"Monster" is the third single of the album Straight Outta Deathspire by Intergalactic Band, featuring Legion of the Deathmarch rapprs Angazhar, Tyrómairon, Shu'rimrodir and Emperor Zargoth.


Early recording[]

The recording began when the Intergalatic Band were experimenting with the rap genre. They created a beat which they felt sounded monstrous, and sent it off to Emperor Zargoth.

Involvement of the Legion[]

Zargoth showed it to the Legion of the Deathmarch, who loved it so much, they decided to be featured on it. However, wit the Legion being controlled and the Intergalactic Band being scared, the Legion essentially took over the track. Shu'rimrodir, Zargoth, and even Angazhar, got a verse.

Antedivillian's involvement[]

Later, the Mornûnendur wanted to get on the track. However, the legion of the Deathmarch were so controlling, they gave Tyrómairon only a few lines. These lines were used simply to complain about how he didn't get involved enough.



The song is a SporeWiki parody of the song "Monster" by Kanye West featuring Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj and Bon Iver. Bon Iver's verse is coered by the Intergalatic Band, Kanye's verse is covered by Angazhar, Rick Ross' intro covered by Anteddy, Jay-Z's verse remixed by Shu, Nicki's verse replaced with Zargoth's and another unknown entry...

The original song: Kanye West - Monster ft. Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver


The single contains snapping synth-splashed beats as each performer takes their turn rapping over the track. The song generally has a low pitch, but has a rather fast tempo.


In-universe songwriting was done by the Legion of the Deathmarch; Angazhar, Su'ulathoi , Zargoth and ??? wrote their own verses, while Angazhar wrote Anteddy and the Band's parts for them. This song was, written by Technobliterator.

Intro - Intergalactic Band (originally by Bon Inver)]
Thiiiiis is annoying,
I am enjoying
Playing with this annoying voice toy
Are you ready, to hear our awful voice

[Mini verse - Tyrómairon (originally by Rick Ross)]
Anteddy up first
I didn't get a full verse
Fuck that Legion
It's outta my region
I came in for one line
Good night folks that's my time

[Hook - Angazhar (originally by Kanye)]
Stop it, stop it, mortal I got it
Everybody knows I'm the motherfucking monster
Imma here to kill your fucking womans at the concert
Imma here to fucking kill your womans at the concertx2

[Verse 1 - Angzhar (Kanye)]
Best living ordeal is now huh
Oh wait I'm immortal that blows huh
You already heard me say i'm a massive beast
You do not know what kind of beast
Yeah that's right mortal I'm a sexy beast
Imma get all of your bitches sexing me
Cos dey love my abs and all my fucking cash
And I eat souls for just a laugh
What kinda woman don't want a man like that?
A dumb one, and why she fright at that?


[Verse 2 - Shu'rimrodir (Jay-Z)]
Photo shoot fresh for the Angazhar wannabe
Hey I'm better than that Telfinne honeybee
I may not be sexy and lovely as a honeytree
And I can't write rhymes, so I make up words like 'gummybee'
But I have the corrutpus bitch you die
They so powerful they make you fry
They so beastly they make you cry
Be my slave and you be so fly
I'm new to this devil stuff
But cos I got Angazhar's help Imma sell this stuff
What the hell did that even make sense?
I can't make rhymes to earn a sixpence


[Verse 3 - Zargoth (Nicki Minaj)]
Yo man when do I get my verse?
Even looking at me gives you a motherfucking curse!
I'm big boy man Zargoth da badass!
Betta than Angazhar the madass!
And better than Shu the saddest!
And no one knows what Anteddy does
oh well guess that makesme numberr 1!
Wait that don't even rhyme? Ah hell
But I stll betta then you all so oh hell

[Verse 4 - Justin Bieber (made up)]
Yo y'all acting like you know what a monster is
Me I been 6 years in the monster biz
Angazhar you say you kill master Kroc?
Well I such a monster I don't have a cock!
Yes I am a boy so quiet Shu
You jealous I get more girls than you
And Zargot you make armies outta dem crimelords?
I make armies from dem fangirl hordes
And I so hood I just so fly
Oh crap they all coming for me now I die

[Outro - Intergalactic Band (Bon Iver)]
I, I, cross the line
And I, I, got to shine
No wait, that's Kkia'Sihm's job, 
So I, I, am heading home 


Commercial sales[]

The album has charted at #1 in The Corruptus, the Legion of the Deathmarch, and in the Cyrannus Galaxy, Milky Way Galaxy and Borealis Galaxy charts, and charted at the Top 5 in many others. The single has sold 100 quadrillion sales, making it a Platinum.

Critical reception[]

Initial reviews were negative, saying that 'Angazhar's demonic voice was hard to listen to.' However, these album was re-reviewed, when the reviewers received death threats. It was


  • The song isn't canonical, and is for humor