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The discovery of the Ancient Structure

As Captain Rambas II of Rambo Nation was flying threw space, he had a conversation with Princess Ramtilsae, whom he had picked up for a State Visit with the CSA. However half way, he got a transmission from the bridge, they had discoverd something and requiered his assistance. He took the Princess with him and looked at the screen. "Current Location" the Captain asked, as he recieved them he noticed it was at the Far Outer borders of the Cyrannus Galaxy, he looked in awe, there was a discovery to do but this was dangerous space. Even as the Second Galactic War had unoffically ended, the Imperials and RSA had withdrawn from Rambo and Allied Space it did not mean the Imperials nor the RSA wanted to be allies. Nor did the Vartekains for that matter.

"Come Captain, let's look what that is, set a course helm" Princess Ramtilsae said, Captain Rambas II looked surprised, and after she nodded he approved.

Upon arriving at the planet he had contacted Captain Rambam, whom was nearby with the USS Luna. Captain Rambam was on his way.

As Rambas and Ramtilsae landed on the planet near the ancient and large structure, they wondered whom it belonged to and what it meaned. However, after walking through the building they arrived at the Central Computer and the Database, but it was an unknown language, none the less Rambas ordered it to be downloaded so it could be studied later on. Only the computer sended on transmission over and over again, something with containing Cognatus

Unknown to Rambas, an Imperial and Allied fleet clashed nearby the planet location and was seen in the distance from the USS Hood.

Last Battle of the USS Hood

Shortly later the USS Luna arrived in orbit, and that meant a disturbing turn in events, as another ship arrived, this was unnoticed by the Ramboidae Ships sensors and the ship sended troops down to the surfuce. As Captain Rambam talked with Rambas and Ramtilsae an unknown race attacked the Rambo forces on the structure, claiming them to be heritics. In orbit, the strange purple ship targeted the USS Hood, taken by surprise the USS Hood took heavy damage and engines and shields were failing. As the systems dropped, the enemy ship continued firing and the unfortunate Ramboidae ship was drawn by the magnatic field of the planet and chrashed on the surface.

After Rambas cleared a way through the building he met the person whom led the forces, but defeated him and took a shuttle to the chrash side of the USS Hood. There the USS Luna was waiting and Captain Rambas, in panick he told Rambam that the Princess was captured and the building taken from them.

Rambam looked grim, after a long hunt for the Laberynth, he now had an other dangerous mission to do, but that requiered the aid of his friend Leezard.

Sector Alliance Aid[]

Sector Alliance Troops arrive

Sector Alliance troops arrived to aid the Rambo against the unknown hostile. They were amazed at structure of the ruin and its height but also the cunning of the enemy. The CSA managed to buy time for Captain Rambam and Leezard to rescue the princess. However much is still to be learned. Admiral Cretaceous jumped into orbit over the mysterious world with a fleet of three Hunter Class Star Destroyers and was sent a transmission from the enemy which read: Your worlds will burn until its surface is but glass! Your destruction is the will of the gods! And we? We are their instrument! The Admiral was deeply disturbed by this message and even more so when he discovered that a CSA Diplomat tried to reason with the Cognatus and ended up getting kidnapped. He went down to the ruins and was nearly overwhealmed by the shear numbers of Cognatus on the ground but eventually rescued the diplomat, this also bought time for Rambam.

The Shrine of Selenyia[]

The Gate!

During the CSA battle and securing the Ancient Structure Captain Rambam, Master Leezard and Rambas II onboard the USS Luna followed the unknown alien Captain to another structure, this seemed like some sort of gate which he entered. Rambam was worried and called in the help of the CSA who managed to send a Delpha Class Troop Transport to the location and together with Leezard and Rambam they entered the structure.

The Statue of Selenyia

Upon entering there way was blocked by the alien race who engaged them. The hallway they were in contained a brige over a lave stream and beyon that there was a chamber with teleporters. The CSA forces managed to secure that location and was happy to find out that the alien captain also used this route and together with Leezard they entered the teleporter.

This brought them to a large underground chamber, containing a massive statue of the Rambo God Selenyia, surprise Rambam looked around but was forced to action as Leezard immediatly attacked the alien race who did not stood a change at all. Using the stairways Rambam arrived at the bottom of the chamber where he and Leezard battled the Alien Captain and defeated him. Ramtilsae was also here and thanked the two for saving her. Rambam and Leezard headed for the top of the statue because some sort of wormhole had openened. Together they brace for another wave of alien attackers, but the one who came out was no one other than the Rambo Founder himself, and he demanded to speak to the current ruler of Rambo Nation.


Week One[]

Within the first week, many empires came to aid the CSA and the Rambo in case the war broke out, empires such as the CoreFed, House of Krassio and the Sylit Republic will aid the allies in the war agaisnt an enemy they know nothing about. Meanwhile the Cognatus start to prepare for war...

Emergency Meeting[]

Empress Ramashe was at State Visit at the Core Federation homeworld of Centrus, when words reached her that the USS Hood had crashed and the ancient Shrine of Selenyia was discovered.

Arriving at the Rambo Capitol with maximum Warp she went into conversation with Judge Magister Ramgaarbath and Ramabranth. When she requested Judge Magister Ramrace should also be present, the other two Judgest told her that she was at Luthrinicae, inspecting the security of the Residential Home. After a long discussion, she felt unsure what to do. Recent events with the Fall of the Sylit Republic and the securing of Mirenton meant defences were medium and the Imperials were still present, provoking border conflicts.

None the less, with such a discovery she send Judge Magister Ramabranth with a small Task force to secure the Shrine of Selenyia at all costs, however upon arriving he should contact the CSA for aid. While Judge Ramgaarbath was send ot Luthrinicae to inspect rumors of a ancient discovery.

An Artificial World[]

The Crash Site

While flying from Quadrant 82 on route to Cyrannus, a scientific convoy got caught in an asteroid storm and crashed on another mysterious world.

A Capricornian scientist asked a CSA Pilot to go and explore the planet and search for a radio for contact any nearby allied ships. On one of his travels he discovered an ancient monolith with writings similar to the ones found on the Shrine of Selenyia. He remembered the symbols and went into it only to find a large army of the unknown aliens guarding a purple building, the pilot sneaked and found a radio.

He contacted a Star Destroyer only to be caught by the radios computer which ordered the region glassed. The scientists were rescued in the nick of time but the scientists made a very rare discovery, the planet was artificial. The aliens had the technology to create planets and the one where they were standing was still under construction.

Eire Campaign[]

Starting Conflict[]

The Destruction of Eire

A few days after the incident on the Artificial World, Eire's orbital station, detected 2 Cognatus Battlecrusiers entering the system on long range sensors; the cruiser registered as an unknown object but determined the ship was constructed of materials beyond known science.

Governor Frio Tyio issued an order for all colonists to assembled in Dealgan, the capital, for immediate evacuation. Many chose not to leave and were killed in the subsequent ground battle and glassing. Captured intelligence revealed the Cognatus's interest in artifacts and relics to the CSA. Unfortunately all contact was lost soon after.

The Colonial Management Board dispatched the CSS Kara to investigate the cessation of communications from Eire, and the scout ship arrived in system soon after. The ships AI unsuccessfully attempted to warn the Kara of the enemy presence. The scout ship managed to send a single signal before being destroyed by the Cognatus Fleet.

The Battle begins[]

The Kara was followed up by a battlegroup consisting of 5 Hunter Class, 5 Imperator Class, 10 Serindia Class and 25 Incendia Class and a number of Quadrantia Ships. Admiral Sarasfield of the CSS Thrace commanded the formation. Teams of troops landed on the surface finding the once lush colony a barren, icy world with large fields of molten hot glass. A CSA camp survived and told a Trooper about what had happened. Meanwhile an AT SW patrol found a city, the trooper followed the walker and found only 2 survivors a young Rambo and a young Capricornian, the two were then rescued just before the AT SW reported unknown lifeforms approaching from the South East. They were Cognatus Defilers and were quickly killed by the Trooper and the Walker, then a dozen Cognati beamed down causing the Trooper to flee, all ground forces then retreated to formulate a counterattack.

An Epic Battle[]

The Cruiser fires on the Fleet

The URC fleet arrived at Eire on 2 days after the events on the ground, and engaged the lone Cognatus ship through a slingshot maneuver around the planet. Multiple ships, including the CSS Venator and the CSS Moran, were quickly destroyed. Conventional weapons, including nuclear ordnance, had very little effect on the enemy. Admiral Sarasfield realized the enemy was using energy shields, unlike any ever encountered, and ordered the fleet to fire all of its weapons simultaneously at the target. This overwhelmed the shields and destroyed the Cognatus vessel.


The raging Battle

The victory did not bode well, 31/60 URC and Rambo ships were destroyed by the single ship. Matters got worse when a massive Cognatus Fleet jumped directly into the Fleet, the extra hard material protecting the COgnatus ships allowed many to survive but the majority of the Allied Fleet were destroyed, luckily Admiral Cretaceous jumped into the system with 230 Hunter Class Star Destroyers. The battle was fierce and the Allies took heavy casualties, the Cognatus however did not, the Cognatus weapons were too powerful and destroyed many dozens of Star Destroyers. The Allies had numbers on there side, and eventually caused the Cognatus to retreat.

Doriaca joins the fight[]

First wave of Doriaca ships

The Doriaca Kingdom joined the Intergalactic war during its first week. The reason the Doriaca Kingdom joining the war was simple, there allies the United Republic of Cyrannus was involved in the war and they wanted to help there allies. The first thing the Kingdom did was to send a small fleet of ships and a division of soldiers to the Cyrannus Galaxy, more would come soon.

The Elliontic Trade Route[]

The Elliontics came into the Intergalactic War 1 week after it started. Cognatus fleets headed through their territory and attacked one of their vital trade routes. A small battle followed between Elliontic defence units and the Cognatus attack force. Several huge Elliontic trade frigates were lost in the fighting. The Elliontics retaliated immediately, building hundreds of battle cruisers and fighter pods. The Elliontic capital ship of this fleet was named the E.S Vengeance. A diplomat was sent to the Allies, to ask to join and fight the Cognatus. It was accepted, and the Elliontics joined the war officially. Despite being currently engaged in two wars already, the new fleet managed to cope very well. Over the next few weeks, a seige on the Cognatus world Dannarium was put into place by the Elliontics. The planet was conquered with minimal Elliontic casualties, and the E.SVengeance proved it's deadly capabilites. The Elliontics were not to be messed with.

Bounty Hunters at Vulmiartari[]

Vulmiartari, a small city found on the Rambo Capitol.

After Rambas II and Princess Ramtilsae finished there State Visit to the CSA (now the Cyrannus Republic) Captain Rambam of the USS Luna brought the two to the Rambo Capitol planet where Rambas recieved command of the USS Caprica, a Merced class ship. Happily with it, he went to the libary of Vulmiartari to research ancient structures found throughout the history of Rambo Nation.

Later on, Rambam travelled to Vulmiartari too, where he met an old friend, now a farmer who was recently plaguaed by farmers. None the less, he headed to the city to find the innter fortress taken hostage and blocked by a shield. When wanting to enter his home, he encountered a Bounty Hunter named Thelma and the two battled for possesion of a shield key. The bounty hunter lost and fled the scene.

Inside the fortress Rambam met with Rambas who informed him Ramtilsae has been taken hostage (again) and the bounty hunter had headed to the airfield. Now, unpleased with the events he headed there but learned that he was to late. After a short battle with the Bounty Hunter Emto he defeated him (or so it seemed) and he also fled the Rambo Capitol. Rambam was then confronted by Judge Magister Ramgaarbath who gave him a new mission, save Ramtilsae, find an ancient record and infriltrate the Syndicate!!!

Meanwhile, Emto had taken a look at pictures on an ancient structure, and he wondered what his employees wanted with it?

The DCP declares war[]

The DCP had been monitoring the Cognatus activities for a long time, and belived the Cognatus needed "taming". When the DCP became members of the Galactic Republic, they decided to declare war on the Cognatus Alliance.

First Contact[]

The Doriaca Kingdom wanted to have a military base in the Cyrannus Galaxy so they could garrison troops and keep them ready. The Kingdom sent a task force to scout and find a planet that would be strategic location for a base. The task force found a planet that appeared suitable so the task force went in for a closer look...but unknown to them the Cognatus also had an interest in the planet.

Doriaca Kingdom ships fighting Cognatus ships

Soon after the Doriaca task force entered the atmosphere when the Cognatus attacked. The Zonic Gunboats was quickly destroyed but the Titan class was a harder target and manged to destroy one of the Congnatus ships.

Nigtrion first Official Independent army[]

The Nigtrions, almost being with hands tide up during the Second Galactic War, and currently the Interstellar war, made a war council, watching how their brethren the Krassio Host have become totally independent and separated from them. As representative of the Nigtrion Forsaken Tribes in Rambo Nation. Master Leezard announced the official creation of an independent Nigtrion army, one that will follow the Nigtrion's will only. The newly formed army joined forces with the Rambo Nation and The URC to fight the Cognatus.

Battle at the Cyrannus-Quadrantia Wormhole[]

the USS Dallas engages a Cognatus ship near the Cyrannus Wormhole leading to Quadrant 82

While Captain Ramcard returned from his visits and diplomatic mission to the Core Federation, Ramcard dediced to travel to the Cyrannus Wormhole, as it was often a short cut from Rambo Nation to the Core Federation and ofcourse the United Republic of Cyrannus. Following the Bounty Hunter Hostage at the Rambo Capitol planet, Rambo command ordered Ramcard and the USS Dallas to take this route and take captive any bounty hunters encountered and re-supply the small defense task force of the wormhole.

Upon dropping out of Warp Ramcard saw a massive and large purple ship heading to the wormhole, all around her Rambo and URC ships were crippled, even an Olympic Class, a medical ship. Only one Hunter Class of the URC managed to hold her ground but it was obvious she was losing the battle. Ramcard took the USS Dallas in persuit and fired several photon torpedo's and was able to damage a hull section. However, it was in vain as the Hunter Class could not substain any more firepower and was destroyed by the Cognatus ship. Immediatly the Cognatus ship entered the wormhole and arrived at Quadrant 82.

Ramcard, furious and fear followed the Cognatus ship and sended a SOS transmission to the nearest URC colonie. As the USS Dallas exited the wormhole, of the Cognatus ship was no sign and when contacting Rambo Command, they did notice an unknown ship entering Quadrant 82 but were unable to keep track as it vanished from radar................

Another unknown ship arrives!!!![]

The ARS Protector encounter two Hunter Class Star Destroyers of the URC

As Ramcard entered the wormhole in persuit of the Cognatus ship, at the edges of the Cyrannus Galaxy two Hunter Class Star Destroyers of the URC were patrolling the borders for Imperial or Cognatus activity. One of the Captains found it an honor while the other (the lead ship's captain) was really bored.

But his day would change dramatic, as an unknown white ship, resembling somewhat a Star Destroyer dropped out of warp. The large ship immediatly raised shields and targeted weapons.

