He firstly arrived, dropping like a meteor, but straight after, he started crushing our citizens and with his immense strength destroying buildings and taking down ships with his lasers like they were nothing, our greatest weapons were no match for this monstrocity, and then, a huge explosion occured, provoked by a 2nd entity, a slightly smaller one, but far greater in power... I hope to live through this invasion, if not, may Spode save me.

- Radeon after TDP and Isdranaar's invasion

Isdranaar is a Mali'Nar Master and a servant to The Dark Purger who was originally part of the Brood of war, but mysteriously dissapeared from the Brood before becoming a Mali'Nar. His speciality is strategic offense, as opposed to Alo'emonraz's brute force speciality. TDP always sends him to a planet to crush as much as he can before TDP can finish the job. He is the current 6th nember of TDP's Mali'Nar group, being 4th in command, replacing a fallen previous 6th Master.

Isdranaar's common servants range from Zombies to Fallen Radeons and Kraw Galaxy people. He often picks them up from victorious battles. When Alo'emonraz and Isdranaar are together, both can join their powers to cause massive destruction.

Data Edit

In construction

Trivia Edit

  • Irskaad and Imperios created him to serve as the new 6th Nember of TDP's group.
  • Irskaad listened entirely to Happy Hardcore music while making the pictures and initial data of this character.
  • Irskaad had an isssue with Grox interference and had a huge war.
Irskaad's Fiction
Nice to have you around here to one of the most diverse Galaxies in the Universe.
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