Lord Irācan, also known as Admiral Irācan is a fearsome member in the Ahsokr Empire and is a lieutenant to the Emperor Jekad. He joined the empire after his homeworld, Onderthon, was conquered and he was accepted into a military school. He soon rose through the ranks and became Admiral of the Fleet. He served his place comfortably for some months but he then rose up against Jekad and attacked him in his palace. He is now Emperor of Amarras and is fighting against Jekad and his empire.


Early LifeEdit

Not much iid known of Irācan's early life, but he was an Osteola born on the Onderthon and was adept in piloting small fighters. Between this and his acceptance into the military school not much is known of him. However, when Onderthon was forced to surrender as the Ahsokr Empire had conquered it, Irācan was one of the first to willingly join the empire. He was accepted in into military school and became a great pilot and strategist. About ten years later he gained the title of Admiral of the Fleet.


The reason for Irācan's rebellion is unknown but a possible reason could be Jekad's tightening grip upon his empire. So one day Irācan and a few associates cornered the healed Jekad in his throne room, expecting to kill him and usurp his throne. Jekad called upon some guards to kill the traitors but they were swiftly shot down. They advanced upon the emperor but Jekad used his powers to kill Irācan's associates. Shocked at this act, Irācan fled but on the way out Jekad blasted him with some more energy. Irācan lost half of his right arm and his left eye in the blast, but got out alive. He got cranial implants, a cybernetic arm which could be used as a weapon and a new eye then traveled to Amarras, where he hoped the citizens would help his cause.

Taking the ThroneEdit

News of Irācan's rebellion and escape had spread throughout the Ahsokr Empire, and Irācan arrived on Amarras to open arms as the Amarrasians were now highly against Jekad and his empire. However, Empress Benahos, Empress of Amarras and vassal of Jekad, quickly had the guards start the search for Irācan. Irācan had prepared for this, and with the help of the natives, he managed to hide in the vast complex of tunnels and pipes under the city. However, hungry and thirsty, he was forced to go outside into the lake for food and water. He was however found and captured by Benahos's guards. He was imprisoned for several weeks until, with the help of the local citizens, he broke free. With the natives on his side, Iracan stormed the palace and killed Empress Benahos. He then declared himself Emperor of Amarras and few opposed to this proclamation. As Amarras was rich in ores which could be used in construction of a fleet, Iracan forced a thousand miners to scour the planet for these ores.

Holding the ThroneEdit

Despite Iracan's success in gaining the throne, he had many obstacles. The worst of these was Jekad and his empire. Jekad, fearing Iracan gaining power, quickly sent a squadron of fighters and one frigate to reclaim Amarras. However, Iracan had a small fleet on Amarras of around the same size. They were the same ships so each side was equally matched. But Iracan with his superior strategy captured the Ahsokrian fleet as his own. He then built a much larger fleet from the ores he had gained, though about a quarter of the miners were missing and probably dead. As of now, he is currently on a campaign of independence against Jekad.

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