Flag Federation
Founding empires Capricorn Sector Alliance, Krassio Host
Side Good
Creator Cyrannian
Leaders Republic Senate
Allies Seven Starr Alliance, House of Krassio/Krassio Host, Rambo Nation, Delpha Coalition of Planets, Defensive System Bloc
Enemies Evil Empires, The Xhodocto
Type A peaceful alliance that will resort to violence as a last resort.
Phase Space
Date After the Xhodocto Truce
Military Member Empires generally have massive fleets.
State Different members at war with different enemies

Note, this is an alliance similar to the SSA and each empire still has independence. It is more similar to the United Nations then the actual Star Wars Republic

The Intergalactic Federation is an intergalactic organisation striving to bring different nations closer to each other and to promote peace in the universe. It is most prominent in the First Gigaquadrant. Ruling the Federation is the Federal Senate, a governing body comprising elected or appointed representatives from across the universe. The organisation was formed by the URC and the Krassio Host.


The Intergalactic Federation is lead by the President of the United Republic of Cyrannus, taking as councilor the Hierarch of the Krassio Master Kroc, the Republic has a liberal government, having not control over the member empires, but the organizations that join are obligated by the major empires to help each other, in this moments and cases the Republic Government is active, otherwise, the powers of the Capricornian President are not influential.

The United Republic of Cyrannus is now forming a council chamber, where the member empires, allies and even enemies with their representatives can talk on behalf of their people, as dozens of minor empires seek cover, this is a fruitful idea.

Intergalactic Relations Edit

The Federation is friendly, and any empire can join as long as they are approved by the Senate. (If you want to join, ally or be on enemy state so on the talk page-Incoming Transmission Style)

Member empires Edit

Allies Edit

  • Krassio Host - Co-founders, but not the creators.
  • Ottzel A warrior race, very strong, but not members. They feel they have no time for such things, and their warrior personality, this would make no sense
  • Quadrantia Federation - founded during the Second Galactic War and became allies with the CSA, a unified Federation of Quadrant Galaxies Empires and counterpart of the Imperial Alliance.
  • Rambo Nation, long time allies of the CSA, wanted the Quadrantia Federation to join the Galactic Republic, but vote was turned down and so they remained allies.
  • Gablinus-Avis Empire - Though not members of the Intergalactic Federation, the Gablinus-Avis still participates in their action towards hostile nations in the universe, and they will help spread democracy and peace to all.

Enemies Edit

Neutral Edit

Member InformationEdit

United Republic of CyrannusEdit

The CSA are the creators of the Republic. They made it mainly because they thought of the recent troubles of the Seven Starr Alliance were uncalled for and could be easily avoided if their was an organisation that promoted very close corporation and diplomacy while at the same time protecting each empires independence. This alliance is also a good way for the CSA to become an intergalactic superpower.

Krassio HostEdit

The Krassio Host are one of the CSA allies, and co-founded the Republic, they now work as allies of it, this attracted many other minor empires, students of the Krassio to the republic, the Krassio are part member part not, since they helped the CSA to create a stable relationship, commerce and warfare in the organization, the Krassio feel comfortable by keeping their own independence (A reason of why they did not joined the SSA), the Krassio are already a ultradimensional superpower, the Republic increased Krassio-Capricornian relations since their diplomats and leaders (Hierarch and president) worked together.

United Veatrex Federation Edit

The United Veatrex Federation is a nation made up of over 600,000 star systems, most in Ramvelkys Galaxy, where the UVF is based. It is still growing, but it holds a great military and lots of influence throughout the Universe, and is one of the Great Eight. Led by Emperor Aturox, the Federation has been divided into 15 Zones, with each zone led by a Supervisor, to keep it in order. They have recently established the Supreme Veatrex Fleet.

Galot RepublicEdit

The Galot heard of this new alliance and thus wanted to join. They felt it was a good cause and that they could really help out. So they sent a transmission, praising the republic and persuading them to let them in. Like with everyone, the Galactic Republic was willing to allow these happy people to join, because of their loveable personality. The Galot were already peace lovers, and try to prevent wars, and prevent friction between the allies and members (which they're gopod at) to keep the republic stable.

Wexord Exiles Edit

They were ones who were exiled from their own homeworld. From their own sector. From their own Galaxy. Driven by desperation, Wexord have allied with Republic, as source of a little hope. They have no colonies, no armies and their species is nearly extinct, but their technology could probably help the Republic in the order of improving its defences. They were allied with the Grox, but who now cares?

