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All we do is for the glory of Jenassio.

- Regent Wel

The Jenassian Regency, also known as the Jenassian Empire, is an expansive, militaristic regional superpower native to the Odysseia Region of the Cyrannus Galaxy. The Regency is currently led by the ambitious Regent Wel who has been responsible for much of his people's success in the years after the disaster that was the Great Cyrannus War, during which much of Jenassian space was deciminated by the New Basileus Empire.

For centuries, the citizens of Jenassio and her colonies have lived in a society in which every move is watched and every action noted. The civilisation's populace is controlled by constant surveillance, the denial of the truth and propaganda. Despite these invasions of personal freedom, the population of the Regency is generally considered to be well-off by their interstellar neighbours. The Jenassians are very protective over their borders and will ruthlessly destroy any unauthorised vessel that has entered their territory. Despite this, they are welcoming to any species that desires to live under their all-seeing government.

During the New Cyrandia Wars, the Jenassians entered an alliance with the Regellis Star Empire known as the Rihanae Pact against the expansion of the New Cyrannian Republic into areas of space close to their borders. Though winning many victories against the Republic, the military might of the democratic superpower ultimately resulted in the destruction of the Pact and the cessation of official hostilities. In the aftermath of the conflict, relations between the Jenassians and the Regellians soured, with the Regency instead their attention to expansion in the Quadrant Galaxies.


Early HistoryEdit

The Jenassian Regency was formed in the aftermath of a devastating nuclear war on the Jenassian homeworld of Jenassio. As the planet fell into an induced ice age, the planet's surviving population called for change. With many in Jenassio's fractured society blaming weak governments for their inability to stop the conflict which had ravaged their world, a single state was formed, under a Regent. In theory, the Regent would be subservient to the Jenassian equivalent of a Senate, but this was long seen as a formality, with little substance in reality.

In the year 1250 BNE, the Jenassians officially became space-faring and spread outward from their homeworld in a desperate hunt for resources that would maintain their society, as their bombed-out homeworld could no longer support a large and healthy population. Over the next several centuries, the Jenassians continued to expand, while back on their recovering homeworld, the government was transforming their civilisation from a relatively free society to a tightly controlled one. However, this control limited the civil uprisings on outlying colony planets and so was welcomed by the majority of the population, partially due to the level of propaganda in the media.

Turning to conquest, the Jenassians attacked the peaceful Rihanaens, conquering their people. Ravaging the natural beauty of Rihanae, the Jenassians strip-mined almost thirty percent of the planet's habitable surface, displacing millions of Rihanaen. During the forty-year occupation, Jenassian death squads rounded up and murdered millions more, before a violent Rihanaen uprising successfully forced the Jenassians to abandon their foothold in the Rihanae system. In subsequent centuries, the Rihanaen used their natural intelligence and technological ingenuity to develop some of the most advanced technologies in the eastern reaches of the Cyrannus Galaxy, keeping the Jenassians at bay and even claiming three Jenassian sectors in the Four Years War in 543 BNE.

Great War

The United Republic comes into conflict with the Jenassians.

By the beginning of the Great Cyrannus War, the Jenassian Regency had colonised over 87,000 systems in the Unknown Regions of Cyrannus, becoming one of the region's superpowers. Though the United Republic of Cyrannus and the Confederacy of Allied Systems remained ignorant of the workings of their civilisation, the Jenassians had made a name for themselves, allying with species and factions such as the Cognatus Remnant and even the Basileus.

During the third year of the war however, the Basileus learned that a region filled with natural wormholes leading to the Quadrant Galaxies was located within Jenassian space. When the Basileus left the Confederacy and established the New Basileus Empire, they promptly invaded Jenassian space. With their advanced technology and powerful warships, the Basileus easily carved through Jenassian space in search of the wormholes, reducing the amount of systems under Jenassian control to 65,000. When the Republic Senate heard of these Basileus war crimes, they sent a small fleet led by Captain Kimkola of the Star Destroyer Union to aid the Jenassians in the reconstruction of their civilisation. However, due to the ongoing Basileus invasion, the Jenassians became ever more hostile toward other civilisations and attacked the Republic fleet as soon as it entered Jenassian territory. Through superior numbers, the Jenassians managed to drive off the Republic fleet, severly damaging the Union in the process.

Emerging from the ShadowsEdit


Laege Shavalera makes first contact with the Jenassians.

