Irina Gallia is an Amiaeria female serving Rambo Command that joined the Rambo Academy in 08 AQF, in aspiring dreams to one day command a starship herself.


Irina Gallia was born in 08 BQF, at her homeworld of Sainte-Église in a family of farmers. In her kind and plenty youth she was able to go to high school and learned various arts and degrees. Her interesst in the Qo-Oh and her character to explore made her to decide to join the Academy to achieve her dreams to serve Rambo Command and to explore the Quadrant Galaxies. At the age of 16, she applied for the Academy and was accepted.

Fieldtrip disturbed!

At the 2nd of april 08 AQF, during her first year at the Academy Irina joined a school trip onboard the Kelvin-Class starship, the USS Areshkova. Under command of the Quadrantia Zazane captain Sinhai Kakharis they visited the Wormhole Plateau near Rambo Prime. During the trip she took an interesst in the helm and after a personal talk with captain Kakharis, she was allowed to sit behind the console and turn the ship 180 degrees. Her joyful moment was abruptly disturbed by the sudden arrival of Quadrantia Loron pirate Nra'inja Metalfoot, who attacked the Areshkova though only left it lightly damaged before continuing. With the field trip over Irina returned to the Academy in Rambo City to continue her lessons and study hard. Those with good results might get an internship for a few months at one of the more promising starships in the fleet, among them like the USS Excelsior or the infamous USS Enterprise-A.

Personality and Traits[]

Irina Gallia is an eager and passionate Amiaeria. Eager to learn new things and to explore she sometimes forget logics and often jumps into things. The attention Irina recieves from her humanoid collegues is visually and chemically unavoidable, due to her beauty and parfume. She loves and enjoys this kind of attention.

Other hobbies include reading, sports as running and swimming and riding horses or other mount-like animals.



Blue face.pngYou deserve the blessing of Qo-Oh


Orange face.pngUnworthy!


A promising Cadet

- Sinhai Kakharis


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