Janice Ross is female Quadrantia Humanoid who serves as a nurse onboard the USS Enterprise-A under command of captain James Rambo. After resigning from service in Rambo Command, Janice travelled towards the Cyrannus Galaxy to explore and visit some places.

She eventually wound up at the mystical world of Aldár, drawn to it by her dreams. Studying under the tutelage of the Order of Light masters, she became a novice explorer and healer. Skilled in healing and the energy sabre, she wears authentic attire and dyed her hair blue. She became a a secretive Cyrandia Resistance sympathizer.


Early HistoryEdit

Janice Ross was born in 23 BQF at Koerband in the city of Cardolast. Her family were business people who held an interest in the local space port. In her youth Janice learned to care for people and creatures, unlike her niece, Zahra who did more shopping then studying and such. Since teenage years, Zahra and Janice remained friends but not as close as they were a children.

Janice wishes to become a nurse after high school and studied nursery and medical at Koerband. During one of those lessons she was present in class when someone from Rambo Command gave a presentation of medical care onboard starships, Dr. Bob Chioaik made such an impression and presentation that he convinced Janice to join the Academy and serve within the Rambo Navy. After graduating from the Rambo Academy as a nurse in 03 NE/06 AQF, Dr. Cioaik pulled some strings and requested Janice as his nurse onboard the USS Enterprise, a position Janice accepted.

Bob and nurse Ross take care of Zule

Service onboard the EnterpriseEdit

While onboard the Enterprise, together with her niece Zahra, Janice made sure she remembered all deck names and most important stations as if someone got inured, Janice had to find her way within various minutes to aid the person in need. While onboard she grew friendly with many onboard, and along with a bunch of other collegues her first mission involved the travel to the NX-Region where they encountered New Republic officer, Helo Roslia and an encounter with a cruiser from the Congregation. After the attack Janice and the doctor had to treat various injured, though their problems were far from over when the Enterprise was drawn into a wormhole leading to the future.

During the early days of 08 AQF, she and the doctor took care after the injured crewmembers of the Polarity were brought onboard, including ensign Zule Grunzar who was injured during the attack.

Knight of the Order of LightEdit


On a mission of the Resistance to meet with the Creeper Cabel onboard Yurrus Home

Upon the formation of the Aldárae Order, Janice resigned from servince in Rambo Command and travelled to Aldár, together with her niece Zahra Ross. Being tutored in the ways of the Light Janice became a gifted and decent knight who specialised in diplomacy and healing. She became quite skilled in the use of the energy sabre as well. After appointed as a knight, Janice began wearing the authentic attire of the Order and dyed her hair blue. She wears a skirt however instead of pants. Upon the outbreak of the Cyrannian Cold War, Janice sympathized with the Cyrandia Resistance, often employed by General Sesoka.

One of her mission led to her to meet with Lord Ramannis Le Rambo of the Rambo Loyalist and convinced him to join the larger Cyrandia Resistance. Later on, she was send to meet with Lady Syria of the Creeper Cabel in december 20 AQF. The meeting was not easy and the Yudumarn of Yudumarth were not easily convinced. The arrival of the Imperial star destroyer Relentless, commanded by Inquisitor Chi Chodecra threatened the Cabel. During the battle, Janice managed to contact Lord Ramannis who aided them and together drove the Relentless away.

Battle of Ambar 02

Battle of Ambar

Afterwards she oversaw the official meeting between the Loyalist and Creeper Cabel and their unofficial alliance to aid each other for a better future. Afterwards she send the Cabel on a mission into the Cyrannus Galaxy to find the Nosiso Exiles and convince them to join the Resistance. After their stop at the Um2k9 repair station, Janice left Yurrus Home and headed to the Temple of the Order. Arriving at the temple, she was to join the ground team in the upcoming Battle of Amber in an attempt to liberate the Miluiel from darkness and bring them back into the light. As the space battle raged on, Janice joined the assault team of General Sesoka, including others like Kara Inviá, Aoirtae Valaeris, Northarr, Arasah-Nui and Vanikaimar. After landing, they were potted by a contingent of troopers, the party engaged the Imperials with Janice mostly deflecting blaster bolts, shielding her team. A four-legged Armoured Assault Walker fired near their position, sending Janice flying. Janice lost consciousness, blood gusting from her right lower arm and was unable to aid her team anymore. Janice was left behind and was later recovered by her team.

