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Griim'gagor Edit


  • Name - Griim'gagor
  • Species - Loron
  • Position - Supreme Propa Big Scary Warboss-Tyrant

Griim'gagor is the Supreme Propa Big Scary Warboss-Tyrant of the ironjawz Horde, making the Loron Emperor of all Loron within the Galaxy, and boss of all operations that occur there, including fleet movements and piracy, armies and raids and other operations that lead to the expansion and glory of Loron power within the galaxy. A patient, but brutal warlord, Griim'gagor appeared long ago, and has killed all the Loron leaders twice, once to end their status quo and give the Loron better leadership and power, and the second to finally establish his personal empire and unify the Loron once more.

Performing the role of a great, ancient warlord, Griim'gagor dresses in a heavy suit of black armor that protects him from most injuries, while using either his fists, or his massive battle axe to butcher his targets with ease. He holds the likes Fre'kloar and Zhr'Aghloth in high regard and seeks to emulate them and their glory by creating a great Loron empire of his own in Mirus, spending years plotting with Vlar'Eedecci, Nyog'Zothep and other collaborators to make his dreams a reality, and the Loron feared in Mirus once more.

Griim'gagor rules over the former Skordi Tribes, the Loron Pirate Warbands, and several other minions like Lu'Braxai Giants, Thur War-beasts and other savage creatures that he has gathered under his banner to fight, all of them dedicated to his vision to raid and pillage as they see fit. No matter what species they are, all of them respect his power and strength, and none would move against him.

Vlar'Eedecci Edit


  • Name - Vlar'Eedecci
  • Species - Loron
  • Position - Propa Big Scary Tyrant

Griim'Gagor's technical second-in-command, Vlar'Eedecci is a scar-riddled, cybernetic Loron Tyrant from Orcolos who has gained famed for killing Darkling Warbands under Darkling Tibrix, and smashing a Federation Assault Regiment at the same time in a three-way war. Vlar'Eedecci has shown himself to be a rage-filled, brutal conqueror, but never the less shows tactical and military skill (For a Loron), and conquered Orcolos, turning it into his military centre and launching several raids on other powers from there. No one knows his history, but he appears to be the veteran of many campaigns before he even arrived on Orcolos.

Vlar'Eedecci is not to be confused for someone like Gratz'Kaoz, and is capable of patience, cunning and actually keeping his boys alive without slaughtering them in rage. Though willing to kill some to make a point, and recognizes those better then himself, believing Griim'gagor the superior Tyrant and leader among Loron, and helping him come out on top, as well as plotting with Nyog'Sothep.

Vlar'Eedecci leads the armies of Griim'gagor, and acts as a second-in-command of sorts, but claims to share the role with Nyog'Sothep. Loron and Skordi, due to his physical power, prefer and respect him slightly more, and he has lead numerous assaults on Griim'gagor's behalf.

Nyog'Sothep Edit


Finally, the plan moves forward. For Vengeance YA GITZ!

  • Name - Nyog'Sothep
  • Species - Loron (Abominations of Aztoth Variation)
  • Position - Propa Big Scary Weirdo Tyrant.

Nyog'Sothep is the other Second-in-command of Griim'gagor, and general leader of the Abominations of Azathoth, a group of Dominatus Overseers derived from Loron genetics. During his creation, Nyog'Sothep underwent a rare genetic mutation which allowed him to harness essence, and caused him to be induced into the Damnatis, known as the Weirdoez to the Abominations. Once a servant of Azathoth, the Dynast of the Legion, Nyog'Sothep, after the war, clashed with other Great Old Ones, the leaders of the Legion, thinning their numbers, over position of power and where to take their legions. The Abominations became a rare and dying breed, and the Weidoez suffered most of all. Nyog'Sothep, after consolidating his hold over them, settled in as a Tyrant among some of the Loron, and hired out his Overseers to the most enterprising of Loron Tyrants and bosses, while secreting working with Griim'gagor to fulfill his plans.

A master of essence and power projection, Nyog'Sothep uses his powers to direct his forces while overwhelming foes with his powerful, metal-rending strength and psionic powers. Despite the slight aversion and fear some Loron feel towards him and his Weirdoz, they are respected for the power they yield, and the ability to make enemies explode in bright lights of energy and power. After Griim'gagor gained power, Nyog'Sothep became his other Second-in-Command along with Vlar'Eedecci.

Nyog'Sothep handles strategy and tactical leadership among the Loron, his role similar to Rel'Larutina and the Big Propa Rogue Geek among Da Rogue Boyz, though he enjoys their company far more then the former two, finally feeling that the Loron are close to rising in power and bringing vengeance for Azathoth and the other Abominations that fell on Demogorgon Prime.

