JLadies and JGentlemen, JRock and JRoll!

- Galactic Star JGoofy

Your JSource of JNews and JMusic!

- Galactic Star JGoofy

The JMTV is the main TV channel of all empires in the JSector. It is broadcasted by the JGoofy empire, with its leader Galactic Star JGoofy as host.


The JMTV was created in 1981 by the Green JGoofy civilization. It started to be broadcast to the entire JSector soon after the Green JGoofy civilization started their Space Stage. It being able to broadcast to most of the First Gigaquadrant since 2815.

During the JWar, the JMTV broadcasted propaganda of all parties involved in the war.

In 2817, the JCompany have grown enough to merge JMTV into the company, and increased the amount to pro-JCompany propaganda the JMTV broadcasts.

In 2819, the JMTV started a cooperation with the Quadrantia HoloNet, so the Quadrantia HoloNet started to broadcast JMTV programs across the Quadrant Galaxies.






Green face.pngWe have a partnership! Let's JRock together!

  • JAlliance: “We broadcasted their messages in exchange of sponsorship!
  • JHorde: “We broadcasted their messages in exchange of sponsorship!
  • JCompany: “We are part of them! We broadcast their messages in exchange of sponsorship!
  • Void Shamanism: “We broadcasts their messages in exchange of sponsorship!
  • Pure Shamanism: “We broadcasts their messages in exchange of sponsorship!


Blue face.pngThank you for your support, dear fan!

  • Solarieans: “They think we are interesting enough. Potential fans!
  • Nivenian Empire: “Our channel is always ready to cheer up you guys, no matter if your new experimental kugelblitz reactor exploded or not! Audience of a hundred quadrillion! Approved by their Media Evaluation Committee!


Yellow face.pngPlease check our programs for something you like!

  • Inuneridality: “They are having some technical difficulties in tune our channel, apparently.
  • Tendrils of Nix: “They turn in our channel, despite being a disease that threat us!


Orange face.pngPlease don't become a hater!

  • N/A


Red face.pngWe’re totally at war now! Let the JParty begin!

  • N/A


You are welcome to submit quotes here. Responses may even be given!

5 stars! JMTV is the best source of JSector news we have ever seen! We highly recommend it to viewers!

- Nivenian Empire Media Evaluation Committee


  • The JMTV is inspired by the MTV, and both of them have the same date of official launch.
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