Aboard the ARS Protector Captain Anciaddwia was nervous, these kind of ships did not appear in the ships database and she was unsure if they were friendly or hostile. As such, she raised red alert and took standard procedures for the vessels. She then nodded to her CoM officer and opened a channel to the lead URC ship, she said the following thing:

Greetings, I am Captain Anciaddwia of the URS Protector, I come in peace, please identify yourself!!!.


The lead captain, Captain Harcadia was glad that his day got more interesting and sent the following transmission back to the unknown vessel

Hello, I am Captain Harcadia of the CSS Enduring Freedom, We are from the United Republic of Cyrannus! What empire are you from? If you are peaceful we would be honoured by an alliance

The White ship dropped it shields and Captain Anciaddwia was relieved that the new ships were friendly.

A new ally[]

Anciaddwia was relieved, they were friendly and according to there database they were followers of something called the Thirteenth Tribe, however the Acientia Captain did not fully understand what this means. She contacted Harcadia again and accepted his request of an alliance, upon lowering her shields she also invited the Captain for a meeting and hoping to learn of there species and the current status of the nearby Quadrant Galaxies. Her response message held the following message: Greetings, I am from the Acientia Kingdom, located in Quadrant 21. We were able to acces you Galaxy since the large nebula's and psionic shields have vanished from around our Galaxy. We gladly accept your alliance request. Perhaps you want us to meet personally on my ship and discuss the alliance?

As Anciaddwia awaited the response of the URC Captain she informed Acientia Kingdom Military Command of the Alliance, and she was informed a small fleet of Acientia ships would soon arrive to back her up in exploring this Galaxy, in search of there Rambo brothern and sisters.

A Presidential Visit[]

The Presidental Fleet arrives to greet the new allies.,

Soon after an alliance was declared, a large fleet comprising of 2 Hunter Class SDs, a Galactica Class and the presidents offcial flagship, Colonial One. Colonial One docked with the URS Protector and President Apollo met with Anciaddwia, who was delighted to hear about her nations long lost brothers and sisters. The President showed her a brief history of the local universe such as the Tigris, Trucinex and most of all the Galactic Wars.

Captain Anciaddwia really wanted to meet the Rambo of Rambo Nation and with an escort of Admiral Cretaceous made her way to the Rambo Capital. Cretaceous could tell this was a start of a great alliance.

Week Two[]

As the second week of the war begins, a new ally in the form of the Rambo Acientia arrive to aid the Allies, and the Cognatus Battlecrusier still prowls Quadrant 82 in search for a fresh victim.

Week Two is sure to involve many epic battles and the Bounty Hunters search for certain important individuals...

Core Federation Aid[]

Finally the Core Federation sent on eof their Armadas, Great Fleet 1, to enter the fightin gin the war. A trillion CorFed ships pushed into Quadrant 82, while twice the number, led by the Empeuron-class super star destroyer of CorFed General Sared Trint held back and blockaded the Rambo's systems. More ships stopped at the Rambo Capital, Dinoman82, while others flew down on teh 12 Colonies. The General was informed of the dangerous Cognatus Battlecruiser, but with a blockade around the Allied systems there was few danger of being attacked. there they got the first glimpse of the Ancientia, and teh General seemed surprised. After a planning meeting, the General left half his elite forces at the Allies' command, and led the rest back to the blockade, to set up watch in case of attack. It would be a long night...

The Acientia and Rambo meet[]

The ARS Protector is greeted by the USS Adelphi and escort.

As the URS Protector was escorted by various URC vessels to Rambo Space, upon entering Quadrant 82 and passing near the vital colonie of Rametru Nui a few Rambo ships arrived out of space, including the USS Adelphi, the personall ship of Empress Ramashe. She immediatly opened a channel with Anciaddwia and invited her and the URC Admiral onboard. Happy with the discovery of these new and unknown Ramboidae, she praised the URC for encountering them and there quick action to meet with the Acientia. After discussing more for a while, a contact came from deep within Quadrant 21, Anciaddwia was allowed to make an alliance with both the URC and Rambo Nation, and both sides eagerly accepted.

Acientia Fleet arrives to aid the URC and the Rambo in there struggle with the Cognatus.

After a few hourse of diplomatic talks, a decent fleet of the Acientia Kingdom arrived at Quadrant 82 at there current position near Rametru Nui. This fleet was led by Captain Anuatolian of the ARS Impavid. Ramashe and the URC Admiral Cretaceous were surprised, there ships looked powerfull and yet odd at the same time. None the less, both side were happy with the aid as Anciaddwia and Anuatolion claimed the Cognatus to be a threat to future events they were not allowed to discuss yet, and had to be dealed with. Ramashe then sended Cretaceous and Anuatolian back to the Cyrannus Galaxy to counter any attack made by the Cognatus, while Anciaddwia joined Ramashe in a visit to the Rambo Capitol to further discuss there common history and origins.

Encounter at Javan[]

The USS Divide attacks the Cognatus cruiser while the Majestic is badly damaged.

The Cognatus Cruiser which had entered Quadrant 82 had dissapeared from radar. After no Rambo ship could detect it, Rambo Command assumed it leaved Quadrant 82. This was not true, instead the ship dropped out of space a few hours later near the Colonie of Javan. Javan, an outer colonie under the watchfull eye of Captain Ramborwski and protected by older class ships reacted immediatly and intercepted this unknown aliens vessel and opened channel. The lead vessel of the interception was the USS Majestic under command of Captain Ramniels. However, the Cognatus ship did not even answer the call and immediatly opened fire at the USS Majestic, the powerfull beam shot straigh through the Majestic's shields and the unfortunate Miranda Class ship was crippled and badly damaged. The other vessels, including the USS Divide, another Kelvin Class and a Constition Class attacked the Cognatus Cruiser but it was in vain, they were unable to pierce the shields and during the battle the other Kelvind Class was destroyed in the proccess. The USS Divide, the Constitution Class tagged the damaged Majestic back to Javan as the Cognatus Cruiser was plotting a course to circle around the Willa-2 System.

Intervention from the Core Federation[]

The Ravenrii's blockade soon interrupted the skirmishes between the Rambo and Cognatus, creating a barrier between the two sides. The General, Trint, then gave an important message:

Pretenders to victory, enemies of each other. We know that your honor demands that you fight, and your words have caused many battles. But, it is now time to focus on a much larger problem-the Xhodocto, enemies of all of you, are suspected of amassing in their home galaxy of Tuuros. How can you stand here, fighting your own small wars, when there is an evil to be destroyed? We implore that you listen-for this time, only united we shall be able to flatten the Xhodocto. We ask that you stop this war, before you only weaken yourselves and then all of you fall to them. To the Rambo and the URC-as part of the G8 Nations, we ask that you join for an emergency meeting in planet Concentron to discuss contingency plans. As for the war-we suggest that the winner is decided later, so that the three of you might actually survive now. What do you answer?

-High General Sared Trint, on behalf of the Federation of the Core Worlds

Battle of Cadian[]

The Battle in space

Shortly after the final battle of the Eire campaign, the Cognatus quickly left the system after learning the location of the rich colony of Cadian from a ancient artifact buried under Eire's north pole. Upon reaching Cadian, two Cognatus Battlecruisers jumped into the system. The CSS Virgon, CSS Arie, CSS Majesty, and CSS Jumper engaged the two ships immediately, catching one of them with its shields down and destroying it. However, the URC force suffered for its part in the battle. The Virgon and Arie were both destroyed, the Jumper was venting atmosphere due to damage, and the Majesty suffered severe damage before crashing down to the planet.

Ground Battle[]

The Cognatus walker lays waste to the Majesties crashsite.

At the crash site, many people died, but most of the troopers and vehicles survived. Suddenly the ground began to shake, a huge walker came into view and began firing on the remaining army with a superlaser. There was no survivors.

The Kingdom sends help[]

Doriaca fleet greated by the Rambo taskforce

After short communications with the Rambo Nation the Doriaca Kingdom sent a fleet of ships to asset the Rambo in Quadrant 82. Upon arriving at Quadrant 82 the Doriaca ships is greeted by whats left of a task force assigned to protect that reign of space against the Cognatus.

USS Relativity launched[]

USS Relativity

Shorlty after the Doriaca Kingdom had sended a fleet to Quadrant 82, Rambo Nation launched there newly created Well Class, the USS Relativity into active service. Commanded by the Rambo Founder, it headed to Quadrant 21 to meet with the Ancientia. However, along the course she found herself chasing a Cognatus Battle Cruiser to another unknown alien race.

Mistake of the Cognati[]

This is also an adventure by Imperios2.png - Emperor Imperios

Cognatus Alliance ship trying to destroy TerCol commune. Also, a PNG for adventure.

Acientia together with Rambo Serindia have attacked several Cognati outposts. In order to counterattack, they have sent a fleet into Quadrant 21 that could glass their planets. Unfortunately, they have flied into space of Tertamian Colonial Collective.

A captain of the Collective, Nalarem, had contacted Cognati fleet. Main species of the Collective, the TerCols, were followers of Rambo Gods. When Nalarem said this in the negotiations, Cognati immediately marked them as Rambo allies (which they were not (yet), they didn't even know about the Rambo!) and heretics to be destroyed, and launched an attack on one of the Collective's T0 colony, Talia IV.

At first army of Defilers appeared and attacked citizen. Captain Nalarem killed them all personally. Then, an army of Scavengers and Nequams has attacked, and slowly they started to claw their way to the center of the city. Then, Nalarem has contacted the Collective's military. A group of Warhunters and Descents has been teleported directly to the city. This group alone has destroyed Cognati army and killed Shipmaster Kalsak, admiral of the Cognati Fleet, as well as destroyed his spaceship. Remaining ships either escaped or were destroyed by the Collective's fleet.

Meanwhile, a Rambo ship, with Rambo Founder himself onboard, has watched Cognati fighting the Collective. When the battle was over, Founder has descended from the ship, wondered by Collective's power in the battle. He asked Collective to ally, and Nalarem, as its representative, agreed. After some time, Founder discovered that main species of Collective, the TerCols, too have blessing of the Rambo Gods in their blood. After some research, it was discovered that TerCols were Zâniûlaris, aka the Forgotten Ones - a forgotten and abandoned species of Rambo which was mentioned in the myths of the Rambo Nation. It was also discovered that TerCols also believed in the Rambo Gods, (though they have different patron god than Serindia). Finally, Collective and Rambo Nation allied against the Cognati.

Infriltrating the Syndicate[]

USS Luna vs Syndicate Interceptors

Levarrion faces Rambam

After Rambam got his order, he carefully planned his move to infriltrate the Syndicate. After some searching he met with Captain Neras of the Interceptor, claiming he was a Bounty Hunter she brought him to the Syndicate HQ in Quadrant 89. The USS Luna followed closely behind and managed to avoid detection.

Upon landing, Rambam explored the HQ and almost run into Thellma, but he did not recognized him due to his frutrating behavior. After exiting the landing docks Rambam headed to the Saloon, after talking to numorous Bounty Hunter, including Ukho Yart and Jessica, he headed to the "palace" of Levarrion where he encountered Emto and Levarrion. Emto, immediatly recognising the Serindia Captain began attacking him but was soon defeated by Rambam. Upon facing Levarrion he also saw that Princess Ramtilsae was in that chamber. The huge figure of Levarrion refused to give up his new slave and tried to defeat Rambam, but due to his quick thinking and fast moves Levarrion was knocked uncouncios and the USS Luna arrived above the Syndicate HQ and prevented ships to take off. After beaming onboard Rambam took command of the USS Luna again and after escaping an attack by Syndicate Interceptors he arrived back at the Rambo Capitol. There he brought Ramtilsae to the Empress where the unfortunate Princess recieved a lecture by the Empress to be more carefull.

Imperial Attack[]

The New Horizon under attack by the Verpine

An Ancientia Foray class vessel was travelling in Quadrant 82 to the Rambo Capitol, this ship was called the New Horizon and the Clone Commander of this ship was a bold one. As the crew was resting, an unknown ship dropped out of hyperspace near the New Horizon and suddenly opened fire at the surprised Ancientia.

The Clone Commander contacted the alien vessel and demanded to cease fire, the image that showed up surprised him, it was a Lizardian who introduced himself as Lizassk, but his database showed him commanding another vessel. Lizassk explained this to him, the Imperial Lizardian Star Destroyers were put out of active service and this was a newer class. Lizassk than boarded the ship and took all the clones captive onboard. However, he killed the Clone Command and left the ship a drift.

Attack of the Cognatus[]

The Cognatus decided they would attack the DCP research outpost Ekravanus, in the system Oploy Major. The system holds some importance to the DCP, the star is rather unique, which attracts astrophysicists, the nearby planet Goydon has an abundamnce of neutronium and Ekravanus is a coral reef world, where biologists and ecotourists visit. But since it is a major scientific outpost, the Cognatus believed attacking and destroying it in a big show of force would demoralise the coalition.

Just before the attack, Titanozor and Admiral Horlin were travelling to Moystior, but as they past Oploy Major, Titanozor could sense danger was near, so, trusting Titanozors instincts, they decided to check out the system and make sure everything was running smoothly. Horlin entered, the reseach base, and the head of operations, a Flixxel said everything was working normally. Horlin was about to leave, when the colony got a holomessage from a Prophet of the Cognati. After a quick angry discussion, the base was attacked, and over 100 Cognatus battlecruisers invaded the system and overwhelmed its defeneses (although the system wasn't heavily defended).

They beamed straight through the anti-teleportation walls, and invaded the base, Admiral Horlin managed to save the archives, but it was too late, the system had been conquered. However, the Flixxel told him to take an aquaskimmer over the water to a nearby island, which is housed inside a a cloaking bubble. There was a weapon of great power. After activating the device, Horlin returned to regroup with Titanozor, who assembled a small army of DCP Juggernarts and Ultra troopers. Together they defeated the Defilers and Scavengers, but Cognati sent reinforcements. However, the weapon activated and 70% of the Cognatus army and ships froze in time! The Flixxel and other scietists explained they were working on a secret weapon for the Council of War. The weapon created a bubble of warped spacetime over the target which caused time to slow down (but not to stop). This would allow reinforcements to arrive by the time the weapon is switched off!

An armada of 500 DCP warships entered the system and surrounded the Cognatus. The bubble was lifted and to the rather confused Cognati, the they found themselves bombed out of orbit. Some limped home to tell of their harrowing story. The Prophet of the Cognati contacted Admiral Horlin, to find out what happend, believing it was dark magic, however Horlin explained it was science (the Cognatus are extremely advanced, but they believe their technology and sciences was originally created by the gods, and the gods tell their craftsmen, engineers and scientists what to build).

