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Now, you and the rest of your wretched kind will suffer the vengeance of the gods!

- Warmaster Xae Vandon

The Intergalactic War was a Gigaquadrantic-wide conflict pitting the First Cognatus Empire against the Allied forces led by the United Republic of Cyrannus. Largely centered in the Cyrannus Galaxy, the war became known for its sheer brutality and levels of destruction which spread from Cyrannus and into galaxies such as the Quadrant Galaxies and the Milky Way Galaxy, involving superpowers such as Rambo Nation and the Delpha Coalition of Planets and their struggle to destroy this threat to the level of cooperation and order which graced the Gigaquadrant in the years immediately after the War of Ages.

The Cognatus left few survivors in their genocidal rampage across Cyrannus, intent on the destruction of the noble and peaceful United Republic of Cyrannus. Though they were technologically superior, they underestimated the Republic's resolve and bravery thus evening out the vicious conflict. Considered one of the wars that helped shape the current Gigaquadrant, the Intergalactic War has went down in history as one of the most devastating wars on record. Unbeknownst to most, though the creation of the Cyrandia Alliance was often seen as the most important lasting impact of the war, in truth the most important event of the war occurred in the shadows, with the conflict marking the rise of the ancient Oikoumene Tyrómairon, thus marking it as the first act of his plot to impose upon Cyrannus a New Order.


Several catalysts responsible for the outbreak of war between the First Cognatus Empire and the Allied Forces have been identified by historians. Unknown to all however, is the deft hand of the Xeranbha in manipulating the Cognatus into war with the allies, and in particular the United Republic of Cyrannus. Those ignorant of this truth instead point to the discovery of the Shrine of Selenyia, a site sacred to both the Cognatus and Rambo Nation as the point which marked the beginning of the war. The alliance between the Republic and the Rambo was previously cemented during the Second Galactic War, when the URC aided the Rambo against their enemies in the Imperial Alliance, fighting alongside another powerful ally known as the Delpha Coalition of Planets, a merciless though honourable faction native to the Milky Way. All three of these powers fought alongside one another in conflicts such as the Trucinex War, the Second Galactic War and the War of Ages before uniting once again to fight against the Cognatus, their alliance becoming known as the Grand Three.

In the early weeks of 06 BNE, Cognatus Battlecruisers were first spotted on the fringes of Mortalitas space. The Mortalitas decided to ignore these trespassers, but kept a close eye on them as they approached Republic space. Two weeks into the voyage, the Cognatus encountered the Shrine of Selenyia, where the Intergalactic War, truly began. Led by Warmaster Xae Vandon, who had already killed a captain with the Republic under the command of his dark masters, the Cognatus viciously attacked both Republic and Rambo forces located at the shrine, sparking the conflict which would dominate much of the next two years.

War Spreads in Cyrannus[]

Siege of the Outer Rim[]

First Battle

The destruction of the USS Hood at the Battle of the Shrine.

Thus begins the day of your judgement. Soon, your civilisations shall be shattered. Mere embers scattering over the endless sands of existence.

- Warmaster Xae Vandon in the first transmission between the Cognatus and the Allies.

The presence of Rambo and Republic scientists on the Shrine of Selenyia provoked the fervently zealous Cognatus into launching their assault prematurely. In space over the relic, Rambo Captain Rambas II attempted to negotiate with the new aliens before his ship, the USS Hood, was destroyed by a lance of plasma from the Cognatus Battlecruiser Harbringer of Salvation. In his hubris, the shiplord of the vessel, Han'Ateeshe, travelled down to the surface of the planet shortly afterword where he was captured by Rambo forces. Though interogations against him were attempted, the Cogsangui refused to give any information about the Cognatus or their intentions beyond what was conveyed to the allied forces in a vitriolic transmission sent by Warmaster Xae Vandon in the opening stages of the battle.

After the battle, a group of leaders from across the Gigaquadrant gathered to discuss the new threat. Amongst them was the newly elected President Apollo of the Republic, who called for the immediate protection of Outer Rim Republic worlds, and those of less powerful civilisations, against the coming Cognatus onslaught. By the time the conflict began in earnest, factions such as the Delpha Coalition of Planets, the Jovar Empire, the Girdo Empire, the Sylit Republic, the Doriaca Kingdom and countless others had formed to create a loose alliance closely associated with organisations such as the Seven Starr Alliance and the Onuris Alliance. Together, these allies swore to commit their full might to halt the Cognatus advance into innocent space.

Battle of Oikoumene Construct 01

A Cognatus Fleet under Fleetlord Voro Acetenus annihilates a Republic fleet during the Battle of Oikoumene Construct 01.

The first major engagement of the war would be fought over an Oikoumene installation code-named Construct 01, which was accidentally discovered by a Republic science team on route to the Quadrant Galaxies. A massive dyson sphere, it soon became apparent to the scientists that the planet was hollow and that it had many similarities, particularly linguistically, with symbols found at the Selenyia Shrine. However, with news about the attack on the Shrine spreading, the science team officially requested a defence fleet to be stationed over the planet to deter potential Cognatus attacks. However, just as soon as the Republic fleet arrived, a larger Cognatus fleet under the command of Fleetlord Voro Acetenus ambushed the Republic. The resulting battle was bloody on both sides, though ultimately Acetenus' superior tactics won both the day and the Oikoumene Construct for the Cognatus. In their haste to flee the battle, a damaged Republic ship inadvertently jumped to hyperspace without masking its signature, allowing the Cognatus to track the damaged flotilla as it made its way to Eire for repairs.

Eire Campaign

A standard week after the Battle of Oikoumene Construct 01, Voro Acetenus' fleet led by the flagship Herald of Retribution arrived on the fringes of the Eire system, where it immediately began a devastating assault against the limited Republic defences in orbit over the peaceful colony world. Through a combination of Acetenus' superior tactics as well as the numerically superior Cognatus fleet, the initial battle utterly annihilated Eire's orbital defences. Acetenus's fleet soon began bombarding the planet from orbit with superheated plasma, burning away much of the atmosphere and killing most of the civilian population. Within two days of the Fall of Eire, a massive Republic fleet led by Willelmus Cretacea dropped out of hyperspace over Eire, where it fought a vicious battle with the Cognatus armada. While the allies took many casualties in comparison with the Cognatus fleet, Cretacea's forces gave not quarter and ultimately emerged victorious when Acetenus ordered a tactical withdrawal. The victory over the devastated Eire sparked hope in the Republic that victory against the Cognatus was far from impossible.



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