When the Great War ended and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed, the Basileus pulled out of Jenassian territory, allowing the Jenassians to rebuild their shattered civilisation. Under the leadership of the new Regent, an ambitious man known as Wel, the Jenassian empire quickly recovered. With the galaxy reeling from the aftermath of the Rise of the Cyrannian Empire, the goings-ons in Jenassian space was ignored by other powers. Under the leadership of Regent Wel, the Jenassian military expanded exponentially while exploratory craft entered the wormholes that were sought after by the Basileus, eventually establishing seven colonies in the unknown regions of Quadrant 82 and Quadrant 89. How the natives of the Quadrant will react to this expansion has yet to be seen.

Meanwhile, back in their home territory in Cyrannus, the Jenassians began to grow curious about their new Icolian neighbours, which for some reason blocked off expansion to the north. A single Jenassian ship was sent to investigate and also to ensure that the Icolians made no moves into Regency territory. Unfortunately for the crew, the cruiser accidentally collided with a mine which attracted the Icolians, who gave the Jenassians two hours to escape. Ultimately however, the Jenassian Cruiser was unable to escape and was soon destroyed by the Icolians. The few survivors of the battle escaped to inform Jenassian Command of their encounter. The Jenassians soon made first contact with Laege Shavalera of the New Cyrannian Republic, though both nations left the negotiations with a sense of mutual mistrust.

New Cyrandia WarsEdit


The fleet of the Rihanae Pact collapses during the Sacking of Rihanae.

Soon afterwards, the Jenassians made first contact with the Regellis Star Empire from the Quadrant Galaxies, who had illegally established a strong system of colonies near Jenassian space. Though the Jenassians distrusted their new neighbours, they agreed to a non-aggression pact. Over the course of several months, this non-aggression pact ultimately evolved into the Rihanae Pact, a military alliance formed to counter the increasing threat of the New Cyrannian Republic. Soon after the Pact came into being, the Jenassians and the Regellians launched a joint attack on a Republic ship, in an act considered by many to be an act of war.

Over the next several months, the Jenassian military would launch several campaigns against the New Republic's border regions to the east, attacking Khaidev on 45-05-04 NE and Orvel shortly afterwards. However, as the war went on, the sheer size and military might of the Republic quickly turned the tables against the Jenassians and their Regellian allies with political commentators privately noting that Regent Wels himself was beginning to question the wisdom of the Rihanae Pact as early as the opening month of 05 NE.


First contact between Rambo Nation and the Jenassians.

Nevertheless, prior to the Sacking of Rihanae, the alliance held strong only to fall with Willelmus Cretacea's devastating victory over the forces of the Pact over the planet Rihanae. In the immediate aftermath of the battle, the Regency officially dissolved their involvement in the alliance and signed a non-aggression pact with the Republic via subspace. As the weeks went on, relations between the Jenassians and the Regellis continued to deteriorate.

Tension in the Quadrants

With their relations with the Star Empire in tatters, the Jenassians began to concentrate their efforts on expansion and consolidation in the Quadrant Galaxies under the leadership of Gul Arritzia Dar'Aehl. Though the Jenassians did not desire a renewed armed conflict, their first contact with Rambo Nation proved to be disastrous and raised tensions in the badlands of Quadrant 82 to levels unseen since the outbreak of the Second Galactic War.

Second Great WarEdit

New Alliances

Adelheidis makes a new alliance with the Rihanaens and the Jenassians.

During the Second Great Cyrannus War, the Jenassian government watched in distress as the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus destroyed the Mou'Cyran system. Though they had been enemies of the New Republic, and held no love for them, they nonetheless feared that without them, the Empire would be free to march across the Unknown Regions, conquering the Regency and its protectorates. Later in the conflict, the Jenassians allied with Adelheidis' True Republic faction, along with the Rihanaen Star Empire—soothing the existing tensions between the two peoples. Together, they attacked the New Republic at the Lloannen system, destroying the Deep Space Station present there.

Society and CultureEdit

The Jenassians have long been known to have a rich, highly advanced culture in the fields of music, literature and art. Though for centuries these areas of Jenassian society have been heavily censored by the government in their attempts to control the population using propaganda. Despite popular opinion from other races, the Jenassians are generally not xenophobic. Despite this, since the Basileus invasion, they have grown distrustful of outsiders. Foreign nationals within Jenassian space are watched even closer than other citizens. The majority of the Jenassian population are not religious, but those who are generally follow the religion of the One God, which the government often uses to its advantage.


The Jenassian Regency is officially a representative democracy in which citizens vote for officials to represent them in the Senatot (Senate). However, since the early days of the Jenassian's spacefaring organisation, the Senatot has had no power whatsoever, with power being instead vested in the Regent and his/her military intelligence organisations. The Government is a harsh, but efficient body that have managed to keep the peace in Jenassian space for centuries, at least until an alien menace in the form of the Basileus invaded. Since the invasion, the government under Filoem Wel grew in popularity for its efforts to build a strong military to defend Jenassian interests only to collapse in the aftermath of the New Cyrandia Wars, leading to the appointment of his brutal daughter D'evi Teveda as his successor.

