JJ-99 energy weapons, also known as JJ-99 technologies or simply as JJ-99, are a defensive system designed by the Llurebleg to protect their cities and vehicles (including spaceships) from aggressive animals.

Improved JJ-99, or JJ-00, is the name given to JJ-99 devices that are designed for defense as well, but is designed to kill the target rather than stun.


JJ-99 was created by the Llurebleg to defend their property from some dangerous predators that often attack them when hungry or when the vehicles go through their territory, like Fontis and Stroths. These weapons, however, rarely cause any actual damage to the attackers, and the effect of the energy charges it shoots is to stun the predator and prevent it for attacking the city without hurting them at all. Despite their actual utility, the turret isn't fully improved, and the energy charge often gets destabilized, damaging the internal organs of the target when hit and causing the death.

However, as Project Fidne was approved, research was done to make the so-called JJ-00 were invented. The energy charges of this variation are more powerful and reach longer ranges, allowing them to damage the internal organs of the attacker and causing death more frequently

How it works[]

Each JJ-99 module contains a tank filled with water. This water is inhabited by microscopic organisms known as Thunder Bees, which have the ability to release electric shocks in the water around them when threatened. Shaking the tank of water causes the Thunder Bees to release the electricity, which is then absorbed and stored in a special container, loading the weapon. The charge will, however, lose electricity inside the container as time passes, occasionally causing it to be lost if it takes too long to shoot. When the trigger is activated, the energy is suddenly directed towards the exterior at high speeds, resulting in a not-too-dangerous charge being shot.

The JJ-00 are designed to kill rather than just stun. The concentration of Thunder Bees in the jar is much higher, leading to more powerful energy charge. It it also designed to be reloaded faster, and to hit targets inside a higher range.


There are currently three types of JJ-99 devices:

  • Automatic turret models used in cities. They are mostly stationary and are used for defending them against predators who often attack when hungry to feed on the citizens, like Fontis and Pycari. The tank is located in the inside of the turret and is shaken individually in order to charge the weapon (the tank shakes, but the turret doesn't).
  • Mini-cannon models that are implemented on vehicles to protect them from aggressive creatures like Stroths during their routes. The tank is located in the interior of the vehicle and usually ends up charging itself as it moves.
  • Gun models soldiers in cities and space explorers are equipped with, with the same purpose as turrets. The tank is visible and the entire device is shaken manually in order to charge it.


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