Wraith of the Cognatus[]

Wraith of the Cognatus

Angered by the two recent victories by the allies, the Cognatus decided it was time to show the universe how deadly they can be. Across the Cognatia Galaxies, scores of battlecrusiers and other warships began a gigantic invasion on the allied galaxies, trillions of troops of the Cognatus got ready for battle to protect the ancient structures from falling into the hands of the allies. This message was sent to all the allies:

We hope you are pleased with your recent victories over us, and so you should, cherish the past, enjoy the present because your destruction is near!

Kingdom's response[]

The Doriaca's massive warfleet preparing to meet the Cognatus invasion force

The Doriaca Kingdom has never token any threat lightly, especially after 'the war' so when the Cognatus gave there threat it was only natural for the Kingdom to respond with drastic measures. Once King Cavvia'Ko and the royal councal got wind of the Cognatus invasion force they ordered a massive warfleet assembled and sent them to 'give the Cognatus a warm welcome'. Once the two fleets meet the outcome of the battle is uncertain but one is, it is going to be total war.

Confederation of Andromeda intervention[]

The CoA's leaders the Vartekians were enemies with the Cognatus for a very long time, When they heard that the Cognatus started an intergalactic war the Vartekians could not help but join in the fight, Since the Vartekians had know other allies in the war they brought in their own allies. Soon the other Confederation members joined the Vartekians and together they headed off for the war zones.

Power of the Elliontics[]

The Elliontic ships attack Luxus V. The E.S Venegance can be seen in the bottom left corner.

The Venegance over a now-destroyed Luxus V.

At the end of week 2, the Elliontic fleet set off toward deep Cognatus territory. They had pre-plotted a destination, the major Cognatus world of Luxus V, and rallied their generals in Cyrannus for the assault to come. The fighters and frigates were in the front, keeping away any Cognatus ships that came close, and the E.S Vengeance was above them all, watching. Also in the fleet were 300 transports containing thousands of Elliontic soldiers. The fleet arrived and surrounded the world, while many divisions of fighters and all of the transports broke off and headed towards a second Cognatus planet, Kegzus. The cruisers and frigates began bombing the planet with deadly Judicator bombs and giga missiles, but with only small effect. The planet's defence systems engaged and felled several cruisers before being finished off by the Vengeance. A red light began glowing on the capital ship...

Meanwhile, the second fleet arrived at Kegzus and began small attacks around the planet with fighters, and all of the transports landed and began ground assaults. There was much resistance and many Elliontics were killed, but eventually the capital of the planet fell to the Elliontics.

On Luxus V, all of the bombing ships had pulled away to Kegzus, leaving only the Vengeance. For the whole attack, the Vengeance had only been charging it's primary weapon, the Sun laser. At this point, it fired the Sun laser and the planet shook. The core exploded from within the planet and threw the crust into space, melting most of it and leaving only a ball of lava.

Week Three[]

As the Cognatus Fleet begins to invade the enemy forces, many allies are involved with attacks against the Xhodocto, the Cognatus sees it as the perfect opportunity to strike.

The Sylits' Aid[]

Finally helping their allies, the Sylit Republic sent a fleet of nearly 5,000 ships to aid the URC and Rambo Nation. The Sylit Republic sent the troops through the Ramvelkys Wormhole, a wormhole that is the Galactic Core of Ramvelkys Galaxy. The Ramvelkys Wormhole is connected to the Cyrannus core, which is also a wormhole (See:Fiction:URC-SR trade route). The Sylit fleet immediately entered URC space, and the fleet is currently under command of the URC and Rambo Nation.

Mystery on Eire[]

The USS Caprica and the CSS Pegasus in orbit.

While orbiting the glassed colony of Eire, Admiral Cretaceous and Captain Rambas II discovered an ancient artefact on the planets surface, they sent down a dozen URC Troopers to destroy the Cognatus defence on the planet, it was an easy task due to only a few defilers being stationed there. After the URC/Rambo found the artefact they were led to a volcanic planet on near Quadrant 82 to find that the landing party sent there was destroyed by an unknown hostile that was not a Cognatus, the URC finally destroyed these hostiles but something awakened from the lava: The Dark Ones, the Apocalypta!

The Return!

Tricarrion's plot[]

Also see Light and Dark

Tricarrion had now lost a battle with Bo Ramik. He went back to the DCP seperatist remnant. He found that if ascended bings are worshipped, they could become even more powerful. So he didn't just act as a leader, but as a god. A religion started - the Order of the Shadows, and every time he was worshipped, he became a bit more powerful. But this still wasn't enough. Now Tricarrion began to look at manipulating the course of the Intergalactic War (and he already is in the War of Ages, sided with the Xhodocto). He turned to the evil gods Apocrypha and Artemis...

Rambo Outer Colonial Fleet[]

The Updated Outer Colonial Fleet

Shortly after the Rambo Founder made contact with the TCC, the Outer Colonial Fleet recieved a massive update so that the ship classes functioning there could match the speed and fire power of the Miranda Classes and the Excelsior Classes before they recieved there upgrade. Afterwards, due to the shortness of Captains, Ramborwski and the other 18th Fleet captain who did not command a Early History ship were withdrawn to the protect the inner regions of Rambo Nation, much at the dismay of Ramborwski.

She than appointed Ambassador Ram'vindalë of Ramar Shadda as the Lady of the Outer Regions, effectivly giving her the title of Lady and ruler of the Outer Regions, however she still had to listen to Empress Ramashe and rapport to her. The Empress reached this decision as the many wars and the current recovering from the Second Galactic War prevented her to rule the various region personall, so she sended various Lord and Ladies to rule those regions, under her command of course. The most important decisions still needed her approval.

Fall of Scorpia[]

Fall of Scorpia


Despite suffering a minor defeat at the the hands of the TCC and the DCP, the Cognatus managed to place a tracking device on a URDF warship and use it to find nearby URC worlds. When the ship returned to the colony of Scorpia the URC presence, and its extent, was revealed to the Cognatus fleet.

The Battle[]

The CSS Remember being destroyed!

The main Cognatus force moved in on the orbital defenses. A previously unknown warship type, the Cognatus Inquisition Class, carrying a new weapon, the energy projector, revealed itself destroying the CSS Ionian before withdrawing temporarily. The attacking fleet withdrew to regroup after deploying hundreds of dropships to the surface. The URC fleet pursued and destroyed many of the Cognatus dropships, but many made it through and landed on Scorpias's equator. The battle in space also continued to rage until the URC Super Star Destroyer Remember exploded destroying 40 other star destroyers.

The Ground Battle[]

A Cognati Warrior

When the Cognatus landed they went straight for the military bases, they were met with fiece resistance from the URC but they eventually got the upper hand due to a more advanced technology and numbers. Many troopers regrouped for a counter attack, as Fleet Admiral Hall, the most senior in the URC Fleet, rushed to Rambo Nation for aid.

Genocide at Virashadon-A[]

The Cognatus decide to attack the DCP. The only warning the DCP got was a subspace message they recieved of the Cognatus chanting. It was a message for the Grimbolsaurian race:Die heretics, your planets will shine with glass, and the smell of charred Grimbolsaurians will be blown away in the wind! Annihilate! Annihilate! Annihilate! Annihilate! ANNIHILAAAATE!!!

Virashadon A and B was a binary system in the Cyrannus galaxy. Several planets orbited either star. Virashadon-A star's planet Florboon was the main planet, a T6 class world, with rare, precious resources unseen throughout most of Cyrannus. It was a jewel of the skies, shining violet and turquoise. The second colony Haaaplop was a backup colony orbiting Virashadon-B, a white dwarf star (yet unkbown to the Cognatus). The Cognatus attacked the system with over 600 starships, and not all at once, remembering their defeat last time. But there was no special weapon, no legion or whatever here, just a fleet of Blade Class battlecruisers commanded by a Star Dreadnought (and some orbital defense satellites). The Cognatus ships flooded in, and although the DCP fired back and destroyed various ships there was much devastation for the DCP. The Cognatus reinforcements kept coming, and like a swarm of angry ants, they overwhelmed the DCP's home forces. Even the mighty Dreadnought was gunned from orbit. The civilians on the surface didn't have enough time to teleport or escape off world, so many went underground, but many more knew they would ultimately loose, and staired death in the face and stood with pride on the surface, as great torrents of energy glassed the Florboon's land into molten slag. Molten rock poured into the mines. And in a final act to make sure nothing was going to leave, the Cognatus bombed the surface with hydrogen bombs, and the glass turned to ashes. Nothing survived...


The Cognatus now in glory necked blood wine and decided to sing war games and hyms to the gods. But the Cognati commander declared work was yet to be done, they must search the entire binary system. Every troop hurried away to their posts, in fear of being "dispensed" with by their peers. A fat and rather drunk Defiler stumbled over. He was shot. Life aboard the Cognatus ships was brutal (and actually similar to DCP ships in that manner), especially for the lower ranking Defilers.

The Cognatus found little resistance from the small support colony, as it was an agriworld. However, the Cognatus jumped the system to attack the next. But one survivor was left on Haaaplop. His name was Krekak, a young Grimbolsaurian warrior. He did the clever thing by masking his genetic signiture with that of a native animal, so he was not detected. The Cognatus didn't bother wasting their energy on glassing such a small colony. Krekak then had to find his way off this rock. He discovered a half destroyed shuttle, he was good engineer as well as a warrior, and repaired the craft within a couple of days. He left the system, and vowed to get revenge. But one is for certain, the DCP will now vent its full rage on the Cognatus.


Confederation cruisers fight back against the Cognatus ambush..

Since the Confederation of Andromeda arrived they were caught in an electrical pulse field they believe a special Cognatus weapon caused. The Confederation then flew to the source of where the blast was launched. As they neared their goal they flew through a ship graveyard littered with damaged Rambo and URC cruisers. Out of the dark misty smoke of rubble a fleet of Cognatus battle stars spontaneously popped in sending a rain of particle beams down at the Confederation cruisers. The beams struck the Confederation ships hard destroying the first few ships in the front. Swiftly the confederation ships retaliated with suppressed rounds of plasma bolts. In quick succession the bolts charged through the Cognatus ships eradicating half the fleet in a storm of explosions. The Cognatus battle stars retreated but it was just the beginning of their attack.

The DCP defense[]

The DCP had hundreds of millions of warships and trillions of soliders, they were not going to back down to the loss they had taken. The great problem was, that the DCP fleet was already busy in the War of Ages fighting the invading Xhodocto, the Xhodocto in Nexus and the Xhodocto in hell. But the DCP had a battle plan. The DCP has been experimenting with weapons that can destroy entire fleets and colonies without even being there. These weapons are also considered dishonorable and are only used for occasions such as this one or for giving small colonies a lot more fire power. These were the Hyperspace missiles, Torpedo platforms and the Entanglement manipulators (they are not superweapons though, just weapons of mass destruction).

It was dawn on the Cognatus world Urabadon, normal life was just starting, troops readied for battle, and prairs were sang at the alter. But then a great wormhole appeared above the city, it was a hyperspace missile. It materialised within the city and detonated. The planets crust was cracked open. This happend to several more Cognatus colonies, and it would be a while before they would realise what had happend.

Back in Cyrannus, 5000 Cognatus battlecruisers were heading towards DCP space. But suddenly, 3 torpedo platforms appeared, and fired their great torrent of missiles in all directions. They are spherical unmanned devices that can fire missiles at every angle, and can replicate more missiles (but not for ever). The spheres caused great damage as 1,550 ships were completely destroyed, a further 2000 heavily damaged and the rest of the ships scattered into hyperspace as a DCP fleet showed up. The DCP had halted the advance of the Cognatus invasion for now, to allow time for DCP reinforcements.

Rambo arrive at Scorpia[]

USS Caprica and Rambo/Acientia fleet engage the Cognatus fleet above Scorpia

Space Battle[]

As Fleet Admiral Hall arrived at the position Captain Rambam II had taken with his combined fleet of Rambo and Ancientia ships, they immediatly rushed to aid the URC in there dire need. Rambam forces surprised the Cognatus blockade and managed to break a hole in the fleet. Using this to there advance, some Ancientia Troop Transports and various Rambo ship entered orbit and headed for the cities and villages, to evacuate the URC citizens.

Meanwhile above, the USS Caprica damaged a Cognatus Battle Cruiser and various Forrestal Class ships launched there Rambo fighters. This meant, the Cognatus ships had to regroup and the evacuation ships had time to aid the URC citizens. However, the Cognatus did not give the Rambo much time to evacuate Scorpio and the City of Celeste.

The City of Celeste before the battle

Evacuation of Celeste[]

As the Space battle above was raging on the Rambo and Ancientia fighters were chasing and engaging the various Cognatus Ghost fighters. This attack meant that a single Constitution Class V2 was able to fight her way to Celeste and she was escorted by various Ancientia Troop Transport/Assault Carriers and they deployed there troops to engage the enemy Cognatus forces in the city. Led by two Ancientia soldiers, they managed to re-take a part of the city. However, they were unable to get to URC Admiral Shaw, as he was trapped by a Cognatus Elite. However, various star ships were damaged during the battle, and various URC ships also aided in the evacuation upon arriving.

Various URC citizens prepare to be evacuated by an Ancientia Assault Carrier.

But Rambam II and Captain Anuatolian arrived too and aided in the evacuation and the various Rambo and Ancientia fighters kept off any Ghost fighters of the Cognatus. During the evacuation Admiral Cretaceous arrived and talked to Rambam and Anuatolian. He arrived with a daring warning, the evacuation had to finished quickly. Understanding, both Ramboidae Captains nodded and wrapped up the evacuation and left the city. Admiral Cretaceous headed into the city and aided in defeating the Cognatus and fought his way up to the Capitol Building of Celeste, were Admiral Shaw was cornered. As Cognatus, Ancientia and URC troopers were batteling, Cretaceous fought the Cognatus Elite and managed to defeat him in single combat. He then took Admiral Shaw into a gunship and looked in awe as a Cognatus Battle Cruiser had arrived above the city and fired a massive beam upon the city.

Arriving at the USS Merced, Rambam told Creteceous that over 15 million citizens had been saved, but he did not know how many lived on Scorpia. And the space battle was also not yet finished, but the Ancientia Assault Carriers with the evacuees onboard, had escaped the battle and arrived safely at a nearby URC colonie.

The Fall[]

The allied flight fought in what is the largest space battle the URC has ever participated in, 10000 new Cognatus ships jumped into orbit around Scorpia, it was now the Admiral Cretaceous knew that Scorpia was going to fall, the remaining allied ships jumped back to another of the Twelve Colonies, Virgon in order to regroup, it was then they discovered the news that all of the outer colonies numbering 400,000 colonies had been destroyed in the course of the battle, many in the URC lost hope that the Cognatus could be defeated and so they turned to the DCP to help...

Skirmish in Milky Way Galaxy[]

The Cognatus and the DCP expansion sector are very close, near the top of the image.

