- Griim'gagor, Tyrant of the IronJawz Horde

Da Ironjawz Horde is the resultant unification of the Mirus Loron, Skordi and their various minions such as the Thurs and others, dedicated to destruction and mayhem, believed by many to be divinely inspired by the Loron Gods and with the support of the various Skordi deities as well. Griim'gagor, after nearly dying in battle against a Darkling-Singularity attack, experienced visions of some important Loron figure or God that inspired him to, after he healed, to unify the broken remnants and warbands of his people into one powerful empire, with himself at it's head. His adventures and killing of other challengers lead to him becoming Biggest Tyrant-Boss, and his power lead to the Skordi immediately recognizing him as the next in line for power.

After conquering both Skordi and Loron space, the Ironjawz Horde has taken an isolationist policy, waiting for the chance to strike and take over the galaxy for themselves, seeing it as the destiny of the Loron to become the greatest power in the universe and beyond. To assist Griim'gagor is assisted by not only Loron, but, uniquely, Skordi, Thurs and Norol leaders of various sizes and positions who lead his armies and fleets in the time when the Ironjawz must be forced to fight.

History Edit

Creation Edit

The Ironjawz Horde came about from the invasion of Mirusian Loron space by Brotherhood and Singularity forces. After fighting numerous battles, the Loron Big Tyrant, Griim'gagor fought the Alpha Marinox Commandant Ghorie in a duel, and Griim'gagor had his head partially pierced by one of his power blades. Though he tore off Ghorie's lower jaw, the Commandant escaped mostly unharmed, and the Singularity retreated, happy with their resources, as Griim'gagor's lieutenants fought off a combined Darkling invasion looking to harvest them as thralls and cultists. As Griim'gagor recovered, he experienced multiple hallucinations, visions and other things as Weirdoz and Maddokz worked to heal his broken body. Though he recovered a few days after his injuries, and could not recall what visions he had, he was convinced they were important, and took to unifying the Loron to make his great empire to rule forever more. He challenged the remaining Tyrants that had not died in the invasions to face him, and after killing them and reigning as the sole surviving Tyrant, ordered all forces to being building up their fleets again to travel the galaxy.

Taking his great fleets, Griim'gagor and his minions came to Skorkaz, to recruit the equally brutish and burly Skordi into their empire, as Griim'gagor desired to finally control the similar species for his own use. To everyone's surprise, the Skordi Priests and shamans had experienced visions of greatness, and believed Griim'gagor was a figure sent by their God of the Great Maw, the Fire Mouth and Kornakk to unify and lead them once more. Accepting their servitude to him, the Skordi became part of his forces, bringing their war beasts, machines and hordes to his own, and giving him command of two regions of space that would allow him to pincer off the UAE and their allies, while sending troops and supply ships into the Eastern Sphere of Mirus to create small colony stations.

With that, Griim'gagor gathered his various forces and allies, and declared the creation of the Ironjawz Horde, dedicated forever more to waging war against the weaklings that dominated their galaxy.

Shirtly after the creatio of the Horde, they would come across a shielded Waptorian world that could only be opened from the outside. Reasoning that the Waptoria kept something there that they didn't want let loose, and that it would give them a good fight, the Ironjawz opened the planetary shield and began their assault. On planet, they were met with the last remaining Mirusian Hermicee and Botana, fighting them until Griim'gagor beat their leader Faminarot and made him submit. Rather than stomping out the Hermicee and their Botana pets once and for all, Griim'gagor came them to opportunity to join the Ironjawz, which they accepted.

Later, a number of Fimiari Clans joined the Ironjawz, eager to make war, and being rejected by their Dark Gods in the Brotherhood, sought new patronage under Zr'an'kar and the other Gods of the Horde.

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The Ironjawz Horde at first does not appear that different from other Loron, for they are loud, prone to infighting and savagely brutal towards their enemies. Ironjawz members of all shades love to fight, blast their music and prove their strength to get further in society and gain new positions of power over others. it doesn't take much to start a fight between them, and any Skordi, Loron or the like that avoids fighting is seen as less then ideal.

