I believe, that with size and power, we will be able to form a single government ruled by us, and with this government we will be able to harness our power to form a single, inextinguishable flame that will burn a fine hole through our enemies and obliterate any and all challenges we may face. A flame so powerful that we will be able to erase the galaxy of unfit species, and with it, bring forth the best of the best. For the sake of you, me, and all other empires of unseen and unnoticed power.

- Satan in his Presidential Election speech.

The Infernal Republic is a empire of demonic organisms known as the Moars that live in the Mirus Galaxy's unforgivable Reaper's Grasp. A species, while being around for a long while, never developed the Infernal Republic until the year 0.


The Rise of Infernity[]

The Rise of Infernity, which took place around the period 0 to 1000, was the period when the Moars were expanding rapidly across planets. To keep in touch with one another, they decided to create a faction so that they could divide planets into separate sections and work towards being more united. This launch was instated by Lucifer, who was entitled the first president of The Infernal Republic. At this point, it was a loosely made democracy, with the Moars working to perfect a system where Moars could live the best. They decided to not make and enforce laws at the time, as the Moars worked together solely on the extreme trust they had for each other. But there were some responsibilities Moars citizens were given. They had to pay taxes, taxes generally taking about 12% of a Moars yearly gain. However, banks could negotiate slowly paying off this 12% of taxes by paying off 1% of their monthly gain. The Infernal Republic was made with the idea of being as flexible as possible to their citizens, and this form of taxing has been kept relatively unchanged for the history of the Infernal Republic.

They had organized a loose system where one could choose to have their business backed by their country or not. While not necessarily perfect, it worked.

Gradually, by the year 1700, there was a solid system of economy, but physical labor seemed to become a troublesome thing to the Infernal Republic-- there wasn't quite enough people working at supporting the Republic, causing a inflation in basic goods that wouldn't subside until...

The Slave Instate[]

Come president Apollyon in the year 1900. Who, in a attempt to help the Moars focus on their arts and talents, made enslaving other species legal, going as far as building places to hold large amounts of slaves.

This, however, drew the attention of neighboring factions, The Dynasty and The Hegemony of Astrath. Who, after quickly realizing the Moars's demon-like nature, immediately began to loathe the Infernal Empire.

The Hegemony Hellfire[]

Come year 2603, and the tension between the Infernal Republic and their neighboring empire erupts in war when the first GLUTON-E Space Station is attacked and destroyed by Hegemony fleets, killing thousands of Moars and destroying multiple N-V and RATH militia ships. Once word of this attack reached the current president at the time, President Beelzebub, militia fleets were immediately commanded to attack and repel the advancing Hegemony fleet, starting the war between the Hegemony and the Infernal Republic.

The first recorded battle during the war was a siege upon the planet Perdition, where Hegemony ships would bombard military camps from orbit. A loosely made defense line would be thrown together consisting of mortars that were quickly edited to fire explosive incendiary shells into orbit. The result of doing this damaged hundreds of mortars with most shells missing, but it was enough to hold the fleet off. Shortly afterwards, armies of Hegemony soldiers would be sent down to the planet, overtaking military camps and leaving little to no survivors or prisoners.

Similar battles like this would take place across multiple planets throughout the course of two years, with GLUTON-E Space Stations often being empty at this time due to all Moars soldiers being called to arms. This didn’t stop Hegemony forces from laying waste to these space stations, however.

A big hit to the Moar empire was during a heavy attack on the PRYDE military cruiser, which was intercepted by a hegemony fleet and destroyed, killing a group of Generals in its flight.

It would be 2605, with the election of a new president taking place amidst the war. During this time, a Moar by the name of Perdition would begin to steal the hearts of the public with his speeches and campaign. Perdition promised that if he was elected, he would put more effort into the war and also promised to increase their military power. This campaign would find him head to head with Abaddon, which resulted in a close vote that saw Satan become elected as president.

Perdition immediately got to work after his inauguration, beginning a secret project hidden away in The Infernal Republic’s Storage Sector. A project that would, in itself, take three years to complete. The three years came and went with a sluggish deterioration of the Military sector of the Infernal Republic by the Hegemony Empire. Notable battles during this time was the only “won” battle against the Hegemony at the time, when a group of closely located GLUTON-E space stations released a swarm of N-V and RATH ships, intercepting, swarming, and destroying a group of Hegemony warships. This would buy at least one city some time to prepare for the oncoming Hegemony fleet. This, however, was the only victory against the Hegemony before the finalization of the Infernal Republic’s secret project.