The Cognatus Alliance also control a reasonable portion of Milky Way Galaxy galaxy, and, not far from their region of space is a DCP expansion sector. The two had met prior to this war, and obviously, negotiations failed. The Cognatus thought they can disrupt reinforcements to the Cyrannus galaxy by attacking the DCP in their own galaxy, so they invaded with thousands of battlecruisers. They became a problem for the outer worlds, and several inner colonies had been breached and were even glassed, however, Milky Way Galaxy is where the DCP is at its strongest, and lossed heavily as soon as the new DCP star destroyers backed the sectior, fresh from the Delpha Sector. In return, the DCP fired a subspace burst weapon into the heart of the Cognatus controlled space, heavily interfering with hyperspace travel, while the DCP's Tachyonic Shift Drives were unaffected, in return, the DCP sent another invasion force, while the COfnatus were still disrupted. This gave the peoples of the United Republic of Cyrannus a bit more hope, and showed that the war can be brought to their fronts too. After the skirmish, nearly all of the DCP's star destroyers and some more ships went straight on to reach Capricorn space. The battle plan, is that the Rambo and URC hold for as long as they can, while the DCP attack the Cognatus in their own space. Heavy losses are expected, on both sides.

General Arivino[]

Arivino duels Votarah

The Confederation grew ever closer to his operation and general Arivino became worried. "How could they have possibly gotten past my ambush" he though. The general sat himself down on a metal thrown over looking the large ship yard of battle cruisers. Than he turned around to face the large gate like structure behind him. "We need to get more power... the weapon only stalled the Confederation ships... when we develop it we shall have to test it on the confederation ships... than the DCP... and we must act fast" Arivino's eyes darted to one of the shadows in the room. A Vate was staring at him and he looked worried. "What is the matter now?" The general said "There is someone on the planet sir... somehow he made it past the security... " The general quickly stood on his feet and loomed over the Vate. "This had better not be one of your little tricks." He than carefully proceeded through the doors to the outside forest. As soon as the general stepped outside his eyes darted to a dark clearing close to the nearby forest. A dark figure emerged from the dark. "Hello general." The Generals eyes showed fear but his voice had not changed as he calmly said "hello, Votarah." The Dark Figure grinned "your toy is mighty large... yet it was not powerful enough to destroy the Confederations fleets..." Arivino started to look worried now. "Well i'm not gonna let you see it if thats what you want!" The Vartekian laughed sending chills down the generals spine. "well I'm not gonna stand around and let you play with fire..." Votarah lunged at the General swiftly. The General quickly countered and whipped his sword through the air just missing the Vartekian by an inch. Votarah Quickly slammed his leg into the generals thigh. Arivinos legs buckled and gave way under his weight as he fell to the ground. Votarah held his sword to the generals neck. "That was a dirty and dishonorable move!" the General coughed. "It was a dirty and stupid move to fire that piece of crap at us." Votarah retaliated... As he left for the room Votarah kicked the generals sword away. From there The General could only listen to the sounds of his peoples screams. "tomorrow," the General whispered. "Tomorrow I will skin you alive."

Battle of the E.C.C Sunrise[]

Captain Canore

Admiral Salrah, the leader of the Elliontic fleet in Cyrannus, strode to the comm deck aboard the E.S Venegance and pushed forwrd the large red lever that began communications. A large image of the Emperor, Kallavahus, appeared on the glass screen before him. "Emperor, the war is going well enough, but the Cognatus are so numerous it would be impossible to defeat every last one of them with just our fleet. We have pushed the Vengeance to the limit with the use of the Sun laser and the repeated attacks drain our power further. We request that you send your great ship to assist us." The Emperor considered this, and then replied, "I will accept your request, though Grox attacks here grow ever more powerful with each passing day." Suddenly, the image flickered and changed, and the audio fizzled out. All the lights on the deck went off for a second, and then returned. A Vates was now on the screen and was screaming in rage at Salrah, "You dare believe you can stop us? You dare believe that you can change the will of the gods? No. NO! YOU CAN NOT DEFEAT US! You obliterated the holy world of Luxus and now, YOU EXPECT TO WIN!That will not happen! That will not happen EVER!" The image dissapeared and was replaced by Kallavhus.

2 hours after, the E.C.C Sunrise arrived in Cyrannus, a mighty vessel 20 times the size of Earth containing the Emperor's citadel. It dwarfed the nearby E.S Vengeance. Admiral Salrah flew across in a transport and was greeted by the Emperor and Captain Canore of Ellitic III. They strolled along the gleaming whiestone corridor toward the grand War Room and came out with a decision made. Guarded by the Cyrannus fleet, the Sunrise would begin an assault on the holy Cognatus world of Sanctuous. On the way, a large reading was detected on the radar of the Vengeance and all ships were prepped for battle. "Report!" Yelled Salrah, and a young Cadet replied, "Cognatus fleet! Over 8 thousand ships!" Salrah's throat went dry, and he grabbed his weapons. He sprinted to the comm deck and yanked on the lever, issuing an order to the captains of every ship: "Begin firing as soon as they come into range!" The ships turned their weapons to the approaching ships, and Salrah ran to the window. He saw 10 Inquisition-class ships among the mass. Every gun on the ships suddenly began blazing, pouring firepower into the enemy fleet. "Fire the Sun laser at those Inquisition ships before they hit the Sunrise!" He yelled. The bright purple light of the Sun laser lit up and tore a swathe through the Cognatus cruisers, and, more importantly, one of the Inquisition-class ships began hurtling downwards. The Sunrise flew low above the Vengeance and fired 2 more Sun lasers. Only one hit. Salrah smiled and did a little salute. The Cognatus numbers were dwindling. 5 Cognatus cruisers began a run on the Sunrise, weapons blazing. 4 were shot down by various ships, but one survived and crashed directly into the ship's hull. The Sunrise wobbled slightly, but remained mostly intact. The battle lasted 8 hours but eventually, the Elliontics sent the Cognatus running.

Week Four[]

The United Republic has been severally crippled by the loss of Scorpia, and over 200,000 worlds in the outer rim, meanwhile the DCP continues to buy time for the rest of the allies...

The Shrine of the Rambo Ultimate God revealed!![]

The Shrine of the Ultimate God revealed the USS Bonaventura

Near Luthrionicae the Rambo discovered an ancient structure, with the same markings and signs at the Ancient Structure side. After Judge Magister Drace and a squad of Rambo soldiers entered the shrine, they discovered it was the Shrine of the Ultimate God. Later on, Princess Ramtilsae also visited the side and explored the Shrine with two Ancientia Clone Troopers (by tricking Judge Magister Drace).

After entering the Shrine, they encountered a security drones, and managed to defeat them. After entering another dome, they saw Cognatus drop ships arrive through a portal and attacked the Rambo forces. Also Ramtilsae saw that an ancient Rambo ship, the USS Bonaventura was docked inside the dome. However, with no time to explore the ship she headed to the top after she and a few soldiers defeated the Cognatus. She then entered an even larger dome where she encountered and battled the Judge of the Shrine and managed to trick her and defeat her.

Ramtilsae exits the Grand Tower at the Ancrevialicia Core.

In grattitude and as her duty tells her, the Judge of the Shrine brought Ramtilsae to the Core of the Rambo Capitol. There she met with the Ancrevialicia and learned there history and also visited the Tomb of Captain Ramolla.

After speaking to another Ancrevialicia, Ramtilsea invited them to leave the core and enter the Rambo society, something they hesitantly agreed with.

Shortly after, the Rambo fleet was updated to the V2 status and many ships were retired from active service, and ohters recieved massive updates.

The Duel[]

Captain Canore strolled along the corridors of the E.C.C Sunrise, running his hands along the smooth walls and observing the intricate paintings dotted around. Mechanics from the E.S Vengeance had just finished repairing the damage from the battle last week. He made his way to the War Room, where Captain Janroxi, a famed hero from Operation Blue Sonic, Ship Captain Hervahuss, the captain of the E.S Starlight, Fleet Admiral Salrah, and the Emperor were waiting. In the centre of the room was the Holotable, with a 3D image of a large mountain on it. Salrah said: "We think this mountain is a Cognatus base, and there's an important general and a few guards inside. A full attack would be useless, they'd see us coming and run, so we'd have to send in a strike team." The Emperor took over. "You, Hervahuss and Janroxi have the most combat experience, so we've chosen you to make up the strike team." Canore nodded. "There's a transport waiting in the Hangar. Good luck."

The team went to the hangar and climbed in the transport. "Sorry, but you're gonna have to do a lot of walking. We're dropping you quite far from the base to keep undetected." The transport landed in the middle of a rocky and mountainous area and walked to the mountain shown on their Radars. They entered through the base of the mountain and began going up, silently as possible. Canore whispered, "You two go on the left. I see a fork in the path ahead." They did so, and Canore found his way along the right fork. He entered a large circular room with a pedastal in the centre. Janroxi and Hervahuss did not appear. He walked forward and heard a whisper behindm him. He swerved round and pointed his Pulse gun at where the sound came from, but there was nothing there. He heard laughing and turned to see a Cognati surrounded by Defilers. The Defilers were chanting, "Death. Death. Death. Death." The Cognati smiled and crouched and Canore raised his Pulser. The Cognati leaped at him and a furious duel began. He was releived to see that Janroxi and Hervahuss had arrived, and were fighting the Defilers.

The Cognati fell dead on the cold stone floor. The mission was complete.

The Doriaca Ambush[]

The Kingdom ships rain laser bolts and missiles on the Cognatus

The Doriaca Kingdom had been fairly quit in the war, but that was all about to change. The Kingdom had been waiting for the right moment to strike the Cognatus. They found it when Kingdom intelligence picked up a large Cognatus fleet heading towards a URC colony. Parts of the 12th and 109th fleet was sent to ambush the Cognatus invasion force. After the ambush was sprung the Doriaca Kingdom and Cognatus fleet was engulfed in a massive battle. over 1,342 Kingdom ships and 1,563 Cognatus ships clashed in dead space for nearly 24 hours until the Cognatus fleet retreated. The Kingdom won the battle but at the cost of 910 of there own ships. None the less, the Kingdom has showed the Cognatus that they are a force to be reckoned with.

The Crash[]

General Arivino watches his men in horror as the dark figure ruthlessly kills them.

Ever since his duel with Votarah general Arivino has carefully been tracking him down waiting to strike. Arivino was in his ship his crew accompanying him as they neared a desolate planet. "We lost Votarah's signal here" one of the crew members announced. Arivino's gaze sharpened. Switch on atmospheric shields and turn on stealth mode. There's a desert nearby, If we land there we can intercept the base he's hiding in." One of the crew members flinched. "sir... we've lost contact with our ship engines." Arivino swiftly jumped toward the crew member's computer, his eyes darting rapidly around the screen. "None of the ships circuits are working! We're going to crash!" Arivino dashed for his seat, "Prepare for impact!" The Ship started to heat up and the crew could here the explosions from the engines. The crew buckled as the ship smashed ruthlessly into the ground. Arivino and his crew were surprisingly sill conscious as they cautiously rose from their seats. Arivino hurled himself at the cockpits broken window and smashed through it landing with a "thud" on the sandy ground. His crew members followed out the window as well each landing on the ground with a loud "Thunk, thump, Thud." Arivino lifted his head up to see a dark figure approaching them. "Halt!" He ordered menacingly as he drew his blaster. The Figure lifted it's finger and the general watched in shock as a spout of electricity shot out and slammed into his gun, the force hurling it away. The Hooded figure grinned sending chills down Arivino's back. The crew quickly came to his aid shooting particle beams at the mysterious foe. This time the figure chanted something and the general could only watch in horror as his crew's heads combusted in front of him. The figure cackled and let down his hood. It was a Vartekian Sorcerer. He once again grinned at the Arivino. "Dark energy It has many uncanny abilities." The General simply stood there motionless but he felt something within his head almost as if the Vartekian was speaking through his head. "Your after Captain Votarah aren't you? Well he told me you'd be arriving soon. That guy even hired me to bring your ship down." Arivino still stunned from what he had witnessed quietly whispered "impossible know one can bring down an entire ship!" The Vartekian started to walk away "You'd be surprised" the Vartekian said. "Lucky for you he even asked me to keep you alive."

Fortune favours the bold[]

This is actualy an adventure, by the same name.

The DCP invaded the Cognatus Alliance. However, the DCP's invasion fleet wasn't staggeringly big, because much of it was fighting the Xhodocto. But still, the DCP sent almost all of its new Star Destroyers, some Dreadnoughts, Blade Class battlecruisers all commanded by Warlord Titanozor in his Halberd Class ship.

At first, the DCP arrived to a blockade. The Cognatus ships didn't all fire straight away, and were testing the DCP's patience. Warlord Titanozor does not like petty wargames, and invaded very quickly. He said "Fortune favours the bold", a proverb of Earth, he had been reading about humans in the SSA database. Some Cognatus ships went down, but their formations were barely dented. So the DCP used its Ghost Phasing trick, still fairly new to the Cognatus. It involves turning the ship into a bubble of imaginary mass, making it out of sinc with normal matter and energy. Several Blade class battlecruisers charged in, the Cognatus's weapons fire went straight through without damage. Then, the Blade Classes re-synchronised once they were in the right positions of the battle, and hammered significant tactical positions in the Cognatus lines. Next, most of the DCP's ships charged in all guns blazing. The Cognatus formation was in dissaray. But then the Cognatus supercarriers flew in, and were more comparable to the DCP's ships. The real battle had begun...

Meanwhile, on the surface of a nearby planet, the Cognatus unleashed a nasty weapon - a quantum resonance charge. These weapons, although rare, can pierce straight through shields, which can't adapt well to them. The turret was aiming at Titanozor's flagship. It destroyed its aft shields, and caused minor damage, but no casualties. But this attracted the attention of a cognatus supercarrier. Fortunately, Titanozor rerouted shields just in time, and the hull repared itself. Titanozor decided it was time to invade the surface, however, teleportion was disrupted. Shuttles and bombers descended instead, the flagship extending its shields a bit to protect their descent.

Titanozor and his troops, ground artillary and bombers engaged the Cognatus. At first they sent hordes of screaming monkey-like creatures, who commited suicide by carrying bombs in kamakazi-style attacks. The Naquam, the most hostile of the Cognatus, all attacked Titanozor, as if he was a prize to be slain. But Titanozor crushed them all, easily. Eventually, he and some of his troops reached the resonance charge turret, but discovered that if he destroyed the turret, it was set off an explosion. So he instead destroyed the generators. In space, Captain Jazzaroth finished off the Cognatus, and re-established teleportion. A base was soon beamed down to the surface, a temporary one. From this short-term colony, Hyperspace missiles and torpedo spheres were lauched soon after. The spheres disrupted the Cognatus fleet movements within their own space, but the hyperspace missiles destroyed a few of their colonies!

It is also hoped that in the DCP's invasion, they will find out important infomation on the Cognatus alliance.

