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Ipliq Ytroalo, also under the pseudonym of IP or his codename of IPLY is a Western Grubmolian and the older brother of Tyrolox. He is, in-fact, the tallest Grubmolian in history, and the exact cause of his unnatural height is unknown.

Personality Edit

Regarding his personality; Ipliq is a workaholic. Because of his increased work-schedule due to Mutypla's 65 hour day, he is often seen as stressed and quick to nerve due to his habits of working overtime and up to 48 hours per day.

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Close Friends Edit

Blue face - You have benefited the empire and our people as a whole. And inspired me. Thank you.

  • Tyrolox - A nuisance at times, but nevertheless, he is a great supporter of me and the empire. And my brother.

Neutral Edit

Yellow face - Speak for yourself; Your worldview will often change other's view of you.

Disliked Edit

Orange face - You are highly unpleasant.

"List of nerds." Edit

Red face - Congratulations. You're on the VIP list of nerds.