Hey everyone! The Intergalactic War is coming to a close, however its last battle will be one of the largest in the history of the First Gigaquadrant. After the battle of Scorpia (in the same system as Caprica), the Cognatus learned of the location of the URCs homeworlds, the Twelve Colonies, and have been amassing a huge fleet to destroy the Republic once and for all.

Luckily the High Command of the URNC learned of this and began to mass the largest fleet in Cyrannus history to defend the Capital System, the Rambo and the Coalition also sent a large amount of ships.

Then the day came when the Cognatus invaded the capital in its full force. I was hoping that both Wormulon and dinoman82 may be interested in making an adventure series about the battle in which allied casualties are extreme, the Cognatus also are experiencing heavy losses though no where near the scale of the allies, however I had an idea, about any empire that is willing to join in the battle is welcome, as long as it helps with me and dinoman82s plot.

Your empire can fight on or above any one of these worlds that the Cognatus will be invading.


I would like to express my concern over the following issues that I really don't want to see in the battle.

  • Most important rule! Do not make the Cognatus seem weak, out of all the empires that are fighting them only the DCP have a technological advantage. Keep that in mind please. I, and I am sure other people as well are sick of there empire being made weak by contributers.
  • If the Cognatus have speaking roles in your adventure, please remember that they speak rather well in terms of use of long words etc. Do not confuse the syntax.
  • Please inform me, before making a new Cognatus character.
  • Have fun!

Participants Edit

Day OneEdit

Skirmish on LibranEdit

Skirmish on Libran

URC Marines and Cognatus warriors clash on Libran

On the colony of Libran, the rulers of the most important nations in the war meet for an emergency meeting. However the Cognatus armada approaches!

Admiral Cretacea was sent to guard the leaders of the nations from harm, however he grew worried about their safety. Scorpia was successfully destroyed by a fleet of only one hundred ships, how would the rest of the colonies fare against an even larger fleet. Attending the meeting was President Apollo, Empress Ramashe, Emperor Wormulon, Hierarch Kroc, Admiral Shaw, Warlord Kilnok, Captain Rambas II and Captain Votarah. After the meeting was completed, Shaw informed Cretacea, of a huge Cognatus fleet numbering in the tens of thousands just jumped into the system.

Cretacea swiftly escorted the leaders to Apollo's official flagship, Colonial One just as ten Cognatus troops landed. Cretacea with the help of his marines defeated the invaders but over seven of his men died. Cretacea was then beamed up to the CSS Pegasus in orbit, just as the allies and the Cognatus began to clash.

Battle over LibranEdit


The CSS Pegasus engaging a CCS Battlecrusier.

When Cretacea got into orbit, the Pegasus was immediately attacked by the Cognatus, a lone CCS Battlecruiser. Although the Battlecruser was more advanced, the Pegasus had a stronger hull and eventually beat the Cognatus ship back and destroyed it.

However this was but one in a fleet of thousands...

Escaping LibranEdit

Escaping Libran

Escaping Libran!

For the Rambo, the attack on Libran meant a disaster. Captain Rambas II had to evacuate the Rambo stationed there, and due to the stubberness of Ramashe (she wanted to aid in the evacuation) she got badly injured during that process and had to be brought to the sickbay of the USS Caprica. Noticing this, the Cognatus began pounding there attack on the USS Caprica and many other Rambo ships of the FoR came to her aid.

While a Constitution Class V2 and a Kelvin Class V2 got damaged, the USS Caprica also took quite some damage, but together they managed to cripple the cognatus battle cruisers. Faced with a heavy disicion, Rambas headed for Caprica, since it became under siege. Now he hoped the Empress, Ramashe whom he honored so much, would survive this battle. On the ohter side, he could not escape the URC Capitol, it almost seemed the Cognatus pushed the Rambo forces to Caprica, to face them in the final battle of the Intergalactic War.

