Infantry Edit

Command Edit

  • Weapons - Various
  • Defenses - Usually Heavy, battle armor.

Chosen from among the toughest of the tough who arise from the Skordi, Loron, Hermicee and others, Warbosses are the biggest, meanest, surliest figures among the Ironjawz, a brutish fighting force of killers and bullies who have taken command of a fleet, tribe, or warbamd to support their ambitions and rise to rule the galaxy or an empire of their own. Loyal to the Big Tyrant Griim'gagor and his various leedaz and advisors, Warbosses are given almost entirely free reign to lead how they wish, so long as they remain loyal and make no moves against the Tyrant himself.

Their weapons vary from Warboss to Warboss, and each is as variatable as the last one before him. A Warboss can outfit himself for melee combat, placing large cybernetic slabs over his hands, affixing chainsaws, big Shankers and swords over his wrists to tear infantry to pieces, or cover himself in plasma blasters, machine guns and rockets to utterly pulverize enemies at range, while wading through foes with big, heavy powered armor and their own natural durability.

Warbosses get the first share of loot, the best weapons and trophies, and the best Wagon Rigs to ride into battle. Their flagships are often large and decked out with multiple guns and other flashy bits, and they are often loud and quite eager to remind others of their place. He often declares him or herself (In the case of Skordi) over everything he sees, and will bash hte living daylights out of any minion that gets in the way.

  • Weapons - Various Guns and hammers, cleavers and blunt melee weapons
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor

Second in size and brutality only to the Warboss, Big Bosses are hulking brutes of horrible stench and temper, prone to bullying and brutish displays of power. The most bloody and eager to get into a fight, Big Bosses also act as disciplinarians for the army, keeping the anarchic and often bickering masses of Skordi and Loron in line long enough for them to charge in and start fighting and bashing targets aside. They are most likely the first to get into fights with enemy champions and warbeasts, eager to prove their stuff.

Being seconds-in-command, they often receive the second best loot, either hand-me-downs the Warboss no longer desires, weapons from enemy champions they have killed and have been allowed to take as status symbols or things the Mekks make. Many prefer massive axes, cleavers and hammers over the standard shankaz, loving to utterly pulverize their victims in battle. They also often have special suits of heavy armor to show off their status.

Big Bosses are surly and foul-tempered, often bashing a troopaz' delights out just for blinking at them wrong. While other Loron and Skordi find them to be unlikable, few will deny their skills, and they are often important for a Warboss to maintain his command of the many hordes of brutal and burly warriors he commands, as he can't be everywhere at once to make sure they do their jobs.

  • Weapons - Flagpole
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor

Bruisers are those among the Skordi and others given the chance to wave the Warboss' standard around and show others whose conquering them and give the other Loron and Skordi within his army the chance to know they're gonna kick in enemy teeth and bash their brains out, while the flashiest and brightest colors fly overhead. They are specially chosen Big Bosses and others, who have the strength to wave the banner over their heads, Loron Flagpoles being large and cumbersome, and brave, as they have few other weapons in their arsenals.

Though they need to wave it for all to see, Bruisers are happy to use their flags as improvised melee weapons. Afterall, the Flagpole is built to handle the rough-and-tobble lifestyle of any Skordi or Loron that yields it, and can use it to club and bash foes that get too close to them, or who they charge into, before returning to their job of waving the banner about. They often wear heavy plates and other bits they looted to look flashier with their banners.

Bruisers are considered a special caste within the Ironjawz, and only the most elite, powerful and brave warriors may hold mighty banners and flags aloft and remind the foes what they face, and remind their troops what they fight for. Those in the presence of the Bruisers will seek to fight all the harder to crush their targets and bring them down before they can try and take their special flags.

Sub-Command Edit

  • Weapons - Hitty-Stikkz
  • Defenses - Armor.

Drumma-Chantaz are those self-appointed prophets of Fre'mik'vis, the Loron God they believe constantly speaks in their minds and guides their hands, and they especially hear the heartbeat of the God in their ears near-constantly. This obsession comes to consume them, guiding their every action, and as such, they grab two "Hitty-Sticks" basically made of anything they can get their mits on, and use those to drum out the dual heart-beat of Fre'mik'vis, seemingly unaware that he, unlike Zr'an'kar, isn't two gods, and stated "Fre'mik'vis iz so gud, he haz TWO harts!", and such simple logic cannot be argued by even the brightest of Loron "philosophers". They, also, do not believe that Fre'mik'vis is not simply the God of Rock, but of any sufficiently violent music, and will viciously clobber anyone who disagrees. Trough sheer luck, the resulting consussions might turn their unfortunate victims unto more Drumma-Chantaz. The Drummaz who are convinced that their god agrees with them "utherwise he wudint make moar of us".