SGCW Labyrinth of War 07

Facing Echoriax with Kara, Aoirtae and Vanikaimar

Janice spend a week in a bacta tank to heal before returning to her duties, missing some vital missions and events such at the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm and the Battle of the Ecimaex Wall. In the aftermath of those two events, partly recovered but still weak she was present at inauguration of newly chosen President Apollo. She was a bit sceptical of the plan to attack and destroy the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation and prayed the Light would protect them. Due to her condition she was absence of the battle and remained on Aldár.

After being fully healed, Janice participated in the Battle of the Mou'Cyran Remnants using her Order Delta-class starfighter. They managed to drive the Empire off, temporarily before she was called back by the Order for duties elsewhere. Later on in the war, Janice participated in the battle of Coruanthor, also known as the Labyrinth of War. During the battle she joined Aoirtae and Kara in facing Lord Echoriax though was defeated by her in the end and was shielded from the following collapsing building by Vanikaimar. She was send to the temple at Noldágorel to make a full recovery away from the frontlines. There she treated a young Rambo cadet of her injuries after a sport incident. A few days later, Janice found herself in battle once again when Inquisitor Akagêlth and a battaltion of Imperial troopers besieged the temple. Fearing for her life she was relieved to see Commodore Malegras taking arms against the Inquisitor and faced him in personal battle. The Commodore emerged victorious though was shocked to hear he admitted Janice was no longer a Rambo citizen. Before she could object she was knocked out by one of the metal fists of Malegras and consequently taken captive by the Empire and spirited off the planet by captain Vertac Uiana in her new prisoner uniform.


Interrogated by Charcar'maer

While on route to Grand Mandator Deoclet Caesarius who was at Apailiana at the moment the New Dawn came under attack by commander Raymus Oquoné of Blazing Squadron who attempted to rescue her. Boarding the New Dawn he broke Janice out of jail but on the way back to his own vessel captain Uiana surprised the party and activated Janice her shock collar, immobilized she fell to the ground and was brutally dragged back to her cell while Raymus narrowly managed to escape. In her cell she was beaten for her attempted escape.

Arriving at Laurantia Inquisitor Charcar'maer conducted the interrogation of Janice who told her as an associate of the Order she lost her Rambo citizenship. Shocked she walked to the back of her cell, sweating and shivering in fear of the Inquisitor. When an interrogation droid entered her cell, Janice tried to flee but was struck down by the Inquisitor who simply looked when electric torrents were shot into Janice's body. When it stopped the Inquisitor offered a glass of water, though before able to take a gulp he slammed it out of her hands and grabbed Janice by the throat. Meanwhile the droid drilled two needles in the sides of her head and Janice screamed in agony. The droid send electric torrents straight into her head and Janice collapsed, gapsing in pain and crying in terror Janice begged for it to stop. Another electric torrent send her into a convulsion as she crawled on the floor in agony. The interrogation suddenly stopped when the New Dawn shook as master Ryen and Arasah-Nui boarded the vessel and recued Janice.

Personality and TraitsEdit


Janice her Delta-class starfighter

Janice is a kind and joyful person, most of the time caring for others instead of thinking of herself. Though fresh from the Academy and a junior nurse she is tutored by Dr. Bob who has a great deal of trust in her, sometimes a burden for Janice. Yet she is confident she has the abilities to keep the doctors trust and treat does in need onboard the ship. Her medical skill are impressive and teachers noticed she is quite clever and knows how both humanoid and alien bodies work.

While onboard she grew friendly with of course the doctor, but also with B'Seala, Laria and Windsor. She is the niece of Zahra Ross, who works as a yeoman among the scientific department.

As a knight, Janice wears the traditional Order outfit with a yellowish shirt and skirt with brown boats and a large brown coat with hood. Her sabre wields the green color, reflecting her love for nature and healing. As knight, she owns her own Delta-class fighter, colored blue to signal its origins at Noldágorel.


Creman Janice Ross 01

Janice in Rambo uniform


LoveRelationFamily is important to me!

  • Zahra RossMy niece who works in the science department and later fellow knight


Blue faceI consider them friends


Orange faceThey are mean!


I like her, I look forward to fighting alongside her as we take down the Empire!

- Aoirtae Valaeris


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