Greetings to the people of Spodia! Today marks the first day that a God-Emperor has ever ruled over Grubmolian territory in more than 10,000 (Mutyplian) years! Thanks to your support, we have established a new order for an improved version of the Divine Kingdom of Spodia, and today more people follow Juviorist-Spodism than ever before!
- Ipliq on the formation of the Divinity of Spodia

Ipliq Ytroalo is a Grubmolian politician and war criminal. He served as the Vice Premier under the leadership of his brother Tyrolox and as Premier for the United Republic of Grubmolians. He now currently serves as the founder and God-Emperor of the Divinity of Spodia. He is the eldest son of Ieroxia Ytroalo and Ryix Tryo.

A man who rose to power through nepotism and manipulation, Ipliq was able to guide the Grubmolians out of an age of darkness and despair, increasing budget into social welfare, military, and industry. However, under his cheerful persona, Ipliq would later go on to found a revolution against the United Republic, plunging the republic into darkness and temporarily dissolving it as most of the Grand Council was killed. Undoubtedly, he is one of the worst people to have come to power in Grubmolian history, and his treatment and world-cracking of the Exterrammian species have resulted in a negative viewpoint of the United Republic across the galaxy & Mutypla.

Biography Edit

Childhood Edit

Ipliq Ytroalo was born in the early 2500s to then-President of Education, Ieroxia Ytroalo, and his wife, Ryix Tryo. Shortly after, when Ipliq was 3 years old, his younger brother, Tyrolox was born. He enjoyed material comforts and peaceful childhood. He was educated well, having the highest professors instruct him. He was still refused access to certain information, like certain pieces of the United Republic's history, which he despised. He would often play war games with his brother and friends which would later go on to influence his attitude about war and make him a successful battle tactician.

Discovering Spodia Edit

Ipliq had a raw passion for the United Republic's history, and, as a whole, Mutypla's history. He wanted to know everything about the United Republic, and nothing was going to stop him. Ipliq had overheard his father mention a strange nation from ages ago... Spodia. He would often ask his father about this 'spodia' thing but his father refused to bring it up. When he asked his professors about Spodia, they would also remain silent. Spodia was something that he wanted- no... NEEDED to know about.

He had only heard tales about the great crusades and wars which the ancient Juviora had led against the heretics of Pangera and Grubmolia. Eventually, he would get his hands on scrolls and relics of the past. "This," he thought "was the United Republic. What had Spodia done to be rot in the trashcan of history?" A good question which he decided to figure out. He spent time and time again, researching the Divine Kingdom of Spodia. His young mind became indoctrinated in Juviorist-Spodism, fascinated by the scriptures that Juviora had written thousands of years ago. He had become a slave to Juviora's ideology, but Ipliq wasn't like many people... Oh, no. He was determined to bring back Spodia through any means necessary.

Rise to power in the Grubmolian government Edit

Ipliq would turn 24 by the time he even received an important job in the government. "What was this job?" you may ask. Well, The Grubmolians had always needed a Communications Director for their galaxy-wide transmissions. They had just cracked the technology and decided the best way to deal with the possible incoming swarm of transmissions was to put somebody in charge of it. It was effective, and effectiveness is what the Grubmolians needed in a universe once completely unknown to them. Ipliq was a charming and manipulative individual from the start, able to convince unsuspecting aliens into trading with the republic which brought in an economic miracle as the United Republic began to thrive under mass trade.

Meanwhile, his brother, Tyrolox, would go on to study biology and chemistry at Mutypla's top universities. He would later take advantage of his brother's knowledge to begin developing an exotic project- The Exterrammians. The Exterrammians were, thought of, at first, as pure biological weapons to be used in battle. But then Ipliq thought, "If we can create and engineer new species, can't we create sophisticated and intelligent species with the capabilities to unlock spaceflight?" An interesting question, which Ipliq was eager to know the answer to.

Around this moment did Ipliq actually begin forging a plan to get into a higher power. He knew that his father's Vice-Premier was becoming dreadfully sick and elections could begin soon. Furthermore, he was also the eldest child of the Premier and a most-loved government official. If he was to run, there would be a more likely chance of being elected. Then, after Tyrolox and Ipliq developed the Exterrammians, he would assassinate his father, releasing them all around Mutypla to distract the republic and government from the truth, take control of the Republic, and slowly start putting the pieces into place to convert the Republic into a New Spodia.

Despite this, his 'master' plan never succeeded. By the time the Vice-Premier died, Tyrolox had already became a much-loved figure in the United Republic which greatly outweighed Ipliq's fame. He lost to his brother in the elections. Of course, he wouldn't come to kill his brother of all people. "That," he thought "is a level which I am not willing to go to."

It would only be a matter of months before he broke his word.

A scheme to revive Spodia Edit

Both his brother and father in all-powerful positions, Ipliq reworked his strategy towards total fabrication and illusion. Thanks to the efforts of the Exterrammian project, he was able to send them running wild around Grubmolia thanks to mass cloning. Chaos would ensue as the media began questioning where this threat came from, and meanwhile behind the scenes, Ipliq would forge a plan to assassinate his father, which unsurprisingly worked well due to the genetic superiority of the Exterrammians compared to somebody as old and frail as Ieroxia.

The trigger popped

The bullet shot

And down went the reign of Father.

Tyrolox would be sworn in as Premier a few days later, and Ipliq would take the place of Vice-Premier.

It would be only a matter of time before Ipliq would rule as Premier.

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