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First Contact[]

"They've spotted us!" Mikiang'y's panicked voice rang out over the commander centre.
"How?" Oji'b, normally so relaxed, grimaced. "Any trickery involved, Miki?"
"I don't know!", the response came. "It looked like normal technology, but certainly they're not that advanced, right?"
"Never underestimate, Miki", Oij'b replied. "They're launching boarding torpedoes. All Biotics on station, now!"

"Greetings..." a voice rang in the heads of the crew members. They saw a figure appear in the hole.
First a shattering, then many voices could be heard from inside the ship. Overlord, the leader of the Void Eye Empire walked into the ships belly. Everything seemed empty, but everywhere Biotics were watching them.

"I come in peace." his voice was heard, "Do not be afraid." He traveled slowly inside the ship.
"Then why are you tormenting us?" Though the ship could not speak by itself, it was essentially a very large Biotic, to whom the smaller ones which were watching Overlord were connected. It talked trough them, all around the Void Eyes, all at once.
"To speak with your leader."
"Is it because of the trespass?"
"Yes, you trespassed our region of space. I would like to talk to your leader, I can sense him."
"We do not know why. But we did feel. One who travels aboard us felt something disturbing in this region and relayed that fear trough my senses. It was a very genuine fear. So we went. Then you came."
"Yes. Here is something that is not from here... "
"Then her intuition was correct."

All around the Void Eyes, Bio-Rangers dropped down from concealed positions, weapons drawn.

"We will bring you to the one who sensed it. And to the one who is connected to my brain. No hostility is intended from us if none is given."
"Fine. Bring us to him."

Something changed around the Void Eyes. The ship went silent, it's link to the Biotics broken for the moment. One of them, a slightly larger individual with bark-like armor, moth-like wings and great glowing flagellates floating protectively around it, stepped forwards.

"Then come this way, please."
"Go back to the ship." Overlord said to the rest of the Void Eyes. "I will go alone."

The Scion gestured dismissively to the Rangers and most of them dispersed as well. A small group remained to escort Overlord and the Scion to the command center. The center itself, like most of the ship, looked very much alive. There were no windows, though ports were connected to the ship's eyes, allowing those inside to see outside. And above, in a great protective tank, floated a titanic brain. The rest of the wide room was given over to the organic equivalents of normal apparatus found in command centers of similar metallic ships.

And the center of the room, flanked by more Scions, stood two humanoid beings with various maniraptoran and corvid characteristics. Though the Void Eyes of course wouldn't have noticed it, alien as they were, to the most humanoids the beings would've seemed quite pretty.

"You! You are the disturbance I felt!" the female cried out.
"So, you are the leader of this empire, I assume?" Overlord asked.
"Leader?" The male raised an eyebrow. "No, no. I'm close to being an exile at this point in time, truth be told."
"I apologize."
"You are their leader then?" the male asked. "Quite courageous to come here alone."
"Do not underestimate him, Oji'b." the female hissed. "I can sense it now! He has the Void!"

A long silence reigned. Then Oji'b reached for his twin pistols.

"What!? Don't move!"
"Do not be afraid.", Overlord said slowly. "Please, put down the weapons."

Mud welled up around the female, swirling around Overlord too but not lunging for him.

"Why?" she asked."All the Void has ever done is hurt us. Why should this be any different?"
"Because I will not harm you if you won't attack me."

The female glanced at Oji'b, the mud having stopped swelling.

"Was...Ada like that?"
"Yep." Oji'b replied sadly. "Survival traded for subjugation was all he offered." "Do you want to subjugate us?" He asked, clearly confused. "If you do, pheromones don't give it away."
"Why would I need to subjugate you?"
"True." the female said. "There is no immediate benefit for you. Well, unless your economy is founded on slaves. Alright, I'll take the shot. I'm Mikiang'y, Raptoranean and Koatria of Mirus. The Raptoranean next to me is Oji'b, my godfather."

The other Raptoranean grunted in a half-greeting, clearly still none too comfortable.

