The RSD Liberator is attacked by Imperial forces.

During the final weeks of the Second Galactic War, the Capricorn Sector Alliance began a campaign to rid the Cyrannus Galaxy of any remaining forces loyal to the Imperial Alliance. However, unbeknownst to the inhabitants of the Core, the Imperials managed to set up a large chain of colonies in the Outer Rim mostly near to the borders of the Mortalitas Empire. According to Allied intelligence, the Imperials only held a small number of minor outposts in the region and so sent a single Liberator-class Star Destroyer, the RSD Olympic under the command of Captain Tovek Nortesa to invade the region.

When the RSD Olympic arrived in the region, it was suddenly ambushed by a pair of Imperial frigates. Though the Olympic was one of the most advanced vessels in the fleet, it was caught by the Imperials with its shields down, thus allowing them to cause significant damage to the Alliance vessel. With the hypermatter core on the brink of destruction, Nortesa ordered his navigational officer to launch a blind hyperspace jump with the hope of escaping the Imperials. Luckily for the crew of the Olympic, the hyperdrive launched successfully. Unfortunately however, while escaping through hyperspace, the Olympic was severed by an unknown force, with one half of the once mighty Star Destroyer being pulled apart by the extreme force of hyperspace while the other half entered realspace.


Nortesa is killed by the Warmaster.

Three hours later, Captain Nortesa awoke on the bridge of his flagship. To his horror, every single member of his once valiant crew was dead. The captain however, was largely intact. Suddenly, he felt a presence behind him. Before he could turn to see who it was, everything went dark. When he awoke, he found himself in what he could only describe as a template, with the walls surrounding him being filled with religious iconography. When his vision returned to normal, he was shocked to see a massive alien standing in front of him. Behind the alien was what appeared to be a portal with the outline of a large menacing figure barely visible in the maw of the anomaly. Nortesa attempted to get to his feet, so he could question the alien individual, but before he could, the alien stepped forward and placed a large energy sword at the captain's throat.

Nortesa raised his hands in surrender, but the alien ignored the gesture, pressing his sword ever closer to the captain's throat. The alien's voice was cold, deep and filled with fury.

"Emissary from the Core. Your people have committed an unforgivable sign. Now, you and the rest of your wretched kind will suffer the vengeance of the gods!"

Nortesa raised his brow in confusion and attempted to calm the zealot by smiling weakly.

"You must have made a mistake, my people have committed no sin. We come in peac-"

Before Nortesa could complete his sentence, the alien growled and plunged his energy sword through Nortesa's chest. Nortesa's eyes bulged as he looked down on the sword. Blood was pouring from his chest. The alien suddenly grabbed Nortesa by the head and slowly pulled the captain toward him, further impaling him with the sword. With a single movement of the alien's arm, the energy sword carved through Nortesa's head, killing the noble captain.

With the interloper dead, the alien, Warmaster Vandon turned toward the anomaly. The Cogsangui knelt out of respect.

"My Lord. The heretic has been destroyed as you requested. What is your will, so I can carry it out in your glorious name."

The anomaly lit up, the lights within swirling at immeasurable speeds. The mysterious entity within spoke in a quiet whisper.

"You have done well. These infidels have committed heresy against us. Take your fleets into the Core. Punish them."

The anomaly began to dissipate. When it was completely gone, Warmaster Vandon rose to his feet.

He had work to do.


  • Written by Cyrannian as part of the Intergalactic War reboot.

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