Zarthan Edit

From slave to warrior to king, I shall rule. You shall no fear when you look upon me!

  • Name - Zarthan
  • Species - Skordi
  • Position - Propa Big Scary Skordi-Tyrant

Named the Propa big Scary Skordi-Tyrant by Griim'gagor, Zarthan is the leader of the Skordi under the Ironjawz, and earned his position by killing a number of Skordi Warlords that were already in consideration for Griim'Gagor's leadership, when Zarthan slaughtered them and claimed their positions for himself, claiming Griim'gagor's strength was his only concern. For his quick thinking and seeming loyalty, Zarthan was named leader of the Skordi Tribes and Kingdoms under the Loron Ironjawz leadership, and became one of Griim's closest advisors.

Though distrusted by other Skordi, his leadership and skill has granted him the title of Skordi leader, and few have the strength or power to challenge him. Though born in the slave pits and forced to work in Energy Mining for years, Zarthan always had ambition and brutality beaten into him, that lead to him carving his way through enemies into a warrior position, then as a member of the Blackstar Cartel, before falling under a Skordi warlord named Krotath, before he got his current position.

Zarthan is, in actuality, not a Skordi, but, due to experiments and torture by Naxor for his attempted rebellion, a swarm of living insects in the form of a Skordi now. As such, many claim his body is constantly shifting, and can send parts of himself as swarms to attack his foes. These insects in his body reproduce constantly to increase his size, strength and intelligence.

Azh'Troka Edit


  • Name - Azh'Troka
  • Species - Loron
  • Position - Propa Big Boss-Tyrant of Two Voices

Azh'Troka is one of the Ironjawz Horde's leaders, and a powerful Loron boss operating under the infamous title of Drak-Rida. His piracy and raids took him to an ancient temple that lead to him gaining a powerful, essence-laden crown that he placed on his head. Overwhelmed with power, a powerful voice screamed in his body demanding he partake in rituals and other strange things, before her verbally shouted at the crown to shut up and let him do his thing. Since then, before have squabbled and fought for power, but ultimately it has lead Azh'Troka to gaining a level of strategic skill and insight few others of his kind have.

Though the Crown wants him to do certain things, it so far has remained subordinate to his goals of increasing Loron power and serving Griim'gagor's leadership and armies. With the Crown, Azh'Troka has the skill to lead armies that impresses even Nyog'Sothep, while having slight essence command and defense thanks to his Crown. Outside of this, he is a powerful combatant, using his powerful blades to hack through enemies, and his fists to bash through even the largest foes.

Azh'Troka is a stubborn, pugnacious Loron, but while respected by most other leaders and his troops, many fear his Crown is a bad influence and could be trying to use him on some level. He brushes it off, with the simple ideal that while other Loron have one voice in their head, he has two, and that makes it much better. Few other Loron can argue around such great philosophy and genius, and respect his wishes.

Vekoz Edit

It is the right of the strong to rule the weak and fearful.

  • Name - Vekoz
  • Species - Skordi
  • Position - Propa Big Scary Skordi Boss.

Vekoz is another Skordi who arose to become a great Tribal king over one of the Kingdoms on Skorkaz, born a simple warrior who would leave home to become a famous thief. Among his legendary exploits, was infiltrating a fortress of a Thousand-eyed guards who could stare in every direction, and not alerting a single guard, and making off with their precious stones. He would work Haakor for some time, helping him infiltrate a Temple guarded by Koatria, and making off with their bounty, though both ended up forced to join the Shadow Hunters, due to having the object the organization also wanted. Vekoz would become a thief and infiltrator within the organization, and would later assist Zarthan in his rebellion, and witnessed him becoming a living swarm.

Soon after, the group went their separate ways, with Vekoz becoming a warlord on Skorkaz, all of them pursued by Shadow Hunter agents. Vekoz ruled a force of stealthy, fast moving assault forces, able to move as silently as a shadow and hit as hard as a boulder thanks to his training. For his part, Vekoz was given a secondary tyrant title to Zarthan, and the six have found themselves working together once more.

Though he projects the image of a soft-spoken, intelligent thief, Vekoz has no issue using brute force and power to crush his targets and overwhelm them. Prone to rage and paranoia, Vekoz often hides all of this and projects a cool age, while secretly believing everyone is out to get him.

Ironjawz Propa Big Warboss Leedas Edit

Gor'Brakith Edit

Me and Mah Boiz have been everywhere. We waz built for dis!

