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An efficient society dominated by the application of logic and theory, they are still warriors and soldiers at heart for it is what fate had decided for them. It is not they who will ultimately save the universe, but it is they who will try their hardest to do so for they are a nation of heroes.

- Unknown

The Indoctrinate Collective is a spacefaring empire composed of several species, founded by the combined efforts of the Dracogonarious, the Spinker and the Bonio. One of the largest and most advanced superpowers of the Borealis Galaxy, the Collective is a civilization who preaches peace and technological advancement in its path, being present in multiple galaxies across the First Gigaquadrant and being an active member of organizations such as the Seven Starr Alliance, the Onuris Alliance and the Mou'Cyran Accords.

Dedicated to the goal of studying, researching and understanding the cosmos, the Indoctrinate Collective is often stereotyped as scientists and scholars, and while there is good reason for such views, the empire is nonetheless able of both diplomacy and warfare, with its wide variety of member races giving it great flexibility in intergalactic politics. While it tends to keep to itself and prefers to not take sides during conflicts, the Collective remains one of the greater powers of the Borealis Galaxy and is a force to be reckoned if provoked, for while they prefer to end conflicts peacefully, they are also eager to dissect anyone foolish enough to act against them until they regret their actions.



The Collective aids the United Republic of Cyrannus against the Neraida.

The Indoctrinate Collective is the successor of the Dracogonarious Empire and was founded in the aftermath of the Second War of Black Fog and War of Claim at the Milky Way Galaxy, following the defeat of the Corruptus and the Tabescere. The Dracogonarious, the Spinker and the Bonio agreed on merging their government into one, ruled over by an emperor and many advisors, with the first ruler being Maryah.

After being done with reconstruction due to the Annihilation, the Collective decided to aid the United Republic of Cyrannus in the Great Cyrannus War, focused in fighting against the Neraida Empire and their Marinox, defending the Republic from further damage. During this time, the Collective absorbed the Shodrae, Kurm and Longsauria into their ranks. Their participation ended when the Neraida proposed a non-aggression pact with the United Republic of Cyrannus. The Collective would later leave the galaxy after the formation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Second Borealis Galactic War[]

The Indoctrinate Collective was one of the bigger extragalactic forces involved in the Second Borealis Galactic War, with their participation primarily being about their war against the Devourer's Chosen, a sector of colonies who fell to the sway of the Corruptus. Through the war, they also pledged their support to the Zoles Imperium, the Unified Nation of Ottzello and the Niaka Special Forces in their battles against the Chosen, the Vague, the Borealis Consortium Network and later on the Borealis Grox Empire, leading them to become one of the more well-received extragalactics in Borealis by the natives.

With the end of the war, the Collective became one of the closest allies of the Polar Crystal Alliance and gained a permanent foothold on the galaxy, with the Deldor race pledging its allegiance to it and having their government merged into the Collective's own.

Exodus to Borealis[]

The New Cyrannian Republic was one of the contributors to Project Exodus.

Starting at around 2799 AD, the greatest minds of the Collective worked together to plan out the empire's most daring move since its creation, which was named Project Exodus. The empire came to the conclusion leaving the Milky Way behind to instead inhabit the Borealis Galaxy permanently was the most profitable way for the Collective's continued existence due to their disconnection with the rest of their home galaxy's powers other than the Delpha Coalition of Planets, Borealis' greater amount of available resources and larger number of allied empires. Project Exodus sought to physically transport every single one of the Collective's million star systems to the Mirianis Sector of Borealis.

With the help of the Polar Crystal Alliance, the Delpha Coalition, Apalos, the Divinarium, the Cyrannian Republic and a number of other allied civilizations, the Collective successfully abandoned the Milky Way in the turn of the millennium, taking their stars with them as they settled at Borealis and made it their official seat of power. The idea of abandoning the Milky Way was met with great controversy across the empire, with oppositors having since been convinced otherwise or mysteriously vanished. This period also saw the reconciling between the Collective and Rambo Nation after the birth of the Cyrannian Empire years back.

The Collective would wage war against Da Rogue Boyz during Da Reckoning, being one of the more vocal empires to the idea of completely eradicating their kind, though they were forced to compromise to their demilitarization in the end. During the War of the Ancient Three, the Indoctrinate Collective once again fought by the side of the Polar Crystal Alliance; relations between them soured due to manipulation of the Rovegar Matriarchy, but the conflict ultimately ended in the Collective contributing to the end of the Ganthorea, the Vengeful Claw, the Kondrakar Dominion and Vileraz IV's rule over the Rovegar.

