The JSector is an astrographical region located within the Milky Way Galaxy. It's boundaries are unknown but it has an estimated diameter of 3790 by 4015 by 3000 light-years.

It is home to the JHerbivore, JCarnivore, JOmnivore, JSlugger, JCerberus, JGrox, JCreepy, JCute, JGoofy, JBot, JSluggerberus and JMax empires. Most of these empires unite themselves into two major political power groups, constantly in war against each other: the JAlliance, composed of JHerbivore, JSlugger, JCerberus, JCute and JSluggerberus empires, and the JHorde, composed of JCarnivore, JGrox, JCreepy, JBot and JMax empires. The JOmnivore and JGoofy empires remains neutral, occasionally playing rules in both sides.