The honeyed words of their leader merely sweeten the truth of their existence. They are a plague, a cancer on the galaxy. Their clones flood the galaxy like a dam shattered by the weight of the ocean it held back, and their colonies spread like how a cancerous tumor spreads throughout the body. It is only fitting their leader, the Infinite War, is a being of such brutality that could shock even the Khargael. And yet, is so cunning as to warrant caution from those that would stand against him.

- Unknown

An old rising power in the Eupherion Galaxy, the Inuneridality (Drabbak Jahrar: Oragihil Verat) - though known under local names such as the Empire of the Drakhadrinas, and originally the Drupvarix Supremacy - is a highly militaristic, hostile, and imperialist nation led by the degenerated race of molluscoid clones known as the Drupvarix. The Inuneridality’s hostility and militarism is due to the intensive cloning that their population undergoes - the last fertile Drubvarix had died out hundreds of years ago, and mass cloning led to vast degeneration of Drubvarix bodies to the point that only cloning can keep the species from slipping into extinction - organs are prone to failing, flesh rots, bones are brittle, and life spans average at 30 years with healthcare. The Drubvarix are forced to constantly invade and enslave the species under their control to do the work they can no longer do themselves without considerable augmentation. The Inuneridality resides in, and lay claims to a vast portion of, the Gharka-Nar region of the Eupherion Galaxy - and constantly expands at an often irregular pace to create living space for its enormous Drubvarix population. The Inuneridality is governed by an oligarchy - called the Council of Infinities. The Council of Infinities consists of 5 individuals who hold absolute power between themselves.


The Inuneridality traces its origins back to the fledgeling Drakhadrin nation known as Okir-Bharian, a terrestrial nation that, much like the rest of the nations on Drakhadrin, lacked any consistent knowledge of alien life and anything that was particularly noteworthy when it came to technology. Okir-Bharian, through its space program, would accidentally encounter an ancient Zalax construct buried deep inside their moon - of which generated considerable fighting in the Okir-Bharian government as to what to do with the construct. The astronauts who had encountered it were eventually given the order to interact with it and bring back samples. However, the construct was eventually activated by the unwitting astronauts, and the true purpose of the construct was revealed to be a powerful cryosleep station, of which had two sole members - the future Infinite War and the Infinite Advancement. The two Zalahiria had immediately began to plot their domination of Drakhadrin, and through the actions of both, had been stowed on board the spacecraft used to reach the moon. The two had quickly gained control over the Okir-Bharian government, with Infinite Advancement easily hacking into the “primitive” computers that the Drupvarix had at this time. Infinite War and Infinite Advancement used the computers to gain certain knowledge of world leaders, and began to blackmail them to bend to their will. Infinite War had planned to direct a swift conquest of Drakhadrin, and Infinite Advancement planned to find the remains of Zalax constructs and direct the Drupvarix Supremacy - as how Infinite Advancement called it - to reclaim the former Zalax technologies. Following Infinite War’s shockingly swift conquest - through warfare and blackmail - Infinite Advancement designed the Drakhadrin starships, and thus set off to space. Several hundred years later, Infinite War and Infinite Advancement find more Zalahira in cryosleep - the Infinites Bureau, Relations, and Wealth. Infinite War and Infinite Advancement free the 3, and absorb them into the Council of Infinities. As Infinite War and Infinite Advancement were both, due to the rigors of a several hundred thousand year cryosleep, beginning to degrade and beginning to reach the end of their lifespan, the Council of Infinities all agreed to constantly transfer their minds into clones every time one Infinite Councilman had perished, keeping the Council of Infinities alive. This led to the development of a cloning array meant for them, and testing the clones gave Infinite War an idea - to create an unstoppable legion of clones to ensure that the Golden Throne becomes under Drupvarix rule. Soon afterwards, various Zalax-derived cloning stations were built in thousands of arrays to suit Infinite War’s desires, and soon the most physically fit Drupvarix soldiers were chosen to have their biomatter constantly harvested to form the new legions of the Drupvarix Supremacy.