Cognatus revenge[]

The DCP managed to unleash quite a few of their hyperspace missiles and torpedo spheres, but in the end, the Cognatus unleashed their own weapon, one capable of wrecking entire systems. Some of the DCP's invasion fleet was also destroyed, but much of it escaped. But without their foothold, the DCP will have to resort to hit an run tactics, as their invasion fleet wasn't huge in the first place (it would have been, but most of it is fighting the Xhodocto). But, they had proven, the Cognatus were still vunerable in places. Hopefully though, the DCP will find some useful infomation about them, and this has become their primary objective, along with distracting the Cognatus from the URC and Rambo...

The Jovar's Entrance in the War[]

At the Rambo and Capricornian colony of Dursia, a large fleet of Cognatus battlecruisers literally held the entire planet hostage. The blockade had been going on for weeks, and all attempts to stop it had failed. The people of Dursia were dying, and the Rambo Nation and URC both new they needed to save their people fast.

However, they knew that they could not withdraw their main fleets from the main front of battle without heavy loss of ground. So, in desperation, the URC called on a powerful ally, the Jovar Empire.

Although the Jovar had never even seen a Cognatus ship before, they new that they were a powerful enemy. The Jovar, who had not been in a major war since the Grox War, decided to aid their ally. Sending a fleet of about 3,000 Ardents, Interdictors, and Earthbounds to Dursia, the Jovar were heavily outnumbered. However, their ships had an advantage of size and firepower.

The Battle of Dursia was intense. The Jovar and Cognatus seemed to be at a stalemate for some time, since the Cognatus ships were awfully strong for their size, and because they outnumbered the Jovar by 7,000 warships. However, the Jovar began to gain ground on the Cognatus fleet, and slowly, the larger ships began to push the Cognatus line back. With the Cognatus ships numbering in the tens of thousands, they fled the planet.

Although the battle was won and the people of Dursia were saved, the Jovar lost nearly a quarter of their fleet, which was due in part to their underestimation of the Cognatus's power. The Jovar would learn their lesson quickly, and prepare for attack on Cognatus territory...

Under the enemies[]

General Arivino meets with Votarah.

General Arivino trudged along the dark world he had landed on. He was fallowing a dark creepy looking Vartekian who moved like a ghoul from a horror movie. As they trudged along they came across a large structure that looked like it had been crafted by Vartekians. Arivino then noticed the dark being was no longer in front of him. Right before his eyes Arivino watched as a large portal began to form. As Arivino turned to run he slammed in to the Dark Vartekian behind him. "Where do you think your going?" The Vartekian muttered as he grabbed Arivino by the throat. Arivino began to struggle but the Vartekian had a grip like iron and easily lifted Arivino off the ground and through the portal. Shocked and dazed Arivino looked up to see he was now in an underground structure filled with Vartekian soldiers. The Dark Vartekian then appeared through the portal kicking Arivino up on his feet. "lets take a stroll." The Dark Vartekian grinned and started to walk ahead. Arivino found himself starting to walk. As they winded there may down the dark and foreboding tunnels they stumbled across a large building. As the two started to slowly walk into the building a Vartekian guard came to meet them. "Welcome back count." the guard said as he turned and steadily walked back to his place. As they continued there walk through the building Arivino looked around marvelling at the complex designs the Vartekians had constructed. In his head Arivino thought "I didn't know the Vartekians were so advanced...." The Dark figure stopped and turned to Arivino as if they were talking "That's how we want to keep it." Arivino's eyes opened wide for the rest of the walk through the building. "He can read my mind" Arivino quietly said in his head. Within a few minutes they approached a large dark chamber. Inside the room Arivino recognized the shadowy being sitting in front of them. "Votarah." he muttered under his breath. Votarah tilted his head "General I suppose you have met the Vartekian head sorcerer? Count Valadix." The Sorcerer bowed. Votarah turned to the count. "You may leave now." Arivino watched in relief as the dark figure slithered away into darkness. Arivino was surprised to see that Votarah looked relieved as well. Votarah looked back at Arivino his eyes seemed to be looking somewhere else though. Arivino bowed. "Where has your creepy friend taken me?" Votarah grinned "Welcome to base 606 It is a secret underground headquarters right below a major Cognatus colony." Arivino jumped in surprise. Votarah turned his gaze on Arivino hostilely. "We are researching the effect of our little experiment... would you like to see?" Votarah clicked a button on his chair and a Large screen appeared. Arivino barely recognized the colony. The Colony was filled with a dark mist and the people wandering around looked almost dead. "What are you monsters doing?" Arivino turned his gaze on Votarah. Votarah's eyes were still focused on the screen "We are testing one of our newest weapons. It is called the Nocturnia. It delivers living nightmares to the planets surface... Draining the souls of those that inhabit it..." Arivino started to feel faint. Votarah looked passed the general. "Proceed count." Arivino turned around the last image he saw before he fainted was of the count grinning his hand stretched out as if it were expelling something. Arivino couldn't tell as he fell to the ground.

Help from Girdo[]

The first of the Girdo Empire's ships to arrive in Cyrannus fly towards a Liberator.

Due to the Xhodocto's return, the Girdo Galaxy had disappeared. Nobody was quite sure how, but it had vanished just as the Xhodocto were breaking the boundaries between universes. This had meant that several ships of the Girdo Empire and about 3000 people on board were stranded away from their home territories. Once the Imperials had created a new colony on Titan, they were able to take part in intergalactic affairs once more.

Looking at recent records, they found out about the Cognatus and decided that these aliens were a threat - especially since the Girdo Empire now consisted of only one colony. The factories on Titan set to work on producing Droner-class drone starfighters to fight against the Cognatus. However, they wouldn't be able to produce many. So, instead, they began work on making their ships better. Using reverse-engineered Xhodocto technology, two-part energy guns were modified to fire superlaser weapons. In addition, the second part of these guns were made to function as ion cannons, and each ship was filled with as many antimatter missiles as it could carry. According to calculations made by the Empire's tacticians, one Flotilla of 36 Droners could destroy a lone Cognatus Assault Carrier, but in a full-scale battle it would take a full Fleet of 216.

Several days of non-stop work later, 7560 Droners had been produced to go off to war, and another 216 were available to defend Titan. However, this was not enough to launch a campaign against an intergalactic empire, and plus, the Girdo Empire could not risk having a Cognatus fleet arrive and destroy their only colony.

The Empire contacted the United Republic of Cyrannus and offered to give them these Droners to help them in the war. The Empire also offered to give 35 Frigate-class ships - one per Droner Fleet - to help in coordinating the starfighters and using them to their maximum potential. All of these ships were fitted with twosystem drives to take them to the Cyrannus Galaxy, where several of the URC's Liberator-class starships picked them up to take them to battle.

You invade us, we invade you[]

The Cognatus, are not far off the DCP's technological capabilities. As the DCP invaded, it cause them disruption in invading the Cyrannus galaxy. But the Cognated needed to show the other belligerants they meant business, and have the resources and the number of ships to invade the DCP as well. They sent almost a million ships this time to invade the DCP in Milky Way Galaxy, most of which were heavily updated, or were new ships of the line, such as the Cognatus supercarrier. Even worser still, the fleet had several superweapons are their own making.

The Cognatus in Milky Way Galaxy, were struggling to navigate DCP at FTL due the Maelstrom, an artificial "subspace storm" of gravity wells and distortions. The Cognatus however had technology which could calm the wake of these disruptions, allowing the Cognatus to regroup with the fresh warships coming from the Cognatus galaxy, and staged a massive attack on the DCP's outer expansion territories. The Cognatus were wise to some of the DCP's tactics this time. This second invasion of the DCP was far more successful than the previous, enhanced by the fact, the DCP's resources were already being strained by the War of Ages.

They hit fast and they hit hard using long-range superlasers, there was a severe loss of military and civilian life, as the Cognatus plunged into DCP territories by surprise, and quite a few worlds were completely destroyed, others pulversised by orbital bombardment. However, the DCP still had tricks up its sleeves, such as advanced holography. This technique has been used on the Loron and Grox previously. The holographic ships were harmless, and were created by nanotechnology, but looked very real and even seem solid when touched. The DCP sent many of these, the Cognatus fleet jumped on them just like other enemies had (the holograms were of fighters and shuttles, the Cognatus thought it would be easy). however, the holograms disappeared. Next, flagships of the DCP like the Gargantuan class, fired volleys of void bubbles into the Cognatus fleet which caused brief and localised implosion of energy similar in the scale to a small supernova. The Cognatus spacecraft were "deconstructed" in an instant. After the battle, the Cognatus had lost a quarter of their invasion fleet. Although their invasion hit the DCP hard, they still underestimated them. In return for helping the Doracia Kingdom, they gave the DCP over 10,000 starships, which were used to back up the DCP's defense of Cyrannus while DCP territories were under attack.

The Message[]

General Arivino awoke, He was sleeping on a cheap ship bed. His eye sight was still blury but he could start to make out the figure in front of him. As his vision cleared he could see Votarah sitting across from him."Good morning general."Arivino swiftly drew his sword and lashed out at the Vartekian captain. Votarah countered with his arm shield and shot his leg up pinning Arivino's head to the wall. Votarah leaned forward to Arivino's ear. "relay this message to your empire: We reline your offer for an alliance... we have a honored position in the G8 and intend to keep it..." With that Votarah brought up Arivino and lead through the ship's bridge toward the escape pods. Votarah then kicked the general into the escape pod. Votarah clicked the voice command module. "Send to code named: Planet of peril." Votarah walked back to his captains seat as he watched the escape pod zoom off into space.

Convoy attack[]

The USS Déluge under siege!

Near the Colonie of Rametru Nui, Lord Ambassador Creckbo was travelling aboard a Normandy Class ship, the USS Déluge. The USS Déluge was accompinied by two Antares Class ships and a Newton and Constellation Class as escort. They were travelling from Rambo Prime to Rametru Nui when a large ship dropped out of space. It turned out to be the Cognatus ship which appeared and dissapeared at Rambo radar.

The Constellation Class immediatly put herself between the civillian and transport ship but was soon destroyed by the massive Cognatus Cruiser. Meanwhile the Antares Clasa and the USS Déluge tried to escape as the Newton Class was firing upon the Cognatus Cruiser. But the Cognatus ship was firing a massive blue laser and hit the USS Déluge on the front side and warp nacalle. Ambasador Creckbo was evacuated and escaped the ship with a shuttle as he witnessed the two Antares Classes to be destroyed by the Cognatus Cruiser. The shuttle managed to escape as the Newton Class covered her, which also meant the destruction of the Newton Class.

Rambo Command was informed, but was to late to intercept the Cognatus ship again, as it once again dissapeared from radar.

The Revenge[]

The result of heresy.

The Hieroarchs of the Cognatus grew angry at the Vartekians victories over the weak general. The sent their best agent, the warrior of the Hieroarchs to show the Vartekians the result of their heresy.

On a small ice colony of the Andromeda Confederation, rumors were growing about missing people coming up every hour. Base after base on the planet began to lose contact with others. The Warrior was striking back! A lone trooper exited his barracks to find a grisly sight, a dozen decapitated heads lay rotting on the ground with the bodies of his comrades joining them. The Vartekian shouted Show yourself! Coward!, from out of nowhere a huge Cognati appeared, As you wish he snarled. The Vartekian ran at his opponent with an sword, but the Warriors sheer size prevented him from attacking, the Cognati picked the Vartekian up by the head, My face will be the last thing, your pathetic eyes ever see, the Warrior drove his dual swords into the Vartekians torso and tore them out bisecting his enemy and tossing him on the ground. Heretics, how tiresome he said while beaming up, as a fleet of 40 Assault Carriers began glassing the planets in the system. However as he did, he regretted his attack as the Vartekians are very like his race, and as an enemy are near unstoppable, but then again so are the Cognatus!

Impending Despair[]

Following the Jovar's victory at Dursia, the DCP launched an invasion of the Cognatus in Milky Way Galaxy. Inspired by their powerful allies, the Jovar also staged attacks on the Cognatus colonies in the galaxy. Beginning by attacking small colonies, the Jovar slowly began an advance on the Cognatus.

However, at Ralos-4, the Cognatus struck back hard. Anticipating the Jovar's move, they amassed a fleet of about 6,500 warships to meet the Jovar fleet, which was expected to have a little over 5,000 warships. This was due to false reports of the size of the defense around Ralos-4. At Ralos, the small fleet was crushed, and only a single starfighter was able to survive the battle for the Jovar, and return the horrible news to the Jovar military leaders.

A Cognatus-Jovar space battle over an airless carbon planet.

Stunned at this defeat, the Jovar began to rethink their strategy in attacking the colonies. They decided, eventually, that using brute force might be more effective than hit-and-run tactics. This would be proven correct at the second battle of Ralos-4, where the Jovar fleet of 2 million warships was able to defeat the Cognatus fleet of equal strength. However, the battle was not without its sacrifices: out of the 40,000 Earthbounds that were in the battle, 3/4s of them were destroyed. This was a defeat in itself for the Jovar, as the Earthbounds were their most powerful ships, and were extremely expensive to replace.

Then the Jgindi Superweapon entered the war. The star buster on the Jgindi was able to take system by system. However, the Jgindi was forced to leave the war when the Cognatus nearly destroyed it successfully with another massive fleet. It returned to the heart of the Jovar Empire, to undergo further repairs, so that it could return to the fray...

The Generals lost pride[]

General Arivino had been shamed by his empire for his weaknesses in Vartekian territory. Before he could relay his message he was punished cruelly. Finally the general was able to relay his message to the Cognatus leaders. The Cognatus Fleet master hostilely glanced at him after he was done. "WEAKLING!!!!" The Fleet commander belted Arivino across the room. "I will not tolerate your incompetence!!! You have made us look like folls in the eyes of the Vartekians!!! For this we are stripping you of your ranks and sending you to military confinement!!!!" The Fleet master once again cried as he kicked Arivino hard in the ribs. The Commander bent down grasping Arivino by the throat and lifting him up. "Gaurds! Dispose of the OUTCASt!" Arivino found himself thrown into a low security facility cell. The Gaurd spat at him "have a goood night.... General..." Arivino was enraged. "So they think me so weak as to put me in this rat hole!!!! I will show them... this is a dark day.. for the Cognatus alliance..." Miles away in the voids of space Votarah sat in his ships cockpit staring out into space. Suddenly one of his crew members rose from his seat. "Captain, We have received a report of Cognatus forces massing in a nearby planet. The planet was already glassed years ago..." Votarah rased his eye "Then why would they bother going back... What are they doing?" "We believe they are searching for something..." the Crew member replied. Votarah contemplated the situation "How many have gathered there? The Crew member faced his computer. Votarah noticed his eyes widen. The crew member turned to Votarah slowly. "Um... 3 billion sir...." "What?" "3 billion... sir..." Votarah sunk into deep thought... "Track Arivino down" he muttered. "sorry?" Votarah rose from his seat "Track Arivino down we will need him.

Surprising discovery at Koerband[]

the Galactic Emperor oversees the discovery made by his subordinates at Koerband

The Galactic Emperor, better known as the Unknown Entity arrived with the Lizardian Commander at the top of a mountain, dropped there by a shuttle the Emperor smiled, escorted by a Clone Commander and two Clone Troopers he saw what give him an edge over the URC and the Rambo.

