Oh, the Bank of the Core will always be happy to lend whatever funds you ask for. Providing you agree to the steepest interest rates in the galaxy, of course.

- Minister of Trade of the Core Federation, Tagh N'verri

Creator MushrumKing
Official Leader Minister of Trade and Finance
Leading Group Board of the Bankers
Type Transgalactic Bank
Parent Empire Federation of the Core Worlds
State Defunct

The InterGalactic Bank of the Core, often abreviated to IGBC, was a massive banking network and the largest financial institution of the Core Federation in the Pre-Annihilation Era. Also known simply as the Bank of the Core, it was a private Ravenrii conglomerate under the control of the CorFed's government, the Silver Ministry. It was the single largest financial institution in the Federation, holding monetary and shipping monopolies throughout the Xanthra Quadrant.

Though the bank was officially private, it followed the advice of the Silver Ministry's Minister of Finance and was "supervised" by his own staff, effectively making the government its true manager. Critics argued that its secretive policies made it the perfect front for the Ministries' alleged undercover operations and works of espionage in other countries.

The bank had its main headquarters on planet Concentron, trade capital of the Xanthrus Spiral Galaxy, but originated in the banking world of Coalithia and later spread to other galaxies. It was one of the Federation's Great Five, in charge of financial matters, before the CorFed's dissolution in the year 0 BBI. It could be said that it was replaced by the Imperial Bank of Illum.


The bank was deeply influenced by the Federation's government; most of its stocks were owned by Ravenrii nobles and businessmen from the House of Varlionnon, one of the Federation's royal families. The bank was widely known as the largest and primary investor of the Federation's largest starship manufacturer, CoreFleet Systems. It was one of the Federation's Great Five, its largest organizations, which managed its governmental, financial, scientific, naval and utility affairs. The bank aditionally funded two of the other Great Five; energy giant CorEnergies and the scientific organization known as the Spectrum Design Collective. They managed all utilities and science & development affairs, respectively.

Mere years before its dissolution, the bank bought its way into the universal financial industry, becoming a shareholder of foreign banks and corporations. It went as far as owning half the shares of the Caalan's InterStellar Banking Alliance, was a major competitor of the Jovar's T.S.O.I.B and the First Bank of Caprica, and dominated monetary affairs in and around the CorFed's territories.


In the year 0 BBI, the Federation of the Core Worlds was all but a name. The return of the new Host, Alenzhon, and the death of its queen, convinced its rulers to let go of the sham nation and ordered its immediate destruction. The bank was dissolved among with all other traces of the Federation, closing its last chaper in history and paving the way for the Empire of the Core's to begin.

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