The Battle ContinuesEdit

Siege on OldaleEdit

Oldale bombarded

The City of Oldale suffers from orbital bombartments

Oldale, a small city on Caprica was the first to fall victim to the Cognatus Alliance. A familair face to the Rambo, Ultra Rtas'Shagili, second in command of the Shadow of Liberty was the first to attack a URC city. With the Shadow of Liberty dropping out of space it immediatly headed for Oldale. The Shadow of Liberty began bombarding Oldale, but Rambo intervention was near.

As a Capricornian Judge and various marines managed to hold off the Cognatus for a while, Captain Rambas II of the USS Caprica arrived at the outskirts of the city and he arrived with Argo Jeeps and soldiers. They soon ventured to the city and the URC, Rambo and Cognatus forces clashed. As the URC and Rambo were getting the upper hand, they faced Ultra Rtas'Shagili himself. He simply laughed, claiming they took the bait and immediatly many Cognati reinforcements arrived.

Now cornered and in peril, will the Congatus reach Rambas II and take over the bridge to the main land?

Quarter glassing of Canceron Edit

The next world, Canceron, would be the next target for destruction. About 500,000 Cognatus battleships jumped into the system, to be met by an allied fleet of 250,000 warships, comprised of the URC, DCP, CoreFed and Kalazori. However, the immense fleet wasn't noticed until it was merely light minutes from its destination. Fleets were immediately scrambled, and troops waiyted at their posts. The young Capricornian Morobus, was one of the last to get ready, but he decided this time, he would prove himself.

He ran down to the space elevator, and went to the surface, where he met with an allied force. There was Warlord Kilnok, Krekak and Admiral Horlin, along with a URC Judge. In space, the Cognatus broke through the allied lines and cities/industrial regions of the planet had shields placed over them. But soon, Ion cannon bursts disabled the sheilds and the Cognatus armies landed, mostly comprised of the proud Cognati. Battles raged across the surface and in space, thousand of more allies streamed in. But the Cognatus wanted to glass the surface. They found that they could not reach the cities, so they sent down the armies to detonate nuclear explosives.

At the battle of the city of Anaquon, Warlord Kilnok, Morobus and others fought for the city, dead bodies falling the sky, firestorms raging across the planet. The smell of burning was everywhere, reminiscent of the War of Ages (without the demonic stench). Eventually the alliued armies managed to push back the Cognati warriors, powerful though they were. When the last Cognati minor was struck dead, there was the Martyr, who had yet to be killed. He was charging the bomb.

Morobus himself decided it was his job to kill the Martyr, and asked Warlord Kilnok to step aside. After a ferocious duel, Morobus was pushed to the floor. The Cognati declared how weak Morobus was, but in his ignorance, Morobus lashed out with new found energy. The Martyr fell, but as he did, he switched on the bomb. You will be going with me!

Warlord Kilnok stepped in (there was still civilians in the city). The nearest DCP ship didn't have the capacity in its cargo hold to beam out everyone. The bomb had a shell of Kiocene, which meant it would only be stable enough to handle one beam out. The warlord ordered the nrearest ship to teleport the bomb. It would be a sacrifice, however, the crew aboard were honoured to die in blazing glory.

But a minute later, the Cognatus did break though. The Cognatus managed to glass key cities on the planet. Kilnok warned everyone to play dead, the cognatus would assume they would be, and it worked, they survived. Meanwhile, however, a quarter of Canceron had been glassed, nearly all settlements and orbital ship yards were destroyed and firestorms burned its ecosystems away. Later though, the URC fired a subspace burst, which stopped the Cognatus reinforcements, while nearly DCP ships involved in the Intergalactic war reached the center of URC space. Canceron and surrounding systems were retaken, but by then, much of them was eliminated. The DCP ships then headed to Caprica...

Siege of Aerilon Edit

Aerilon was an important agriworld of the URC, however, because it was an agriworld, and not an industrial or military planet, it had been the least defended.