Pondsisosa Federation Edit

This alliance has the god Pondsisini as its war leader. It focuses on smaller numbers but far more powerful technology than is possesed by most other empires in the universes. Upon hearing of this alliance, they quickly joined. They hope that being a member of this smaller alliance will give them more influence to aid their allies, the DCP, Rambo Nation, the Radeon, and the Spinker.

DCP Intergalactic territories Edit

The DCP and the Capricorn have been long strong allies (even before their true alliance, they were both members of the Seven Starr Alliance). After the DCP Civil war, the DCP began to rebuild its lost colonies in the Cyrannus galaxy, so to speed up the process and for the benefit of the Galactic Republic, the DCP became members. The DCP will give some of its great technology and the Capricorn will help rebuild the Delpha Coalition of Planets.

Ancientia KingdomEdit

As the Ancientia Kingdom recently allied Rambo Nation and the URC, they decided to join the Intergalactic Republic too as they wished to be independance and not a part of the Ramboidae alliance known as Rambo Nation. However, as they are very close allies to the Rambo they somehow also represent Rambo Nation (as perfect way to avoid the vote of the Quadrantia Federation, whom did not want to join the Galactic Republic). As such, the Ancientia Kingdom represents in secret also Rambo Nation.

Gjigantrox Interstellar EmpireEdit

The Gjigantrox Interstellar Empire joined the Republic at the request of their allies, the United Republic of Cyrannus. They are glad to be part of another intergalactic peace group, and are already members of the Universal Alliance of Nations and the Universal Defence Network. The Gjigantrox control Neptune in the Sol System, and are currently trying to gain a monopoly over the breakfast industry.

Pepis RepublicEdit

The Pepis Republic has went through times of peace and times of war. “We are a land of peace, prosperity, and fine play. We are the Pepis Republic, sent out by the Great Peppypipe to bring peace to our universes. We shall ally all into a great alliance, and have fun trying!

- Suna

Jovar EmpireEdit

Perhaps best known for their shipbuilding techniques, the Jovar Empire is one of themost powerful empires in the Milky Way (surpassed only by the DCP) and is a young nation, but constantly growing and evolving. They joined the Intergalactic Republic to become more well known to empires that do not know of their presence, and to gain stronger relations with their incumbent allies.

Mabius NobilityEdit

After thousands of years in Dark Space, and millions of years of struggle and war before that the EMC became the MN after a bloody civil war. They are most notable due to the massive fleet that they control, and the artificial star systems they have created past Cyrannus' rim. With new rule and law set down to them they have joined the Intergalactic Federation in order to become properly integrated into the modern civilization of the First Gigaquadrant.

Stratocracy of ArkhosiaEdit

The neutral Stratocracy follows a philosophy of balance that decrees that the balance of power between opposing forces must be maintained. Peace between all empires is something the Stratocracy wishes to contribute towards, and hence joined the Intergalactic Federation.

Message BoardEdit

Ihrian StarshipEdit

The Salsthette Republic said a few days ago that there was a powerful Ihrian Starship that was undetectable and very powerful. A full Salsthette and DCP combined fleet could not take it down, and has wiped the Pepis from their homes. We need to try to either find common ground with the Ihrians, who seem to be rebels, or fight them. As said, the Pepis are back to no planets and the Pepis Trade Station is close to he Ihrian Ship. Also said before, send help please! - PEF From The Pepis Republic's President Suna Send Transmission

Incoming TransmissionEdit

We shall send 21 Star Destroyers to aid you in protecting the Spacestation!-User:Cyrannian/URC

Ms.Pepis's WeddingEdit

I had my wedding with Colonel Tanis. Thank you for any members of this organization that attended. Anyone have marital tips for us, so we are not productive because of divorce? - Ms.Pepis

Incoming TransmissionEdit

You seem to be mistaking Ms Pepis, this is an organisation for Intergalactic Unity, not marriage consultation.

-President Apollo

It was for not getting unproductive. Soz. -Ms.Pepis

Incoming Transmission Edit

The Mabius Nobility would like to warn the Federation of possible ships capable of mass destruction, they will most likely be unregistered to any known empires. We fear that these ships may belong to The Fallen who have been using ancient relic ships. These ships are dangerous and unpredictable, and it is our goal to find them and destroy them. --- Admiral Hathora of the Noble Hunter Fleets

Incoming Transmission from the URCEdit

Thank you for the warning, friends of the Mabius Nobility. We shall keep our eyes open. -User:Cyrannian/URC

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