The Lizardian Commander gave him the file, it was proven. The object in front of him was ancient, so ancient this could perhaps be of the age of the Atlantica, which only he remembered in secret files and scrolls found at the Rambo Libary. This object could have an interaction with the Rambo and the Capricornians, but he could not tell what kind of.

He had all the information he wanted, and turned to the Lizardian Commander and told him in surprise, "Contact the Cognatus Alliance, let's see if this is a way to get on there good side if we gave it to them, in an act of peace".

The Commander looks affraid, he had seen a lot but he didn't like the fact that he had to contact the Cognatus Alliance.

Intercepting the general[]

Arivino sat in his cell he had been stripped of his rank, outcasted, shamed and dishonored how could he go on living. Arivino raised his head. "If I am going to regain my honor I will have to beat my prosecutor in mortal combat." Arivino was unsure If he could beat the Supreme commander in a duel. After all he had lost against Votarah. His thought were interrupted by the sounds of shouting soldiers and plasma blasts. The guard who was patrolling the area stood prepared for whatever came through the doors. "Ka-thooom" The doors flung open. Arivino's eyes widened.It was Votarah. The Guard ran at him with force and speed. Votarah was smaller but that couldn't stop him. As soon as the guard was upon him Votarah grabbed him. In a swift fast moment Votarah twisted around Using the force of the brute to lift him over his shoulder. Arivino watched in astonishment as Votarah through him over an arm bar. Votarah grinned at the guard. Votarah shot up his leg pinning the Guards head to the floor. The Guard screamed as Votarah pulled his arm out of It's socket. "Cognatus spawn" He muttered as he crushed the brutes head in with his foot. Votarah got up he was covered in blood and the seen would later give Arivino nightmares. "Stand back." Votarah said as he blasted the door open with his gun. Votarah looked at the general mischievously. "Come with me, If you want to live."

Dead space[]

A fleet of C.A (Confederation of Andromeda) ships cruised through space. A Herego stood in the commanders seat. A Samot entered the command room addressing him. "Captain Drenam, We have picked word up of Votarah. He is doin a solo mission cuwently." Captain Drenam rose in his seat. "einything yelse?" The Samot nodded "Dat specel op team hads arrived." Herego looked down at the puny little creature. "Fietch them" The Samot disappeared. A few minutes later he reappeared with a group of Vartekians. "Code named:Special delivery at your service." "vone piezza please" The Herego Captain joked. Unlike most Vartekians this soldier didn't laugh. The Captain turned to the little Samot "Show them to the guest bunker. The Samot nodded "Des wey pease." The Captain watched the little creature run off. "Houw doos anyvone take em serious-" The captains words where cut short as a particle beam slammed into the command room sending sparks everywhere. As if ghosts out of know where, A fleet of Cognatus battle stars appeared sending particle beams in all directions. The Special opts team ran through the room. One of them Jumped up smashing a hole in the window. The Captain watched as the special team dove into the void of space and landed on the battle cruiser. As he watched another particle beam slammed into the command room. This time it caused and explosion the ripped the ships head to pieces. The Special team of Vartekians wasted no time in making there way down into the ship. As soon as they got in they were surrounded by guards. "Freeze!" The leader of the team grinned "Special delivery." All at once the team attacked the Leader shot his foot up kicking one of the guards away, but another one sprung up slamming his fist into the Vartekian. The Vartekian was sent hurling through the air as he smacked into the floor. One of the guards drew his blade and decapitated him. The second he did this another one of the Vartekians sent a menacing laser through his head. the Vartekians dashed through the ships bridge finally arriving in the cockpit which they took over in ease. One of the Vartekians stopped to watch how the battle outside was doing. The Fight was over though and the Cognatus had won. "Alright men... Thats go back up Captain Votarah..... we may have lost this round... but at least we have a starting point for the next."

Week Five[]

The war begins to tense up, and for the first time the Cognatus begin to make alliances, and the Imperial Alliance may join the war...

Trouble in Ramvelkys[]

One of the Cognatus-Sylit Republic space battles

Knowing of Rambo Nation and the URC's ally in Ramvelkys Galaxy, the Sylit Republic, the Cognatus Alliance sent fleet to attack SR's colonies on Nikris Arm. As the Cognatus entered the galaxy, the Ramvelkys Alliance put up the Ramvelkys Shield, a massive shield of Syplasma that surrounds the galaxy. The Shield stopped half of the Cognatus forces, but half entered. And half was enough. Fleets were sent to stop the Cognatus forces, but all were destroyed. Soon, the Cognatus forces pounced on the Nikris Arm colonies, and although the SR fleets fought valiantly, they were overwhelmed. The Cognatus invaded the planets and glassed them, and there was nothing SR could do about it. But SR decided to try something that could stop the Cognatus forces- STLs. These SR superweapons would release a supernova when it hit its target, and would expand until it died out. SR fired an STL at the Cognatus fleet while another colony was glassed, and the fleet was destroyed. SR rejoiced, but were sure that this would not be the last time they fought the Cognatus.

SR's Revenge[]

Leading Omega Fleet into Quadrant 82 was Commander Nyrash, who was thought to have been killed in the Ramvelkys War, but had survived. To insure victory, Omega Fleet had been given most of the new SE-Hourglasses, which have great firepower. Eventually, the SR forces clashed with Cognatus forces. Although the SE-Hourglasses were not as strong against Cognatus forces as SR had hoped, they were still efficient, and soon the Cognatus forces were destroyed. Omega Fleet celebrated, though they had great losses themselves. Omega Fleet docked itself at a Rambo Nation colony and discussed the battle.

The Jovar aid the Sylits[]

The Jovar Fleet in the Quadrant Galaxies, still recovering from its losses at Dursia, was quietly growing daily thanks to ships from the main empire joining the fray. Suddenly, the Sylits sent out a distress signal, and the Jovar immediately sent their fleet to aid them.

Jovar and Sylit forces battle the Cognatus together.

The battle was over the very Rambo colony that the Sylits were regrouping at. The small Rambo force above the planet had quickly been dispatched, and the Sylits would have been victims of the fleet had the Jovar not intervened. The battle was brief, and both sides took heavy losses. Ultimately, however, it was the Sylit Hourglass-class warships that would be the decider of the battle. They were able to destroy many Cognatus battlecruisers, and save many Jovar ships from doom. But the Jovar ships, in turn, were forced to prtect the Hourglass-class ships. In a way, both sides led to the victory.

After the battle, the two nations would become greater allies than ever before.

Crusade of Milky Way Galaxy[]

The DCP has been monitoring disturbances in hyperspace, which indicate the presence of starships around Milky Way Galaxy. They discovered several large silhouettes heading for the outer arms near Cognatus and the DCP expansion regions. However, the allies had just suffered a monumentous loss to Kamik'Shi in the War of Ages, losing quadrillions. A major blow had been struck. The DCP quickly contacted the Salsetthe, CoreFed and Jovar (the Salsetthe are not in the war, but will help the DCP in times of need). The strange Cognatus ships suddenly stopped outside the DCP expansion region, and the allies gathered to make a stand, to protect the galaxy. The 4 were some of the most powerful in Milky Way Galaxy. The Cognatus warships decloaked, and strangely, there was only 3 of them.

The Grimbolsaurians laughed, some in rage that the Cognatus had the obscenity to send so few, as if it was an insult. Even the Jovar, thought the Cognatus was mad, the Ravenrii raised eyebrows but the Salsetthe remained calm and ready. The DCP was the first to strike, unleashing various weapons, the Salsetthe fired phased polaraon beams and the Jovar fired all they had. The weapons never even penetrated the outer shielding. The Salsetthe tried new tactics, this time firing spreads of quantum resonance charges to dissipate the sheilds, but even these marvellous weapons proved useless. Then, huge white beams of pure energy eminated from the Cognatus ships, and instantly destroyed any ship that they came in contact with. They fired at the DCP first, and obliterated evey single ship. The Jovar valliantly tried to collide in the end but merely bounced off the shields. The entire battle lasted about 3 minutes, and after that, the allies were no more. However, a fleet of Grox ships had been watching the battle, they followed the allied fleet as it travelled near there space on the way. The Grox ships decided to attack, but it was futile, and by the end of the battle, only mere dust remained... Just 3 cognatus warships, had single handedly destroyed fleets of some of the greatest civilizations in Milky Way Galaxy!

But this was just the beginning, more ships are expected, and Milky Way Galaxy has been weakended heavily by the War of Ages. The crusade has begun!

  • Creators note:I intend these ships to be extremely powerful, and if you want to defeat one, please don't do it out of firepower alone, rather, think up clever strategies or some technobabble.


The ships joined the rest of the Cognatus attack fleet and soon were becoming notable. Milky Way Galaxy was now in as much danger at the Cyrannus (although things might have been a bit different if not for Kamik'Shi's devastation). The ships seemed to be invincible, the allies tried all kinds of solutions, but nothing worked. The ships destroyed all in their path. The DCP even fired a black hole, but it repelled by a repulsive gravitational beam. Torpedo spheres also failed. The Cognatus was now winning every battle that involved these new ships of terror. And then a huge blow was about to be made to the DCP...

Just one ship (now known as the Crusade class warships) entered the Herotideon system, homeworld of the Avarians, a member of the DCP. Hundreds of ships tried their best to repel the Cognatus crusade ship, including home forces, however, it oblitetted everything in its path. After finishing off the final ship in its way, it fired at the planets's crust at full pelt, it didn't destroy the planet completely, but cracked its surface like an egg shell. Surving Avarians had to relocate to a new homeworld, however, they are members of the DCP and will survive.

Converting the fallen

Recently, the Cognatus has taken a new tone. They are targeting smaller empires of the galaxy, conquering them and then, instead of wiping them out, converting them to their religion using force. These converted followers, are forced to turn against their galactic neighbors, but are treated as poorly as the Defilers. However, this has expanded the Cognatus presence many times, enough to rival even the most powerful empires in Milky Way Galaxy.

Glimmer of hope

However, there is a glimmer of hope in destroying these "invincible ships". Analysis of the energy used to shield the ships and used as the main weapon reveals that it is composed of a previously unknown sub-atomic particle, that doesn't interact with the Electromagnetic force (responsible for most directed energy weapons and shields), thats why shields and weapons are rendered useless. Instead it interferes with the Strong force that combines particles inside the atom. It literally de-atmomises its target. There are non-EM shields in existence, though rare. A domain wall could be used...

Rambam Escape!!![]

Rambam escapes Ramghatulk!!!

As Captain Rambam was send to Ramghatulkiaga Orbital Prison for not following orders, refusing to retire the USS Luna and attacking several Guards when they took him from the ship, Rambam was send to Ramghatulkiage Orbital Prison and branded a traitor by Judge Magister Rambranth, he did this however without informing Empress Ramashe.

As such, Rambam was trailed at Ramghatulk Court and send to facility 082, where he met the most dangerous enemies of Rambo Nation, but they were so depressed and frightened, that they did not attack the Serindia Captain, instead they babbled over all kind of things. After meeting Ramcelsior, he managed to escape the prison with aid of Ramiron and Kerika, his two best friends whom left Rambo Nation to free Rambam.

Rambam, Ramiron and Kerika arrived at a shuttle dock and landed in the shuttle bay of the USS Luna, however as the alarm went off when Rambam escaped, and he defeated various Nauglazcm, a small escort of ships arrived to disable, and if necessarily destroy the USS Luna.

However, as the space battle took place a daring and bold move by Rambam two Rambo ships colied with eachother and after disabling a Kelvin Class the USS Luna headed for deep space. There, Rambam and his crew promised that they would prove themselves worthy of being members of Rambo Nation, which they still hoped they could be. However, branded as traitours they were wanted in Rambo Nation, but Rambam didn't care, now they were rogue and could aid those who were in dire need.

Crusade of Milky Way Galaxy/A small victory[]

The battle scene.

By now, the majority of empires' fleets would flee when near a Cognatus Crusade ship, but the DCP never stopped trying. They had observed that the ship's weapons and shields relied on the destabilizing the Strong nuclear force, making them impervious to normal weaponry. However, this opened up just a small strategy. The DCP baited one of the cruisers, luring it with a small fleet (making sure they fired on the crusaders, so they know it was not holographic). The Cognatus, powered by overconfidence followed the fleet, even shooting a few down. However, the fleet soon phased into ghosts (ghost phasing). The DCP used not battleships, but Space-Time ships instead. One Black Light and one Chain of Light was all that was needed. The Black Light class made sure it was under ghost phase, and the Crusaders main weapon fired straight through (the drawback to ghost phasing is that the ship can't fire back either). However, the Chain of Light flew straight at the warship. It fired its secondary cannons, also very deadly, however, the Chain of light used a small domain wall as a shield. It is a 2D defect in spacetime that has a repulsive gravitational force, the cannon blasts simply followed its path through spacetime, which was bent around the Chain of Light. Meanwhile, the Black Light using Ghost phase flew through the shield, de-phased and beamed antimatter aboard the weapons generator. Sadly, the Black Light, despite being almost invincible to normal weapons itself, was also destroyed.

Although this was a small bittersweet victory, it was a highly impractical one, and the Cognatus now have in excess of a few hundred of these ships, some of which were heading towards the Cyrannus galaxy...

The Knowing (adventure)[]

The powerful machine known as the knowing.

General Arivino had been through alot. Now he had been stripped of his rank and humiliated in front his superiors. Worse he had been rescued by his nemesis and brought aboard his ship. "Now I am helping the Cognatus enemies? How low have I sunk... I have to escape..." Arivino waited for a few minutes before a Gaurd came in. Arivino swiftly slammed his foot into the guards helmet smashing it and knocking the guard unconscious. Quickly Arivino took the guards lighting blade and headed for the cockpit. As he entered the cockpit he looked around. The crew members still didn't know what he was doing. Arivin turned to one of them. "Where's Votarah?" "He's after the special weapon... he wants to beat the Cognatus to it... wh- urk" Arivino swiped his blade through each of the crew members. "Not on my watch Votarah." The ship buckled as Arivino braced himself. The ship started to dip heading for a small beach nearby a Cognatus camp. "Just my luck!" Arivino muttered as he slashed off the cockpits window and jumped out. Arivino felt his legs buckle as he reached the ground. Instinctively he rolled making sure the shock wouldn't brake his legs.

Arivino held up a device on his arm (Mini map.) "Hmmm.... the Cognatus camp seems to be guarding the entrance to the canyon where this, machine is located." Arivino took know time in heading for the wall of the Fort the Cognatus had set up. He than spotted a pile of crates stationed by this wall. "Perfect... I can get over the wall this way..." Arivino stealthily began to scale the wall. Like a ninja he leapt from the top of a wall barely landing on a barracks roof. he than started to leap from roof to roof until he gracefuly landed on the ground behind the fort. As he stood up a fist flew out of know where slamming into his chest and sending him flying toward the canyon. The figure stood over him It was the same agent who had slaughtered a Vartekian colony a week ago. "After I kill you I will assume your position... oops be careful of the lake... deadly parasites will eat you alive!" the Cognati Agent said as he lifted Arivino by the throat above the water.