Second Great Cyrannus War[]

The Collective's Cyrannian capital of Narsul falls to the Galactic Empire.

The Mou'Cyran Cataclysm, which marked the beginning of the Second Great Cyrannus War, saw the Indoctrinate Collective immediately declaring war upon the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus; not only had they obliterated the capital of one of their closest allies, they had also destroyed the headquarters of the Mou'Cyran Accords - leading to the deaths of many Collective officers serving the Pax Infinitus Armada -, and they still held a great grudge over the Empire's original expulsion of the Collective from the Cyrannus Galaxy and their hand on souring their relations with Rambo Nation.

In response, the Galactic Empire ordered the Collective's aid to the Republic cease at once, with Grand Admiral Mortalagueis leading a fleet to subjugate the nation's regional capital of Narsul; following a three hour long skirmish with Commandant Gavakar, the Collective was forced to evacuate, surrendering their capital and surrounding star systems to the Empire while losing the ability to reliably send reinforcements due to wormholes between Cyrannus and Borealis being secured by the Empire. Commandant Gavakar and her Collective officers would join forces with the Unified Order of Cognalorilos in their struggle against Grand Admiral Mortalagueis, and while the situation looked dire, they eventually managed to deal a heavy blow to the Empire during the Battle of Coruanthor. Simultaneously, the Borealis Front of the war occurred, with the Collective under the command of Royal Admiral Herquie joining forces with the Republic and the Polar Crysta Alliance to oust the Empire out of the Borealis Galaxy, ultimately leading to their victory over them as well as victory over the Corruptus, who sought to interfere. With the Empire's Borealis colonies now under the control of the New Cyrannian Republic and the Zoles Imperium, the Collective finally received the chance to send reinforcements to their stranded Cyrannian forces, much to Commandant Gavakar's relief.

The Collective remained involved until the Great Battle of Orbispira, where they aided the Republic in assaulting the Imperial capital of Orbispira. Following the fall of Tyrómairon and the fragmentation of the Empire, the Collective slowly withdrew their military assets from Cyrannus until the official end of the war at 26 NE, where they then agreed to cease fire with the Imperial remnants as per request from the Republic. With the Empire defeated, the Collective returned to Borealis victorious.




The leaders of the Collective are the President and the Supreme Advisors, an elite council formed by one individual of each member species in the Collective. This council is made entirely of females with the exception of races composed of hermaphrodite or genderless beings. They all remain at the Collective's capital of New Draka while each separated planet possesses a figure known as the Planet-Governor who acts as the head administrator of his colony, while individual cities possess individuals deemed Advisors, who act essentially as mayors who answer to the Planet-Governor. Above the Planet-Governor are the individuals known as Sector-Governors who, as they name imply, govern over entire sectors of space and are the ones who directly obey the orders of the Supreme Advisors. Advisors, Planet-Governors and Sector-Governors are all chosen by their skills and their contributions to the empire's well being.

Supreme Advisors


The Indoctrinate Collective's society is well known for being extremely harsh and unforgiving to criminals. All citizens are allowed, and actually encouraged, to always carry a weapon of some sort. Citizens are also allowed to shoot, and kill, any criminal they may find. There is only one kind of punishment in the Indoctrinate Collective: death. According to their laws, "incorrect" citizens do not have the right to live. While the Collective does have the concept of trials to confirm or deny if a person is innocent or not, it does not have the concept of prisons. When it comes to species laws and influence, the Collective is equal among all members except for the Kurm (not entirely sapient) and Klamb (not spacefaring). Despite this, the Dracogonarious, Marinar, Spinker and Bonio end up having more influence due to being the founders and most populous species, though this is not intended.

The Collective is a post-scarcity society since its foundation and therefore does not possess a currency, but it maintains a coin known as the Collective Credit for the purpose of international trading with their allies and trade routes. All citizens are expected to work and do their part to contribute to the overall efficiency of the empire, and by doing so, they receive resources such as food in order to survive in good conditions. Citizens who do not work by extension do not obtain free resources and are often shunned by others as being lazy and unproductive. Due to the biotechnological-centric nature of the Collective, scientists of the biotechnology branch tend to be the most successful.


