Beginning Edit

In the beginning, there was nothing. then there was The Father. The father wished to Have nothing but chaos. No life was to exist where the father reigned. Any demons who began to stand up and rebel aganst his fiery wrath was faced with eternal torment - cast into the Pit of J'krel. Eventually, the father came to realization that he could not control the entire universe on his own. He needed Assistance. He needed someone to look like him, think like him, act like him. So, he created J'krel. He made powerful as me was, able to will whatever he wanted into existence, for he was to act as the father's assistant. J'krel stuck with the idea of chaos. He even began to make things from the chaos, an army to be commanded. He created the dragons, with the leader being himself.

Disdain for the Father Edit

J'krel soon began to drift apart from the father. The father was completely oblivious to J'krel's urge to undermine his fiery wrath. The father believed his view was shared with J'krel. The father was wrong. Soon the father went into hypersleep and all the rebels began to reveal themselves. J'krel began to unite them together. He believed that he could lead a revolution against the iron fist of tyranny that was the father. But his hopes were squelched when the rebels began to attack him and he was forced to wipe them out. The last of the rebels was reduced to heap of ashes, his soul twisted into an angel of death, filled with suffering, and a will to kill all in it's path. He woke The Father and told him the rebels were attacking whenever he went into hypersleep. This Gave The father a need to create a new life, a guardian in his image.

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