By the year 2608, the project was finished and revealed in earliest records to be used solely for Shock and Awe war tactics. This project turned out to be four giant, resource intensive warships, each warship being different but equally destructive. The first ship was named “PLAYG”, and was able to unleash a torrent of scorching flames on moon sized areas that would completely scorch and decimate all organic life in its wake. The second ship was named “WR”, and was able to unleash a swarm of rockets that would seek out and decimate entire fleets of ships. The third ship was named “FA-MIN” was a type of ship that could coat miles and miles of land with flammable tetraphosphorus by dropping waves titanium balls that would spray tetraphosphorus from “pores”, essentially creating a devastating rain of fireballs. The final ship was named simply “DEATH”, and was only used once as of now due to its high resource demand. There are no public records revealing what it did to the Infernal Republic, but it has been known to be the most effective ship out of the four and is rumored to be able to unleash a handful nuclear missiles.

The Warships were immediately sent out to battle the Hegemony forces, with WR intercepting entire fleets and leaving nothing in its wake and FA-MIN destroying Hegemony forces on infiltrated planets, leaving little to no survivors (The ones that did survive were turned into slaves). These ships almost immediately began to push back Hegemony forces, gradually obliterating them. The Hegemony was not quick to give in, however, as more Hegemony fleets would be sent in an attempt to destroy the four ships, with all attempts ending in failure.

The current War General, Haborym, seeing the Hegemony persisting, decided to unleash DEATH upon the fated last Hegemony fleet of the war, obliterating the fleet and causing the Hegemony to relent, ceasing their attack on the Infernal Republic and surrendering, ending the war.

With the Infernal Republic winning the war, effort was put into strengthening their actual military-- they couldn’t constantly rely on such costly weapons. This in turn would cause a movement that turned the Infernal Republic into the military heavy faction it is currently. Sometimes, the Moars would take scraps from empty Hegemony ships and use them as inspiration for better ships.

The Pandora Project[]

We will shrug off our duties as judges no longer. It is time we cause a great movement that will bring those unfit to their knees and lift those strong enough to a pedestal that they so deserve.

- Vice President Loki's comments on the "Pandora Project".

The Pandora Project was a move to improve the military tech of the Moars after the events of the Hegemony Hellfire. Taking place in 2612 and finishing in 2666, many of the armaments seen in this era has stood the test of time and are still used over a hundred years later.

The Flaming Ages[]

Essentially the Infernal Republic's Golden Ages, this period took place in 2671 to 2829, and was a time of influential and economic prosperity for the Infernal Republic that lasted over 150 years. In these ages, they expanded out to meet a plethora of other empires, creating many relationships across the universe. Among these was with The Imperium of War, who reached out to the Infernal Republic in a public diplomatic offer. However, instead of offering diplomacy by words, they offered it by war. The two had what can only be described as a "Friendly War", which consisted of pre-planned skirmishes across their two territories. These minor, but constant battles have not only benefited the Infernal Republic with both Gladiator-like entertainment and a chance at a growth in military knowledge for Moars serving in their military, but also created an unofficial alliance between the two. Another important event during the Flaming Ages is the alliance made with the Yorchi Union, a militaristic, somewhat xenophobic faction whose species were similar to their own. When found by the Infernal Republic, they reached out to the Yorchi Union to offer an alliance. The Yorchi Union, seeing the usage of having such a military strong-arm on their side, accepted the offer happily. Other notable interactions is between the 2800s Vice President Sekhmet and the Grox Grand Dominion's Lord Mortox III, where Sekhmet found an appreciation for Mortox, despite him not sharing exactly the same sentiments.

2828 saw the inauguration of President Satan and Vice President Diablo, with Grand Warlord Hades as the Infernal Republic's war general.

The Duality Duel[]

Enter the year 2829, where the newly awoken Purity is beginning to launch their crusade to purify all. It is here that the Infernal Republic and The Purity clashed, negotiations between them short and simple: a war would be launched between the factions to prove who should move on in their mission to cleanse the universe. The first battle began when an army of N-V and RATH ships launch a siege on one of Purity's fortresses, which was ultimately considered a failure. The Purity, more than ready to retaliate, sent a fleet of their own ships after the Infernal Republic's military quadrant. However, the Infernal Republic's intense army rendered these attacks almost completely useless.

This stalemate actually dominated most of the war. The Infernal Republic were too good at turning their offense into defense, and The Purity's complex protective measures kept vital parts of their nation well guarded. Things eventually got so desperate that WR was unleashed to try and budge the Purity's defenses. While it did manage to brute force some of the Purity's Dyson Spheres-- an important source of power for the Purity, WR ultimately had to retreat to avoid taking any irreparable damage. The Purity, similarly, tried to use one of their superweapons on the Infernal Republic's civilians, purifying a chunk of outskirt planets before it had to retreat due to a similar issue. While these purified planets would go on to make up the Purity's second pillar, they were ultimately sidelined as the war waged on.