"Anyway, greetings, I am Overlord the leader of the Void Eye Empire."
"Thanks for blowing a hole in the side of our ship." Oji'b said "Can we land anywhere close by?"

"Yes please." The voice of the ship once again came all around it's occupants "I am wounded and need medical attendance."
"Yes, there is a black hole base nearby, there you can land safely and get refueled."
"Excellent. Oji'b, may I?"
"Permission granted. You there, Overlord...can you lead the way? And I don't mean by plugging into my ship."
"Sure, I will return on the capital ship then and I will show you the way."

Overlord walked back into the capsule and flew to the main ship.

"I don't trust him." Oji'b whispered when we was out of sight. "You said it yourself, he used the Void and that alone makes him suspect."
Mikiang'y sighed. "We don't have any other choice at the moment. Let's go along with him for now and learn what we can."
"Just what I thought." Oji'b grinned at last.

A short time later the ship was docked at the Black Hole Foundry, Biotics tending to it. Oji'b took in the sight, seemingly having forgotten his former fear.

"Impressive, this foundry. Quite impressive. Efficiency-wise, you are quite ahead compared to others of your age."
Mikiang'y made a scowl. "Probably because of the Void", she thought.
"The Void only helped us understand the rotational black holes, but we were able to steal rotational energy from it even without the Void." Overlord replied.
Oji'b tilted his head sideways. "As I said, impressive."
"I have never seen the Void used for understanding" Mikiang'y admitted. "Though seeing the struggle Brygon went trough lately, I'd rather not learn the technique for once."
"Well, you can create small black holes with the Void Energy, so that helped."

Oji'b looked to the ground, a sudden sadness covering his face.

"Tell me about it. Ada used that technique to shear ringwords in half if they opposed him. And they weren't quite small."
"Oh, this is a sad story, he probably made a supermassive black hole then...", Overlord replied.
"...You know him?" Oji'b asked, slowly.
"I heard of him."
"Huh. While most Plazithians wrote the entire return off as nothing but as exaggerated war. Seems like Andromedans are more trusting, then."
"On that point" Mikiang'y butted in, "Can we have some place to talk?"
"Yes, please this way."

He walks into a room that is decorated with the emblems of the Void Eye Empire.

Inside the room are some seats and a table, all composed of a black material with white glowing stripes. At the end is a round window opening the sight of the black hole completely enclosed with mirrors. There are emblems of the empire at each side of the room. The light is coming from above.

"So here we can talk alone." he said.
"Good." Mikang'y replied. "I assume you want to know the reason for our intrusion, outside your unexpected use of Void Energy."
"Yes, please continue."

She projected a star map of Segmentum Umbra from a button on her left wrist.

"We are looking for a world called Nox. Have you heard of it?"
"No, could you please give me the coordinates?"
"We...don't have them, sadly. You see, the planet is supposed to be inhabited by close allies of ours, the Troodontid Empire. But they are really secretive and last thing we heard about them was that a civil war was brewing. One of their factions, the Troodontid Technocracy, is supposed to be hiding out on Nox, but...you see the problem."

After sighing, she continued.

"The trail runs cold at the Haldiriv system, formerly in the possession of the Naakjian Confederation, over which the Troodontids fought a brief conflict. Shortly after, the Great Xonexian Shism came to the Naakji and they collapsed under the brunt of the Civilization, annexed by the Nomatari Sovereignty. The problem is that that afterwards, the Sovereignty itself vanished, taking most of the Naakji with them. Those Naakji who survived have no idea what happened, and none were in high enough positions to even be aware of the Haldirivan Conflict at the time. Hence, we have had to retrace everything by hand. The process is tedious."

That seemed to have piqued Overlord's interest.

