Hades, Hell, Tartarus; call it what you like, it doesn't change what is there; it's a place not meant for the living or the sane. Pain and fear is everywhere; you look up, the ruins and spoils of a million infernal campaigns hang like macabre trophies to whatever lords over this nightmare.

- War of Ages veteran

Inferno, known also as Hell is a plane of Chaos governed by Angazhar, and is the home realm of the Samut'angar. Likened to the ancient Gigaquadrantic perceptions of the afterlife of eternal punishment, Inferno is a supernatural dimension that contains laws and nature alien to common understanding. Out of all supernatural dimensions known to the First Gigaquadrant, Inferno is one of the most threatening and among the most well understood, having been a source of near-universal threats during the War of Ages.

Inferno is a frequented plane of existence by certain individuals of the Tuuros Galaxy, as several rifts towards Inferno still exist in realspace and hyperspace.

History Edit

Compiled in recent years, Inferno has a written yet highly unstructured historical background. As Inferno long predates the existence of the universe itself, several histories surrounding the origin of Inferno has barely survived. The origins of Inferno entail that the realm was created by Angazhar, and in the creation of Inferno manifested a terrible and malevolent energy, violent enough that it had also manifested a sentient form. Most historical documents from Inferno itself suggest that Inferno was in fact a realm of a race of Essentials long since forgotten; the so-called Ayrai-Shi, said to have represented imbalance and destruction. For reasons not entirely known, the Ayrai-Shi were erased from existence (usually thought of as a result of hubris against the Xhodocto), and hence the Xhodocto's forms are thought to be imitations of the Ayrai-Shi themselves. Among other historical instances discovered within Inferno is the first pact of Lord Zhuleshxi swearing loyalty to Angazhar, as well as illustrations of the Samut'angar invading the universe.

Between the years 2759 and 2766, the First Gigaquadrant was subject to the first Samut'angar invasion in over a billion years - the result of this factored from the death of Zhuleshxi and the resurrection of the Xhodocto's activity in the First Gigaquadrant. The Samut'angar laid waste to much of the First Gigaquadrant, causing innumerable rifts in space and hyperspace that were forcibly closed over the years, eventually quashing the Samut'angar invasion. The invasion had met its end by several fleets entering Inferno itself, and destroying the several conduits of energy that caused the rifts in the First Gigaquadrant. However, several of these rifts either re-opened or remained open in the Tuuros Galaxy, causing additional danger to the galaxy's already dire landscape.

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Landscape Edit

Inferno is characterised as a metaphysical plane of existence that does not obey mathematical axioms that defines the physics of the universe; thus, the very nature of Inferno is unnatural beyond measure. Inferno is a seemingly infinite plane of scorched earth; ventures into Inferno have only mapped out particular regions of interest, and, due to the greater size of Inferno in comparison to the First Gigaquadrant, there has been little exploration outside of these zones. True to the mythological depictions of realms such as Hell, Inferno is a realm of extreme heat, with a constant temperature that reaches several hundreds of degrees. There is no logical atmosphere within Inferno, and studies of the realm's atmospheric and geographic composition have returned as inconclusive on all accounts. The nature of Inferno entails life suits from those that venture into it, as well as Essence-oriented protection as to prevent physiological corruption.

As the rifts of Inferno opened onto particular regions, such regions are abundant in Samut'angar architecture and phenomena, including immense strongholds as well as rift conduits that span several kilometres into the sky.

Inhabitants Edit


A Virku-Tya, a caste of Samut'angar

The inhabitants of the plane of Inferno are known as the Samut'angar - known more colloquially as demons, the Samut'angar are beings that exhibit qualities not considered natural nor possible by the physical limitations of the common universe. As such, the Samut'angar are regarded as extradimensional entities. Among several other extradimensional threats to the First Gigaquadrant, the Samut'angar are listed often as the most immediate threat, fearing repercussions after the invasion between 2759 and 2766. Due to the Samut'angar presence in the First Gigaquadrant in the 28th Century, several billions of soldiers and civilians across the First Gigaquadrant were killed by them.

The Samut'angar vary in intelligence; whilst several are savage and unreasoning in their nature, other castes of Samut'angar are exceedingly intelligent, more so than that of the common sentient in the First Gigaquadrant. Because of this, the Samut'angar are not entirely unified, as even the higher castes undergo measures to segregate themselves from the truly aggressive and more bestial of their kind. This creates an exclusive and enigmatic culture within the Samut'angar that is only seldom understood into the 2820s. Vastly theocratic, the Samut'angar live in common reverence of Angazhar, and several higher caste Samut'angar are vaguely clerical in nature, taking on the appearance and vernacular not too far removed from priesthood in the First Gigaquadrant.