Current Regent
Name D'evi Teveda JenassianRegent
Affiliation Jenassian Regency
Species Jenassian
Status Promoted in 05 NE
Daughter of former Regent Wels · Aristocratic · Brutal · Militaristic ·
Strong Military Proponent · Arrogant · Distrustful of non-Jenassians



The Jenassian homeworld of Jenassio.

Jenassian space is located mainly in the Odysseia Region of the Cyrannus Galaxy. The territory controlled by the Jenassians is roughly spherical in shape, though in recent years it has begun extending outwards in the directions of galactic south and west, due to an intimidating Icolian presence preventing expansion to the north while the outer fringes of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus is located approximately 1,200 light years to the east.

Since the ending of the Great Cyrannus War, the Jenassians have also begun to colonise systems in the distant Quadrant Galaxies, using hidden wormhole routes that were believed to have been left behind by the ancient Oikoumene. These colonies are currently still undergoing construction but the Jenassian government hopes that they will have stable populations within three standard years. However, unbeknownst to the Jenassians, the natives of the Quadrants are not very welcoming of extragalactic species inviting themselves into their territory. How relations between the powers will develop remains quite unknown.


Notable CommandersEdit

Gul Arritzia Dar'AehlLarge
Name Arritzia Dar'Aehl
Rank Gul
Flagship Renassia
Influence Very High


Praxu-class cruiser

Class: Praxu-class cruiser

Year Introduced: 03 BNE

Length: 1,000 metres


Phaser arrays
Dual turbolaser cannons
Point-defense dual laser cannons
Heavy proton torpedo tubes

Performance: High

The Praxu-class Cruiser is the most common vessel utilised by Jenassian commanders in both space exploration and military action against other interstellar polities. With a distinctive orange hull and serpentine appearance, the Praxu-class is both feared and revered as heralds of the Jenassian Regency making it somewhat of the equivalent of the Venator-class Star Destroyer of the New Republic, though the latter is significantly more advanced. Nevertheless, after the fall of the Rihanae Pact, the Praxu-class received an upgrade to more modern Cyrandia standards, with more fearsome weapon systems and more durable shields.

Notable Ships
  • Jenassio's Fist
  • Wrath of the Suns
  • Predator

  • Based on the Cardassian Galor-class.
Jenassian Cruiser

Elia-class frigate

Class: Elia-class frigate

Year Introduced: 04 BNE

Length: 500 metres


Phaser arrays
Dual turbolaser cannons
Point-defense dual laser cannons
Heavy proton torpedo tubes

Performance: Medium

A small frigate utilised by the Jenassians, the Elia-class frigate was first introduced in 04 NE as a forebear to the larger Praxu-class cruiser. Though it is not equipped to hold its own during broadsides, the Elia-class excels during escort missions or by providing coverfire to allied ships in combat. Indeed, the Elia-class is rarely seen without at least four ships of the same class in the event that military action is required.

Notable Ships
  • Wrath of Jenassio
  • Beacon in the Dark
  • Elia's Retribution

  • Original design.
Jenassian Frigate

Foreign RelationsEdit


A Jenassian space station in the Quadrant Galaxies.


Green faceTogether, we shall achieve greatness!

  • None


Blue faceYou aren't bad.

  • None


Yellow faceWe have yet to evaluate you.

  • Rambo Nation - We have heard a great deal about them through traders in the Quadrants.
  • Hutter - A fierce species with a strong military.
  • Regellis Star Empire - The days of the Pact are over.


Orange faceUgh! Your actions in the past will not be easily forgotten.


Red faceFace the wrath of the Jenassians!

  • Basileus - Your species is responsible for the deaths of billions!


Face threatenedTactical retreat!


I sympathise with their plight in recent years, but I fear they may follow the path of conquest in years to come.

- Apollo

Prepare for assimilation, humanoids.

- Neraida Gigamatrix

Surely you cannot hold the entire Empire responsible for the crimes of the Basileus.

- Tereyn Aeresius

Their unstable nature represents a possible threat to our colonies. We will be vigilant.

- Mercuris Federation

Totalitarianism is known for its inneficiency.

- Lamenar Reminocles



  • The Jenassians are based on the Cardassians of Star Trek.
  • The Jenassians were voted the featured fiction for July 2013, just a few days after their page was completed.

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