded by the fleet-captain for her behavior and falling for this old trick of Gaskuark but promised to keep it between themselves.

Harakaze Exploits[]

USS Harakaze leaves drydock for her maiden voyage test flight

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By the end March 2820, returning earlier than most Cadets Jenna met with commander Tash Hannity and fellow Cadet Volerx. Teasing the Cogsangui that he was kept awake at night in anticipation of seeing her the two were brought to the USS Harakaze, another prototype of the Butterfly-class line of vessels. Tash issued orders to prepare for a maiden voyage/test flight with the vessel with Volerx on the helm and Jenna as the XO. Taken by surprise she felt proud that she was given such an oppertunity already in her second year and ordered the ship to leave drydock at one quarter impulse, apparently forgeting that regulations prescribed thrusters only.

Cadet Rambo gives Tash the report of the ships performance, May 2820

After serving onboard for a few weeks, in May 2820 Jenna gave her report of the ships performance to commander Hannity and lasting technical difficulties- including non working lavatories and showers on deck 3. To her and the commanders surprise Rambo Command tasked them to investigate the dissapearance of the Unfortunate, an Imperial Arquitens-class light cruiser that apparently had entered the Metruia Nebula in persuit of a Rambo Loyalist U-Wing.

When the Harakaze entered the Metruia Nebula it was hit by a displacement wave and relocated to the Argoroth Sector of the Endless Space- 126 years away from the Quadrant Galaxies. During the relocation Jenna lost her footing and required aid from her fellow cadet and friend, Volerx to get to her feet. At the same moment an Argoton space entity (at the time unknown to them) assaulted the Harakaze and entangled the vessel. Jenna pointed out the appearing creature from the nebula and shivered. The quick thinking of Volerx saved them from destruction and the Harakaze continued it journey, battered and damaged. For another four weeks without planets, the crew finally made contact with a race, the T'varuuh who pointed them in the direction of a repair station. Along the way, commander Hannity made a course direction against the advise of the T'varuuh and headed into Gorgorian space in June. Arriving at Gorgorthrond, Jenna remained onboard as ordered and executing her role as XO while an away team headed to the surface. The away team managed to rescue Lassa Evaana Penaeli and upon the return of the shuttle- Jenna piloted the ship away from the Gorgoroth system.

Jenna and Dil are present with Tash' last moments

Upon arrival at the Crockagator C5 Space Station in July, Jenna continued her duties though began studying the data of the Argoroth Sector provided by the Crocagators. A month later, in August the Harakaze continued her journey home when Jenna asked commander Hannity to the bridge upon recieving an Imperial signal from Gorga III. Hannity wanted to investigate and ordered a course change. While the away team went to the surface, Jenna remained behind on the bridge much to her dismay. On the surface things went wrong as Gorgorians arrived at the crash site of the ICS Unfortunate and opened fire at the Imperials. When commander Hannity was beamed back to the Harakaze, crewman Dil'inne'Dry asked Jenna to come to the transporter room in all haste. Upon arriving she found commander Hannity dying, pierced by a spear by a brute called Gorzask. Hannity relayed her last orders, field-promoted Jenna to the rank of commander and transferred command of the Harakaze to her. Hannity's last order was to bring the ship and its crew home before she passed away.

Jenna provides the Imperials with an ultimatum to serve onboard, August 2820

With Hannity's passing, Jenna changed her uniform to that of a standard Ramboidae commander and was forced to deal with the arrival of the Imperial and Loyalists onboard the Harakaze. Burdened with a difficult decision and bold plan, she consulted her friend Volerx Ateeshe before summoning their new "guests". First she spoke to the Imperials, lieutenant Vax Trask, lieutenants Ciena Dunedin and Timothy Winthazen and handed over her ultimatum. She would not take guests onboard but instead would deploy them to serve onboard next to her own Ramboidae crew and the Loyalists. She named Vax Trask her executive officer, making him the second command of the Harakaze and her right hand. As the Imperials agreed, the Loyalists lieutenant Watcher and Judie Watcher were a bit reluctant but joined the crew as well. With Watcher as her head of security and Judie serving in the security detail of the Harakaze.

