Captain James Rambo III follows his dream of exploring the universe as captain of the USS Enterprise-A of Rambo Nation. Along with Junelda and Uruviel, James belongs to the Quadrantia Humanoids. After graduating from the Acadamy in 2802 (04 AQF), James' first command was the Constitution Refit Class V2 Mk. II USS Enterprise-A, and while his pride and bravery often bring others to question his placement as captain, James' use novel, aggressive tactics at the Academy proved his capacity. Though James demands a full commitment from his crew, the gentle atmosphere aboard his ship verges on womanizing.

He soon gained a great reputation and became seen as a legend, during his travels he made explorations, turned the tide of battles and made contact with various new species (-a vital poin in Quadrant 21). Over time he also improved his relation with his daughter, and due to his reputation even gained the attention of the Monarch.

Though often finding himself along with is crew in adventures, James has a daughter who he sees to little, and loves her a lot. He is in dissaproval of her choice to become a Rambo Operative in service of Rambo Command, but accepted her choice as it otherwise would strain their relation.

He eventually accepted a promotion to rear-admiral of the Operation Department.

James is a caring man and great officer and known as a womanizer. He eventually married twice and had various children. His family excists out of his former wife Indris who dissapeared and their daughter Claire Rambo who sacrificed her life during the Torments. He unknowningly had a daughter with captain Chianwe Apanoida, the girl Riyo Apanoida whom he later reconciled with. His latest wife became vice-chancellor Chuinaylia Ivalaë Pantaria and had two children, Jimmy James Rambo and Jenna Lenissa Rambo.


Early History[]

While James' past is a mystery, it is known that a disaster in the Unclaimed Territories caused his species to flee to the safety of Rambo Nation- James himself settled in Rametru Nui and took some simple jobs to earn some money before eventually following his dreams to explore space.

It is known that he was born in 2759 (39 BQF) at a planet called Terra Prime. .

Academy Years[]

As a humanoid, James Rambo was eventually allowed to join the Rambo Academy around 18 BQF as part of a select group of humanoids. This put James Rambo in high spirits as he joined the Rambo Academy as a Lieutenant Junior Grade; however, his difficulty in paying attention to the lessons he received from Serindia and Kloppig foreshadowed his reputation as an irresponsible, stubborn troublemaker. Yet James' exam scores in theory and simulation were above average, both as a result of his aforementioned novel tactics and a demeanor that was serious waxing delusional during simulated battle. These scores would save him from disciplinary action regarding the bar-fights that his womanizing often got him into.

James and Indris romantically involved

During one of his Academy years (the humans had to follow a multiple extended program, integrating them to the Rambo ways-) he walked along the beach and met by chance a young girl known as Indris in 2782 (16 BQF). James asked her for a date and Indris accepted. After the date the two walked along the beach, and asked her about the cloathing, wich wans't really fashion. Indris laughed at him, and commented on his own Academy uniform. James then confessed he joined the Academy of Rambo Nation to follow his dreams to become a star-captain with a ship of his own to command. Intrigued Indris listened to him with all her attention and both felt more and more attracted to eachother. When James asked something about her own life, she remained vague upon it. Intrigued James asked if she liked their date and at sunset he kissed her.

The two continued to date a while more and even had interaction witch eachother, wich resulted in Indris becoming pregenant. Fearing that the Atlantica would condemn her for it, she kept it a secret and remained at James' appartment for a while. While James graduated and Indris giving labor to their child, who they called Claire Misca Sancest was a beautiful daughter. Shortly after birth, Indris vanished much to the grieve of James, even authorities couldn't find any clue and after a while gave up the investigation. Unknown to James, it turned out Indris was a Atlantica who was forbidden to have such a relation with a mortal, and now was forbidden to return to the mortal world. The sudden vanishing of his love-interesst began haunting James for the rest of his life.

After the Academy James served on a few vessels before eventually recieving command of his own in 2802 (04 AQF).

Officer in service of Rambo Command[]

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As Captain of the USS Enterprise-A[]

Short Summary[]


Finally, in 2802 (04 AQF) James Rambo recieved a command of his own, a Constitution-Class (Refit) with the prestigieus name: USS Enterprise-A! With a rather inexperient and young crew, James soon set out to explore the Quadrant Galaxies and parts of the Cyrandia Cluster, soon making a name for himself as the captain of the ship with the most adventures, though also encountering a lot of dangers.

The travels of James and his crew led him to join the Hunt for the Zevian Skull, during the hunt the Enterprise visited places like Zevia and the mysterious Atlantica planet, Aecor. Afterwards James and his crew faced a time-travelling Destroyer of The Congregation before being drawn to a possible future timeline before returning and continue their exploration missions again.

