United, we stand against the devious JHorde, that attack us since ancient times, first for the sake of robbing us and now for different beliefs! They are always keep his aggressions, inventing one motivation after another until we are destroyed!

- Supreme Ambassador JCute, during speech in the JMTV

The JAlliance was one of two former major political factions present in JSector, made by the union of five interstellar empires, and members of two other interstellar empires. They raged JWar against the JHorde for a 1000 years. The JAlliance was founded in 1819 by the JHerbivore empire.

In 2819, the JCompany gained enough resources and influence to merge to entire JAlliance and JHorde into the company. Then, Tycoon JOmnivore, having power over both major factions in the conflict by the JWar, decreted the end of the JWar.







Green faceWe are allies! Together we stand as one!

  • JCompany: “We are part of them! We consumes their products and services, both civilian and military ones! Also, we are half of their shareholders!
  • JMTV: “They broadcasted our messages in exchange of sponsorship!
  • JHorde: “We were fightning them in the JWar for a long time. Now, our conflitcs are resolved by intervention of the JCompany.


Blue faceWe accept you as a friend and a trade partner!

  • N/A


Yellow faceNice to meet you!

  • N/A


Orange facePlease stop your aggressions before it's too late!

  • N/A


Red faceThe Grand Council sees no alternative but to declare war.


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