*Tyrolox walks into the same room as before, there are still guards lining the walls. TC has been influenced positively by the Super Happy Ray and has been lightly restrained and is understanding of this. He sits down and looks respectively into the subject's eyes.*

T: TC-001, is it not?

01: Mistaken. Call me Iero.

T: We'll make sure to make note of that.

T: So, with the increase of Endorphins and Serotonin in your body from the Super Happy Ray, we figured that we would try another interview with you in a relaxed state.

01: I accept.

T: Good.

T: Iero, the transmissions and radio signals detected by our radios have contained pieces of scientists talking about developing nuclear weapons. Can you possibly tell us about your intents with this further?

01: Nuclear weapons are a long way from being developed by us.

T: While we were searching through labs, we did find a thermonuclear bomb.

01: Really?

01: Well, I did overhear one of our scientists talking about developing some kind of weapon.

T: Uh-huh.

T: Next question; Do you have any intent in harming our ecosystem or the gigaquadrant?

01: Survival for the fittest is our motto; but that doesn't mean we'll throw a bomb at you for the sake of throwing bombs.

T: Interesting.

T: What species were you modified from?

01: Primarily Cxygron DNA, along with yours, Qpylus, and more that I can't remember.

T: Half Grubmolia Maxima, is that correct?

01: Yes, I would say.

T: Interesting.

T: Are you the leader of your kind?

01: They respect me as their chief, so I respect them as my kin.

T: Do you have any connection to the fallen emperor Ieroxia the IV?

01: I find disbelief in your tone. Are you saddened by your father's death?

T: Yes. Very.

T: Though he always played favorites with Ip-

T: Wait. Stay on subject.

01: Alright.

01: Like I said- the poison and seemingly fake body leads more to somewhat of a staged suicide and kidnapping than uuuuuh. Let's say mutating and turning into me.

T: You suggest a kidnapping in a place of murder?

01: I read the files in my freetime.

*Tyrolox looks towards an agent and blinks, then turns back towards the subject.*

T: Could we have a possible DNA and ancestor test from you?

*01 blinked, and then nodded hesitantly.*

T: Thank you. Your information is more than enough service to us. You'll be taken to the lab.

*Tyrolox and the agents lead 01 out the door. The tape ends.*