Quadrantia Explorer[]

Enterprise launches from drydock!

Main articles: Quadrantia Disorder & the Great Cyrannus War Although his assignment as captain of the Constitution-Class USS Enterprise-A brought him pride, James had to wait another month before the ship was finished and launched into active service to receive his first mission. His early missions brought them into conflict with the Hutter Kingdom who sought to peace treaty with the Confederacy of Allied Systems and an excuse from their pledge to the Cyrandia Alliance.

Shortly after, as the Great Cyrannus War intensified all over the Cyrandia Cluster, James and the crew of the Enterprise were drawn into conflict with the Grox Empire above Proogency though were unable to prevent the listening post its destruction.

USS Enterprise-A rendevouz with the Angforst space station

Afterwards, the Enterprise once again saw comabt against the Grox at Koerband, joining the fleet of fleet-captain Bill Silveria. After resuming its patrol duties, James recieved word that his homeworld, Rametru Nui had fallen into hands of the Confederacy and was now occupated by them. Instead of allowing to liberate his world, the Enterprise was send to rendevouz with the Angforst and join the station in liberating the Chinawkya homeworld, Ivalaë from Confederate hands.

USS Enterprise-A leaving the drydocks

After the battle, the Enterprise was recalled to the Shipyards of Rowar where the USS Enterprise-A recieved modifications to become a combination of a heavy battle cruiser and a longe range exploration ship. With a sleaker design and warp naccelles, accomodation rooms and a stronger deflector dish the ship was ready to go on her mission in the second month of the year 2803 (05 AQF). Before leaving he had diner with is daughter, Claire Rambo before starting his exploration mission once more. Their first assignment led them to Quadrant 21, where they had a hostile encounter with the Serlgmec and were forced to withdraw after takign dmage. During their further travels they learned of the excistence of the Quadrantia Loron, barbaric pirates who raided with rock.

Meeting with the Cognatus Remnant on Alethena Metru

Shorlty after, the Enterprise discovered Alethena Metru, a planet known to inhabiting Aininyë millenia ago. Aiding Rambo colonist to settle themselves, the Enterprise provided protection and proved vital in hosting a meeting with Thel'Vicliquam of the Cognatus Remnant who arrived to ensure the Rambo's pledge to share Atlantica knowledge with them to preserve peace.

Sad news reached James as Rambo Command in the 4th month of 2803 (05 AQF), his daughter, Claire Rambo went missing in action during the Second Battle of Nosiso. Overcome by grieve and despair, he was ordered to remain in Q21 much to his displeasure, he wanted to find and safe his only child. After learning news of her resque and recover, he still wasn't allowed to visit her.

USS Enterprise-A evading debris near Proogency

After the United Republic of Cyrannus was reformed in the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, James grew worried that peace for the Cyrandia Alliance was shattered after they declared Rambo Nation traitors and them starting the Dark Times. He later participated in the battle of Angforst where he saw action against the Republic in Exile. Shortly after, he was shocked to learn that Empress Ramashe was forced to sign the Nim-Glaré Concordat, turning Rambo Nation into a protectorate of the Empire! Remaining loyal to Rambo Command, he grew to distrust and dislike the Imperial officer.

Rambo and his crew make first contact with the Andormaru at behalf of Rambo Nation

The Enterprise participated in the investigation of an imperial Imperator-class Star Destroyer at Proogency that was destroyed by the Quadrantia Grox. His helm officer, ensign Tash Hannity had to use all her skills to evade debris when they arrived. Returning to Quadrant 21, the Enterprise made first contact with the blue skinned humanoids known as the Andormaru at behalf of Rambo Nation and managed to start trade relations.

E'Leana brings James a report at the bridge

He later grew surprised that Mandator Garlboz assigned Kya to Marscalcus, the commander-in-chief. The report was brought by yeoman E'Leana at the bridge. Informing his crew, he was surprised they didn't care all that much, as they never met any of the admirality and were more content with knowing the latest gossips onboard the HoloNet and onboard the ship itself.

The Enterprise encountered the Goraurien on their travel towards Zevia, rumored to be a gateway into the Space in Between. Later on, the Enterprise recieved a Mk. IV update.

Hunt for the Zevian Skull[]

Main article: Hunt for the Zevian Skull.