The Indoctrinate Collective is one of the most advanced native empires of the Milky Way Galaxy, with their technological trees being a combination of the designs of each of their member races, altered to fulfill the needs of all of them with no exception although keeping a generally Dracogonarious-inspired form and interface. The Collective is fabled for its great advancements in the field of bioengineering, a trait taken from the old Dracogonarious Empire, and the empire is more than able to create an entire new species from scratch, having done this in the past in order to create races such as the Gezzirack, who today live as citizens of the Collective. They have also been seen reviving previously extinct species in order to populate wildlife reserves and sanctums, effectively negating their extinctions.

Indoctrinate Collective civilians have little stigma with cybernetic enhancements, and according to official records, around 40% of the entire population has at least one enhancement in their bodies. Popular pieces of technology to increase a person's life quality in the Collective are health improvers or life enhancers which may grant the individual biological immortality. The Collective is also highly advanced in the field of nanotechnology, with their most widely known form of nanotech being the famed shipeaters, weaponized nanomachines made with the intention of consuming non-Collective-made alloys in order to destroy enemy spaceships.

Among the greatest marvels of Dracogonarious science is known as Pseudothoi; technology which simulates the effects of Dream Energy. Created in collaboration with the now-deceased Laminoula'Fuerq, this weapons tech was made to combat the forces of the Corruptus and, while not as effective as the true thing, has proven a powerful counter to demons of all natures. Pseudothoi lacks the angelic attributes of the Essence it simulates, but is highly damaging to the forms of entities who cannot stand Dream Energy. Attempts to simulate other Essences using technology have been made, but until now, no progress has been made.


The Indoctrinate Collective has officially free religion and allows its citizens to worship whatever deities they please as long as this worship is not harmful for the overall society, meaning religions based around malevolent entities such as the demons of the Corruptus are strictly forbidden. The majority of the Collective is atheist, but certain races are known to worship both confirmed and mythological gods, with examples being the Monkamian who worship a great deity known in their culture as the Root of Life and the Duletha who practice Blyronism. The Gezzirack are an odd case for they are known to worship the Dracogonarious as their gods due to being their creations, much to the latter race's dismay as this was never their intention.

Antitheism is considered a crime and is therefore punishable with death in the Collective, but certain races are well known antitheists due to their cultures. The Spinker in general are extremely unwelcoming to religion on their native planets due to their past history with the now destroyed Ernai Empire and the Dracogovaesis consider religion an outdated concept, relating practitioners of it to primitives. The government of the Collective does all on its power to ensure all are given the freedom they deserve without persecution while doing what it can to change the minds of the intolerant.


The Indoctrinate Collective's military, known as the Crimson Scale, is mighty and respected across the Borealis Galaxy and its neighbours for its advanced technology, great numbers and great experiences. Land-based operations are handed to a branch named Draka Talon while the space-base operations are handed to another branch named Draka Fang.

The Draka Talon[]

The Draka Talon's purpose is to defend the Collective's major, semi-major, lesser and outpost territories planetside as well as invade enemy positions, researching and evaluating alien and hostile technology in order to decide whether it would be of any use within their own forces or merely deciphering enemy tactics and gaining intelligence on their opposition. The Talon is constructed of individuals who deliberately join its ranks as recruits, as the Collective does not believe in the idea of forced conscription except in the most extremes of cases. The Talon is composed both of foot soldiers and droids of multiple origins, with them fighting in combination to deliver as much punishment to their enemies as possible. Races such as the Dracogonarious, Spinker, Marinar, Dracogodasimer, Zazane and Monkamian are among the most common to be found on the battlefield, but all races are allowed a position in the army as long as they succeed in their recruit years. Collective soldiers fight with a combination of melee and ranged weapons, using particle rifles or shotguns infused with things such as incendiary or explosive ammo to deal with their enemies. Vibroblades in the shapes of longswords, rapiers, katanas and battleaxes are commonly used as melee weapons, and all soldiers are expected to have at least one melee weapon in case they get disarmed of their guns, even if they are primarily ranged forces.

The droids who accompany the Collective's armies are built to last considerable amounts of punishment before falling, with them possessing designs created by combining the droid styles of all the races in the Collective. They vary from man-sized to building-sized and possess equivalent weapons, and they are also capable of fulfilling the role of vehicles for troops. A specific group of droids, known as the Punished, possess the brains of experimented criminals inside of them, brainwashed into being obedient soldiers. It is often said that criminals should prefer death in case they are considered culprit, for being allowed to live means the Draka Talon is in need of more Punished forces.

