Isiris, otherwise referred to as [insert titles here], is a conceptual and theological intelligence defined by a combination of omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence that reigns as the prominent core of many, if not all, aspects native to the plane of Koldenwelt; astrology and astronomy, chronology and history, life and death, light and darkness, sentience and sapience, cultural belief and religious divination, and many other significant topics pertaining to the world were and are determined by motions and movements experienced and performed by Isiris. The idea of Isiris has existed since beyond recorded history although the significance of the actions of Isiris were present since the dawning of time throughout the world, with some interpretations - both modern and archaic - proclaiming Isiris to have been present since even before the flow of time although such statements cannot be taken for accurate depictions, for Isiris as an entity, concept, philosophical aspect, and force of nature is considered to be a subject of argument and debate due to the enigmatic unpredictability behind how Isiris happens to function both within and outside of the world.

Isiris interacts with the world and those that reside within it - both native and extraterrestrial - in many forms and methods; magic and the existence of souls and spirits are accredited towards and directly affiliated with Isiris, both of which form one of the core foundations of the world of Koldenwelt. The Colossi and many intermediate entities native and present within the world are often considered to be connected to the flow of Isiris, either as aspects of Its psyche or, in some sense, chosen for some specific purpose often identified as destiny. Isiris is believed by many to be a form of benevolent influence that presides across the world, yet its actions and many subjects supposedly linked to Isiris argue prominently against this particular ideal, contributing to the implication that Isiris is exempt from a mortal understanding of good or evil alignment and instead influences and follows precautions to instigate a more desirable state for the world: balance, predominantly instigating such through incarnations of itself rather than becoming involved in the mortal affairs of the world of its own accord directly.

Isiris is accepted and praised as a religious figure throughout the world of Koldenwelt due to the majesty of its significance to the preservation and evolution of the planet and those birthed forth from it, and is present in many varying depictions, interpretations, and identities determined by a combination of factors, such as physiology, philosophy, geology, and astrology, amongst others. It is currently unknown as to whether Isiris created the world alongside having cultivated it, coinciding with the topic of whether Isiris consciously or subconsciously maintains much of the world through its many incarnations, aspects, avatars, chosen few, movements, waves, and actions, and the origins of Isiris - if it has not existed for eternity - are also argued although many have come to accept Isiris as being a true divine in the sense of It having always existed since the creation of the world.





A Facet is a defining term used to encompass entities and properties that are either directly or indirectly affiliated with the influence of Isiris, almost always determined as native residents of the planescape of Koldenwelt although there are certain exceptions that happen to reside outside of the material domain of the world and preside within a far less easily-defined space, such as a spiritual or conceptual domain. Residents of the world that are not identified as being a Facet of Isiris are the result of influences provided - oftentimes involuntarily - by a loose pantheon of outsider entities; the Simulacra, with a notable exception of Khuamkira, whom was influenced and brought into existence, alongside his plane of reality, through a hybridization of the thought recesses of the conscience of both Isiris and Caligaduro Provectus, although Khuamkira is not often regarded as a true Facet due to its opposition of the world and not being influenced by Isiris further than its conception and subsequent birth.

While all native life of the world of Koldenwelt is regarded as a Facet in its entirety, some Facets - the Colossi and the Source - are more closely and significantly connected to Isiris than others. It is unknown and is unlikely to be discovered as per what the first Facets to have come into existence were, with many debating between the formation of magic against the foundation of material compounds, and there is no accurate or reliable mortal means to determine as to how many Facets have come to exist, exist in the present, and will come to exist in the future. All Facets, no matter how miniscule or colossal, material or metaphysical, are different from one another due to a great number of factors that cannot be measured by mortal means although it can be confirmed that the differences and uniquities between Facets are vastly significant. As a result of everything native to the world of Koldenwelt eventually connecting to Isiris, it is safe to assume that the consciousness and perception of Isiris extends to almost everywhere across the world.

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