The Empire vs the Quadrantia Loron and an arriving USS Enterprise-A

Finally, with his updated ship ready James and his crew set a course for the planet Zevia- and after a few weeks was finally reached without facing any troubles. Arriving at the planet they found out two Ifrit-class star destroyers of the Empire were under attack by two Quadrantia Loron dreadnoughts and fighters. Though the two vessel fought valiantly the Q-Loron gained the upperhand. Deciding to aid the Empire (they were allies of somesort after all) James gave the order to enter orbit. With the appearance of the USS Enterprise-A the Quadrantia Loron retreated and James ordered his crew to scan the planet.

James meets the mysterious Imperial female officer!

Sensors found an ancient site, embedded with Atlantica influances and James decided to take his new yeoman, E'Leana for a ground mission. Arriving at the temple James was fascinated by the ancient temple, which seemed to have a connection with the Atlantica known as Quetzamet. Suddenly a mysterious Imperial officer appeared, flanked by various Basileus navy troopers she ordered James and E'Leana to state their intetions in name of the Empire. James replied the Nation did not take orders from the Empire, even though they were their "protectrate" and that he himself only took orders from Rambo Command.

When the mysterious officer claimed she was here on an Imperial exploration mission, James told them he was on a similair mission for the Nation. Satisfied she left, taking her gunship up north. E'Leana had used her tricorder during the conversation and showed the results to James, who looked in awe as the tricorder indicated the mysterious female officer was his missing daughter- Claire.

When his daughter send a transmission to Empire intelligence about her next goal James and his crew were able to intercept the message as well. At once James informed Rambo Command and was given permission to obtain the skull for Rambo Nation to keep it out of hands of the Empire. James was happy, though he didn't really care for the Skull, he wanted the mission so he could save his daughter from the Empire!

Hannity doesn't notice Claire at Port Station

Knowing the Infector was damaged James ordered his crew to head to Port Station, the only neutral station within Quadrant 21 where all species were aided by Gorauriens, whether is was for supplies or repair ships. Spending a few days at the station James was finally informed the Infector was approaching the station after given clearance by the Gorauriens. The USS Enterprise-A docked as well and James gave his crew the order to find his daughter and bring her to his ship.

Rambo and Secoolian began peace negotiations in order to fight against the Q-Grox

A few hours after docking, Ensign Hannity was unable to find Claire. Even though sensors indicated she was travelling to that particulair section of the Station. James run a diagnostic scan again and realised Claire was not at the station anymore. Surprised he called back his crew and awaited the Infector leaving the station, as that was all he could do now that he lost track of his daughter.

On his way back to the Quadrant 21 Space Station to re-supply the USS Enterprise-A he met with captain Apanoida and senator Lady Ram'Eriathine and a Secoolian delegation who requested a peace treaty and information about the Quadrantia Grox. The senator and Secoolian agreed to meet with the Rambo Senate, who had to give permission to release information about the Q-Grox. When James wanted to leave Apanoida told him she hoped for more time together next time, an obvious flit which James was quite fond with.

Returning to the USS Enterprise-A he noticed that there was a lot of traffic near the station, including a Hutter D-5 cruiser, who were far from Hutter territories and it seemed the Ifrit-class star destroyer Infector was also repaired and prepared to go back to Quadrant 82. Still James was anger as he still hadn't found the new location of his daughter. He later returned to Quadrant 82 with his crew and were dispatched at a three month border patrol of the Chinawkya sector. In the third month of 03 NE/06 AQF he recieved an emergency transmission from his daughter, it seemed she was stranded onboard the Suiliagothrond II in orbit of a planet known as Aecor. At once he ordered his crew to plot a course towards Aecor, prompting one of his officers asking the question if they should ask Rambo Command first. James dismissed the question that in an emergency situation it was at the captain's discretion to contact them yes or no.

Shadow of Liberty II vs the USS Enterprise-A

A few hourse later he arrived at Aecor- whether it was by sheer luck, or by ill-fate at the same time as the Shadow of Liberty II, wich stood under command of Thel'Vicliquam. Lt. Jolene Adams informed James that the structure houses settlements as well, soon followed by a report of ensign Hanninty that a Cognatus cruiser with unknown design was coming up from behind. James didn't trust a cognatus and ordered a yellow alert, including to raise the shields. Yeoman E'Leana confirmed the report as well that the cruiser didn't appear within Rambo database. Without warning the Cognatus cruiser fired at the Enterprise, deploying shields with 55% it overloaded various consoles and sparks were flying all over the hallways and the bridge. James, knowing his ship (-nor any Rambo ship within the navy) could not withstand a direct assault with the Cognatus assault cruiser, he ordered his navigator- Ensign Walter Yelchin to take the Enterprise between the structures found at the western part of the ring. While the Enterprise managed to evade fire, it had to slow down when evading a skyscraper, followed by another direct hit wich overloaded the shield generators. Losing her shields, the Enterprise managed to evade another blast, instead of hitting the Rambo ship it destroyed one of the skyscrapers.