As 2831 dawned, important information regarding weaknesses in both the Infernal Republic and The Purity were simultaneously leaked to the opposing sides. While the identity of who revealed this information is unknown, it is commonly theorized to be conspirators within both The Purity and The Infernal Republic combining to give each side information to end the stalemate. This move proved to be successful, as weak points in Dyson Spheres and the disadvantages of the Infernal Republic's ships allowed both to seriously damage each other. Fleets of ships would be sent to systematically target Dyson Spheres, destroying crystals that acted as a barrier for the Dyson spheres before the Infernal Republic's superweapons followed up with a blow that destroyed the Dyson sphere's shell. The Purity, meanwhile, managed to enact plans to out-maneuver the Infernal Republic and purify nearly all of the Infernal Republic's outskirt territories.

This war eventually got so destructive, however, that both factions were suffering economically, causing both to instigate a cease-fire that essentially marked the end of the war.

Despite the depression that the Infernal Republic would slip into due to this war, they also acquired important information about Dyson Spheres, which they would re-purpose in the future to power their nation. While the Purity finally re-purposed the many Moars they purified into their second pillar.



- Hello in Moar tongue(s).


Infernal Republic's religion centers around two forces: a god of creation and a god of destruction. The god of creation, known as Lethi, is a uncontrollable force that created a disarrayed and jumbled assortment of creatures, planets, and star systems before calming down to a eternal rest, leaving a mess of a galaxy to the god of destruction, Athei. Athei's responsibility was to find the strongest beings he could within this disorganized galaxy, whether they be powerful in brains or brawn, and consume anything less. To help Athei, Athei appointed the first beings he found fit to be judges. These judges, who would eventually become the Moar species, would seek out other species and deem them fit or unfit to exist in the world. These judges would eventually pass this responsibility to their sons, and to their sons' sons, and so on.

Modern Moar Religion, called Infernitism, centers around the Moars seeking out the strongest forces in the universe and reporting these forces to Athei, while any unfit forces were attacked and destroyed in his name.

At the end of time, the Moars believe that Athei will physically appear in the galaxy in one of three forms: His first form, called Atha, is his largest and most monstrous form. If Athei appears as Atha, that means that the Moars failed to judge enough species, and that Atha will consume the galaxy and leave nothing behind. If Athei appears as his second form, Ethe (a serpent-like form), that means that the Moars did a sufficient job, and Ethe will consume anything the Moars didn't judge. Athei's final form, Ithi, indicates that the Moars completed their anointed task to the fullest, and will be rewarded by a complete galaxy to their own.

Infernitism proposes the idea that those fit to live should be treated like the Moar's own kin, and anything less should be shown no mercy. Furthermore, it employs the idea that the afterlife is a eternal rest, the spirit of the dead resting with Lethi and dreaming of being able to create anything that spirit desires.


The Moars is ran on a indirect/representative democracy, with presidential terms lasting up to 10-15 years. The President is elected by the party under a almost-- if not completely fair and balanced democratic process due to the Moars incorruptibility.

The Empire is split into five sectors: Social and Housing, Military, Work and Jobs, Storage, and Political. These sectors are then split into smaller territories that are groups of solar systems, with each planet being it's own city. Megacountries are able to make their own minute laws.


The Moars economy is, at the base level, a state backed industry. With services like shops, hospitals, banks, and leisure providers, one can choose whether their service is state backed or not. State backed services are generally paid for by the state at the expense of smaller paychecks, while privately operated services generally gain extra profit at the cost of having to pay the expenses for running a non state backed service.

Slave labor is important in the Moars economy, slaves cheaply carry out menial labor, reducing the expenses of running industries like farming and construction. This helps the Moars focus on bettering their own lifestyles.

Taxes generally take about 12% of a Moars yearly gain. However, banks can negotiate slowly paying off this 12% of taxes by paying off 1% of their monthly gain. Generally, taxes are returned to Moar families should the taxes go unused for about a year by the government.

The Moars Coin, The Horn, is made of a mix of Nickel and Gold, and commonly comes in a coin form. The Horn is much like the basic cent and has a higher currency type: The Antler. The Antler is worth 50η (η being Horn, Antler is also referred to as α).


I, met with the kindness and grace of the Moars,
Swear to take upon me the grandeur of the Six Horns,
I plead this oath in support of their kind,
Lest I be burnt and damned to die.

I follow the First, and shake the Second's hand,
And follow our leader's every command,
I plead this oath in support of their kind,
Lest I be burnt and damned to die.

- Oath recited by slaves or allies enlisted into the Moars army.