The Hitty-Stikkz of the Srumma-Chantaz are used to hit whatever it is they can get to beat out their beats, from the skulls of their enemies, the pieces of iron and metal they loot from their foes, and sometimes, drums, though these rarely lost long. Drumma-Chantaz want the freedom to move and fight with the Horde, not be tied down, and will often throw the drums at random enemies, or Loron, before using their sticks to bash on things as they see fit.

Their drumming sets the tone for the army and their movements. The constant beating gets the army pumped, and as things go on and on, the Drumma-Chantaz get more frenzied, as do the rest of the Loron and other armies following them. Drummaz will often use their Hitty-Stikkz to bash out a beat on anything, preferring their enemies, and even the screams of agony add to the beat of the Loron Drumma-Chantaz. They often surround themselves with Rocka Boyz, as they both worship Fre'mik'vis in some form, albeit differently.

  • Weapons - Meat-Cleaver, axes, Essence Powers
  • Defenses - Light Armor.

Every God of the Skordi has a representation, and none more so then the Great Maw, a space-born horror that hangs over their world, it's tentacles crushing anything that get's close, it's great mouth devouring everything that tries to escape. To keep from being destroyed, the Butcher-Shamans lead pilgrimages of specialized fleet to feed their enemies as sacrifices to the Maw. It keeps invaders out, and the Maw from devouring Skorkaz. Due to the power it yields, the Butcher-Shamans arose to worship the God of Endless Hunger, Power and brutality, and it's cult is one of the strongest among the Skordi. These priests are part chef, part priest, and use their battlefield eating and snacking to power-up their abilities.

A Butcher-Shaman carries all sorts of carving and fileting knives, cleavers, meat hooks and other tools. A Butcher-Shaman is prepared in anyway to worship and glorify the Great Maw, and they are prepared for any meal or meat of their foes that they may encounter. Their cult is the only Skordi group that eats their foes, using the meat to further empower themselves, and believes prepares their sacrifices for the Great Maw proper. Once their guts are full of meat, be it preserved or newly carved, they can heal their allies around them, drain the strength of their foes, and increased the hitting and physical power of their troops.

Being a messenger of their Gods, and a strong essence user, Butcher-Shamans are rightly respected and feared, not only due to the Skordi's belief that if you kill one, the Great Maw will devour your Clan, but also for the fact that those that disrespect the Great Maw or the Shaman could well end up in the pot or carving board next, prepared for the victory feast. Butcher-Shamans further improved morale with their cooking, as fewer Skordi go hungry, and their meals in general are better then the army cooks.

  • Weapons - Axes, Essence Powers.
  • Defenses - Armor.

  • Weapons - Staff of Power, Essence Powers
  • Defenses - Light Armor.

Frontline troops Edit

MLoron troopa
  • Weapons - Shankaz, Cleavers, axes, various side arms
  • Defenses - Basic scrapped together armor.

Made up of the Loron troopaz, Skordi Bulls, and Hermicee Drones, the Troopa Boyz are the basic fighting mass of the Ironjawz Horde, and a ravening group of eager, butchering brutes at heart. Eager to prove themselves to their leaders and Bosses, the Boyz will throw themselves at any foe with their various melee weapons to try and come out on top. Prone to stomping, roaring and yelling insults at their foes before battle, Troopaz are a motely crew of whatever fighting warriors a Boss can bring together into large mobs to throw at his foes to overwhelm and annihilate them in close quarters. Often the least experienced and newest in the fighting hordes, Troopa Boyz make up for it with eagerness and brutal strength.

Skordi Bull

Armed with all sorts of melee weapons, from the classic Shanka, to various crude axes, horrifically large cleavers, crudely put-together clubs and other melee weapons designed to inflict pain and crumble and sunder armor and flesh with ease, many Troopaz will further carry a side arm with them, usually a small pistol or gun of sorts they can fire on the charge. They rarely care for accuracy, and while Skordi Bulls are better shots, all of these members are just focused on getting in, and crushing skulls to prove their place and toughness in the Warband.