James witnesses Thel'Vicliquam slashing Claire from behind, critically injuring her!

The Cognatus surround the team.

The attack at the skyscraper re-activated the portal phasers and within a single shot the Shadow of Liberty II was disabled and leaked atmosphere. The crew noticed the Cognatus were evacuating their cruiser, it could give the crew of the Enterprise time to repair their ship in all haste. As well as sending a landing party to the ring for exploration and to find James' daughter. While James joined the landing party, he ordered Lt. Jolene Adams to take command of the vessel and prepare for another battle. As all Rambo captains learned at the Acadamy, when a lone Cognatus ship is seen, a fleet is never far away!

He took an away team, consisting out of Dr. Bob, E'Leana and Lt. Adams to follow the Cogsangui fleetmaster known as Thel'Vicliquam. He arrived at the time when the fleetmaster slashed Claire from behind with his blade, critically injuring Claire who fell lifeless to the ground. Angered he raised his weapons but was soon surrounded by Thel'Vicliquam's forces. Before they could fire and kill James and his crew, another Cogsangui arrived claiming that the Rambo and the Cognatus Empire made somesort of agreement, preventing the death of James and his crew.

At once he ordered Claire to be transported to the sickbay of the USS Enterprise-A where Dr. Bob began a treatment. He was forced to leave by the doctor when he began surgery, something that angered James a lot but accepted it none the less. He was pleased to hear that Dr. Bob managed to stabalize his daughter and ordered to set course for the Rambo Capital at full speed where his daughter could recieve further medical care.

James and Claire say their goodbyes

Arriving at the capital he gave his crew a shore leave while he remained at Claire her side for well over two weeks. After Claire returned from surgery, as some interal organs and her back spine were damaged he remained at her side until she was healed. Afterwards he took her to a rental cabin at Luthrionicae- a populair vacation town at the Rambo Capital. At the last day of his shore leave, he waited for Claire while he sat at a table at the beach. He took a small nip of his Serindia Wine as he saw Claire approaching. laire, who wore her revealing formal outfit (-much to the dismay of James, who didn't wish that to many man would look at Claire) opened his arm and hugged Claire- giving her small kiss at her cheek. Claire smiled and sat down at the table as well, ordering a Patron Quadrantia- an alcoholic drank poppulair under younger people within the Nation. James and Claire toasted at their new health and Claire turned her back to her father, to show the scar left behind by Thel'Vicliquam. James touched it, and smiled sadly to Claire. Claire simply raised her shoulders and told that it would dissapear over time, but needed a few more treatments. The only thing she hated about the current situation, was that her left leg sometimes was sparkling. James and Claire remained talking for a while, James recalled his story how he met Claire's mother, Indris and how he felt sorry that their relationship was strained during her time in the militairy. Claire looked touched and said that it was perhaps due to both of them behaving a bit stubborn- a family trait. James and Claire laughed at the comment. After three hours and a nice diner James was signaled by the Enterprise that they were awaiting his arrival. After saying their goodbyes and expressing their hopes to remain safe, and promising he would call her once in a while- James signaled the Enterprise that he was ready. With a hand gesture James dissapeared when the transporter phased him from the planet to the USS Enterprise's transporter room. Heading straight for the bridge he informed the crew to leave drydock and head for the Ramsoria Run.

Search for Helo Roslia[]

Apanoida and James share an intimate moment

After doing some border patrols and investigate spacial anomalies, the crew of the USS Enterprise-A and James himself grew greatly bored. They wanted adventures but current time didn't allow it. When the Rambo Capital was involved in a terrorist bombing at a passenger liner- James grew worried of a new conflict.

However he gave himself and his crew a shore leave at Rambo Prime, where the crew of the USS Enterprise-A and the USS Excelsior enjoyed some free time. James himself went out for a date with Apanoida- the captain of the USS Excelsior. After a diner, Apanoida invited James onboard the USS Excelsior for a tour. After the tour James and Apanoida went to her personal quarters and drank some Serindia Wine. There they talked about their personal interessts and lives. When James accused Apanoida that she tried to seduce him, she scolded at him and slapped the unfortunate captain. Before he could apoligize again, Apanoida kissed James and sat atop him. Before both knew it they undressed eachother and courted in Apanoida her bed. The next morning both captains were called back to the Rambo Capital.