The Moars boast a powerful militia, with 66% of the Infernal Republic's population being invested into their military, with 83% of the entire Infernal Republic being skilled in military combat. This is due, in part, to the Moars incredible patriotism, with nearly all of them feeling obligated to at least enlist into the army. However, a minority of the military are made up of slaves who were forced to enlist into the army.

You can almost always incorporate fire into any weapon if you are smart enough. In doing so, you raise the effectiveness of any of your weapons by nearly half it's original power, maybe more.

- Abyzou Piroh, ancient War General of the Infernal Republic.

Their firepower-- quite literally-- is made up of incendiary weapons almost exclusively, with ships packed to the brim with things ranging from incendiary bombs, bullets, balls of titanium that spray deadly napalm (used to the extreme by FA-MIN) flamethrowers, and in some cases superheated cannonballs.


Diplomatic Approach[]

The Infernal Republic is cold, unwelcoming, and antagonistic. They will turn down nearly all attempts to ally with them, and "buttering them up" (for lack of a better term) is extremely difficult to do. Generally, it is difficult for diplomacy to be made with them unless they issue a diplomatic approach to a faction themselves (one that fits the Standards of Infernity, of course).

If they ever catch sight of a faction that meets their standards, they provide a wide range of luxuries, such as trade routes and military protection. They will always attempt to merge a faction that meets their standards with their own, and members of factions that meet their standards will always be welcomed inside Infernal Republic borders.

Standards of Infernity[]

The Standards of Infernity is a document stating the characteristics another empire should have to "rightfully" deserve their hospitality and diplomacy. These standards were in effect shortly after The Slave Enstate as originally a figure to note what species should and shouldn't be enslaved. After The Hegemony Hellfire, however, it was revised to be a list of standards for what factions should and shouldn't be antagonized. The list of standards are as follows:

  • The faction must have a positive or neutral stance on enslavement and slavery.
  • The faction must not have warred or battled with the Infernal Republic before. Furthermore, they must not have turned down diplomatic approaches from the Infernal Republic in the past.
  • Species within the faction must be biologically capable of surviving in a typical Moar environment, or must have the equipment to do so.
  • The faction must have a formidable army, decent size, and a strong economy.
  • The faction must have a low crime rate, clean cities, and proper precautions to avoid or control disasters like earthquakes, disease, etc.
  • The faction must not be affiliated or in alliance with factions that do not fit the above standards.

These standards, while strict, aren't usually enforced with exactness, and doesn't always mean that a faction will be hated by them just because they don't fall into all of these standards. These standards will be enforced, however, if a faction seeks to have an alliance with the Infernal Republic.



Green face.png - An alliance of two superiors cannot falter, save one should fall into inferiority.

  • Green face.png - The Yorchi Union (Friendly Relations, Very Militaristic, Similar Species) - Ones who have passed through our Standards of Infernity. May you prosper in your endeavors and, should you find yourself outnumbered against a band of inferiors, we will come to aid you on blazing chariots. Lassadi Skilaat, our bretheren.
  • Yellow face.png - The Purity (Diplomatically approached, Had War, Similar Beliefs) - Perhaps some are misguided. Perhaps you were one of them. Your acts against us cannot be forgiven, but you can pay your debt by supporting us.


Blue face.png - We appreciate your efforts in pleasing us.

  • Green face.png - The Imperium of War (Friendly Relations, Similar Ideologies, Very Militaristic, Have Battled for Sport) - Struggle there shall be indeed! We respect your kin for their strange means of diplomacy-- an entertainment for us, at the very least.


Yellow face.png - Neutrality isn't going to protect you from us for long.

  • Blue face.png - The Ark'Hazar Union (Similar Ideologies, Somewhat Militaristic, Similar Governments) - We appreciate your kind, though you do require a push in the right direction.


Orange face.png - Inferior lot.

  • Yellow face.png - The Grox Grand Dominion (Broken Alliance, Slight Hostilities) - Filthy half-organics who used us until we stopped being of immediate use to them. Our biggest mistake was ever seeing hope in a Grox faction.


Orange face.png - You are trifling with the wrong faction, cease or be incinerated.


Red face.png - Burn! Burn!

  • Orange face.png - The Dynasty (Species Animosity, Hostilities, Conflicting Beliefs) - As much as we hate you, we will give you credit-- you are at least smart enough not to provoke us.
  • Red face.png - The Hegemony (Species Animosity, Hostilities, Had War, Conflicting Beliefs) - Idiots like you have no place in the most dangerous section of the galaxy. Please die off in a slow, painful fire.

Quotes from others[]

As much as Borealis is the galaxy of cold, truly Mirus is the galaxy of heat, for we have no shortage of things trying to burn us alive. That said, we have no shortage of eldritch abominations either, for which I blame Mirus' proximity to Tuuros.

- Eucarlbos, Life-preservationist of the Waptoria Alliance of Species