Below him Arivino could make out the Parasitic entities below intent on a new meal. "Not today!" Arivino managed to mutter as he kneed the Agent in the throat. Arivino dropped into the water as the agent followed him in. Arivino instantly felt the parasites ripping at his armor. The Agent got up slamming his fist into Arivino like a sledge hammer. Arivino retaliated sending his blade through the agent. Blood spurt out of his mouth as the agent whispered. "someday general some da-" Arivino grinned as his adversary dropped into the water. The General wasted no time leaping across the carefully laid out mini islands. As he reached the end of the swamp an epic parasite leapt out of the water snagging Arivino and dragging him into the dark water. Arivino desperately swung his blade at the parasite trying to get away. With a large heave Arivino thrust his blade into the Creatures eye. "RooOOOAAAAaaar!" It shrieked as It flung Arivino in the air. The General flew out of the canyon landing with a large thud at the end by some kind of forest. Arivino lifted his head as a large flower hopped toward him. As Arivino squinted to take a closer look at the plant It's jaws flung open hissing like a loathsome agitated snake. In a fury the general whipped his blade cutting the flower in half as he started to race through the forest cutting down everything his path.

As he emerged from the forest he could make out a cave with a celestial portal looming within it. "That must be the way in." he thought. Suddenly Arivino felt himself jolt as a monstrous plant from behind him wrapped it's jaw around his torso and lifted him in the air. "God damn plants! Die die!" He shrieked as he drove his blade through the creature. Triumphantly Arivino decapitated the plant only to face six more. In a flurry Arivino found himself overwhelmed by the six heads as they flung him around violently. Out of the corner of his dizzy eyes Arivino made out an unstable rock above the creature. carefully he tried to concentrate on the rock as whipped up his blaster and fired at it madly. Finally he hit it and the rock tumbled down crushing the creature and barely missing him. Arivino hobbled into the cave dizzily and confused.

When his eye site focused he found himself in a cave with crystals extruding from the walls. Arivino made his way through surprised to find himself no longer in the cave. He was now in a large structure that seemed to stretch even deeper into a realm of strange rooms. Silently Arivino approached a mysterious machine. Suddenly the Machine came alive scanning Arivino. "Welcome visitor, You have made it past many obstacles and have now come across the last two needed to reach your goal. Beware, none have past this trial all who have tried where blow to smithereens." As instantly as it had come alive the machine shut down. Arivino looked past to see a field of floating white orbs. behind the orbs was a glowing gate of plasmatic energy. "Those white energy orbs must be explosive.... I have to be careful. Arivino rolled into the field or orbs barely missing the passing orbs or death. methodically he dodged and weaved his way through to the end of the gate where he picked up a special key. The instant he picked it up he felt a strange vibration and the gate disintegrated.

Out of the darkness three robots emerged each absolutely identical. The middle robot approached Arivino, once again he heard the same mechanical voice, "Congratulations, you have passed to your last trial. In this you must kill the two robots you do not trust. the one you pick should be loyal and brave" the robot backed away. Arivino pondered the robots as each one of them began to talk. "I will protect you always loyalty and bravery run through my hardware." "Pick me I will protect you always through danger and distress." "Pick me, I will stay with you until you die." Arivino was stunned. he couldn't decide which two he had to kill. He drew his blade sharply from it's sheath and pointed it at the middle bot. The robot began to slightly shake as if it where afraid. "Not brave. honest people have nothing to fear." Arivino whipped his sword cutting the bot in half. He than turned to the robot on the right. "you said loyalty and bravery are within your hardware so I believe you the most. Once again Arivino whipped his blade around cutting the robot on his left down. Suddenly the rooms lit up, in front of him Arivino could see a giant mechanical being rise from the darkness.

Crusade of Milky Way Galaxy/A turning point and Krekak's revenge[]

A major flaw was found in the Cognatus Crusade ships, for about 3 microseconds, the shields would have to drop before firing the primary weapon. And 3 microseconds is a long time in terms of teleportation. The hull of the ships was surprisingly easy to teleport explosives through. A fleet of 20 crusade class ships approached DCP space, they were mercilessly attacking the DCP. But only a few ships were standing in their way, and it was commanded by Krekak! They were mere fighters, Arrow bombers, a couple were shot down, but they flew along, beaming tactical anti-matter bombs aboard every time the Cognatus ships fired. Only 7 were left standing, which fled. But one, carried an important prophet of the Cognatus, who was watching the battle from the helm of the ship. When Krekak's ship flew by, it was not just explosives that was beamed aboard, Krekak himself appeared! The prophet was much loved throughout the Cognatus Alliance, however, he was a Vate, who are extremely weak. Krekak snapped his neck and took command of the Cognatus ship (with the aid of a small army), it would now be a part of the DCP's fleet! This victory was extremely demoralising to the alliance, the Cognatus officials tried to keep things quite, but infomation soon leaked. This weakened them mentally, and the DCP striked back, many ships emerged from a hyperspacial layer and descended upon the crusaders, with the new way of destroying the ships, the DCP swiftly pushed back the invasion right back to Cognatus galaxy within two weeks. The Cognatus will think twice about attacking Milky Way Galaxy from now on!

Battle of Ellus Major[]

The E.S Venegance is blasted by a Crusade-class, minutes before it's destruction at the hands of a CCS Cruiser. After a long period of colonizing, the Elliontic Cyrannus fleet finally went back into the war. Admiral Salrah stood at the deck of the E.S Venegance and looked out over the new colony on planet Ellus Major, feeling almost scared of the new Crusade-class ships. He shook his head to clear his thoughts, and continued planning ways to destroy the Crusade ships. He felt very relieved that his home galaxy was safe, but Cyrannus was what he was fighting to protect.

Every Elliontic in the fleet was waiting for the Cognatus to attack. They knew there would be a few Crusade ships, so Salrah and Captain Giuvan had formed a plan. They would activate the ship's Rhypen generators and teleport explosives or a boarding party onto the Crusade ships.

Salrah had just finished the plan when a large Cognatus fleet appeared and took them by surprise. Sure enough, there were at least 6 Crusade ships in the fleet. Salrah yelled commands while the flaming wreckage of the E.S Swordhammer hurtled past. Conqueror-class bombers screamed toward the enemy lines, and the chaos of battle began. Salrah flew the Vengeance as close as possible to the Conqueror ships. A Cognatus cruiser exploded beside the ship, causing the hull to shudder. Salrah waited, finger poised over the Rhypen activator, looking for the perfect time. The cruisers fired repeatedly, and as soon as they all fired at the same time, he pressed down hard on the activator. Time outside the ship slowed and eventually stopped. Two nearby cadets teleported the explosives into the Crusade ships, and time accelerated back to its normal speed, but only two of the ships had been destroyed! The battle continued, and their only hope was to try and destroy all the other cruisers. They couldn't flee, this planet was too important. The Sun laser managed to temporarily take down the sheilding of another Crusade ship, and Conqueror-class bombers managed to bomb it's surface for a while, but the Sun laser took hours to recharge. The nearby cruiser the E.S Pride of Gold buckled under fire and twisted downwards, the E.S Independent Thought was blasted by one of the Crusade ships and exploded in a blaze of orange and the E.S Dormant Killer descended toward the planet to pick up civilians. Salrah knew that now their only option was to flee, and began to fly the ship toward the nearest Elliontic colony. Suddenly, a Cognatus cruiser turned and headed full speed toward the Vengeance. The crew knew what was happening and rushed toward the escape pods. The pods launched and the fleet jumped out of the system. Tears of anger rolled down Salrah's cheeks as his ship exploded violently behind him.

"Vengeance." He muttered, "Vengeance."

Battle of Ramahri Nova[]

Shadow of Liberty attackes the Rambo Fleet stationed at Ramahri Nova, sparking the Battle of Ramahir Nova.

Thel 'Vicliquam, the Captain of the Cognatus Assault Carrier the Shadow of Liberty pondered and searched through Quadrant 82 for a while, in order to find the Heritic Girl. His tactic was simple, yet genus at the same time (at least in his opinion). He first travelled to Juvan in search for clues and destroyed a Rambo Task Force, this continued for a long while and to Rambo Nation it seemed he was attacking randomly, and impossible to capture he found what he searched. The Girl he searched lived on Ramahri Prime, better known in the databases of Rambo Nation as Deep Space Colonie 01, in Quadrant 89, a nearby Quadrant Galaxy.

Happily he went there and upon exiting his slip stream he immediatly attacked the surprised Rambo Fleet. Without warning a large blue beam shot from one of the Shadow of Liberty weapons and incernated a Quetzaqoatl Class and later a Miranda Class. However, as dropships headed for the colonie Captain Ramzhenko of the USS Celcius arrived and hit the Shadow of Liberty engines with a fully charged phaser.

Ground battle of Ramahri Nova

Surprised, he wondered why a Deep Space Colonie was so heavily guarded and he himself headed to the surface and left command to his 2nd (it later turned out the Xiaans, Hutter and Rambo had a small meeting about a possible alliance with the URC, the Cyrandia Alliance). Upon arriving, the Defilers whom already had landed had taken the Heritic Girl, who was known to the Ramboidae as Panaeluthia, an outcast and odd Pantorilisae. However, his forces where met with resistance from both soldiers and civilians and the Lord Ambassador Ram'Arathon whom faced Thel'Vicliquam himself. The Cognatus Captains sharp eye noticed that he was a former Rambo Swordsman and the two began talking, as the Shadow of Liberty entered orbit and attacked the city and burned several building the Cognatus Captain began a conversation with the Lord Ambassador of Ramahri Nova.

Both came to an agreement, the Cognatus would halt there attack and would take the Heritic Girl with him and could leave in peace, the Lord Ambassador agreed, he didn't want to let Ramahri Nova to became a battle field and so the Cognatus left with the girl, and soon the Shadow of Liberty fled the scene.

Battle of Virgon[]

The URC and the Cognatus clash on Virgon

A temperate world like its neighbors, forested Virgon emerged relatively unscathed from the Trucinex War. Tourists flock to the planet to enjoy its fabulous slopes, tranquil meadows, and sparkling lakes — cookie-cutter perfection for the happening Cyrannus elite. In this tranquil paradise, no one could expect an attack. Until one morning, huge Cognatus battlecrusiers jumped into Virgons orbit and began landing troops in only a small region of the planet.

They came like ghosts and stole a mysterious artifact from the Virgon Museum of the Colonies, in order to safe countless lifes the URDF let the Cognatus escape with the Artifact...

The Gjigantrox Prepare for War[]

After the defeat of the Xhodocto, the Gjigantrox Interstellar Empire was again preparing to do battle, this time with the Cognatus. The Empire was fortifying it's systems, knowing that one strike against the Cognatus would bring the enemy down on their heads. They suspected that the Cognatus were planning an assault on the Galaxon Galaxy, where the Gjigantrox possessed 10,000 colonies, so they began searching for any Cognatus outposts that might serve as staging areas for such an assault.

A frightening discovery[]

Since the invasion on Cognatus space, the DCP had to give half of the invasion force to the war effort in the War of Ages, and the DCP had to resort to gurriler tactics, hopping from one system to next, raiding or destroying them, however, one day, Captain Tonneroff (who was in command after Warlord Titanozor left for the War of Ages) made an important discovery, a megastructure, as large as a small planet. It was built out of concentric rings, with a central tower, however, it had the power to cause unimaginable devastation, and it was no ordinary superweapon, because it was powered by Xhodocto technology and domic energy (every cannon was also as powerful as the primary weapon of the Crusade class). It was powerful enough to turn the tide of the war. It was 95% completed, and Tonneroff's fleet was too small to risk engaging the weapon, however worse news was to come, his advanced subspace sensors detected a transmission, the Cognatus were planning to knock out Mirenton, Caprica, Dinoman82, Earth as well as possibly other empire's homeworlds too, seriously demoralising empires already devastated by the War of Ages (and the DCP civil war and Second Galactic War). Tonneroff had to do something, he split his fleet into two, one would engage the ship, to at least slow down its construction, but not to destroy it, and the other fleet would run like hell and warn the other empires. His troops knew they were going on a suicide mission and that they would never celebrate the victory of the Onuris Alliance (the ones who were going to attack), but would at least die in valour and would not be rotting in death beds. The first half began a great attack, they managed to reduce to the stations production to 86%, but then a huge Cognatus fleet surrounded them, there was no escape, the DCP fleet collided with the station, pulling a few Cognatus ships with them using tractor beams, further reducing it to 72% complete...

Meanwhile, Captain Tonneroff and his fleet ran as fast as they could, but the Cognatus now knew where they were, and stragglers were picked off one by one.

To be concluded soon.

Week Six[]

The Cognatus begin planning the final conflict of the war, and an ancient secret will be revealed...

Devastation of SR[]

With the Sylit Republic not expecting it, the Cognatus stuck. Leading many cloaked fleets into Ramvelkys Galaxy, SR did not know of the Cognatus ships until it was far too late. Their ships uncloaked and swept over Veatrex Arm, with all military forces of the Ramvelkys Alliance trying to stop it. Sending the Supreme Fleet out to stop the invasion, it was their only hope. SR cried out to its allies, but Cognatus technology stopped the transmissions from reaching the allies. After hours of battle, Nikris Arm was crippled, and several Veatrex Arm colonies were too. The Supreme Fleet, led by Commander Nyrash and Commander Ransyk, entered battle with two other fleets, one led by Vice Admiral Aturox and one by High Captain Cycklos. Then, finally, after nearly 18 hours, the Cognatus forces were destroyed. But Nikris Arm, as well as many Veatrex Arm colonies, lay in ruin. Over half of the Supreme Fleet was destroyed, and most other ships were gone too. Cycklos was injured, and Aturox was missing. The Sylit Republic was completely devastated.

Disaster at the Rambo Capitol Planet[]

Shadow of Liberty and a Cognatus Fleet attacks the Rambo Fleet above the Rambo Capitol Planet

Thel 'Vicliquam, the bold and cunning Captain of the Cognatus Assault Carrier the Shadow of Liberty made a surprising move which took Rambo Nation by complete surprise.

He took a small fleet of Cognatus ships and attacked the Rambo Capitol. Taken by surprise the Cognatus managed to hold there ground and destroyed various ships, but when Ramaxar came near with the USS Relativity the tide turned more for the Rambo and the large defense fleet of Rambo Nation proved hard for the small fleet of the Cognatus. Soon the first Cognatus ship was crippled and exploded soon after.

Thel 'Vicliquam battles the Pantorilis guards

Surprise and troubled, Thel'Vicliquam ordered his right hand and second in command of his personall forces, Ultra Rtas'Shagili, clad in white/silver armor to go with him to the city of Pantorilis, the home city of the Pantorilisea on the Rambo Capitol, since the markings of the Heritic Girl told the Cognatus Captain to go there.

