We've supported to tell us heretics, extremists, mad and even silly, all to get here, all to find the answer: What came before the singularity point, first of all? What's behind it?

- Head Scientist of the Archeobuilder

Infinity is the supreme deity of the Builders, a god almighty and omniscient, which exists in the extra-dimensional regions. This was the origin of all things in existence, all universes, all beings, the space-time. It is the combination of all the Pure energy in the omniverse.

Seeking the truth Edit

History of the analysisEdit

Some studies have affirmed the existence of the Sigularity Point, the origin of every thing, but a small group of Archeobuilders scientist thought that this was not the end of the story and began a series of studies of this anomaly. Their stuidies taken to compose the theory that the point of singularity is not God, but a door to a place where God and God is what they called the "Sea of infinity" or "The Infinity".


One who exists beyond the understandingEdit

One of the most famous theories is the "One who exists beyond the understanding", it introduces the idea that out of the plane of the known and there is an absolute entity that provides the omniverse powerful like a balloon and inside there around. Out of this "balloon" there would be immeasurable strength, infinite and conscious that, at some point in history, opened a small hole in this balloon go where it was created energy and another where it went, these being the Point singularity and Strangehole.

Supreme CosmosoaEdit

Another theory relates to the Infinity is a giant cosmosoa consists of all that exists, where the cosmic energy is the blood and the universes are your cells. If this theory is true, the Infinity is the same or more omniverse omniversos, a theory that is extremely controversial. This theory also does not explain the nature of Strangehole and Point of Singularity, two of the greatest mysteries of nature.

The Causal CausalityEdit

This theory, widely held by scientists Archeobulider, is based on the idea at first, causing it to open the point of singularity was pure causality, so that discredits the idea of a consciousness that governs the omniverse. The idea relatively recently mutated to become part of a radical theory: the causality were the designs of the Demiurge, which were conducted by Pneyma'hogin, who considered the bearer of chance.

The Ultimate EvolutionEdit

This theory considers the Infinity not as God but as an abstract concept that attempts to determine what happens to the excess cosmic energy, the 0.1% of energy that mysteriously disappears from existence which can vary with a margin of error of 99,8%. This concept does not explain the origin of omniverse but its end, the energy continues recycled to the point that nothing else exists in the omniverse, everything returns to Infinity.

All the AboveEdit

The lattest theory considers that the Infinity is incomprehensible logic means that the only way to understand reality is to continue investigating their creations and manifestations, but no mortal ever being able to understand much in the omniverse and beyond.

Manifestations Edit

Steghtsogh: The CreatorEdit

The main manifestation of Infinity in omniverse Steghtsogh is, this is the point of singularity, omnipotent and omniscient entity that created the omniverse with the 1st Flow. Originally it was considered as the only manifestation of Infinity, but with the emergence of the theory of Extra-Dimensional Regions, raised the idea that this is only a physical manifestation of divinity.

Pneyma'hogin: The Wise SpiritEdit

The more metaphysical is the Pnéyma'hogin demonstrations, the divine spirit. The idea of ​​this body came to be regarded as the Infinity was aware of everything, including the feelings and thoughts of living beings, then thought about the existence of a unified consciousness cosmic energy, and appeared the concept of Pnéyma'hogin. Some also suggest that this entity is the carrying capacity of thinking and, therefore, to evolve, which would make it the most common entity in everyday life and the most complex to observe.

Daskalos: The Third EssenceEdit

Daskalos is the last entity that came into contact with the omniverse, according to legend was an Authority sacrficed his conscience to Infinity could use his body as a means to manifest in the physical world. The myth tells us about that at the dawn of time, before had been formed the fields of chaos, when the newly established universes, when the original three were just beginning to think, the Infinity down to the universe and taught Jocurra, Oikodomu and Ittnots on all laws of reality, and omniverse lived a golden age, where the Almighty Daskalos ruled with justice to all reality. At some point Daskalos leaves the Omniverse, ascending to the Extra-Dimensional Regions, since the original three gradually forget the golden age and its powerful master.

Mitology Edit

The mythology of modern times came to Infinity through the Sacred Book, the religious text of The Builders which they say was written by Daskalos, the Third Esscence. This book recounts the events of the origin of the universe and its development, he divides his story in 12 times according to the main events that occurred in each.

  • 1st Moment, The flow: The Infinity started the flow of cosmic energy and create the Inter-universal Void.
  • 2nd Moment, The Authorities: The Infinity create the Authorities, a race of super-powerfull beings which taked the control of the flow.
  • 3rd Moment, The universes: The flow formed spheres around certain areas of the void and forming solidified these universes.
  • 4th Moment, The dark energy: In theory, was the moment when the dark energy take form.
  • 5th Moment, The Chaos: After 9,2 trillions years, the universes began to crumble, and although new ones were formed, all the residual energy became chaos, which resulted in the formation of the chaos fields and Chaos Controllers.
  • 6th Moment, The atoms: Slowly, the matter began to take shape, first like quarks, then like protons and neutrons, and finally the temperature drops enough to form atoms. (The first universes couldn't be matter for their extreme amounts of dark energy).
  • 7th Moment, The stars: After one million of years the random density fluctuations in the distribution of matter in the universe resulted in certain regions being dense enough to collapse under their own gravitational attraction, forming the first stars and quasars from hydrogen fusion.
  • 8th Moment, The life: When the stars and planets was formed, the life could take shape, either from a primordial soup from the deep or the ocean geysers.
  • 9th Moment, The intelligence: In the Inter-universal Void three living beings was illuminated by the Sacred Wisdom, a manifestation of the infinite which aimed to deliver intelligence to the living.
  • 10th Moment, The Holy Three: The first three living things which was illuminated by the Sacred Wisdom was Jocurra, Oikodomu, and Ittotns and they was developed a civilization.
  • 11th Moment, The fall: Jocurra, Oikodomu, and Ittotns drifted away and crated they own civilations, Ittotns went into exile.
  • 12 th Moment, The return: We are here now, the return is when in some moment of the future the Third essence return to the Omniverse.



"I am all the Omniverse, I am all the reality, I am the ultimate lord, I am eternal, I am the Infinity"

"Look the mortals, they don't know or belive my existence, but this is not important, while they do not interfere in the evolution of his brothers"

"All the mortals are brothers, children of the universes, grandchildren of the Inter-universal Void and great-grandchildren of me"


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- The Researcher

Trivia Edit

  • Infinity is the climax of the obsession of The Buldier for the infinite.
  • Infinity is not apply into the pantheon of gods canonical of the Sporewikiverse, The Buldier prefers this because it considered a "personnel fiction".
  • Theories are allusions to the different concepts that were and are human beings of reality: the universe in a nutshell the Greek philosophers, the idea of the living universe of some vital, the interpretation of quantum mechanics by the religion and the theory of Omegapoint, respectively.
  • The Infinity manifestations are an allusion to the Holy Trinity of the catholicism.

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