However, over 50,000 ships, comprised of Fex, URC and some DCP made a stand, but eventually, The Cognatus overwhelmed their forces. After a terrible battle, the allies were on the reteat. The Fex, who were extreme pacifists, in the end resorted to firing flowers and fireworks believing the Cognatus would stop killing despite the DCP warning not to, but the Cognatus just laughed. They then offered the Cognatus sporebucks, but the Cognatus didn't even reply, why would they take the "heretics" money? The "heretics" had nothing that they wanted. Nearly all the Fex were killed.

However, there were many URC and DCP on the ground, and thanks to enough turrets, the Cognatus glass cannons were kept at bay, so the Cognatus had to beam down reinforcements. After a day of ground battles, there was great losses on both sides, until...

The Cognatus had detected 5 starships of an unknown class heading towards the battlefield, they were large, even for URC ships at over 6000 meters in length, however, they were quite Capricornian in design, and had a crew composed mostly URC and some of the DCP. The Cognatus ships are easily more powerful than most URC ships, so the Cognatus assumed that the new ships were not a threat. They couldn't have been more wrong. The starships, were Centaur class, a hybrid of URC and DCP technology, crew and construction. However, it had the firepower and weapons usually the DCP carry. After another large battle, the Cognatus were forced to retreat, taken a back how the URC had advanced so quickly. This allowed smaller URC ships from the surface to go into orbit. The Cognatus were then cut off, and blasted away.

But despite the allied victory, the Fex had taken heavy losses, and unknown to the allies, the Cognatus had left a bioweapon, which detonated and poisoned a large portion of Aerilon's fertile plains, meaning that the areas effected would never grow crops again for thousands of years.

Space battle intensifiesEdit

Rambo ships defeated

Rambas onboard the USS Caprica watches an awefull sight.

As the Cognatus were batteling all over Caprica System, the Cognatus pressure and grib became tighter and stronger. The large and powerfull Congatus Battlecruisers smashed through the ranks of the URC and Rambo Forces near Caprica. However, hope was not lost as 15 Forrestal Class ships arrived with figthers, together with various Legacy Class ships of the URC they aided the Rambo and URC forces that were in trouble. Rambas was worried, he escaped the Ultra's counter attack but now found himself once again in trouble. Although he was happy to learn of that Ramashe was send back to Rambo Command and had arrived safely. While evaiding a Cognatus ship he witnessed an awefull sight, the USS Glorious, a Miranda Class V2 was being destroyed by a Cognatus cruiser, while URC and Rambo Fighters were assaulting her, it did not matter and the Glorious exploded, taking all hands and a good friend of Rambas, the Captain of the USS Glorious had fought with him since the beginning of his time in the Fleet of Retribution.

While changing course he saw the USS Valiant, a Constitution Class V2 taking critical damage and Rambas wondered, how long were they ablle to preven the inevitable. The Cognatus were on the winning hand!

Battle of TauronEdit

This is also an adventure of the same name by jameses, my Spore account.

Tauron seemed a likely place for the Cognatus to attack next. It held some of the largest corporations in the Capital Sytem, and the Elliontics and the URC weren't about to let the Cognatus get their hands on it. A powerful fleet punched their way through the space defenses of Tauron and set up a small field base opposite the base the URC and Elliontic base that was already there. The Elliontics had set up a weak short-range missile to destroy any enemy forces, but the Cognatus attacked when they were unprepared and nearly destroyed the missile. Fortunately, URC and Elliontic forces managed to repel the Cognatus force and launch the missile. However, soon after the missile was launched, a single Crusade ship attacked the ground forces, and destroyed nearly every ship on the ground. Admiral Salrah, the leader of the Elliontic Cyrannus fleet, boarded the Crusade class and destroyed it, but not before much of Tauron was glassed.

Battle of CapricaEdit

  • The Cognatus excavation.
  • A trio of URNC ships come into contact with a mystery CSA ship.
  • The Imperial Trap succeeds!

For the URC, this day had been apocalyptic, many cities, towns and people have been destroyed. The colonies of Aerilon, Aquaria, Canceron, Caprica, Gemenon, Leonis, Libran, Picon, Sagittaron, Scorpio, Tauron, and Virgon are in full siege. The final events of the war are about to begin...

