JPower for JLife! JCompany!

- JCompany commercial

There for you in everyday life, JCompany.
Ushering in a new era with you, JCompany.
Building a better future with you, JCompany.
We're out there every day, and with you today.

- JCompany commercial

My personal JMotto will always be "to prosper", and that is exactly what all JSectorians can expect! I believe that JTrade can be the JRemedy to JWar's derailment! JTrade is a blast furnace in which can be forged the JSteel of a new rail JLine, running straight to a new JHorizon, a JHorizon of JProsperity and JHappiness! We have much JWork and much JTrade to do, and we will need everyone's JHelp!

- Tycoon JOmnivore, during speech in the JMTV after the end of the JWar

The JCompany is a megacorporation, major intergalactic power, and the actual major political power and main business company operating in the JSector, offering various products and services, from spice trading to engineering, to both civilian to military clients in all the First Gigaquadrant and beyond.

The JCompany is under control of the JOmnivore empire and its leader, Tycoon JOmnivore, but also have JShareholders and employees of all the 12 JEmpires in JSector. The citizens of the 12 JEmpires in JSector are also considered citizens of the JCompany.


The JCompany was founded on 2800, during the JWar, by Tycoon JOmnivore, when he merged all the businesses under the control of the Empire into such single business company, and establish that all interactions with other spacefaring civilizations would be through the JCompany. The idea was to create an idea capable to grow bigger than the JOmnivore Empire itself, capable to convince people from outside the Empire to join it, maybe even the whole JSector (which eventually happened after the end of the JWar).

The JCompany refused to join the JWar and decided itself to do most of the damage control during the conflict, trading with both the JAlliance and the JHorde alike.

Since 2815, while both JAlliance and JHorde were having heavy losses in consequence of the JWar, JCompany started to strength their position outside JSector, establishing JTrade Routes with several other space-faring civilizations.

On 2817, the JCompany have grown enough to merge JMTV into the company, and increased the amount to pro-JCompany propaganda the JMTV broadcasts.

On 2819, the JCompany gained enough resources and influence to merge to entire JAlliance and JHorde into the company. Then, Tycoon JOmnivore, having power over both major factions of the conflict, decreted the end of the JWar.

After the end of the JWar, the JCompany became the main organization responsible for maintaining peace and security in JSector, while still expands its operations around the First Gigaquadrant and beyond.

On 2845, the JCompany joined the Universal Trading Union, following a tip from the Nivenian Empire, who also joined the Union.


The JCompany is lead by Tycoon JOmnivore, but all major actions of the company must be approved by the board of JShareholders. The Board of JShareholders is formed by all heads-of-state of all 12 JEmpires of JSector. The Board of JShareholders can lead the JCompany during some Tycoon's prolonged absences, such as business travels, vacations or other commitments.

The JCompany is organized into several distinct departments, called JDivisions. A JShareholder can be elected to lead one or more JDivisions.

The main JDivisions of the JCompany are:

Trade JDivision[]

The Trade JDivision is the first and main JDivision of the JCompany, and the core of the company.

Led by Tycoon JOmnivore, the Trade JDivision directs most of the company major actions, production, trading, JTrade Routes and JTrade Centers, inside and outside JSector, to maximize long-term profit. It also provides financial support for all the other JDivisions of the JCompany.

Bureaucrat JDivision[]

Led by Supreme Ambassador JCute, the Bureaucrat JDivision is responsible for all the administrative matters in the JCompany, and provides legal support for all the other JDivisions of the company.

The Bureaucrat JDivision works closely with the 4th Defense JDivision JPeacekeepers for activities involving law enforcement. Supreme Ambassador JCute leads the 4th Defense JDivision as well.

Science JDivision[]

About our Science JDivision: they are pretty much the technological powerhouse that enable the research, development and improvement of all technologies used by all JDivisions of the JCompany, including terraformation, Gravitational weapons, Warp Tech, Void Tech, Pure Tech, Dyson tech, and more! Some researches are company secrets, sadly! A policy enforced by the genius on charge of the Science JDivision!

- Tycoon JOmnivore

Led by Genius JCreepy, the Science JDivision conducts various scientic projects, including genetic engineering, computer engineering, reverse engineering, etc., and research new technologies, and improvements of old technologies, for the JCompany.

The Science JDivision also provides technological support for all the other JDivisions of the JCompany.