Despite the attitude that other races were beneath them, these Loron have gone beyond such traditions, and look down on such attitudes, and though prone to making fun of the Skordi, the Loron leaders respect all their minions (so long as they listen to the Bosses), and see no difference. As such, Bosses and Big Bosses include everything from Skordi, to Loron and any other muscle-headed fighters that join them.

The obsession with building a great empire that outdoes any before it is common throughout the Ironjawz horde, and the Loron and Skordi are all eager to make Griim'gagor's dreams a reality, and to rule the universe by the law of blaster and blade. It has a semi-religious vibe to it, with many believing Griim'gagor has been chosen by the gods of both Loron and Skordi religion to lead and conquer for them.

One thing that strikes many outsiders, is the level of organization and planning among the Ironjawz, much greater then many contemporary Loron armies. Simply put, the Ironjawz' Norol and Skordi are able blunt a lot of the fiery energy the Loron have, making management and resource collection easier, while not negating the obvious Loron advantages such as their brute strength and unpredictable fighting prowess. Combined with fine-tuned AI devices and even Robots, and it allows the Ironjawz to maintain their ships and equipment, logistics and organization, far better then any other Loron warband.

Species Edit

Unlike the other Loron empires, many make up the Ironjawz horde, all considered effective troops for Griim'gagor in his quest for power.

Organizations Edit

The Ironjawz Horde has a large assortment of Clans, Tribes, movements, mob outfits and other groups that came from both the Skordi and Loron, as well as other groups in their general vicinity.

Religion Edit

The Religion of the Ironjawz is a combined polytheistic pantheon made up of the Three Gods of the Skordi, and the various Loron gods including Raz'tah'Flok, Zr'an'kar and Fre'mik'vis, as well as various deities, though those three remain the most commonly worshipped. The Ironjawz don't officially declare any gods better then the others simply by race, and the Great Maw over Skorkaz is given just as much reverence be even the Loron as Zr'an'Kar. Priests and shamans of all lead the Cults and groupings dedicated to each one, and warriors dedicated to one seek to replicate their god in a certain way.

Due to their isolation, the Ironjawz Loron are not yet aware of the birth of the Twin Loron Gods Zr'An and K'ar.

Government Edit

The position of Propa Big Boss Tyrant is the Highest authority within the Ironjawz, and has complete command over every military movement, fleet and planet that owes it's allegiance to the horde. Currently held by Griim'gagor, he is assisted by his Propa Big Bosses, made up of the Loron Vlar'Eedecci, Nyog'Sothep and Azh'Troka, and the Skordi leadership of Zarthan, Avok, Thuk, Haakor, Reinik and Vekoz. Under them are the bosses, who command certain military outfits, units and others, and then after that are the minor chieftains, Enforcers and others that bow to Griim'gagor, and seek to earn his favor so as to rise in position.

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Relations Edit

Green face Homies Edit

Safe man, yo awesome.

Blue face Allies Edit

Stay outta da way or dai.

Yellow face Neutral Edit

Git gud, or git shanked.

Orange face Disliked Edit

Imma slap yo mom's mom's mom!

Red face Enemies Edit

Crush, kill, shoot, stomp chop!

  • UAE Boyz -All of dem R propa stooped and led by chiks and stoof man. Wyrd.
  • Darky boyz - Demon boyz of all shades gettin' slapped!
  • Singy boyz - Dum bots thinkin dey somethin' moar then scrap.

Quotes from Others Edit

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Make no mistake these guys are dangerous, behind their rather goofy and foolish demeanor lies hearts as tough as steel and as murderous as any blade.

- Zuki of the United Persanv Descendants

Notes Edit

  • The Ironjawz Horde was, along with the Ultima Singularity meant to cut down on the number of active fiction and make way for further villains to develop, as well as set up a big war in the future for Mirus.
  • Inspiration for the Ironjawz comes from the Orks from Warhammer 40k, Orcs, Goblins and Ogres from Warhammer Fantasy and Age of Sigmar, and the Skakdi from Bionicle.
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