Jenna welcomes Corbar and Evaana onboard the Harakaze

Knight Zahra Ross of the Aldárae Order told her secret as a Knight to Jenna and asked to keep this a secret from the Imperials. Agreeing, Jenna set Zahra to work as Chief Medical Officer as the Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH) was still down. Afterwards, she welcomed lieutenant Corbar and Lassa Evaana Penaeli onboard and made them senior crew as well. Knowing their experience would help her as a commander she set Corbar to work as Chief Engineer, much to his delight and Evaana as her Head Science Officer. Satisfied with her decisions, Jenna hoped the various crews could set aside their differences and work together, something that required a lot of effort from her as well.

Pleased with the salvaging of the Unfortunate equipment, the U-Wing and the two Imperial ASP-IV fighters Jenna gave the order to resume course.

Personality and Traits[]

Jenna Lenissa Rambo is a strong minded, ambitious young woman that is on times unsure of herself and her abilities. She doesn't let others run her life and has a tough character similair to her father. Yet she is also calm and down to earth and enjoys the little things in life (sunshine, beaches, walking etc). She cares for the people close to her and will do what it takes to save them, or help them out. When unsure, she often comes off as clueless and shy.

Jenna is known for her trademark raising eyebrow, showing confusion and superstition often at the humor of those that recieve it. Though she loves her father a lot she is often at dispute with him when he accusses her of lacking attitude to study enough instead of enjoying pool parties, shopping and sports. Though Jenna loves to keep in shape she is often unsure about tight clothing and her own body. When anxious, this often results in a bad night of sleep and stomach pains.

Jenna Lenissa Rambo (cmdr)Large.png Jenna in her Ramboidae uniform after her field-promotion to commander of the USS Harakaze. The uniform consists out of a black skirt, dark greyish black panties, black military boots and a double-breasted red jacket worn over a white turtlenecked undershirt. The white colored shirt identifies her position within the command department. On her shoulders four golden rank insigna were embedded in the shoulder pads. Jenna Lenissa Rambo (cmdr).png
Jenna Lenissa RamboCadetLarge.png Jenna in her Rambo Command Academy Cadet Uniform.
A sleek, tight-fitting flightsuit only worn by Cadets. The uniform signals their position as Cadets and Students. Most the suit is colored black, with a white shoulders and high neck colar with red lines running along.

The uniform displays a Rambo Nation comm badge in the form of the Rambo Nation insigna. It is normally located above the left breast. The new and more darker uniform reflects an increased military alertness.

Jenna Lenissa Rambo.png
Jenna Lenissa Rambo(civil)Large.png Jenna in her civil attire. Jenna appears as young woman, with blue hair, a ponytail with multiple poofy strands. Jenna wears a simple red tank top, and nice flowing bright blue jeans. She has yellow-tan shoes and a dark red bracelet on her left arm.

It is Jenna's most favorite choice of clothes, she loves the tight jeans and the attention it gets her.

Jenna Lenissa Rambo(civil).png
JennaChristmasOutfitLarge.png Jenna in her Christmas dress. Jenne appears as a young woman, with blue hair dressed in a dress without shoulders. With a typical christmas hat and boots Jenna is ready to celebrate her favorite holiday of the year! Jenna Lenissa Rambo (CHRISTMAS).png
Service Record
Location Assignment Dates Rank or Rate
Rambo Academy

USS Galathynia

USS Royal Oak

USS Harakaze

Student Officer
2819 - 2820:

2819 June

2820 January - March

2820 March - August

USS Harakaze Commanding Officer 2820 - Ongoing Commander

USS Galathynia


Jenna on a Christmas message for 2017


Blue face.pngAre there truly people I can rely on?


Orange face.pngOh my!

  • None yet


Sometimes, I feel like I am the only human around my family!

- Sarcastic Jenna


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  • Jenna Lenissa Rambo civil attire and appearance is a homage to Kya, the heroine of the PS2 Game Kya Dark Lineage.

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