The Draka Fang[]

The Draka Fang is the branch of the Crimson Scale that is responsible for naval and space-based operations, alongside protecting planets or constructs which hold importance to the Collective's society. Their duties include ship-to-ship warfare, orbital bombardment and the deployment and transport of Draka Talon soldiers. Their purpose is to protect the fleets that the Collective rely upon as well as offensively assault their enemies and opposition. The Draka Fang houses thousands of warships, battleships and general combat-designed vessel. The personnel of the Draka Fang is constructed much like the Draka Talon, being made of individuals who willingly join the navy in hope of serving the military, with races such as the Bonio, Spydahma, Duletha and Eucharia being seen leading fleets into war.

The Draka Fang uses advanced, high-powered energy weaponry upon their ships in order to combat against threats with high efficiency. The Fang makes use of starfighters, bombers, frigates, cruisers, battleships and other classes of ship that are equipped with incredibly destructive, versatile weaponry that can be used for creating breaches, depleting shields and other various purposes relating to space combat. Ships are almost constantly maintained by navigators and pilots alongside specialized soldiers that are raised and trained onboard in order to prevent the threat of enemy infiltration, mutiny and other threats relating to the welfare of a vessel and its fleet as every single ship is considered a valuable combat asset to the Collective.

The Royal Guard[]

The Royal Guard is a separated branch of the Collective, considered above both the Draka Talon and the Draka Fang, who is composed of the Collective's greatest and most skilled soldiers and captains. The Royal Guard's task is to ensure the stability and protection of the Collective's government, including securing the lives of the Empress and the Supreme Advisors. The Royal Guard possess soldiers and captains who have decades or centuries of victories and commendations, as well as branches of supersoldiers which may be created by the Collective to combat its most powerful enemies. Armed with the most advanced equipment in comparison to the rest of the Crimson Scale, the Royal Guard is considered the highest military rank one can achieve in their lifetimes.

The Royal Guard is extremely small compared to the Draka Talon or the Draka Fang, but even its lowest ranking member has the the authority to lead over Draka Talon or Fang forces as long as their orders do not conflict. The leader of the Royal Guard, known as the Royal Marechal, is the greatest military ruler of the Collective and answers solely to the Empress, being above the orders of the Supreme Advisors. Like the rest of the Crimson Scale, the Royal Guard does not possess race limitations and all members of the Collective have the chance of being part of it.

Notable Individuals[]



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Diplomat Passion.pngMay we forever prosper, for a bright future.


Green face.pngThe Collective is pleased to have a working alliance with you.


Blue face.pngYou are welcome to partake in our knowledge.


Yellow face.pngYour presence is not necessarily a benefit or a threat, for now.


Orange face.pngWronging the Collective is not a wise move.


Red face.pngWe will be sure to keep samples of your genetic material for historical records following your extinction.


The Collective is the brain child of various races, all working together for better life condition, prosperity and peace. We will do our best to make sure all who live under it feel pride of their home.

- Windey Spinkarius

An empire of science and technology, always thriving for advancement. To think I once sought to destroy it is foolish, for I can no longer live without it.

- Errr

An empire of science, noble and wise, gifted with information about the dreaded Marinoxidiz. They offered aid and information after an attack at our colony Eris. We accepted and the gesture turned into an alliance. As great scientist, there knowledge is well known and respected!

- Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation

dey is a bunch of red geekz but meh.

- Zr'Ahgloth

An interesting empire. We hope to work with them more, and are glad we helped them during the Second war of Black Fog.

- Valzo of UNO

These weak-minded mortals will soon be under my control.

- Sanktanaar Divin-Ra


- A Stalkie towards Spydahma

Impressive outsiders, to say the least. They have aided Borealis in multiple occasions and I'm sure their intentions are the best for all of us. Perhaps the Zoles Imperium could even learn a thing or two from them.

- Rebaris

We do not come from you, heretical scum! You are nothing but filth to be purged by Shu'rimrodir's nightmarish claws, and we will ensure that happens!

- Arberkul the Cruel

We share a great many things in common. While we seek physical evolution, they seek societal evolution. Not only this, but they have the burning passion and confidence of the greatest of Zazane warriors.

- Tyraz

Instead of aiding us in our hour of dire need, they watched and now their Supreme Advisors deemed it as treason? One word of advise, better be careful when you are in the Quadrants, bad things might happen!

- Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo


- Kal'kuir

The Indoctrinate Collective is one of our closest allies, being one of the few who stayed loyal to the Republic even during the Dark Times of our galaxy. For that, they have earned my eternal gratitude and that of my people.

- Proconsul Apollo




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