From his hidden bunker, Apollo was safe (He wanted to fight, but Ramashe wanted him to remain safe) commanding the forces of the Allies, in space, the DCP ships were taking heavy causalities, and yet were doing a marvelous job protecting Caprica, all this was about to change when literally all of the Cognatus ships went to ground directly over the surface of Caprica, the appeared to be searching for something, the Caprican Defense Fleet was called on to attack the Cognatus position over a desert region on the planet, it was then that the enemy started to dig...

The Imperial TrapEdit

As the final battle was raging on, the Emperor had ordered the construction of new ship earlier on. The crew consisted out of Imperial Officers and Basileus crewmembers. The ship resembled the retired Hunter Class of the URC. Yet this class was bigger and more powerful then the Hunter Class. As Caprica came under siege by the Imperial allies, the Cognatus the Emperor send this ship to Caprica.

Upon arriving, the ship was greeted by two Legacy Class vessels of the URC and a smaller Endurance Class. When they hailed the ship it did not respond and just followed her course. Taken by surprise the Legacy classes focused her attention on the unknown vessel and noticed far to late the arrival of various Imperial Star Destroyers II and Ardent classes. The URC ships fought hard but were unable withstand the Imperial onslaught and all ships were destroyed. The Imperial Ships then headed back to Imperial ship before they were noticed by the Rambo or URC forces.

While the Imperial Decoy Ship, known as the Krakana Class headed for Caprica herself. Passing by various Rambo and URC unnoticed it arrived in orbit of Caprica and awaited her change to find and kidnap President Apollo. But for that, the ship had to await the arrival of the Mortalitas!

Revenge of the MortalitasEdit

Spore 2010-09-12 19-57-48

The Imperial Trap was a immediate success, and yet they did not have the firepower to invade Caprica without aid. And so the Galactic Emperor sent the Mortalitas to find the Neo Trucinex... for the first time in years, the Trucinex are at war with the Twelve Colonies.

The Imperial captain of the decoy ship began to experience many losses, the Cyrandia were putting up a major fight, luckily as he looked out of the view-screen he saw a welcome sight, a huge fleet under the command of General Zillom entered the system, with a massive Mortalitas Dreadnought! With this, Zillum would easily win the battle. However the DCP were quick to respnd, but even their ships were no match for the Mortalitas' dreaded weapon, all 20 kilometers of death opened fire on the Allied Fleet destroying many ships and injuring Captain Rambas II on the USS Caprica. Luckily before the ship was hit again, it docked with the CSS Pegasus, the flagship of Admiral Cretacea, and Rambas was rushed to the sick bay.

The Trucinex Basestars that aided the Mortalitas Fleet also opened fire. At first the allies were not sure of the intentions and the owners of these vessels, but they soon identified themselves as the Trucinex. All the Libertus captains were filled with angry, the Trucinex must have reclaimed Nex after the Trucinex War! The Trucinex ship, Destroyer proceeded to attack the Pegasus, but Cretacea ordered a turbolaser strike against it. The Destroyer lit up, and when the light was gone the ship was replaced by debris.

Suddenly, the Mortalitas began to launch landing craft on Capricas' surface near Caprica City, Zillums capture Apollo....

Skirmish in hyperspace Edit

Recently, the DCP's efforts have been colonizing hyperspace. Very few civilizations have achieved this ability, so there is little competition (save a few ancient Tier 1 and 0 empires dotted here and there) although many empires can just about enter hyperspace quickly for jumps across the universe. However, not long after the DCP arrival, the Cognatus (probably observing the DCP) also entered.

One of the DCP's Hyperspace stations was under construction, however, this was the Cognatus's first target. An entirely new ship class navigated the warped, chaotic space to reach the station. The ship hid behind an interfrence storm from quantum fluctuations and a gravitational mass shadow, and the ship was not detected until it was too late. When the Cognatus ship approached, the Cognatus captain immediately ordered the ship to strike, however, its weapons were not based on particle weaponry, due to the fact that the warroped space might bend the laser back. Instead, it fired a subspace shockwave, as it passed through the station, the station initially wasn't effected, other than a strange warping effect that travelled through materials as the shockwave passed. Several crew were knocked to the floor. The Cognatus ship left as quick as it appeared.