James instructs Tania of their new objective

Once there, James recieved their new mission. He was not to join the occupation of Yudumarth, instead he was to take the USS Enterprise-A to investigate an area known as the NX-Region. This region is filled with spacial anomalies and lies close to New Cyrannian Republic space in the south of Q82. In that area famous Cyrannian captain Helo Roslia vanished and the Republic didn't want to comment on the matter.

Diner with the crew of the Enterprise and the Aeolus

Intrigued Rambo Intelligence informed Rambo Command who ordered James to investigate the matter. While James was overthinking his new mission, lieutenant junior grade Tania Lefler, his night shift commander arrived at the briefing room as James requested. James informed Tania of the fact that in orbit of the capital, only the Capital Space Dock did not move orbital position compared to other stations and drydocks for tactical reasons. Tania told she wasn't aware of that, for wich James scolded at her he already knew that though expected her to know it. He then ordered Tania to travel to the NX-region as night shift was about to begin and James went to bed. He instructed her to hold her position at certain coordinates until the day shift would take over again. Tania then left and took the Enterprise to the NX-region. Upon arriving at the NX-region; Tania noticed a wormhole opening nearby and ordered to intercept the wormhole. Upon arriving a Venator-class star destroyer emerged from within the wormhole- under command of Helo Roslia. Tania opened communications and asked if it was really him. To her relieve he confirmed it was him and Tania informed the captain that they found Helo Roslia. James soon dressed himself and appeared on the bridge where he invited Helo and his crew for a diner, not knowing that a new and dangerous adventure was about to begin. After expressing his grattitude and admiration to the well respected and noble Libertus he told him about current events and listened to Helo's story about his adventures in the future. Intrigued and informed Helo and his crew that a New Republic has been formed within the Cluster. Intrigued, Helo and his crew soon departed for Apaltore while James took his day shift crew for a morning brief. Shortly after the Enterprise continued it's sensor sweep of the NX-Region.

Tantummodo Mortem[]

Main Article: Tantummodo Mortem.

A Congregation Cruisers faces the Enterprise

As the Enterprise was travelling across the NX-Regipn, it seemed a new and dangerous problem hit the ship. All of a sudden, an anomaly revealed itself- this time due to events in the Ice Age when Gratz'kaoz used the Vyro'Narza's Time Secrets. In front of the Enterprise a wormhole opened itself, with a lone ship exiting it, one of the most feared and dangerous cruisers ever encountered by the Rambo Navy, a black colored cruiser belonging to the Congregation!

The Congregation Cruiser opened fire at the Enterprise, severly damaging the proud ship. Taken by surprise, the blast took out all communication arrays, overloaded shield generators and disabled phasers and photon torpedo launchers. As it exited the wormhole it launched boarding parties at the Enterprise, with the crew having difficulties repelling them. As the Enterprise was being overrun by Krudha and Sentinels, James was unsure what to do as it seemed the Enterprise was lost without being able to fire a single shot. However, all of a sudden the Congregation cruiser stopped firing at the Enterprise and all boarding parties withdrew from the ship back towards the black cruiser. James didn't hesistate for a second and ordered a withdraw towards the Rambo Capital. Jumping to warp, it left the Congregation cruiser behind.

Legacy of the Quadrants[]

Main Article: Legacy of the Quadrants.

Enterprise being drawn into the wormhole

A day later, during a night shift Tania was in command for the last minutes of her night shift a massive anomaly hit the Enterprise. She gave a red alert and pushed the engines on a full reverse, but was unable to escape the gravital pressure of the anomaly, wich turned into a wormhole. Upon the day shift arriving back on the bridge, James gave the order to shut down the warp core and allow the wormhole to take them. As the Enterprise was spinning out of control, combined with the immense pressure renedered James and his crew unconscious. Suddenly the ship rocked violently, taking under fire by mysterious vessels. Tania, who just awoke informed James that they were seemingly at the Rambo Capital, now war torn with giant craters on the once peaceful surface. Ensign Walter pointed his finger at the viewscreen, where the obvious remains of the Capital Space dock are floating. In horror James accepted a transmission from the strange vessels, it's commander identified as L'tea of the Regellis Star Empire claimed them to be a Hutter trap. Confused James ordered to get out of the battle, but was taken under fire while escaping. A direct hit to the Enterprise's suacer, she took heavy damage. With shields gone and sparks filling the entire bridge, with cables and electric wires falling from the ceiling the Enterprise was left driftless in space. Suddenly a silver ship appeared and destroyed the Regellis vessel. The unknown vessel suddenly beamed the Enterprise into its interior and jumped into hyperspace. Making a swift prayer to the Gods, a Libertus, flanked by a Jenassian and a Grimbolsaurian transported themselves on the bridge of the Enterprise. The Libertus known as Aquillius Cretacea expressed his dull opinion about more time travelers. Confused James stared at the Libetus. Aquillius explained that they arrived in 1264 NE/AQF and that a force known as the Xeranbha devastated much of the Cyrandia Cluster. What was left over of the Quadrant Galaxies is now being fought over by the Hutter and the Regellis Star Empire. Taking the Enterprise to Mou'Cyran Aquillius enlisted the crew of the Enterprise to aid the troubled planet.