As the legions marched forward, Infinite War took the chance to unleash his wrath on everything around the Drupvarix Supremacy, seeking to subjugate the nations and expand his empire. As the Drupvarix Supremacy expanded further, the nationalism presented by their subjects eventually began to lead to revolution. The Council of Infinities had met, and decided that with their newfound expansion ‘Drupvarix Supremacy’ was an obsolete term - and changed the name of their empire to the Inuneridality, and this had soothed certain nationalistic fires that were raging in their new subjects. As time passed and the conquests began to slow down, the Inuneridality had grown into a galactic superpower - and were producing millions of clones with every passing day. The Inuneridality had sought to proclaim its power by destroying a nearby “superpower” known as the Korinaeya Kingdoms, though the Council of Infinities had vastly underestimated the power of the Korinaeya when united. In 1,490 B.C., the Inuneridality had declared war on the Korinaeya Kingdoms - utilizing the framed destruction of a civilian spaceliner in Korinaeya space to make their war seem justified in the eyes of others. The Inuneridality had sought to take the star system of Kumjamad - which housed a functioning, yet incomplete, Zalax dyson sphere - and prepared an enormous invasion force. The Inuneridality had fought all the kingdoms - back then, there were 19 of them - and pushed through every single one, capturing Kumjamad following a harsh offensive against the Korinaeya. Shortly afterwards, the Inuneridality decided ro makes irs conquest absolute, and pushed to the north of the Korinaeya Kingdoms, nearly capturing and holding the capital of the last kingdom. The fighting attracted the attention of several powerful Ozax, and the Ozax hives closest to the Korinaeya and the Inuneridality scrambled to take advantage of the fighting. Soon, the Ozax cultists launched an invasion of the Korinaeya several times larger than the original Inuneridality incursion, causing both Korinaeya and Inuneridality fleets to retreat and attempt to hold their own against the demonic force. The Inuneridality and the Korinaeya soon signed a truce, and the Korinaeya kingdoms had briefly unified and pooled their starships and resources into their own singular fleet. The two powers beat back the Ozax and prevented them from destroying the Korinaeya. The Korinaeya soon turned on the Inuneridality instantly after pushing back the Tyaxuxon, and with their new, unified fleet, effortlessly forced the remains of the Inuneridality theatre back to the Inuneridality. The Korinaeya attempted to invade the Inuneridality, but were met with a fleet thousands of times larger than the original invasion force and retreated - resolving to sign a treaty for peace. After the short war, Infinite War deemed the united Korinaeya too much trouble to invade.

Following the war, the Inuneridality had decided that it was best to slow down the expansion of their empire. The Inuneridality ceased its expansion,and slowed down the rate of cloning to allow a slower consumption of resources. The Inuneridality soon began to focus on industrial efforts and modernizing the various races it had conquered earlier. It was at this point that the amount of excessive cloning had begun to take its toll on the Drupvarix, with skin beginning to decay and bones becoming brittle. Following these developments, Infinite Advancement and Infinite War began to debate as to what the best course of action was. Infinite War proposed to abandon the Drupvarix and genetically engineer their own warrior species, while Infinite Advancement advocated for the development of cybernetics, seeing as how the Drupvarix were already too far gone to get rid of and were too ingrained into Inuneridality culture. The two gave their proposals to the Council of Infinities, with Infinite Advancement’s proposal winning over Infinite War’s. Soon, cybernetics were produced in industrial quantities, and clones were recalled to be outfitted with these cybernetics. Infinite War had decided to dismantle the military for the time being, and gave the order to do so - assigning each clone to construction work across the Inuneridality. As the millenia went on, Infinite War began to convince the Council of Infinities to take a more aggressive stance towards the rest of the galaxy, seeing as how the longer the Council waited to seize the Core, the harder it would be to take it. Infinite War began to notice that the Korinaeya had begun to unite once more under a singular leader, though decided that a diplomatic approach was best. Infinite War slowly began to decide that war had become a rather unnecessary option in terms of expansion and influence, and soon, debating with the council, decided that a galactic organization would help secure Inuneridality interests. With the nearby Korinaeya, Infinite War decided to form the first iteration of this organization, and used the mutual threat of the Ozax to ensure that the pact was signed. Infinite War acted as the Council representative to the Korinaeya, and soon coerced the Korinaeya to sign the Korin-Drak Cooperative Pact, forming the Alaniae Treaty Organization.


The Inuneridality’s government is a totalitarian oligarchy, while the society of the Inuneridality is based around a feudal system of ranks. The oligarchy controlling the Inuneridality is the Council of Infinities, a 5 man council made up of ancient legendary Zalahiria meant to have died in the past but were saved by an unknown benefactor. Each member of the Council of Infinities oversees and specializes in a specific aspect of Inuneridality life. For example, Infinite War specializes in, and deals in matters of, warfare and often is consulted for matters of war. Infinite Wealth is an economist and organizes the state wealth, and when working with Infinite Bureau, decides where the national funds are sent to and funded. The Council of Infinities oversees most operations carried out by the Inuneridality one way or the other, though the Council of Infinities delegates matters they view as beneath to their immediate servants. The Council of Infinites, at least collectively, hold

The Orag Katheg’s red uniform is feared among the Inuneridality, and for good reason

absolute power in the Inuneridality and their leadership goes unquestioned. The Council of Infinities themselves hold democratic votes as to what direction they must go, and the majority decision is usually enacted. The Council of Infinites is protected by its elite guard, the Orag Katheg, of whom are particularly feared along the Inuneridality. The Orag Katheg bows to nobody but the Council of Infinities, and every Infinite Councilman holds sway over a division of several thousand Orag Kathegs. Orag Kathegs are sworn to protect and obey the Council, and will refuse no command that is given to them. The start of an Orag Katheg is selected from the best of the best of the clones at the disposal of the Inuneridality, and said clone is used to produce thousands of identical clones. Each clone is given constant, harsh training and powerful Zalax cybernetics to keep their bodies together.
The Infinite War, Lord of Generals
Portrait Affiliation Other informations
InunWar InunMilitary

Infinite Councilman of the Inuneridality
Grand Admiral of the Zalax Fleets
(Before Cryosleep)
The armies of Kal-Zalax never die.