However, when the Station powered up its warp reactors, they found that singularity they used to power the station was destablizing. As it did, it created a warp core breach, destroying the entire station inside out. Luckily for the DCP, it was not their only station. And retaliate they did. In return, the stations fired a full load of Hyperspace missiles - hundreds of them. Designed to navigate hyperspace, they gave the DCP the upper edge over the Cognatus weapon's wise in hyperspace. Some of them, entered the Caprica system, and targetted various Cognatus ships, materializing inside them. The ships had no chance, even the mighty Crusader classes were destroyed. The DCP sent the Cognatus a transmission.

We are the rulers of huperspace, never forget it.

The Cognatus replied with the usual, expected reply. The DCP decided to finally use its Entanglement weapon. The weapon manipulates quantum entanglement, meaning they can influence objects in any region of the universe instantly. The DCP unleashed it on half of the planets the Cognatus own in the Milky Way. The planets were thrown into chaos, some were flung out of their orbits, to be hurled into stars or thrown out of their "goldilocks zone".

How? How could the gods allow such heretics with so much power? -Asked a startled Cognatus

The DCP replied:We have been preparing our weapon for a long time, observing your systems, their exact coordinates needed. Once we knew where you are, we can use entanglement to really mess your systems. You will soon be bowing down to us, your new gods.

And so, the great Hyperspace battle ended. Luckly for the URC, many ships Cognatus ships had fallen.

Battle of Picon Edit

Fighting begins Edit

While fighting continued throughout the rest of Cyrannus Central System, a Cognatus task force began to attack Picon, hoping to destroy the centre of the URC's military capabilities. Many empires rushed to defend the planet, and the skies were soon filled with battling starships.

The Empire of the Girdo Galaxy was the first to arrive, and joined the URC ships already present on the planet. Their forces included four Imperium-class ships (the Imperium, Galaxy, Peacemaker and Starfighter) and several hundred Droners.

The starship battle was constantly moving over the planet, as both sides gained temporary advantages and pushed their opponents towards and away from the shipyards and Colonial Fleet HQ. At one point, three Cognatus Assault Carriers were heavily damaged but not destroyed in one skirmish, and were left immobile near one archipelago to the east of Picon's main continent. Unable to fire their weapons at any worthwhile target, they instead began beaming down speedy "Specter" attack boats to bombard the nearest city from ground level. These were quickly detected by the defending forces, and the Girdo Empire set up a defence against them. Although their starships were still needed elsewhere, the Imperial Army was sitting unused in storage and was ready for battle. The entire Army, along with several hundred marines, was beamed down onto several nearby islands and shot at any Cognatus ships that came into range.

After half an hour, though, the Imperial forces were losing, and there was no end to the Cognatus navy in sight. With less than one hundred guns remaining, a small fireteam was arranged and sent across hostile territory to fire an antimatter cannon on another island. The cannon had been set up to destroy the weakened Assault Carriers with a high-yield quantum missile while the Cognatus were distracted with the rest of the Imperial Army, but a squad of Cognati soldiers discovered the plan and ambushed the gun operators. The fireteam sneaked across a bridge onto the island and likewise ambushed the few remaining Cognatus, killing them before firing the cannon and destroying the Assault Carriers.

The Imperial Army had won a pyrrhic victory, though. Dozens of Specters had passed through Imperial lines - more than there were survivors of the confrontation in the entire Imperial Army - and were already attacking Picon's capital city. The space battle had also made its way to the same place. However, there was now a chance of saving Picon, especially as reinforcements were beginning to arrive from other civilisations' space forces.

The Pawns begin to playEdit

The Turn of TidesEdit

(coming soon)

The Loss of LeonisEdit

Chief Ambassador Carillion of the Gjigantrox Interstellar Empire sat in the captain’s chair aboard the bridge of the Helios. The Helios was positioned in orbit around Leonis, the second planet out from the star Capri-B in the Cyrannus Central System. Carillion was impatient.