Upon arriving Thel'Vicliquam and a handfull of Defilers destroyed a guarding party near a crystal mine and talked to the Craftwoman there, to her surprise he let her live and he advanced towards Pantorilis. Upon arriving there he became angry at Rtas'Shagili who had used a plasma grenade to destroy the docking port. Upon arriving in the city he killed various guards and opened the Gate Room where his second in command place the Heritic Girl on somesort of altar. However, a bold Rambo Captain named Ramzhenko had arrived and pledged him to stop, Thel'Vicliquam, angered by his arrival brutally killed the unarmed Rambo Captain.

Thel'Vicliquam meets Artmyris at the Gate to Atlantica

Upon activating the machines the young girl yelled in pain and Rtas'Shagili began doubting his captains plans, as he grew fond of the Heritic Girl. She then vanished in a bright light and the Captain too. Rtas'Shagili was surprised and called for reinforcements to back up his escape from this place.

Meanwhile Thel'Vecliquam walked to the portal gate, his plan succeeded but he was greeted by an unknown entity who dismissed him. Surprised he learned that the entitry, which had great spirital power which made him hard to breath, was the Rambo God Artmyris. He claimed that the Clash of the Gods was to begin.

Meanwhile above, Rtas'Shagili his forced had to retreat since the Rambo defence fleet proved to be too strong.

Kobol's Last Gleaming[]

Act One[]

Raptor One being disabled by a Battlecrusier.

The CSS Pegasus is the Liberator Class Star Destroyer, under the command of Admiral Cretacea and was sent to lead the Cognatus away from the Cyrannus Capital System, the only way to do so was to plot an FTL jump to Sector 67803, a mysterious and unexplored region of space. In order to keep the ship safe, the Admiral sent three recon raptors to scout ahead of the destroyer. In Raptor One, Helo Roslia, the pilot Boomer and 5 URC Marines waited for the jump to begin. When the raptor jumped it was literally kilometres from the surface of a planet!! What the hell!! You can't plot a jump that close to a planet, what if you jumped into the damn thing! cried Boomer.

All of a sudden, the Raptors were hit by a Cognatus energy blast, Raptor One was severally damaged and began to spin uncontrollably down to the planet, as Raptor Two exploded. The survivals in One, called on Three to jump back to Pegasus to get help.

Helo Roslia and the messenger, Shelly Godfrey in the Tomb of Athena on Kobol.

There was only five survivors of the crash, they agreed to scout the area. Helo was once again visited by the spectral form of a young Capricornian woman named Shelly Godfrey, that has been haunting him since the Battle of Virgon, she guided him to the lush pastures of the forgotten world until they reached ruins, which Shelly said was built thousands of years ago by the Thirteen Tribes to honor the Lords of the Thirteen, the Capricornian Gods. She told him that this planet is Kobol, the birthplace of civilization and the Thirteen Tribes of Capricornians, Helo was confused, Capricornians evolved on Caprica. Shelly told him that Capricornians evolved on Kobol and millions of years later they discovered Caprica, where Capricornians too evolved naturally, the two races of Capricornians then crossbred. It happened again she explained. Strangely an arrow appeared, which Shelly explained was the Arrow of Hera, a mystic articfact used to open the Tomb of Athena which will point the way to the Atlantica.

Raptor One crash site.

Suddenly the survivors of the crash were attacked by Cognatus and Zarni Troopers! With the help of the URC Troopers, Helo was able to defeat them and move on to the tomb of Athena. The Tomb of Athena is the shrine of Athena, Lord of the Thirteen after the exodus of the thirteen tribes from Kobol. Shelly said that only the one with the Arrow can enter, and so he did. He was then transported to the Realm of the Gods...

Last hope for the Ramboidae[]

USS Luna is taken by a portal to an unknown location!!!

As the Gate to Atlantica was opened at the Rambo Capitol and Helo Roslia was send to the Realm of the Gods, a strange event occured in deep space. Near the USS Luna's location a large portal opened behind the rouge Rambo ship and took the ship inside. Surprised, Captain Rambam and his remaining crew members were transported to a place unknown and the result he could not explain.

The Ultimate God however had planned this, although this Captain was branded a traitor by strange reasons, this captain was the best choice for the mission the Rambo Ultimate God had planned for him. Now he had only to discover what his mission was.

And why him? He pondered that for a long time, but the choice was easy. Rambam was an explorer, and captains like Ramikku, Ramcard and Ramaxar could not be missed. For that reason only he had unknowningly given Rambam the mission to save Rambo Nation from certain destruction. Now he hoped he would succeed. The Rambo Ultimate God rose and walked outside to see the Gate to Atlantica opening. Now he knew it was time, this would mean the future of Atlantica and his own and his creations. He looked behind and saw Selenyia and Horus standing next to him. All knew that Artmyris would arrive, it was now or never they had to refind the Capricornian Gods, and his long time friend Apollo, the God of Light if the Rambo Gods wanted to survive the Clash of the Gods.....................

Vanishing of the Ancientia![]

The Ancientia Kingdom Capitol planet is engulfed by a large blue light, shorlty before her dissapearance

After the USS Luna had vanished, another anamoly claimed one of the allies of the URC and the Rambo. At the Ancientia Kingdom's Capitol planet the sky grew bright and the sun became more intense.

Feared, the Ancientia sended a distress call but it was in vain, the large energies released, coming from the core of there world disabled transmission and prevented ships from going into Hyper Space and then, a large blue light engulfed the Ancientia Planet and is was gone from her position, the entire Capitol Planet of the Ancientia Kingdom had vanished in a flash of light.

All across the Universe, Ancientia ships were also engulfed in blue light, even there Clone Troopers and within 5 minutes, the entire Ancientia Race had vanished from the universe. Yet there reasons for it and were they went to was surprising, and the allies were shocked by there dissapearance.

Arivino's revenge[]

The General had been stripped of his rank.... humiliated and disgraced... He had defeated Votarah, now It was time to reek vengance upon the mighty Fleet commander of the Cognatus. Arivino steadily walked up the stairs to the Cognatus temple as Guards shot repeatedly at him, only to be be flayed with a lethal blow. The Fleet master could hear the screams of the guards as he rushed toward his weapon cabinet heaving out a large sword. The doors flung open as Arivino made his way inside. The Fleet master turned to face him. "So you have returned? you really are a fool Arivino...." The Fleet master lept slamming his sword into Arivino sending his blade flying. Swiftly Arivino ducked the second blow of the sword and thrust his fist into the supreme commander sendin him toppling over onto the floor. The Supreme Commander swiped his sword at Arivino. Quickly he thrust his hand out catching the Fleet master's fist sending the sword to a halt. With his other hand Arivino clutched the commanders throat. "Now... you will regret the day you where born!" Arivino hissed as he tightened his grip "GaAAack!" The Fleet master winced as he spat blood from his mouth. Arivino lifted him to his feet belting him with a large kick, sending him into a computer. As the Fleet master started to stand up arivino grabbed one os the broken wires and thrust it into the wounded fleet master. There was a flurry of sparks as the commander was fried to a crisp. His screams of agony would forever fill these halls.

A terrifying discovery part 2[]

The Cognatus Super Fortress approaches Caprica.

Captain Tonneroff returned with a raggidy fleet, it had been decimated, however, the faster and stronger ships survived, and the ones with more experienced captains, but only a couple of days in front of the completion of the superweapon. The warning was broadcasted quickly across subspace, and the allies managed to put a few extra fleets to defend their homeworlds. There was no doubt about it, terror was coming...

As soon as the Fortress was complete (actually, it was 98% complete, however, it was fixed just after startng its mission). The ship first attacked Milky Way Galaxy, and using its demonic hyperlaser, it wiped out several homeworlds in Milky Way Galaxy, of only small empires, mainly as a show of fury. But the Cognatus knew, they had to attack the bigger prizes, like Earth, Mirenton or some other more influential homeworld. The Cognatus picked their target, relishing at the thought of the taste of victory, their target would be Caprica. Their ship veered in the direction of the DCP, the DCP sent all their ships in the general direction, to defend planets, however, this was a distraction, they instead went to the Cyrannus Galaxy.

Using a wormhole, it soon arrived in Cyrannus. It further destroyed another couple of homeworlds of minor species, but then it went for Caprica. When it entered the system, the Capricorn fleets bravely defended their homeworld, but their fleets were tossed aside, every weapon on the Fortress was as strong as the primary weapon of the Crusade Class. It then sent out a wave, which dissolved orbital defenses and the remaining ships to dust. The Cognati commander smiled, he would "play" with Caprica, like it was a toy to be tortured. He had personel hatred for the Capricorn burning inside him. He sipped his wine, and decided to target certain regions of the planet with the demonic energy weapons, the seas turned to boiling vapour and vicious storms and tsunamis raged on them, parts of its ice caps melted. He targeted small cities, and sealed them in living nightmares. He was torturing the planet. However, soon it was time to destroy it. The United Repunblic of Cyrannus looked on in horror, powerless to stop this evil weapon. If they lost Caprica, the Republic will fall...

But as the commander played with the planet and tortured its peoples, he did not notice a flotilla of DCP ships until it was too late, and they were carrying a very special weapon, one the Cognatus have encounted before. The station open fired, however, the DCP ships had phased into ghosts by then, phasing and dephasing, making targetting the ships very difficult. The Cognati ordered Caprica's destruction, so the DCP could watch their allies fall. However, as he powered up the weapon, the station's shields dropped, very quickly, but by then, the Time Dilation device was in range, and was beamed aboard. The station stopped, the weapon was activating very slowly, time was slowed down. The DCP dragged the station into Caprica's star, and not even the Fortress could survive that.

Immediately, the DCP beamed down aid to Caprica. Actually, not much great damage had been dealt to Caprica, as the mad Cognati only targetted specific regions, however, to clear the storms and lower the temperature, the DCP and Capricorn quickly terraformed it back to its orginal state. Some cities had been devastated at the worst, but Caprica came off very lightly compared to some worlds (including the homeworlds and fleets it did destroy, in those terms, the Cognatus superweapon was not a failure and created further fear).

The Initiative is Taken[]

Well, that's that. Escaping from demons to be caught by fanatics, you might say.

- Chief Ambassador Carillion

Several days after beginning their search for a Cognatus outpost in the Galaxon Galaxy, a Gjigantrox scout ship found what the Empire had been looking for in orbit above the planet Terrinil. In that orbit was positioned several large Cognatus ships, as well as their accompanying fighter squadrons. Scanners also revealed activity on the previously uninhabited planet, as well as the presence of several space stations in orbit. Clearly, this was a base of operations for an assault.

The scout ship quickly notified a nearby fleet of it's discovery. Moments later, battle was in full swing above Terrinil. The Gjigantrox ships had the element of surprise, and also outnumbered the Cognatus by a fair margin. But the Cognatus ships were stronger, and they were determined not to lose such an important outpost.The battle swung back and forth, until finally the Gjigantrox overcame the last Cognatus ship. This was no easy fight, though: the Gjigantrox paid dearly for their victory. The fleet's few remaining ships regrouped, and stood guard over the planet until reinforcements arrived. These reinforcements then boarded the space stations and landed on the planet, taking prisoners in the hope that they might be able to gain some information about their enemy's plans from their captives.

The war in Galaxon had begun.

2nd Imperial Attack[]

The Imperials attack a Rambo/URC investigation team at New Erion

Upon the destruction of the Resistance and the super nova of the sun of New Erion, Captain Ramborwski and two Rambo ships and a Capricornian ship travelled to the scene.

Upon arriving they only found debris and a lot of radiation, yet it occurred only in the New Erion system. When the USS Teotihuacan, personall ship of Captain Ramborwski travelled to the sun's former location various Imprial Ships dropped out of hyperspace. The Imperials were send there to take some debris for further study of the fire power of the Novae.

Ramborwski prepared for battle, but was surprised to see various unknown Imperial ship classes, especialley the huge one. The Imperial Captain made contact with Ramborwski and told him to leave as the Imperials were also "investigating" the destruction of the sun, or so the Imperial Captain claimed. Ramborwski told the Lizardian to back off as it was no Imperial Space. The Lizardian simply laughed and the Imperial ships openend fire.

When the USS Teotihuacan and the URC Legacy Class Star Destroyer were taken under heavy fire and were soon taking a lot of damage. The Rambo and URC ships were forced to retreat and Ramborwski informed Rambo Command and the Cyrandia Senate about the incident.

After a long time, the Imperials once attacked the URC and Rambo, and it was now to the Cyrandia Senate to discuss if there should be response to it. One thing was certain, tensions were once again rising with the Imperial Alliance.

A Necessary Sacrifice[]

Although the Jovar had their victories against the Cognatus, they were slowly pushed back into DCP territory. Eventually, the fleet was forced to retreat, and most of it went to the Haalae system, the system that Osion was located. Unfortunately, the Congatus secretly placed a tracking device on an Ardent-class Star Destroyer as it was fleeing. Now knowing the location of one of their most important planets, the Cognatus now planned to invade the Jovar in their own territory, which had previously been unknown to them.

Thankfully for the Jovar, the tracking device was discovered. They were also somehow able to discover the direct path the Cognatus were going to use to reach Osion, thanks to an excellent network of spies from several species. In fact, the Jovar's plan was simple, yet decisive: use interdiction fields to halt the incoming fleet, and destroy as much of it as possible.

The Jovar used the planet Durma for the interdiction field. The Cognatus were stunned when they were suddenly stopped by unexpected gravity wells, yet were not surprised that the Jovar had discovered their plan. The Cognatus thought the battle over the planet would be easy: the Jovar were outnumbered 3:1.

However, despite their disadvantage, the Jovar fought valiantly. The battle, in fact, almost seemed to sway to the Jovar's advantage at some points. Eventually, however, the Jovar succumbed to the overwhelming numbers, and were defeated. Durma was glassed.

Millions of Jovar troops and civilians died in the decisive battle, compared to the relatively small number of dead Cognatus crewmembers. Among the deaths was Aluinar, the son of Jovar III himself, who was serving as the commanding officer of the defense fleet. Although much of the royal family, especially Jovar and Aluinar's sister Vrailla, grieved in bitter anguish, the ruling family instead decided to focus on the positives of the battle and his ultimate sacrifice: the Jovar fleet was able to succeed in their primary objective; they managed to weaken the Cognatus fleet enough for them to retreat. The Cognatus lost 3/4 of their entire attack fleet, amazingly. Knowing that they could not possible destroy Osion now, the remainder of the fleet fled back to the colonies of Milky Way Galaxy.

The win was only possible because of a sacrifice. Millions of Jovar soldiers and citizens were lost, climaxed by Aluinar's death. However, it halted the invasion of their territory, which could have been fatal for a nation that would soon enter internal conflict. As an old human saying once went, "No sacrifice, no victory...".

Battle of the Capital System[]