The JWar was a major, continuous interstellar conflict that happens in the JSector, pitting the JHorde against the JAlliance.

The JWar started in 1819, when the JCarnivore empire invaded the JHerbivore empire. Ever since, both empires fought and gathered allies in JSector, forming the JHorde and JAlliance, respectively.

Most damage control of the war was done by the JCompany, and the JMTV broadcasted propaganda of all parties involved.

While both JAlliance and JHorde were having heavy losses in consequence of the JWar, JCompany managed to strength their position outside JSector, establishing Trade Routes with several other space-faring civilizations.

Eventually, the JCompany have grown enough to merge JMTV into the company, and increased the amount to pro-JCompany propaganda the JMTV broadcasts.

Some time later, the JCompany gained enough resources and influence to merge to entire JAlliance and JHorde into the company. Then, Tycoon JOmnivore, having power over both major factions of the conflict, decreted the end of the JWar.

After the end of the JWar, the JCompany became the main organization responsible for maintaining peace and security in JSector.






  • The JWar lasted 1000 years to match the narration of the JCity Assault winning text. This adventure is a rip off from the Maxis-made adventure City Assault, and ripped off the winning text as well.
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