“Are they here yet?” he asked.

“No. Do you want them to be here?” That was Xaeon, Chief Scientist of the Gjigantrox. He stood at Carillion’s side, holding a datapad. “Oh, look! They’ve discovered a new comet in the Telken system!”

Carillion sighed. Xaeon was reading Intergalactic Scientists Weekly again.

“Xaeon,” he said. “How many people live in the Telken system?”

“Forty-five. It’s-.”

“Exactly. If there was a new comet in the Chilius system, that would be news. But a system with forty-five inhabitants… Shouldn’t they write about new DCP technology or something?"

“Well,” Xaeon replied. “On page five hundred and sixty-one-“

“Never mind!” Carillion cried. “Are they here yet?”

“They” in this case referred to the Cognatus Alliance, who were expected to attack the Capital System any time now. Carillion didn’t actually want them to be there, but he was very bored. He’d spent most of the day overseeing maintenance on the Helios, and that just wasn’t interesting at all.

Suddenly, threat alarms sounded throughout the bridge. Xaeon jumped, dropping the datapad.

“They’re here!” Carillion shouted. “Scramble all fighters!” He turned to one of his sensor officers. “What have they got?”

“A lot of firepower, sir,” replied the officer. “You should take a look at this.”

Carillion looked. The Cognatus had as many ships as the defenders did, possibly more. And those ships were big. The Gjigantrox fleet just wasn’t up to taking on all of them. They could try, and they’d do some damage, but they wouldn’t win. Fortunately, a portion of the URC fleet was also present over Leonis, which would hopefully even the odds a bit.

“If only the Necromancer were here…”Carillion said quietly.

The Necromancer was the flagship of the Gjigantrox Interstellar Empire, a monster of a ship with enough firepower to make a Xhodocto shudder. It would have been very helpful against the incoming Cognatus fleet, but it had been heavily damaged in a recent battle, and was undergoing a lot of repairs.

“Sir!” shouted a communications officer.”We are being hailed by the Cognatus!”

“Put the transmission on-screen,” said Carillion.

An image flickered into place on the bridge’s viewscreen. A reptilian Cognati stood before Carillion, looking rather menacing.

“Gjigantrox,” it said. “I see your quaint little empire has decided to show up.”

“Quaint?” Carillion mouthed at Xaeon. “We’re quaint?”

The Cognati continued. “You have one chance. Surrender now and your lives will be spared.”

“Quaint?” Carillion asked. “You think our empire is quaint?”

“Oh, get over it!” The Cognati sounded frustrated. “Are you going to surrender or not?”

“What? No, of course not. Good day.” Carillion shut off the viewscreen. Then he punched a button for communication to the entire fleet. “All ships, move out towards the enemy formations. Keep them as far away from the planet as possible for as long as you can.”

Xaeon looked at Carillion. “Well, this is my first military engagement. Anything I should look forward to?”

Carillion looked grim. “Surviving,” he said. “I hope.”

An hour later, the battle was going remarkably well for the defenders. Half of their fleet had been wiped out, and they had been pressed back close to Leonis. The Cognatus had lost barely a quarter of their fleet, and they weren’t slowing down a bit. Compared to expectations, things were going along wonderfully.

“We’re doing great!” Carillion shouted. The Helios shuddered as it took another volley of blaster fire from a Cognatus warship.

“What?” Xaeon yelled. “We’ve lost half the fleet! We’ve been pushed back nearly to the planet! How are we doing great?”

“You obviously weren’t at the Expectations Briefing!” Carillion yelled back. “We’re doing comparatively great!”

“Carillion, we can’t win this fight.” Xaeon said. “We have to fall back.”

Carillion nodded. There was no way to pull out a victory here. He opened a comm channel to a URC command ship.

“This is Carillion,” he said. “We can’t hold out here forever. Tell your people to evacuate Leonis. Get as many people as you can out of there. We’ll give you as much time as possible.”