Mirusian Axe Hermicee

Due to the relatively young age of the fighting Loron/Skordi involved and the eagerness to prove themselves as tough, the Troopaz' ranks are often prone to infighting between mobs when fighting doesn't happen. Due to lacking in discipline, they will often break out into brawls when there's a lull in the fighting or when they wait too long to actually get stuck in. As such, a more veteran Big Boss or Iron 'Ead will march along, the grisly veterans able to instill some discipline and patience into their Troops, before the battle truly commences.

MLoron Daka
  • Weapons - Guns of various guns, Choppaz
  • Defenses - Scrapped together armor.

Made up of the members of the Horde with a proclivity for ranged combat, Shootaz are Hermicee Big Drones, Loron and Skordi obsessed with fire power and raining as much bullets, plasma bolts and other ranged attacks onto their victims and foes as they can, often with little regard for aim or skill. As they often come in large numbers, or have enough ammo loaded in to make up for it, the lack of aim or proper ranged combat training is mitigated by sheer volume. Preferring loud, oppressive noise over skill any day, the troops that arm themselves with their shootas are eager and brutish fighters, backing up the rest of the army no matter what.

Skordi LS

Armed with various heavy machine guns, the standard Shoota that is given to the Dakka Boyz and Skordi Lead-Spitters is a large, crude, brutish weapon, often firing large bullets at high speed and velocity, but due to the random nature and propensity for looting that occurs amongst the Ironjawz members, the Skordi and Loron may very well also fire Plasma rounds, incendiary bullets and other random objects, including forks and spoons, flung at speed from their rickety guns, to piece and pulverize victims. As with every Loron and Skordi, a good melee weapon, to hack at anyone that closes, is also taken.

Mirusian Pulse Hermicee

Shootaz are eager, just as eager to get in the fight as their Troopaz counterparts, though have the patience to remain behind the main army and simply load the foe with bolt and bullet rounds rather then charge in. The roar of their guns going off, and their foes collapsing and crumbling to pieces and bloody chunks with every round that hits them is an exhilarating sight to both the ones doing the shooting, and their allies, and fills those nearby (that don't get randomly shot by their comrades' poor aim) with hype and further eagerness to keep on fighting and show up the Shootaz.

MLoron Jet
  • Weapons - Shankaz, grenades.
  • Defenses - Basic armor, Jetpacks.

Made up of the more adventurous, crazed Loron who desire to jump and fly into the air and crush their victims beneath their feet, the Jet-Packaz are young Loron and the like who, in a young age, were obsessed with flight and jetpacks, who, when they get old enough, go into their Mekk shops and other mechanics, and go through a risky and complex surgery to get Jet Packs implanted onto them so they can finally achieve their dreams and fly on wings of fire and death to crush their victims. So crazed and insane for bloodshed, they will, in the middle of battle, fly over the heads of their allies, and land on anything, Ironjawz or not, and crush them, yelling at the top of their lungs at their foes.

Jet-Packaz are armed only with their melee weapons, usually a cleaver, choppa or Shanka that they can use to butcher and smash aside any infantry that they land in the midst of and begin smashing them aside. Before they land, they will often toss and throw down grenades and explosives down on their foes to blow them to smithereens. Equipped with some minor armor, they can take a few shots before falling.

Jet-Packaz are considered crazed and outright insane by the standards of the other Loron, and will often be kept away form the rest of the Loron and Skordi, for their obsession with flying and trying to land on people just going about their day. As such, they usually take positions in mountains and other high, secluded areas, to fly around, attack anyone who gets close, or jostle with each other in the air.

Support Infantry Edit

  • Weapons - Poisonous claws and teeth
  • Defenses - Light armor and hides.

Gorgers are Skordi offshoots that, due to plague, war, famine and disease, came to be abandoned at a young age, developing from the consumption of tainted energies and rotted flesh into thin, cave-dwelling, monstrous beasts. Horrifically mutated and racked with constant hunger for flesh and meat to eat, Gorgers are rarely deployed by the Skordi, due to their stench and often brutal ways of killing, but when they are unleashed, their abilities to tear apart enemy flanks and collapse defended positions is second to none.

So mutated are they, that Gorgers are often covered in not only multiple spine growths and spikes, but bear numerous sprouting from their jaws, many rotting, which fall out and then grow anew near constantly, the same with their long, horrific claws, many times, striking at objects, before regrowing them. These weapons, from fang to talon, are poisoned and will wrack their victims with various diseases and blights for many days before finally killing them.