Occasionally, the Science JDivision conducts works outside JSector, such as:

  • Work with the Nivenian Board of technology for the construction of the electromagnetic acceleration and regenerative deceleration mechanisms for cheap intergalactic travel via the wormholes gifted by the Universal Trading Union, a project titled the Electromagnetic Material Intergalactic Transit Tube (EMITT);
  • Work in the Megastructural Construction Corporation research and construction facilities to see the Ecumenopolisization of the planet A12.1.
  • Work in seven large research complexes in orbit of Nivenia Prime. Each complex was a massive rotating habitat, mainly filled with science equipment, and capable of housing thousands of labs.
  • Work in the Phrovan Socialist Republic for the construction of Dyson Spheres, and overseeing the republic research and projects around VAS (Velocity Augmentation Systems) and augment crystals.

Culture JDivision[]

Led by Galactic Star JGoofy, the Culture JDivision conducts all the pro-JWay of Life and pro-JCompany propaganda to the general public. The JMTV is actually one of the companies under the Culture JDivision.

Public JCompany speechs, however, are generally conduct personally by Tycoon JOmnivore instead.

Defense JDivisions[]

During the JWar, the JCompany hired mercenaries provided by the JAlliance and JHorde military forces, just enough to secure the company operations in case of need.

After the JWar, most of the JAlliance and JHorde military were incorporated into the JCompany, greatly expanding its military capacities, and also the JCompany responsabilities to maintain peace and security in JSector.

To manage such military, the Defense JDivisions are formed:

  1. The 1st Defense JDivision are lead by Lord JCerberus, and are formed by most of the main armed forces of the former JAlliance. The 1st Defense JDivision have permanent bases at the JCompany worlds in the Dwarf Cluster, to act in coordination with the Dwarf Cluster Alliance;
  2. The 2nd Defense JDivision are lead by Lord JMax, and are formed by most of the main armed forces of the former JHorde. The 2nd Defense JDivision currently operates only within JSector's borders and protecting some trade route in neutral territory;
  3. The 3rd Defense JDivision are lead by Warlord JCarnivore, and are formed by most of the auxiliary armed forces of the former JHorde, such as former JRaiders. The 3nd Defense JDivision operates within JSector's borders and protecting some trade route in neutral territory, and was also deployed in Nivenia System during the Third Nivenian War of Reunification to help protect the Nivenian Empire's commerce and population centers from interplanetary bombardment. There are rumors that the 3rd Defense JDivision made agreements with pirates, such as the Kalslong Raiders (before they become the Kalslong Merchants), to prevent pirate attacks against JCompany's vessels. However, the JCompany declared "never have done deals with pirates";
  4. The 4th Defense JDivision are lead by Supreme Ambassador JCute, and are formed by most of the auxiliary armed forces of the former JAlliance, such as JPeacekeepers. The 4th Defense JDivision worked in coordination with Nivenian security forces to capture five of the seven of the responsibles for the kidnapping of one of the Nivenian board of technology's highest-ranking members at the JOmnivore planet.

Health JDivision[]

Led by Guru JSluggerberus, the Health JDivision are responsible to prevent Eco Disasters and maintain health among JCompany citizens, employees and clients. To do so, the Health JDivision relies on the usage and maintanance of Bio Protectors, Bio Stabilizers and health protocols.

Also, the Health JDivision conducts research involving bioscience, and is responsible for the creation of the JCure, used to eradicate the Tendrils of Nix off the Iexian Union. The JCure have be improved ever since, to also became a panacea for most common diseases known in the First Gigaquadrant.

On 2845, after a trade deal with the Waptoria Alliance of Species involving the sharing of terraforming and biological engineering technology, the Health JDivision become able the combine such technology with other technologies previously owned by JCompany to manufacture the JStaff of Life, a customized version of the Staff of Life, the latter being extinct in JSector since the fall of the Grox Empire.

The Health JDivision keeps a maximum of 42 Staves of Life in storage at all times, and uses some of them on JCompany worlds when such storage comes close to this limit.

Void JDivision[]

Created on 2815 by the Voidmaster JGrox, the Void JDivision served to support the Void Shamanism until 2848, when the JDIvision was merged with the Pure JDivision to create the Essence JDivision.

Pure JDivision[]

Created on 2819 by the Puremaster JHerbivore, the Pure JDivision served to support the Pure Shamanism until 2848, when the JDIvision was merged with the Void JDivision to create the Essence JDivision.

