Jan Michiel Tasman is an officer within the Kingdom of the Netherlands and later dissident that refuses to acknowledge the Legatus Finduilica and its Imperial Masters.

He commands the dissidents onboard his prized and modified Acclamator-class, the Eendragt.


Early Life[]

Jan Michiel Tasman is born in 2769 in a military family, descendants of a long line of navel explorers. Serving within the Dutch Military Academy,Jan Michiel Tasman was noted for his keen insights for naval military tactics in combination with deploying fighters. Over the years he advanced to the rank of Schout bij Nacht (rear-admiral) and commanded an Assault-Frigate.

As with most of the Dutch, he looked in horror and was powerless to prevent the rise of the Legatus Finduilica when the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus considilated their presence in 2804.

Dissident and Resistance Commander[]

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Jan meets Komamuka and Yvenne on the bridge of the Eendragt

Jan Michiel Tasman took his crew of loyal Dutch officers and escaped Imperial authorities. Taking with him a small flotilla of ships in hopes of one day resisting and fighting the Empire. Over the following years, Tasman and his dissidents led numerous small strikes against the Imperials, but were nothing major or did serious harm to the Empire presence in the Finduila sector. The most significant strike was the theft of a damaged Acclamator-Class transgalactic military assault ship from a salvage yards in 2810, it whereabouts a mystery for the Imperial forces and made it his flagship, the Eendragt.

In february 2819 (21 AQF) he corrected captain Komamuka Sajin and expressed his distate for the sorry state Yvenne was in. As punishment he send her on a week of sanitary duty though prolongued it with an extra week after she lost her temper and broke some mirrors. To protect the girl against exploits, he assigned her under the permenant supervision of captain Komamuka. He was pleasantly surprised after her mission to Rottum and the succeeding theft of Space F16 starfighters, strengthening his dissident movement. Using the dowloaded database of the Gozanti-class LF389 he learned that the Cyrannica Dominata was under siege and threatened the stability of the Dominata. Yet there seemed a spark of hope for the dissidents as well as the Dominata was undermined by a rebellious movement as well. He complimented Yvenne on her theft of various Space F16s taken from Rottum.

Lashing out against Yvenne during the Legatus/Imperial attacks

In late february Tasman's fear became reality when a Legatus task force under command of Lady Astrosia and captain Veloci Onychus discovered Home Base and engaged the dissident fleet. Outnumbered and outgunned, Tasman ordered Yvenne to make contact with the Lusitania Squadron who had travelled to Finduila to meet with him. Upon her return during the battle he was furious that they didn't send help and was sceptical of Yvenne's and the hooded girl's proposal to head deeper into Legatus territories. After the loss of an assault frigate he gave the order and part of the dissident fleet managed to escape Home Base. The Legatus fleet followed the dissidents as they attempted to enter the "Rift" leading to the Cyrannus Galaxy and the sacrifice of an assault cruiser that rammed one of the Autokrator-class star destroyers allowed the dissidents to enter the rift.

Ensemble meet to discuss their new course

Upon arriving in Cyrannus, shields and weapons were down on all ships, with the Imperator-class star destroyer Relentless awaiting them, Tasman lost his temper and grabbed the vest of Yvenne and shook her, insulting her in his despair. Luckily the timely arrival of Rambo Loyalist and Lusitania forces allowed his fleet to escape as they rendezvouzed with the rest of the Loyalist fleet. There he pledged his loyalty to Lord Ramannis Le Rambo and became the fleet commander of the Loyalist fleet. Shortly after his appointment he apologised for his behavior to Yvenne.

By end of april/begin of may Jan made up a daring plan to steal three modified Dreadnought-Class command destroyers from Concor Refeuling Depot. The plan partly succeeded when the Loyalists gained two of them. Later on, at 12th of May 21 AQF he rendesvouzed with the rest of the Loyalist Ensemble at Purpura Nebula in the Space in Between where to his horror he learned that the Imperial Elite Raptor Squadron was actively hunting down Resistance members.

In January 2820 (22AQF), Jan and his forces were forced to give up Isle Blue. Thank to Commodore Malegras efforts the Eendragt and a large portion of the Loyalist Ensemble managed to escape Isle Blue where they headed back to the Finduila Sector in hopes of liberating the Kingdom of the Netherlands. There the admiral and Lord Ramannis planned their next move, resulting in the infiltration of the Imperial facility that held the Dutch King captive by Idris Vanguinar. After meeting with the King, Jan was pleased the King decided to pledge the Dutch Navy to the Loyalist cause.

Admiral Tasman and Ellen Verboom witniss the arrival of the Singularim, August 2820

By August 2820 the admiral was onboard the Eendragt during the battle of Starbase 25 and feared the battle was lost as admiral Apticyus his retalliation turned the favor in that of the Empire/Legatus. However the sudden arrival of the Civatron led Singularim Pact fleet turned the tide in favor of the Loyalists and victory was achieved. Afterwards Jan welcomed both Lord Ramannis Le Rambo and Civatron Lord Psantik onboard, albeit a bit hesistant of the reptillian Civatron. As the Civatron pledged his support to the Loyalist cause Jan remained hesistant and felt the Serindia Lord placed to most trust in the Civatron. He none the less agreed with their new plan and began preparations to assault their next target.

The Eendracht rams the Executor engines

After the battle of Rambo Prime, Jan joined Lord Ramannis Le Rambo and Lord Civlrozed to meet with Lord Ramtterson Ramcelsior, the head of House Ramcelsior. To his surprise, though the Lord was thankful for liberating his planet did not pledge his support for the Rambo Loyalists, claiming House Ramcelsior did not bend the knee to Lord Ramannis. In September 2820, Jan joined the Loyalist and allied fleet and participated in the battle of Pauvenris. During the battle the Eendragt managed to hold enemies fighters at bay but risked destruction with the sudden arrival of the super star destroyer Executor. Not wishing to see the Loyalists perish during the battle Jan ordered his crew to ram the aft engines of the Executor in hopes of crippling the mighty star destroyer. Though crippled the star destroyer limped from battle while the Eendragt was mostly destroyed in the ensuing explosion, admiral Tasman and a qaurter of the Eedragt's crew managed to survive as the bridge section was left mostly intact. Tasman required a lengthly recovering though after enduring injuries.

Personality and Traits[]

The Eendragt

Jan Michiel Tasman is a proud and capable man, leading the men and woman serving under him with a strict yet kind and gentle hand. A keen military strategist, he refuses to needlessly sacrifice his men and woman or ships and rather executes pin point strikes with minimal casualties and high chances of succes.

Personally, he is a brave man. Trained in the use of fire-arms and sports at least three times a week. He enjoys reading old books from the time of the original Earth.

He was dealt a serious blow when his own personal assault frigate was destroyed during one of the initial strikes by the Empire, though he takes pride in the recently finished, repaired and modified Acclamator-class they stole. The admiral named the vessel the Eendragt, which can be translated to either unity or harmony in the English langauge.



Blue face.pngLong live the Kingdom


Orange face.pngMay Judgement befall upon thee!



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