Voyages of Enterprise[]

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Azylkene faces James and Jolene

After returning from the adventures in a possible future, James was relieved to finally be back in their own time line again. Ordering his crew to set course back to the Rambo Capital, the Enterprise was suddenly struck by a cloacked mine. Instead of damage to ship, the vessel was trapped inside an Icolian-Web. Unable to escape the web, with shields, long range communications and sensors disabled, James withdrew himself to his ready room and pondered about an escape plan. Departments like tactical advised against using photon torpedoes at such short distances, and with phasers proven to be ineffictive James was unsure how to escape the energy web.

James and Jolene surprise a sleeping Tania

To his surprise, his young science officer, lieutenant Jolene Adams found a way to use the deflector dish. Approving the idea James and Jolene wanted to leave the ready room when suddenly the temporal hunter Azylkene beamed into the ready room. Azylkene ordered James to surrender his vessel, but before events could unfold the Enterprise suddenly came under attack, forcing Azylkene to return to his own ship while James and Jolene rushed to the bridge.

An unkown vessel engaged both the Icolian cruiser and the Enterprise, luckily the unknown ship only seemed to target the Icolian cruiser, allowing the Enterprise to escape at impulse power and continue it's journey to the Rambo Capital.

James and Claire finally manage to talk to eachother again!

Eventually arriving at the Capital, James ordered his crew to prepare for docking procedures with Spacedock to recieve repairs. AFter the Enterprise was repaired, James ordered his crew back from shore leave and start final test runs. He then headed to the quarters of Tania Samantha Lefler, to his surprise she laid in her underwear atop her blankets. None the less he asked Tania to meet with the Marscalcus to ask permission to start their journey again, an honor to let an officer besides a captain to do so.

The following evening James recieved a transmission from his daughter, Claire Rambo who was currently at Terra Prime. Pleased to see her again, the two talked for hours about their adventures, her training Scions and such. Afterwards James left his readyroom and went to bed. Shortly after he had an encounter with Cesterity Isordon of the Drodoian Quadrant Colonies and visited him onboard a Drodo space station.

James meets Ramniels and Idris

Afterwards he set course with his crew to the homeworld of the Gaskhan to get food supplies before heading into the Unclaimed Territories, where he med a Gaskhan known as Zhevar who sold Scions to those that wanted. As they were heading to their shuttle, they encountered the dreaded Mortalitas commander known as Mortikran who had just killed one of their crewmembers. Unable to stop him, Mortikran escaped in the crowds of Gaskhan. Returning onboard, he informed Rambo Command of what happened to the Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel, information he gathered at Gaskhan and awaited the arrival of Ramniels Ramcelsior of the USS Majestic, who brought with him his new flight controller, Idris Changecloack, a Carnthedain female elf.

After Ramniels left, James decided to let Idris take the helm of the Enterprise at once and ordered her to set course to the homeworld of the mysterious Chavelli.

New mysteries arrive with the sudden space cloud!

To his surprise, Idris was unable to go to warp as she forgot to release the ship's external inertial dampener, after she fixed her problem with aid of Jolene Adams the Enterprise headed to Chavelli at warp 2, hoping to arrive there at the first day of 07 AQF to celebrate the new year. While on route to the Chavelli homeworld, Jolene noticed something interessting on her sensors. Both James and Jolene went to investigate after donning their space suites, during their excavation a bright green light emerged and a massive green colored spacial cloud engulfed the entire system.

Enterprise in orbit of Chavelli

Suprised, both Jolene and James returned to the bridge of the Enterprise, finding out that the warp drive and long range communications were not able to be used. James ordered his crew to continue their journey to Chavelli, perhaps they would know what was going on.

