Spode's Role Model Edit

Spode had begun to see J'krel as a role model. J'krel knew this, and J'krel intended to take advantage of that. The Father, Sensing J'krel's Wish to take advantage, Decided to J'krel neede to be warned of the consequences. He would be cast into the Pit of J'krel and die. J'krel still decided to take advantage of Spode's trust in him. He decided to tell Spode in secret what life was. Spode, thinking sometime's it's amusing to rebel against the Father, so he decided to learn what exactly life was.

"And J'krel said to Spode, 'Life. What an amazing thing. A thing that creates love and hate, up and down, tall and small. What life means is love. Love is life's key. The meaning of life is to live, Spode. To live."
- Book of J'krel:23:57-61
Spode was convinced life was a good thing. Spode thought of life as a creature that commands itself. A creature in charge of it's own judgement. A creature that could decide what it wishes, what it intends, who to hate and who to love. But soon, as they were discussing life, The Father caught J'krel feeding Spode information in the middle of one of their lessons. Rage followed.

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