Gorgers, once fighting is done, will return to the caves and dark places to hide out and eat their share of meat from the Horde's armies. They are difficult to keep and transport, as they are sensitive to bright light, and grow increasingly difficult and obstinate when taken aboard a transport ship. Such savage creatures are difficult to keep, and the Skordi regard them as a bad omen, to be summoned only when in desperate circumstances and to be sent away again when they are no longer needed. Even Loron, when around them, find them creepy and unsettling.

MLoron Boom
  • Weapons - Rocket and grenade launchers, shankaz
  • Defenses - Armor.

Boomaz are another class of crazed Ironjawz addicted to making large explosives and blowing things up. Often targeting vehicles and fortifications, or just anything that gets in their way, sometimes being useful to clear out tightly packed masses of infantry during battle. Boomaz are uncaring about what explodes, so long as it explodes. If you miss, you weren't supposed to hit it, if you did, you were. And if you happen to blow up from overloading your packback, then you were meant to explode. Loron care little for if their peers explode or make things explode, as either way unleashes ways of endorphins and chemicals that improve their strength and morale.

Mirusian Hermicee Lazy

Boomaz sometimes carry a shanka, but most of their weapons are long explosives. Sometimes they toss grenades, other times they use their rocket launchers to fling explosives at their targets at long range. Other, higher ranked Boomaz use Boom-Hammers to whack a vehicle and make it explode from the melee hit. Their armor is thicker and sturdier then other Loron, making them much more durable.

Mirus Loron often prefer speed and fast attacks over the slow, armored response of the Boomaz, but they cannot be denied to be effective. Afterall, no amount of speedy attacks can counter the sheer durability of a tank or walker. Hence, the Loron need a bunch of crazy, explosive-obsessed madmen to blow through any tough resistance, even if they often don't live to see their rewards.

MLoron Burn
  • Weapons - Flamethrowers, Incendiary grenades
  • Defenses - Armor.

Burny Boyz are those among the Ironjawz obsessed with fire and burning things alive, addicted to the smell and taste of gas, the burn of oil in their nostrils and the smoke and fire that comes from lighting foes on fire. Twitching at every chance to light their foes aflame, and considered horrifically unstable even by Loron standards, those that make up the Burny Boyz are insane pyromaniacs. Often giving themselves insane nicknames and titles like "Lord Explosion Murder" and the like, Burny Boyz are kept in special flame-proof quarters away from the rest of the Horde, until such time as the Bosses call on them to do their part and light things on fire like they usually do.

Mirusian Dewberry Ogre

Burny Boyz carry only their large Flamethrowers to shot spouts of white-hot flames at their victims, enough to burn through some metals and armor, though they are focused on fighting infantry, while using Flame Grenades to light large crowds on fire. Burny Boyz wear specialized flame-proof armor and gear to protect them from their own stuff, and some protection from bullets and plasma attacks. They use special masks to filter out some of the smoke they might breath in.

Burny Boyz are considered insane, even by the loose standards of the Loron. They never leave anywhere without their flamethrowers, and often giggle and cackle amongst themselves at the sight of any flame, often spending hours staring at candles and tiny flames in awe, or lighting random objects on fire. As such, Burny Boyz are kept away from the main Loron encampments, least they light everything on fire in their stranger moods.

Stealth Troops Edit

MLoron Sneak
  • Weapons - Silencer Pistols, Sniper Rifles, Poisoned Daggers and Knives, explosive packs
  • Defenses- Light Armor.

Sneaky-Commandos are the stealth operatives of the Ironjawz, made up of both Loron Sneekaz, Skordi Commados, and Hermicee Grassies. All are expert trackers and ambush fighters trained in the wilds of various worlds and given the abilities and equipment to sabotage and destroy any target in the dead of night. Either through the specialized breeding of the Norol, a rare Botana infestation of Hermicee eggs, or by the extreme combat training of the Skordi and their wild lands, the Sneaky-Commandos are some of the most accomplished stealth and ambush fighters in the ranks of the Ironjawz, used to assassinate targets, sabotage vehicles and buildings and generally cause issue with their enemies.