Arriving at Chavelli, to open peaceful negotiations with the Chavelli at their own invitations, James took Bob Chioaik and Tash Hannity planet side. Meeting with their diplomat and goverment official Valchi, they were surprised to find out that the Chavelli were currently occupied and not able to open negotiations at the moment. Before James could ask if it had to do with the mysterious nebula, the diplomat turned his back and returned to the city, attempting to follow him was prevented by the psychic powers of his Abrazulam, a pshychic Scion. Returning to their ship he wondered what was going on.

Valchi, James and Avery at the Enterprise

He was later informed by Valchi himself that a task force under command of vice-admiral Ramtainus Ramveral had lost contact. Fearing for the destruction of the Angforst and the lives of the task force, James teamed up with Valchi and Lothíriel Avery of the USS Pasteur to search for survivors. Discovering the debris field left by the fleet and Angforst, they came to the conclusion a single Quashowan-dreadnought managed to disable the entire fleet and destroy the station. The three soon searched for survivors among the wreckages and began salvaging bodies as well. Meeting back in his personal quarters onboard the Enterprise, he informed Avery and Valchi that Rambo Command tasked them with aiding the Chavelli with the injured and remain at their homeworld until further notice. While Avery left for her own vessel, Valchi informed James that they had lost track of the dreadnought, with James admitting that it concerned him a lot.

Tertius Bellum[]

Main article Tertius Bellum

The crew of the Enterprise encounter the heavily damaged USS Polarit

During the early days of 2806 (08 AQF), the Enterprise was heading towards Lianna-station while patrolling the Ramsoria Run, the recent invasion of Thelliria by the Hutter Kingdom threatened the neutrality of the trade route. On route, the Enterprise recieved an emergency transmission of the USS Polarity, a Kelvin-Class. Ordering to investigate, the crew found out the ship was heavily damaged, only 45 crewmembers out of 375 survived the attack. Beaming them onboard, James studied the database of the Polarity and found out that at the suggestion of ensign Zule Grunzar .

The young girl was still in sickbay, under medical treatment and examination by doctor Chioaik though he started his interrogation of the young ensign against the protests of the doctor. During her tale, he found out she suggested tracking the energy reading as she encountered them onboard the cadet training cruiser, USS Copernicus. The encounter proved disastrous, with most of the crew either death or suffering psychologic after-effects ever since. Leaving the girl into medical care once more, James was convinced it was the missing Quashowan-cruiser though was unable to investigate further more as he was to rendevouz with the Excelsior-Class, the USS Royal Oak.


Around 2813 (15 AQF) James relented his command of the USS Enterprise-A and accepted a position as rear-admiral for the Operation Department. As head of Operations he had close contact with the Marscalcus and the High King, Rambert Ramveral about how to deploy the fleet. During his carreer as rear-admiral he found out he unknowningly had a daughter with captain Chianwe Apanoida, the girl Riyo Apanoida whom he later reconciled with and tried to meet with her as often as possible. The two had a tense relation.

James and Shivrt onboard the Typhon ready to deploy its temporal beam

He later married vice-chancellor Chuinaylia Ivalaë Pantaria and had two children, Jimmy James Rambo and Jenna Lenissa Rambo.

In october of 2818 (20 AQF), James Rambo confronted Marscalcus Sinhai Kakharis about the Interdimensional Warp Gate and the deployment of the Typhon-Class. He was rebuked and ordered to execute the mission and observe its results. As such James replied and joined captain Shivrt onboard the USS Typhon and travelled to the sun of the V'rta System, deep within the Serox Nebula.

Meeting in secret to deal with Stekius!

As Shivrt informed him all was ready, he gave the command to proceed with a heavy heart. As the first two Paragavatus-Class super star destroyers emerged from the rift, their plan backfired as the Typhon-Class overloaded and disabled both the ship and the Interdimensional Warp Gate. Forced to withdraw James informed Rambo Command of the situation and disaster.

James informs the Twins of the terrible news

In november 2818, James was present in a classified meeting to discuss a covert operation to execute Stekius Gaivel who was at the time at Gaskhan. Judge Magister Ramhis wanted to take the risks though Chancellor Fleur Inviere and senator Adar were hesistant. When he noticed the Chancellor had severe reservations, he followed her when she took a bathroom break and confronted her with his wishes to follow her heart. To his relieve she aborted the mission.

With the beginning of the Second Great Cyrannus War, James was shocked to hear his wife had perished during the disaster of Mou'Cyran. He went to the Academy where he informed both his children.