Samut'angari script

The Samut'angar converse in a poorly deciphered language only designated as the Samut'angari Language; next to nothing of the language is known except a small amount of vocabulary, such as hkyas - a vague interpretation of the word 'four' which has been largely translated to Xhodocto in modern times. The language has a written form, although the orthography is highly chaotic and inconsistent save for key symbols. The spoken language is highly guttural and unpleasant to the ears of many, and is said to hold intrinsic properties key to Xhodocto occultism. It is known that the Dominion of the Xhodocto and Argent Dominion's esoteric circles hold the knowledge to speaking the Samut'angari Language.

In addition, The Corruptus makes its base within the cavernous underground of Inferno. Since the revival of Shu'rimrodir, the Essential God has since made his residence in a deep crevasse in a location unknown to the First Gigaquadrant. From there, Shu'rimrodir slumbers but works through the minds of each and every demon of the Corruptus subconsciously. Due to the overtly aggressive nature of the Samut'angar, the Corruptus Demons and Samut'angar themselves rarely communicate; most chance encounters between the two castes of demons end violently. It is known that the more intelligent kinds of Samut'angar infrequently communicate with the Corruptus Demons, although this is usually over matters of savage Samut'angar overstepping their boundaries.

Technology Edit


Samut'angar crossing towards the First Gigaquadrant

The capabilities of the Samut'angar much reflect the nature of their creators. Violent. Evil. Hateful. And deceivingly advanced. And much like the creators of the Samut'angar, are mysterious, enigmatic, and capable of degrees of destruction that our insignificant mortal minds cannot wrap themselves around.

- Unknown

Samut'angar technology is alien to normal understanding; it is not particularly agreed upon as to whether the technology is advanced or primitive, although in its workings in the First Gigaquadrant, possesses capabilities outside of normal logic. Highly entwined with demonic energy that acts similarly to a power source, a vast instance of Samut'angar technology is either entirely organic or entirely composed of stone-like substances that, by normal understanding cannot support technological advancement that has been seen to supersede the defences of several civilisations in the First Gigaquadrant.

Due to the reliance of Samut'angari physiology required to operate this technology, several scientists of the First Gigaquadrant have found that Inferno's technology is not accessible without possessing so-called demonic DNA or the means to use Demonic Energy. In some instances, Samut'angari technology is highly aggressive towards alien physiologies and some individuals have known to have undergone the process of descension, or in other words a symbiosis of Gigaquadrantic physiology and Essence. Since the War of Ages, scientists have attempted to synthesize descension as a means to operate and reverse engineer Samut'angar technology, although there has been no success. Descension via Samut'angari technology is unpredictable, and in most cases the severe physiological deformity causes death within a day. There is no differentiation in organic or artificial essence-based symbiosis, and thus organic and machine life are equally susceptible to Inferno-based technology.

Much of the Samut'angar's vehicular craft are in fact Samut'angar themselves; several immense Samut'angar castes such as the Reven'Aru (pictured) possess formidable enough resistance to weaponry and the physical characteristics powerful enough to tear through Gigquadrantic shielding and alloys. The Reven'Aru are entirely organic in design, and coupled with swarms of Samut'angar, can lay siege and ravage a planet to inhospitable conditions extremely quickly.

Rifts Edit

They are coming. They are coming.

- Last words of a soldier in the War of Ages

Infernal Rifts are the primary port of access between Inferno and the First Gigaquadrant. Opened by an enormous conduit of energy within Inferno itself, the barriers between Inferno and the Firs Gigaquadrant are broken, allowing the Samut'angar to pass into this dimension effortlessly. It is known that for the longer duration of time that each Rift is open, the stronger the link between Inferno and the First Gigaquadrant becomes. Infernal Rifts however require intense degrees of demonic energy to remain open, and the properties required to further strengthen the Rifts take long amounts of time to gather. As the strength of these Rifts increase, the numbers of Samut'angar increase, as well as more powerful castes able to traverse the barrier.

A majority of these rifts opened during the Samut'angar invasions of 2759 - 2766, where eleven rifts opened across the First Gigaquadrant. It was quickly assumed that the matter of closing these rifts was by destroying the conduits of energy keeping them open, and thus devising extremely powerful weapons to topple these towers from the inside. In time, these rifts were closed, although it is thought that one or two unidentified rifts are still open within the Tuuros Galaxy; the energies of the Schism providing an extra barrier of defence against the Samut'angar.

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Quotes Edit

For numbers untold, this realm is terror and pain. For me and but a few blessed, it is a forge without peer.

- Maleus

Studying this horrific place was often of central focus during my years as Director of Occult Research and Security. Should the Samut'angar ever threaten the Ecumene, we'll be ready.

- Umbyrvraxa

At the depths of the pits of eternal flame, the Nightmare Lord lies asleep, dreaming of mortalkind's demise.

- Cultist of the Corruptus
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