  • Name - Gor'brakith
  • Species - Loron
  • Position - Killa-Slaughtera Mercenary Boss

Gor'Brakith is the Loron Merc Boss of the Killa-Slaughtera Empire-Stompin King-Crusha Boyz, or simply Killa-Slaughteraz for short. He is the number one Warboss among the Ironjawz, and acts as a leader when the other, bigger bosses aren't around. A traveling mercenary before Griim'gagor took power, Gor'Brakith has fought just about everything, or so he claims, and has the scars and trophies to prove it. His Killa-Slaughtera Boyz often dress and replica the foes and employers they like, and he leads quit the motley crew into battle. A brutal and head-strong leader, Gor'Brakith is famous for his fair sense of battle and lose control of his boys. They're free to do as they like, so long as they pay him respect and money when he calls. His respectful nature towards even weaklings in his eyes has also allowed him to keep more rebellious elements in line that may chaff under the command of Skordi leaders.

Gor'Brakith usually fights only with his Big Axe that he named "Grind'em'up", and his massive Mace he named the Boss mace that he uses to crash through enemy lines with ease. One of the most impressively strong of the Loron, Gor'Brakith is charged with often leading operations alongside his band of mercs and other Loron and Skordi forces, using their tricked out weapons and gadgets form other empires to break through enemy lines with ease.

Gor'Brakith is a legendary figure among the Loron of Mirus, and his boasting can back it up. He has been decorated for bravery by Emperor Ridanax himself, raided treasure vaults on Matrukoris, fight a horde of Hermicce by himself, and even has fought in other Loron wars, simply because he felt like it. Gor'Brakith, despite his easy going nature, can back up any threats he makes, and is one of the strongest warriors the Ironjawz can deploy.

Clru'Brokka Edit

No 'Unes gonna tak me ride, Iz gonna brek da speed o sond. No 'Unes gonna take me girl, she'll driv em straight into the grond

  • Name - Clru'Brokka
  • Species - Loron
  • Position - Big-Badass Ridaz Warboss

Haakor Edit

Prepare for fire and mayhem!

  • Name - Haakor
  • Species - Skordi
  • Position - Big Bad Fiery Burner Boss

Avok Edit

Weapons to slaughter, and prisons to keep our slaves in!

  • Name - Avok
  • Species - Skordi
  • Position - Propa Boss of Mekks

Thuk Edit

Stay out of my way!

  • Name - Thuk
  • Species - Skordi
  • Position -

Reinik Edit

I will trace your steps, and find you anywhere you hide.

  • Name - Reinik
  • Species - Skordi
  • Position - Propa Big Sneeky Boss of Commandos.

Jukir'Maffa Edit

Do yer jobz ya dumboz

  • Name - Jukir'Maffa The B.I.G
  • Species - Loron
  • Position - Propa Big Warboss of Orcolos

Ironjawz Bosses Edit

Stupid Edit


  • Name - Unknown
  • Species - Loron
  • Position - Unkillable but DUM Boss of Orcolos

Bor'Gurgol Edit

For Griim'gagor!

  • Name - Bor'Gurgol
  • Species - Loron
  • Position - Boss of Da Immortulz

Tsu'kraul Edit


  • Name - Tsu'Kraul
  • Species - Loron (Abomination)
  • Position - Boss of the Warped Gitz

Fra'thurt Edit

Address me by mah titlez PEASANT!

  • Name - Fra'thurt
  • Species - Loron
  • Position - Boss of the Gold-Toofs

One of the special unit Bosses, Fra'Thurt leads the Gold-Toofs, a special division of Loron Dakka boys obsessed with getting as much bling and fire power as they can so they can blast away enemies in seconds, and look good doing it. Fra'Thurt has taken his obsession to such levels that he has literally painted his armor and himself gold, and covers himself in only the finest bling he can get his hands on, often stealing it from his comrades and other Bosses. Fra'Thurt, however, can back up his boasting, all his bling and his arrogance, for he is an amazing marksmen by Loron standards, able to hit anything that moves and gets in his way. But, to other, more intelligent races, he is simply a very average marksmen at best, who relies on a big gun that can spit out plasma, bullet, missiles and plasma-bullets at extreme rates to cover for his averageness.

Fra'Thurt leads his Gold-Toofs on many adventures, seeking their fortunes and fighting for any that could grant them great riches and firepower to constantly use against others. Even among other Dakka Boyz, their firepower is considered ridiculous and overwhelming to face, and few have survived shoot-outs with them. When Griim'gagor declared the Ironjawz Horde formed, many of Fra'Thurt's boys joined him, and he came allow only with the promise of greater riches and power.

Fra'Thurt offers ranged support fire to the other Bosses and members of the Ironjawz, cackling like bad as his gun blazes away, stopping only once and a while to reload and go back to shooting. He is obsessed with getting his hands on anything shiny, especially gold, and will do whatever it takes to keep his bling and anything he acquires. This leads to a great deal of arrogance, as he will often demand he be called by royal titles and refer to any who do not have as much Bling as him, which is anyone who is not a higher ranking boss, as peasant or commoner.

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