The administrator of the ISSA is Shadowalkers. For any questions or general transmissions about the organization, please contact him.


The flag of the ISSA

Finished ISSA

The Emblem of the ISSA.

The Inter-Species Scientific Alliance, or the ISSA, is a group of scientifically-advanced empires made up of many species. The founder of this organization is the Olvidian Empire. It is also one of the Committees of the UAN, along with the UTU and UDN.


The ISSA is concerned with the development of new technology to advance life across the galaxy, and is willing to perform research and experiments in order to get there. Their ultimate goal is to be able to create anything that could be beneficial for all who are in and out of the ISSA. Of course, those who are in the ISSA get first dibs...

The current chairman/leader of the ISSA is one of the top scientists of the Olvidian Empire, Bingehe Lan (Bin-eh-he Lawn). Bingehe Lan has over 30 years of experience, both in the lab and in the field. Emperor Bings felt he was the best choice as leader of the ISSA.
Olvidian Scientist

Bingehe Lan, the Chairman of the ISSA.


The ISSA was founded when Emperor Bings of the Olvidian Empire sent out a probe with an automated message telling of his proposal. He is currently awaiting responses from any empires, extra-galactic or not. He has received responses from the Girdo Empire and the Gaal Empire, and is patiently awaiting more. The ISSA also agreed to a merger between themselves and the UAN. Nothing has changed, except for the fact that the ISSA is now a Committee of the UAN, and has a new emblem.

Current ProjectEdit

The ISSA is currently seeking an alternative to Terra-Forming Planets, and has contacted the DCP. After some diplomacy, the ISSA and the Olvidian Empire agreed to ally with the DCP and the URC. The DCP has sent Galactic Runners holding scientists and information about the Staff of Life. When the DCP is not as busy with their current war situation, the ISSA will hold another meeting, with the intent of the DCP being able to attend.

The ISSA has succeeded in reverse-engineering the Staff of Life, and has created a creature called the Shall. What is odd, however, is that its skin is not made of flesh, but rather a thin layer of a crystalline substance called Sapphyrium.

Current Members and RepresentativesEdit

Message BoardEdit

Incoming transmissions go here. Each new transmission should be a Level 2 Heading.

Staff of Life Edit

Okay, we think we've worked out how to make the Staff of Life create an entire planet-wide non-carbon-based ecosystem. We just need to check that it works by using an already-existing non-carbon-based ecosystem, so if anybody knows of one can you let us know where it is? Thanks in advance to anyone who helps. ~ Commodore Hlraka of the Girdo Empire

Meeting TranscriptsEdit

Meeting #1 - June 26, 2010Edit

Meeting #1

Meeting #2 - June 28, 2010 ---- Edit

Meeting #2, Part 1

Meeting #2, Part 2

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