Mirusian Hermicee Grassy

The Sneakiez are very different from others of their kin. They dislike charging into melee and bashing their foes heads in, but prefer to sulk through the undergrowth, slither through the night and put knives through their victims' throats, before bashing in someone's skull with their brute strength. Commandos carry various weapons, include robust Silencer pistols that they use to quickly kill their foes, but can also act as clubs, as well as various knives, daggers and blades that are often laced with poison, and various explosive packs and detonators. Due to their stealth abilities, Commandos are only given some light armor.

Sneakies have a lot of strange rituals and practices amongst themselves that creep out other Skordi and Loron, including ingesting small portions of their poisons and venoms they put on their knives to strengthen themselves, and spending their time in the wilderness trying to survive with nothing but their knives. Though seen as cowardly and unworthy by others in their kindred, the Commandos are a trusted and respected group by their leaders.

Heavy Infantry Edit

Skordi IH
  • Weapons - Hammers, Large Axes, two-handed weapons
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor

Iron-Heads are the biggest of the big in a tribe of hulking brutal powerhouses. Though not nearly as big as the Bosses and Big Bosses of the Tribe, the Iron-heads are picked from the best, most ferocious fighters to clobber anything in their path. These elite fighting guards are often picked to guard the Bosses and leaders, bash through enemy formations as shock troops, or fight the biggest and most elite of the enemy army. To accomplish this, a Big Boss choses the best of his Tribe for this purpose, sometimes his family, sometimes veterans of other conflicts, and sometimes, his drinking and feasting buddies.

Whichever the background, Iron-Heads are a proud, boasting lot, proudly carrying the various large battle hammers, halberds, Great Axes and even pick-axes (If they are eccentric, or just feel like it) to bash and crush their way through enemy formations, while their heavy armor, although looted from other sources and pieced together, bears the brunt of their injuries. Such armor is ramshackle by most standards, but to Skordi, it is a sign of pride and how much they have been through, new pieces added from every new foe they face.

Iron-heads, while powerful, are given to their name, and are often hard-headed and stubborn to prove themselves, and the Bosses and leaders often have to give them a knock on the head to get in line and behave and retreat when ordered. Due to their propensity for violence, it is hard for Iron-Heads to realize that perhaps a retreat is a much better idea then staying and dying and costing the Tribe their best troops, armor and weapons. In service to the Loron, the Iron-heads form part of the bodyguards and shock troops of the Ironjawz units, and a cadre of the best of these heavy-drinking barbarians rally around Griim'gagor and his bosses, hoping to get the best fights.

Skor Iron File

Shadow SW
  • Weapons - Heavy Axes and cleavers
  • Defenses - Heavy Black Armor.

The Shadow Skordi are an artificial subspecies of the Skordi, Shadow Skordi are massive brutes, even by the standards of their brutish race, and noted for their serious, disciplined attitude compared to their more jovial and boisterous kin. The Shadow Skordi came about from Darkling experimentation, taking members, and using selective breeding, Dark Essence manipulation, creating a new species they hoped would get the species back under control with their larger size, greater discipline and more aggression.

Shadow Skordi, due to their size, make use of massive two-handed axes, cleavers and hammers to bash aside their targets, disdaining ranged weapons unless in important situations. As such, they can be trusted to charge in and throw down their foes with but one or two swings of their massive weapons, for few targets can withstand even a single strike of their weapons. Their massive frames are covered in heavy blackened mail, carefully maintained and built with efficiency in mind.

The Shadow Skordi were meant to control and direct their race, but the Darklings could never erase the independence and surliness of the Skordi, and the Shadow Skordi ended up revolting, and leaving for their people. Though many died, many remain to carry on the race and to fight the foes of the Skordi, becoming such powerhouses in battle, that even Iron-Heads and Bosses would struggle to meet them head-on.

Due to their more disciplined nature and no time for shenanigans, the Shadow Skordi and Sneakiez get along surprisingly well, their different approaches to military organization and attitudes putting them at odds with the more traditional, punch first think later approach taken by most Loron and Skordi.

SSkordi File

Evy Boy
  • Weapons - Big Shankaz, Big Blastaz
  • Defenses - Heavy Looted Armor.

