Lord Jar'Dris Ravencrow is a Carnthedain Elf noble who served Lourdesfaithfully and is one of the greater swordfighters amongst the elves of Carnthedain. Stern, proud and a little arrogant the Lord can be a valuable ally or dangerous opponent.

After joining the Rambo Loyalist he became one of its figure heads and general amongst their forces, though he retains his title Lord. The first combat he experienced with the Loyalist was during the siege of Isle Blue.


Jar'Dris Ravencrow was born in a noble family of elves on Carnthedain and as eldest son of his father he was the heir of Ravencrow Castle until its dissapearance and presumed destruction. It happened in ancient times and he and his family were welcomed by the House of Windrunner, who made them their generals and as such he became a servant of Garlboz and Lourdes, acting as their main general and trusted advisor. Siding with Lourdes after her father descended into madness, he was powerless to see the fall of of Carnthedain at the hands of the Empire and decided to lead his people after the dissapearance of Lourdes.

Meeting with Aoirtae and Vanikaimar

Seeking aid from Ramannis Le Rambo, last scion of the House of Le Rambo he and his people joined the Rambo Loyalist in 21 AQF, serving in all departments and Jar'Dris himself was given a seat on the council.

Near the end of august 21 AQF Jar'Dris met with fellow Resistance warriors Aoirtae and Vanikaimar onboard the Loyalist One, flaship of the Loyalist faction. There he listened to their plea and agreed to support them in the upcoming mission to extract Laoi from Pauvenris. Handing over the datapad with the coordinates of the planet he also pledged a Hammerhead-Corvette to their aid. Afterwards he began preparing to assault Isle Blue.

Dawn & Twilight of Divina[]

Meeting Yvenne on Isle Blue to start their advance

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2 January 2820 (22AQF), Loyalist Tiger-class starfighters and varous U-Wing break the blockade in orbit of Isle Blue, an Imperial outpost in the Space in Between. After landing on the surface, Jar'Dris met with sergeant Yvenne Thalyssaera and gave her orders to advance against the Imperials on the eastern route while he himself took the western route towards Isle Blue's main Imperial facility. During the battle, that went slower than he anticipated and hoped he personally led the attack to liberate sergeant Yvenne from their pinned down position at "Loyalist Hill". He assigned his own granddaughter, Anessa Ravencrow to serve in her Raven Team so she could learn to serve with non elves and mortals.

Before twilight at January 6, Jar'Dris led his forces to attack the main Imperial facility at Isle Blue and managed to secure the Imperial base, though commander Lissarhk Gnackt escaped. To his horror, mere days later he was forced to evacuate the base already due to the arrival of Imperial admiral Apticyus. Able to escape to the Bismarck he joined Malegras in the Loyalist escape into the Quadrant Galaxies and took command of their new base to start figth and disrupt Imperial efforts within the Quadrants.

Jar'Dris en Lord Le Rambo contratulate Yvenne while she enjoys the hot springs of Ramar Shadda

By March 2820, Jar'Dris met with Commodore Malegras, captain Komamuka Sajin and Creckagni Shatterhorn to discuss the Western Colonial Campaigns against the Empire. Jar'Dris gave his consent while he began further preparing Plerax Base as their main base of operoration within the Quadrants. Her personally assigned Raven Team to assist in liberating Umbrax in April 2820. At the start of September, Jar'Dris led his Carnthuendi during the battle of Ramar Shadda. Though unable to break the Imperial hold over the planet, the interventions of sergeant Thalyssaera made it possible and Jar'Dris and his forces ensured victory with aid of House Le Rambo of Ramar Shadda.

Afterwards he congratulated Yvenne together with Lord Lendinnas Le Rambo. In September, Jar'Dris amongst others of the Loyalist command structure attended a meeting at Ramsoria where they discussed their plan to siege Pauvenris and its prisoners while the Singularim Pact besieged Karzhamarhi-Nui. Jar'Dris dispatched his warriors to join the fight but he himself remained at Ramsoria.

Personality and Traits[]

Jar'Dris Ravencrow is a proud and noble elf, stern and strict he inspires loyalty and his mere presence boost the morale of his peers and subjects. Skilled in magics and the art of sword fighting he is a formidable foe.

His personal affections are reading, horse riding and studying history and the stars.

Jar'Dris wears his family armor, green and white with raven decoration. The outfit comes with a decorated helmet as well with a large tomohawk on its top. Though he is heavily armored, the armor itself is enchanced with magical spells to actually lighten its weight.



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