“Understood,” replied the URC officer on the other end of the transmission. “We’ll begin the evacuation.”

Soon, the defender’s situation was looking desperate. Hardly a quarter of the original fleet remained in working condition, and the evacuation was not nearly finished.

“Sir!” called the Helios’s comm officer. “I’m getting a transmission from the fleet over Gemenon! They say that their position is being compromised, but they may be able to push the enemy back with reinforcements!”

Carillion thought about that. He knew that the fleet over Leonis would soon be destroyed, and any who remained on the planet would be killed by the Cognatus. If the fleet stayed where it was, more civilians would escape before the inevitable defeat. But falling back to Gemenon may allow that planet to be completely defended, with none of its civilians being lost. More lives could be saved that way. Carillion knew what he had to do. This was the reality of command. You had to save those that you could, and leave those that you couldn’t. He opened up a channel to all ships in orbit over Leonis.

“This planet is lost. All ships are to fall back to Gemenon, where we will reinforce the fleet currently defending that world. We may-” One of the URC officers cut off his statement. “We cannot abandon Leonis!” he cried. “Do you know how many people will die if-“ Carillion cut him off in turn. “We will be overrun here. If we do not aid the fleet at Gemenon, they too will be defeated. Would you prefer to lose both worlds?”

“No, but-“

“I cannot command your ships, but my own are leaving now. Stay if you will, but it is futile.”

The URC officer sighed angrily. “Very well,” he said. “I will inform the evacuation crews that we are departing.”

Moments later, the URC-Gjigantrox fleet leapt into hyperspace, leaving Leonis behind, and in the hands of the Cognatus.

After mere seconds in hyperspace, the fleet arrived over Gemenon. The situation there was much less dire than it had been at Leonis. The Gjigantrox and URC forces stationed at Gemenon had been faced with a smaller enemy fleet, and, while they took heavy casualties, they had inflicted a lot of damage on their foes, and the arrival of reinforcements meant that the defenders now outnumbered the attackers. Carillion could only hope that this battle would fare better than the last.

The Final StagesEdit

The ConfrontationEdit


Zillum is stunned by Apollo; literally.

This was not the first time, the Mortalitas general Zillum tried to kidnap Apollo, this time he was determined to succeed. He sneaked his way to the Presidential Pyramid in the besieged capital and confronted his nemesis...

Zillum? So now the Imperial Alliance is doing the Cognatus' dirty work?

Hardly, we are both allies, and our new alliance insures that we will rule the Quadrants!!

Oh please. You have been defeated twice, the Cognatus will turn against you! Apollo replied, hoping that his natural charm will stop the angry Mortalitas.

Hahaha!! I am not one of your female admirers. Now come with me. The Galactic Emperor wishes to execute you personally.

Over my dead body! Apollo reaches into his pocket and pulls out his Presidential Blaster, momentarily stunning Zillum. As Apollo is beamed up by his father, Zillum lets out a scream that would make even Emperor Wormulus jump, just as a blinding light appears from the window. Hmph...Looks like the Cognatus found what they are looking for!.

The EndEdit

Portal Opens

The Allied Fleet was in disarray. The Flash was so intense that it could be seen from across the system. Yet nobody in the fleet knew what it was, despite the fact it originated from Caprica. However, Apollo knew. The Cognatus have been digging in a remote area on Caprica, and were hardly involved in the final stages of the attack, even stranger the Imperial and Trucinex Fleet suddenly retreated despite the fact that they were winning, the Cognatus also were nowhere to be seen...

It was then that the President sent a scout to survey the area of the dig, what she found was unexpected, it was a large creator, several hundred kilometers wide and deep, and in the exact center lay the source of the light, a gateway to the Realm of the Gods... yet the Cognatus were nowhere to be seen, did they go though the portal? Or did they simply vanish?

After a few hours, many Miluiel exited the portal and informed their kin that the Clash of the Gods has begun and that the fate of all depends on who succeeds...

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