The big bruisers in Loron and Hermicee society, the Evy Boyz are those that, due to both their experience, age and power, rally about in squads of equally heavily armored, thuggish Loron who, when the battle is over, will rummage through the corpses and bodies of their enemies, sometimes giving the still struggling, living ones a thump or two on the head, and taking their armor bits to the Mekk shops to bolt together and create their suits of armor. It takes a few battles to get the proper armor and power for it, but once a 'Evy Boy finishes his suit, he usually has to go to a squad, and prove himself worthy. Once he either bashes in another's skull, or smashes enough enemies to earn their respect, he's welcomed into their pack regardless.

Mirusian Raspberry Giant

'Evy Boyz lumber into battle in heavy suits of armor, electrified with power shielding and acting as primitive power armor to protect them from almost anything the foe can throw at them, though in typical Loron fashion, leave their heads unarmored, though, thanks to their engineers being marginally smarter, the shielding is still strong enough to protect from headshots. Attached to their armor at the shoulders and arms are various guns, blasters and missile launchers that they fire at high speed at their targets, spraying the area with projectiles while cackling to themselves in the middle of the fight. Attached to their arm, either one, is an electrified blade that can be trade out for a drill weapon, saw or all matter of crude and dangerous technology for brutal melee kills.

'Evy Boyz wade into battle, slow and lumbering but able to handle anything the foe throws at them. The Evy Boyz are brutal veterans and take pride in their status, seeing themselves as the best of the Twin Gods of War, and dedicate their every action to worship and glorifying the two, as well as proving to the others in the Ironjawz who the bestest of the best are among the Horde, be they a runty Loron who has yet to learn his place, or a Skordi too high on his attitudes to know better.

Fimi Warrior
  • Weapons - Maces of various size
  • Defenses - Heavy Plate Armor.

Long ago, the Fimiari were among the first to answer the call of the Darklings and serve them, sacrificing many on their gore-splattered alters, devouring the flesh of the unworthy and sealing pacts and deals with the Darklings on scrolls made from the flesh and flayed skin of their foes. That time has passed, and though many Fimiari desperately serve the Brotherhood still in the hopes of grabbing onto some favor of their own, the majority have sworn their allegiance to the growing Ironjawz Horde and their Warriors have come their bogs and fens to fight at the side of the Loron hordes, singing praises for Zr'an'kar and the other Gods and gleefully killing the worshippers of the Dark Gods especially.

Fimiari arm themselves either with two One-handed maces, or one large, two-handed mace, to make sweeping, crushing blows against their enemies and pulverize them into giblets of scattered meat and puddles of blood and liquified bone. The Fimiari Warriors feel little pain, due to their thick scaled hides, and the thick plate armor they wear over their bodies, with some believing they drink a type of Spirit or ale that renders their pain receptors almost completely dead.

Fimiari are desperate and savage, made more so by the loss of favor from their Dark Gods, and the fact they worship Zr'an and K'ar is prove enough of this. They are the only Non-Loron species to worship the twin Gods, but care little, because from their cultural point of view "Every race must serve someone". As such, to serve no one, or be rejected, simply means they must redouble their efforts, or move onto another master. This makes them zealous to whoever they serve, and will use their monstrous strength and cruel maces and tail-clubs to splinter and crush any foes the Ironjawz encounter.

Elite Infantry Edit

Mirusian Strawberry Colossus

War Beasts Edit

  • Weapons - Clubs, Bone-crushing power, Brute Strength
  • Defenses - Thick, Regenerative Hide.

Mirusian Botana Flower
  • Weapons - Roots
  • Defenses - Bark-like hide

Floral pets of the Hermicee, and now the Ironjawz, Mirusian Botana, in their many and varied forms, act as auxilliaries to the main Ironjawz forces. Though not fully sapient, the Botana follow those sufficiently drenched in the pheromones of themselves and the Hermicee. Given the close quarters in which the forces of the Ironjawz live together, this means the entire Horde nowadays. Botana are used as biological weapons by the Ironjawz, often spread in advance of invasion, or as natually-growing defenses of their settlements, as they thrive on the walls of excretements and scrap the Ironjaws use to build.


Special Units Edit

Vehicles Edit

Light Speeders Edit

  • Weapons - Big Shootaz, Pistols, Shankaz
  • Defenses - Light Armor

Bikaz are a central part and, indeed, the most important part, of the Mirusian Loron bands. Outside of their Rock and Roll, getting on their motorcycles and practically flying at their foes in the rush of battle, or just doing anything really, is enough to get their blood pumping and have them ready to smash foes either with their weapons, or crush them under the tires. Every Loron Boss, Warboss and figure of high position considers having at least a regiment of these boyz in their armies, if not more. To have none is considered to be lesser then your peers and not worth even considering an equal of. Likewise, while Boyz usually occupy the same niche as they do in other Loron societies, Bikaz hold a slightly higher position, between the normal grunts, and the higher ranking ladz under the boss. In the Ironjawz, Hermicee Jitteries are also considered to be Bikaz, as though they run on foot, can keep pace with them and have adopted much of their antics.

