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The capitol of the Federation. Hail Vivana!

The Jarquvix Federation is the formalized name for the political domain of the Jarquvix race. It currently controls roughly 150,000 systems in the Milky Way Galaxy, as well as 10,000 others in the Xanthrus spiral.


The Federation's government is very complex, consisting of many different departments and leaders, but despite the complexity, it is very easy for Federation citizens to take part in. The Federation's government type is a Polyocracy, or 'rule by more than one person.' Here are the main leadership roles that rule the federation-

  • Grand Praetor- This is the position of diplomacy and military, and the Grand Praetor organizes votings when they are held. The current Grand Representative is Grand Praetor Jex of the Jarquvix Empire.
  • Grand Militarist- This is the position of ultimate authority within the military. The Grand Militarist can override all Military judgement of the Grand Representative if necessary. The current Militarist is a rough and tumble Jarquvix warrior-class named Kkahkryshtyvn.
  • Grand Ambassador- This is the position of ultimate authority in diplomacy. Same thing goes as with the Grand militarist, but with diplomacy. The current Grand Ambassador is a Jarquvix Queen named Cihkardhtva.
  • Grand Domestics Manager- This is the position within the Federation that is in charge of alerting the council of Vandals, viruses, and other things relating to our Vid-network, as well as domestic protection. The current Domestics manager is a Jarquvix female named Ghensitvkhui.
  • Grand Inquisitor- This is the position of ultimate authority within the Federation's intelligence agency, the CTBLO. This position is completely autonomous. The current Grand Inquisitor is a born native of the Jarquvix Xanthrus spiral colonies, named Exhastuthistra.

These leadership roles also govern the Grand Congress, which is composed of representatives from each sector controlled by the Federation. Each sector has four representatives; a Governor/Praetor as governing of the sectors' fleets and territory, an Admiral as leader of the sectors' military, an ambassador as a trade/diplomatic representative to other empires and Federation sectors, and a Domestics Governor as leader of the sectors' infrastructure. This system is also used for system, planetary, and city governance. The Grand Congress is the term for all of these positions throughout the empire, and the Congress is further divided into four parts, one for each system of governor (the Governor's Assembly, Admiral's Assembly, Ambassador's Assembly, and the Domestic Assembly). Each local government (sector/system/planet/city) also has its own administrations to take care of certain issues present in those locales. Each locale votes leaders to every position, but only in their own locales. Such as, only citizens of the planet Dorids can vote for Doridian representatives, and only citizens of the Jarquvix Sector can vote for Jarquvix Sector Representatives, and so on.

It's economic system is a free market, but there are detailed laws provided to regulate the treatment of customers to businesses and employees. These laws are usually anti-discriminatory, but there are also laws regulating how much control banks and loaners can exercize on borrowers and customers. Not so much regulation that bankers and loaners have no power, and enough regulation to make sure they don't have all the power. The Federation's Government also provides several forms of welfare programs and charities, providing for outlying planets without industrial-strength productivity.

Military statsEdit

Jarquvix 1st Explorationist Fleet

  • Location- Xanthrus Rim
  • Status- Active
  • Mission Currently Assigned- In high galactic orbit over the Xanthrus Spiral, taking scans of the unique temporal radiation. Were invloved in the blockade of Radeon extremists during the Radeon Insurrection.
  • No. of ships- 50,000/50,000

Jarquvix 2nd Explorationist Fleet

  • Location- Xanthrus Galaxy, Jarquvix Quarter (Sectors Gamma, Kappa, Mu, Nu, and Omicron)
  • Status- Passive
  • Mission Currently Assigned- Currently serving as diplomatic couriers for the Ravenrii fleet.
  • No. of ships- 200,000/200,000

Jarquvix 3rd Explorationist Fleet

  • Location- Universe 66501
  • Status- Active
  • Mission Currently Assigned- Exploratory and scientific assignments over 5 trillion light years of space.
  • No. of ships- 1.768 billion/2 billion

Jarquvix 1st Military Fleet

  • Location- Xanthrus Spiral; high orbit
  • Status- Active
  • Mission Currently Assigned- Escort duty for Jarquvix 1st Explorationist Fleet, were also involved in blockade.
  • No. of ships- 1,000,000/1,000,000

Jarquvix 2nd Military Fleet

  • Location- Milky Way Galaxy
  • Status- Passive
  • Mission Currently Assigned- Guard duty for Federation homeworld, transportation for Ravenrii officials in the empire.
  • No. of ships- 2 million/2 million

Jarquvix 3rd Military Fleet

  • Location- Milky Way Galaxy
  • Status- Active
  • Mission Currently Assigned- Jovar fleet emergency escort ships
  • No. of ships- 500,000/500,000

Jarquvix 4th Military Fleet

  • Location- Classified
  • Status- Active
  • Mission Currently Assigned- Classified
  • No. of Ships- Classified

Jarquvix 5th Military Fleet

  • Location- Milky Way Galaxy
  • Status- Active
  • Mission Currently assigned- Medical assistance to Grox-attacked races near the core, envoy complimenting 6th Fleet.
  • No. of ships- 12,500/12,500

Jarquvix 6th Military Fleet

  • Location- Milky Way Galaxy
  • Status- Active
  • Mission Currently Assigned- Guard duty on Galactic Core.
  • No. of ships- 451,385/600,000

Jarquvix Home Fleet 1

  • Location- Milky Way Galaxy
  • Status- Active
  • Mission Currently Assigned- Jarquvix Sector/Sector 4 defense.
  • No. of ships- 130 Million/130 Million

Jarquvix Home Fleet 2

  • Location- Milky Way Galaxy
  • Status- Active
  • Mission Currently Assigned- Sector G/Sector 2 Defense
  • No. of ships- 300 Million/300 Million

Jarquvix Home Fleet 3

  • Location- Milky Way Galaxy
  • Status- Active
  • Mission Currently Assigned- Outer Perimeter (Sectors 3, 5, 6, 7, and Alpha. Entire Jarquvix timesphere) defense against Grox, Congregation Remnant, Xhodocto, etc.
  • No. of ships- 53 trillion/53 trillion


  • The Jarquvix Home Fleet 3 is so large and is spread over such a wide area that it is broken up into at least 25 different factions, each serving different purposes throughout the fleet.

Other StatsEdit

  • Monetary System- Inkayrah (◘). Worth approximately §200,000.
  • Gross National Product- ◘3 million per month. This empire is famously known for it's usage of time travel to extract the same mineral or object over eons of time to produce a lot of precious metals and ancient riches.
  • Full military strenth- More than 75 trillion soldiers active, advanced knowledge of Temporal mechanics provide very fearsome weaponry on starships and ground forces.
  • Empire strength- 148 (by Xhodocto3546's standards)
  • Allies- Seven Starr Alliance(very shaky), The Federation of the Core Worlds, Mortalitas Empire, Vartekian Empire, Trucinex Imperium, Jovar Empire, shaky truce with the Tybusen.
  • Enemies- Xhodocto
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