Essence JDivision[]

On 2848, with the increasing debate about Essences around the First Gigaquadrant, specially around Void Energy and Pure Energy, Voidmaster JGrox and Puremaster JHerbivore convinced the JCompany to unify the Void and Pure JDivisions and create a new JDivision: the Essence JDivision.

The Essence JDivision serves to not just support the Void Shamanism and the Pure Shamanism, but also the expands the studies about other divisions and variations of the Essences as well, and better understand the relations between such divisions and variations.

Tourism JDivision[]

Sure, I can hitchhike anywhere in the whole First Gigaquadrant!... except through the Purity territories... because of technical problems... you better look for JSlugger for that...

- JBot, Intergalactic Traveler of JCompany Tourism JDivision

Created on 2819 by the Intergalactic Travelers JSlugger and JBot, the Tourism JDivision coordenates JCompany's tourism routes.

The tourism routes generally involves locations inside JSector or around the JCompany's JTrade Routes.

Cyber JDivision[]

Created on 2847 by the Intergalactic Traveler JBot and Lord JMax, the Cyber JDivision is focused on projects involving cybernetic argumentations. Normally, JBot is responsible for the civilian cybernetic argumentation projects, and JMaxis responsible for the military ones.

Previously, such projects are divided between the Science JDivision and the Health JDivision. However, the increase of cybernetics demands coming from JClients inside and outside JSector, specially the Nivenian Empire, demanded more focus on such area, specially to better use expertise of JBot and JMax in this matter.



total mobilization time: 1 year
total mobilization time: 6 months
total mobilization time: 3 months
total mobilization time: 1 month
total mobilization time: 2 weeks
total mobilization time: MOBILIZED










Green face.pngWe have a partnership! May we prosper together!

  • JAlliance: “They are part of us! They consume our products and services, both civilian and military ones! Also, they are half of our JShareholders!
  • JHorde: “They are part of us! They consume our products and services, both civilian and military ones! Also, they are half of our JShareholders!
  • JMTV: “They are part of us! They broadcast our messages in exchange of sponsorship!
  • Void Shamanism: “We fully support their religion through the Essence JDivision!
  • Pure Shamanism: “We fully support their religion through the Essence JDivision!
  • Universal Trading Union: “We joined the UTU and reap the benefits of membership, including the use of the UTU's famed wormhole network and the benefits of involvement in the scientific offices of the committee! Special thanks to our Nivenian JFriends for the tip!
  • Nivenian Empire: “We estabished a big JTrade Center, the JEcumenopolis, near their planetary capital of A11, for great wholesale merchandise deals! They are one of our best JClients and JFriends! The Nivenian Empire is certainly one of our best JClients and JFriends! We understand each other very well, and our JTrade Route make us prosper! Many JShareholders visited the Nivenian Empire, such as JOmnivore (that lived in Nivenia Prime for some time to do therapy), JCute (to help with business and law enforcement agreements), JCreepy (to help in scientific projects), JBot (to make a presentation about JCybernetics), and JCarnivore (to protect against terrorists' missiles)! We keep multiples works with their government and companies, and we are also allies in the Universal Trading Union and the Dwarf Cluster Alliance! We signed a formal alliance/defensive pact in 2847!


Blue face.pngIt's nice to do business with you!

  • Elysian Empire: “We are trading with them for Magical Objects and Energy Crystals!
  • Void Eye Empire: “We are trading colony tools for their Void tech and black spice for our Void JDivision!
  • Milif: “She visited us and gave us a discount! JHooray!
  • Maxisoft Studios: “They placed all your citizens and employees in an early access trial of Spore 2 for we literally being 65% of the profit they get from merchandise and games!
  • Medonan Union: “We are trading Tech for their Resources and unique Objects!
  • Ecumene: “Porsenna, the Representative of the Cardinal Order, are working to get us travel permits and some exemptions, so we can establish a JTrade Center at Primus Portus, in the Phradox Galaxy!
  • Republic of New Americana: “We estabished a Texas-themed JTrade Center in their republic, for diplomatic ties and good, old-fashioned capitalism!
  • The Periphidi Assembly: “We are trading livestock and cartography for their services, tutelage and goods, including jewels and minerals!
  • Waptoria Alliance of Species: “Despite their dislike for Void users -and that includes some of our JClients- they made a trade route with us to share terraforming and biological engineering technology. After we made a deal with them to stop the production of products derived from Void, they also donated Nebulorian meditational texts for our Void JDivision!
  • Federated Conglomerate of Yuwi: “They sent a few hundred packs of action figures to us at wholesale price! We are reselling the action figures to our JClients!
  • Voronoid Stellar Coalescence: “They are grateful because our Health JDivision guided them to stars safe for nurturing! JSluggerberus are conducting studies about them, and recommended them to Waptoria!
  • Ara Maya: “The Goddess of Void decided to spare us from her wrath, because she admires our Void Shamans' devotion to the Void!
  • Maker's Shadow: “We are trading knowledge, such as researches, navigation and survey data for their minerals disassembled from a mineral-rich platenoid!