Infinite War, original name unknown, is an ancient and powerfully intelligent Zalahiria several hundred thousand years old. Infinite War is a candidate for the being among the, if not the greatest, strategist and military leader alive in the Eupherion Galaxy. Infinite War holds hundreds, if not thousands, of victories under his belt, most of which he had obtained fighting the original Ozax invasions, of whom began to both respect and fear the ancient general. Following a lost battle against the Ozax, Infinite War had decided to evacuate his ship and pilot it alone - ramming it into the cultist’s capital ship and securing a final victory, though seemingly at the cost of his life. Through unknown reasons, Infinite War was found nearly 105,000 years later in cryosleep, on the Drakhadrin moon of Ohgar-Klar - eventually coming to form and rule the Inuneridality among 4 other Zalahiria individuals.

Age - 105,000+ years
Species - Black feathered Zalahiria
Previous titles -Lord-General
Grand Admiral
Birthplace - Unknown
The Infinite Advancement, Greatest of Scientists
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InfiniteAdvance InunScience

Infinite Councilman of the Inuneridality
(Before Cryosleep)
What we do here, lives on in history. Knowledge is its own reward.

Infinite Advancement is an ancient scientist that, like the rest of the Council of Infinities, hails from the Zalax Forebearers. Infinite Advancement is an extremely intelligent physicist and engineer, and guides the federal research efforts of the Inuneridality. Infinite Advancement was born a child prodigy in the waning years of the Zalax Forebearers, with legendary individuals such as Infinite War (in life) having faded into near mythology. In his life, Infinite Advancement was known to be exceedingly intelligent and was enthusiastic in the sciences, while having a distaste for war and conflict. Infinite Advancement was capable of learning quite a bit of new information very quickly, and was capable of piecing together strings of information to form various theories. Infinite Advancement has a vast and powerful mind, and his imagination is immense - he is always thinking about the sciences and new inventions, and often strays into daydreams doing so. Infinite Advancement was found the same time Infinite War was, and under similar circumstances. Infinite Advancement was developing a new kind of antimatter-powered energy source with a team of peers, before it had gone awry - the containment system for the antimatter failed, causing an immense explosion that should have atomized Infinite Advancement.

Age -100,000+ years
Species - Black feathered Zalahiria
Previous titles -None
Birthplace - Unknown
The Infinite Bureau, Queen of Nobles
Portrait Affiliation Other informations
250px InuneridalitySymbol

Infinite Councilman of the Inuneridality
(Before Cryosleep)
We are the last continuation of the true Aoshanti Empire!

Infinite Bureau, even before her cryosleep, was a very enigmatic figure whose influence was undeniable. What was known is that she was a noblewoman who held sway over hundreds of other noblemen and noblewomen. Whether Infinite Bureau was sanctioned by the Zalax or not, she was a staunch Zalax nationalist though had no true loyalty to the Zalax - she craved power for powers sake, and had planned to take over the Zalax Forebearers if she had the chance. Infinite Bureau knew the weakness of the Zalax and sought to seize power, and in the waning days of the Zalax, had actively instigated small rebellions that were loyal to her and not the Zalax. Eventually, the Zalax caught wind of her acts, and she was summoned to the world of Kal-Zalax - and following the Ozax sacking and burning of the world, was supposedly crushed by a piece of falling debris and was supposed to have perished in the flames of the world. Since waking from cryosleep, Infinite Bureau has learned to yield to others - namely Infinite War - and has sought to reclaim the former Zalax glory and recreate the Zalax Forebearers, with the Council of Infinities at the head of it.

Age -100,000+ years
Species - White feathered Zalahiria
Previous titles -Noblewoman
Birthplace - Oura-Kuryi

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total mobilization time: 1-2 years
total mobilization time: 6 months
total mobilization time: 6 months
total mobilization time: 1 month
total mobilization time: 2 weeks
total mobilization time: MOBILIZED

recruitable population: 12.4 bil.
recruitable population: 23.1 tril.
recruitable population: 34.4 tril.
recruitable population: 56.4 tril.
recruitable population: 98.7 tril.
recruitable population: 120 quad.





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When Akrom, our mother, our womb, birthed us out into the stars oncemore, she did not know that attempts at a likeness of her, a terrible, terrible act and machine, was formed on the far side of the core. There, she knew not that there stood a rotting wave of monsters, needing the metal in their skins to survive. She and Us know them now as the Drupvarix, but they will be forever known as the rotting cancer they are, and the example of why passing from and out of Akrom, the Womb of Eternal Life, our Mother Infinitum, will be the only pure birth of metallic euphoria.

- Autonoch Allïr of the Akromnik Dominance
  • Galaxy Colonisation - Closed
  • Native Civilisation System Limit - 100,000
  • Foreign Civilisation System Limit - 10,000
  • Advancement Cap - Tier 2/Kardashev Scale II