2819 (21 AQF), Rambert's decision to invade New Republic resulted into the dissapearance of Marscalcus Sinhai Kakharis and James was one of the few officers who openly voiced his disgust and concerns. In turn James was send to prison as well under orders of High King Rambert Ramveral. Days after Rambo Nation fell and was dissolved by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Records indicate James remained in prison for the duration of the ongoing conflict and was send to Pauvenris. While in prison, he did recieve a letter in march 2820 by fleet-captain Garan Andarch over some misbehavior of his daughter Jenna during her second internship while on Ramaakota afer meeting Gaskuark. Smiling and quite proud of her she remembered his own days as well, including Gaskuark and his exploits with young Rambo cadets and officers. By September 2820, James was liberated from captivity during the battle of Pauveris.

Personality and Traits[]

Captain James Rambo

Captain James Rambo is a bold and sometimes reckless person. Yet his tactics and way of using his own tactics and plans make him a capable and fine captian and commander of a starship. Yet his behavior also led to bar fights in his younger years, and gave him the reputation as trouble maker. Together with his other reputation as womanizer his results were outstanding which allowed him to command the USS Enterprise-A, which he loves.

Though not a Serindia, he sometimes find himself in differance with the older and traditional Rambo Nation captains, as he sees them as stubborn and not wanting changes. He also has a nature of exploring, and loves going with on surface missions, even if they are dangerous.

At all times he carries a phaser rifle to protect himself. He is also a capable self defender, with knowledge and training in boxing.



LoveRelation.pngFamily means everything to me, even when relations are not always as they should be



Green face.pngI will defend those closest to me!


Yellow face.pngNot sure about them


Red face.pngSurrender to the authorities of Rambo Nation!


LoveRelation.pngPets are awesome and sweet!

Yudumarth Parrot1.png
  • Name: Sunshine
  • Creature: Yudmarth Parrot
  • Age: Bought around 05 AQF at the age of 2

Sunshine is the pet parrot of James. He bought the bird a few years ago from a trader hailing from Yudumarht. Ever since he allows his bird to remain in his personal quarters uncaged, as the bird learned to do his needs in a special box instead of dropping it wherever she is. The bird is greatly affected to James, but seems to dislike his senior crewmembers and his daughter.

Ships Command[]

USS Enterprise-A[]


The USS Enterprise-A is a Constitution Refit Class V2 Mk. III. Though often just called the Enterprise, the ship was launched in the year 04 AQF, during the 5th month of the Quadrantia Disorder under command of James Rambo.

The ship is upgraded two times during her service record under James Rambo, making the ship stronger, more advanced and more suitable for long range exploration missions while also keeping her status as heavy battle cruiser.

The bridge crew of the USS Enterprise-A

Her weapon arsenal included phaser, both blue and red colored phasers, with the red colored phasers being more powerful, but it drains the shields. The ship also has phaser cannons and is equipped with photon torpedoes and a few secret and classified quantem torpedoes. Her shields are state of the art within the Rambo Navy and have rotating shield frequencies, making her shields able to withstand both enemy fire and impact from enemy torpedoes.

The ship needs a crew of 430 to operate efficient, and can achieve warp 8.7. She has an average length of 366 meters.

While she was initially launched, the USS Enterprise-A was attached as a heavy battle cruiser, with her main goal to participate in battles. However her designation changed to a long range space exploration ship, and during her upgrades was equipped to be able to execute that designation with additional science lab and personal. During her maiden launch under under command of the inexperienced captain James Rambo, Rambo Command already predicted the USS Enterprise-A will become a famous ship for Rambo Nation and an example for other captain; as well as setting an example for all those children whom have dreams to become a captain of a space ship and wish to have their own adventures.

Onboard the USS Enterprise captain James Rambo made strict rules for cloathing, actually one of the first for the Nation. James wanted crewmembers to wear the same model, with differant colors signaling their division and function onboard ships. This made some older officers in the Nation a bit grumpy, but Rambo Command has been researching for a way to apply it perhaps on all ships in the Navy.

Over time the USS Enterprise-A became known as a humanoid vessel, often against the wishes or likes of the higher Serindia officers. Yet the most important trait for the USS Enterprise-A was her crew, who considered the ship as their home. The crew became known for their results, actions and their loyalty to their captain and Empress.

For more information, like crew, division, characteristics see: USS Enterprise-A.


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My beloved one, seperating from you tore my heart apart

- Indris

My father, a great man with an appitate for woman. Sight!

- Claire

A promising captain, with a nose for exploration and bold moves he is one of the Rambo's finest captain!

- vice-admiral Ramcard

Heretics must die as the Gods demand it!

- Thel'Vicliquam

Oh, he makes me feel fuzzy inside!

- Apanoida


  • The USS Enterprise-A is one of the most humanoid orientated ship within the Navy compared to other ships, where Kloppig and Serindia are more often found.


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