Yellow face.pngWhy don't you come in and buy something?

  • Da Sikkest Boys: “They called us and the Elysian Empire "NEERRRDDDSSSS". We didn't reply.
  • Volver Empire: “They dislike Void users, and that include some of our JClients!
  • Jol'kiar: “Got a stroke watching the Tycoon's interview in JMTV. Period.


Orange face.pngIt's hard to do business with you!


Red face.pngWe want your money! And your planets! And your cities! It’s war!

  • Tendrils of Nix: “I guess the pathogen ceased to be a threat by now, but we must stay alert and not let our guard down!


You are welcome to submit quotes here. Responses may even be given!

So, what do you think of our Technology so far? I must say, I am impressed with the Degree to which you have managed to control Antimatter! We can barely even generate any!

- Krz'at Kol, Trading Manager of the Chonostonian Republic

Let's say your difficult with Antimatter are quite like our difficulties with Magitech: we didn't have enough resources, research, time, and maybe even luck to develop one, but we got enough to develop another! But now we two just got enough for both!

- JOmnivore, Tycoon of JCompany

Can't argue with that logic! I hope our Scientists can help you as much as your scientists will hopefully be able to help us!

- Krz'at Kol, Trading Manager of the Chonostonian Republic

Planet... Ice... Come... Drill... Free...

- Transmission from a Passing Rogue Planet

Greetings, JCompany! We heard about you while examining the recent History of the Gigaquadrant and you seem to be a nice bunch who like to trade! Considering we have very few essential resources, I would love to trade with you in order to get the things we need. We probably have something that you would like. By the way, the Cryptic Transmission above is from when we had communications Problems, a short time ago.

- Nirvax'kottar, Former and current Leader of The Dulinket Aristocracy

Certainly more professional than Milky-Bay. I might find myself coming back to trade with them soon.

No, this wasn't sponsored.

- Tyrolox, former Premier of the United Republic of Grubmolians

Oh, hush. You're just trying to get free products from them.

- Ipliq

Yeah, you're right.

- Tyrolox

Tyrolox, oh my god. Just buy the products... They're not that expensive.

- Ipliq

Well, as a sort of thanks for literally being 65% of the profit we get from merchandise and games, we decided to place all your citizens and employees in an early access trial of Spore 2. Trust me. This time, it's just 80 years in the making.

- Jill Bright, President and Founder of Maxisoft

Thank you for the recognition, mister Jill and everyone of Maxisoft! If you need any help with the game, from development to publishing, you can count on us!

- JOmnivore, Tycoon of JCompany

Well, that's rather rude to speak so lowly of your consumers.

- God-Emperor Ipliq Ytroalo

Sorry, it became impossible to not speak about it at all after the news spread...

- JOmnivore, Tycoon of JCompany

Think of his death as a... necessary requirement for my plans to succeed!

- God-Emperor Ipliq

JCompany's products are high-quality and affordable, and Tycoon JOmnivore seems to be one of the few aliens that we have met that actually understands what we need. We strongly recommend JCompany to anyone looking to import and export in bulk.

- Nivenian Empire Board of Technology

We aren't exactly sure what to say of these folks, you seek the thrill of a sale the same way we seek the thrill of the hunt? Odd, very very odd. We accept your trade offer, but don't think to see us as your equivalent of prey.

- Skkhi-ha, Arbitrator of the Periphidi Assembly

"Ah yes, the large corporation is very friendly and we are lucky to have them as an ally. They are very gracious, even with the embarrassment that I had created when I lost my temper over a simple misunderstanding.

- Platixi Empire

They have been nothing but kind to us, and for that we are grateful.

- Sifkrii Domanoff of the PSR


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