If you want to trade and make friends, come to JSector, please! We are located within the Norma-Outer Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy! It's a nice and friendly corner of the galaxy, especially now that JWar is over!

- Tycoon JOmnivore, upon inviting Milif to visit the JCompany headquarters

The JSector is an astrographical region located within the Norma-Outer Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, somewhere below the Soloth Sector, and is acessible through the Concodat Trade Route. It's boundaries are unknown but it has an estimated diameter of 3,000 light-years. It is home to the JHerbivore, JCarnivore, JOmnivore, JSlugger, JCerberus, JGrox, JCreepy, JCute, JGoofy, JBot, JSluggerberus and JMax empires, called JEmpires.

The JSector remained hidden to the rest of the First Gigaquadrant due to a phenomenon called JMist: JSector signals captured outside JSector were easily confused with common static, sounding like "JJJJJJJ...". However, JSector's existence became clear in 2815, when the JMTV started to be broadcast to the entire First Gigaquadrant using JTranslator, bypassing the JMist. The use of JTranslator has become commonplace in JSector since then.


Most of the JEmpires united themselves into two major political power groups, constantly in war against each other: the JAlliance, composed mostly of JHerbivore, JSlugger, JCerberus, JCute and JSluggerberus empires, and the JHorde, composed mostly of JCarnivore, JGrox, JCreepy, JBot and JMax empires.

Mostly members of the JOmnivore empire runs the JCompany, main business company of the sector, members of the JGoofy empire runs the JMTV, main TV channel of the sector, that also broadcasts to the rest of the First Gigaquadrant since 2815.

During the JWar, the JMTV, JAlliance and JHorde got merged into the JCompany, and then the JCompany decreted the end of the war.

After the end of the JWar, the JCompany became the main organization responsible for maintaining peace and security in JSector.


The JMist is a phenomenon exclusive of JSector, that makes JSector signals captured outside this galactic sector to be easily confused with common static, sounding like "JJJJJJJ...". The phenomenon have heavy influence in all JSector native cultures, and kept this galactic sector isolated from the rest of the First Gigaquadrant until 2815.

Experiments conducts by the JCompany Science JDivision, lead by Genius JCreepy, revealed that the JMist is made by radiation generated around the JSector that can be influenced by other objects and energies, such as Magitech Creations, Magical Objects, Energy Crystals, Void Energy, Pure Energy, Null Spice and Augment Crystals. However, the radiation returns to its natural state few moments later, which make impossible tasks like try to erase the JMist, for example.

Trying to measure to age of the radiation gives confusing results, as most known techniques estimates that the radiation may be far older than the First Gigaquadrant itself, the highest estimatons being around 10101056 years. These measures started theories about the origins of the JMist being located outside the First Gigaquadrant, like the theory of J and the S.I.E.D. theory.

Studies about the JMist eventually allowed the Science JDivision to create JMist Synthesizers, devices which can extract simple materials in large quantities, such as carbon, from the JMist.






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  • The JEmpires of the JSector are inspired by end-gameplays in Spore.
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