Mirusian Hermicee Jittery

Bikaz carry a nicely crafted Shanka, Club, axe or any other brutish melee weapon they can use to stab, bash or generally cause severe harm to their foes once they get close enough to deliver it. In the other hand, they will often pull out a pistol to take a shot at their target, though usually will choose one or the other to attack with. The main weapons mounted on the front are two large Big Shootaz used to fire away with multiple armor-piercing, high caliber machinegun rounds as they charge at the target. While one may have the poor accuracy Loron are known for, several more charging into their foes will be able to swamp an area with bullets.

The Bikaz occupy a caste above the petty, lesser boyz, and are treated as something like loyalty, with their bikes like the horses ancient knights rode into battle. Rituals before the battle starts are many and complex, including drinking down gallons of Guzzaline that normally powers their vehicles, applying their war-paint, putting their favorite rock song CDs in, and stabbing and punching their bling into their skin to show how "Tuff N Ard" they are.

Mirusian Speeda
  • Weapons - Machine Guns, Missile Launchers
  • Defenses - Light Armor.

Mirusian Carria
  • Weapons - Heavy Blastaz
  • Defenses - Armor.

Carriez are a classic vehicle among the Loron, and now act as the Ironjawz' main method of transport, and the first vehicle young pilots receive other then the Speedaz. Carria Pilots take pride in their rigs, and often paint them with markings all their own, including hastily painted runes, primitive effigies to Loron Gods, and other markings and important runes, and, often, threats and insults to their enemies, if they are even readable. Even if their goal is to carry their troops into battle and get them to a fight, most Carria Pilots only care about smashing into enemy ranks and going out in a blaze of glory, even if their passengers do not wish to do so.

Carrierz are outfitted with Heavy Blastaz used to mow down infantry, if the pilots hit anything, and reinforced armor and treads. It is a common practice to loot whatever destroyed vehicles there are on the battlefield, and take their plating for their battle-damaged Carria, further mixing-and-matching their appearance.

Carrierz are reliable and sturdily built, as the Mirus Loron put greater pride in their vehicle engineering and care then other Loron tribes and gangs. As such, they're more durable, have higher quality weapons and greater speed, but this doesn't help much when most of their pilots are just as insane and mad for the road and to burn rubber as the others. Many Carrierz will inhale paint and scream at the top of their lungs before driving into their foes, even as their passengers try to get them to pump the breaks.

Tanks Edit

Mirusian Tank
  • Weapons - Main Canon, Blastaz
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor.

Support Tank

Skordi Tank

Walkers Edit

  • Weapons - Grenade Launchers, Laser Weapons, Saw Blades, Pincer Claws
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor

Used by the Borealis Loron of Da Rogue Boyz, the Ironjawz Loron decided to, in their trade and influx of new Loron from Borealis and elsewhere, to build their own with the designs they had. As such the Smasha was built, the Norol too old to reproduce or be of any use hoocked up to them in large numbers from their Old Folks homes, and wired into the machines to provide some much needed heavy-support for their hordes and bulk up their fighting forces. While the Mirusian Loron also tried to hook up older Hermicee Crackrinas, they had to give up the attempt after the Hermicee in the Horde almost revolted. The Smashaz provide much support in their own way, and make short work of anything in their way.

Due to Mirusian Loron preferences, Smashaz are outfitted with more melee weapons then the standard Borealis Loron ones, preferring Saw Blades, Chainsaws, Claws, Power Fists, and other primitive but deadly efficient weapons dedicated to the absolute ripping and tearing of their foes, while some replace one of their hand weapons with a Grenade Launcher or Laser Canon.

Smashaz are given more respect then Norol, due to the simple ideal that since they can smash and bash targets better then even the strongest Boy, they must be worthy of respect. Still, Smashaz aren't give too much respect, for the Loron worry it would cause Norol to get ideas above their station and start bossing around others, and the Loron have to take orders form one of "Da dum Chikz".

Super Heavies Edit

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