"Could you please describe the planet to me?" Overlord asked.
"Haldiriv or Nox?" Oji'b took over.
"Nox." came the reply. "If I had an image of it I could search through the planet database and maybe find it."
"Sadly, no living Waptorian has ever set foot, or wing -Oji'b gestioned in the direction of the Waptorian ship- on Nox. But it must be within a few parsecs of Haldriviv, and since the Troodontids aren't the most imaginable of people, the planet must be very dark. Probably orbits a very dim M-type brown dwarf, which would make the planet extraordinarily hard to spot."
"And could you describe Haldiriv then?"
"It's not really anything out of the ordinary. Cold but not too cold. Dark but not too dark. The dominant lifeform is some sort of fungus. Really aggressive, and I have no idea why the Troodontids decided it was a good place to colonize. If the Troodontids have taken over Naakji space now that thir empire is gone, there is no trace of it. Then again, that is to be expected."
"Hmm, the archive says that there are many brown dwarfs that are in the west/southwest of the Void Eye Empire, maybe you should look there?"
"We have already scourged Naakji space extensively." Oji'b said. "But we shall redouble our efforts in that region. I thank you for your coöperation."
"Is loyalty a trait regarded highly in Void Eye culture then?" Mikiang'y asked.
"Yes, loyalty to its allies is highly appreciated here." Overlord responded.
"I see. Then that is why..." She trailed off. "Indeed, we thank you for your coöperation. It has been most unexpected."
"Well, goodbye then, we already refueled your spaceship, so you can leave at any moment."
"We shall." Mikiang'y gestured to Oji'b. "Come on."

Once onboard the undocked Waptorian ship, her smile vanished. "They seem alright but...This source of Void Energy...We have to tell Brygon about it."

The Strange Transmission[]

The transmission hit both empires at the same time, traced back to the deep cold space outside of the Milky Way galaxy...

Nirvax'kottar - Uhm... hello? i wish for you to identify yourself! As for me, I am Nirvax'kottar, the Leader of the Dulinket Aristocracy. I lead this empire, and I want to know what your business with us is!

Overlord, leader of the Void Eye Empire - Greetings, unknown alien, I am Overlord of the Void Eye Empire. How can I help you in those dark times?

??? - Call me Vestige. I have heard much about both of you, and wish to commemorate you on your recent friendship. Both of you have been touched by the Void and will be instrumental in its plans to come. I have appeared before you to inform you of this. The hooded stranger looked to Overlord. ??? - Your brother especially. You of all people should know that.

Overlord - Yes, our plans are entering stage 2.

??? - Your recent race has caused quite a stir.

??? - Others are aware of you now. Others who do not take kindly to your plans. You must move quickly.

Overlord - We know this, but it was necessary to do this since we needed help to put our plans in progress and if we didn't, a war would arise sooner or later and without help, we wouldn't stand a chance.

??? - A war will arise now, Overlord. And I am here to help you with it.

Overlord - How can you help us?

??? - The Empty God works in mysterious ways. Needless to say, we will assist and reinforce you when the time comes.

??? - Nirvax'kottar, I regret to inform you that you, too, will be treated by those who are ignorant of the Void's true nature. You too must prepare.

Nirvax'kottar - I see. Well, I will announce that and take all the necessary precautions and preparations.

The figure raised a clawed hand.

??? - Do not do such a thing. Secrecy is our weapon for what meager time we have. Making a public announcement will only alert our enemies. We must lure them into a trap, not invite our own annihilation.

Overlord - Your help would be very important to us. We need to at least survive till our plans are completed.

Nirvax'kottar- well then, minus the announcement, i guess. I will still be preparing, just... Silently.

He turns his mechanical face to a gigantic control panel in the background.

Overlord - But could you please tell us who we will be working with?

The robed figure nodded, and removed his hood, revealing a Volver with vermillion skin.

??? - You already know me from before. Our faction has asked for a base in your system, and I am pleased you allowed it Overlord.

Overlord - Yes, you are our allies after all.

Overlord - First, we need to share our plans with you and our other allies.

??? - We are aware of much already, but the Dulinket might not be.

Nirvax'kottar turns his attention back to the camera.

Nirvax'kottar- All I know is that there will be a fight...

Overlord - Fine, we will send invitations to our allies to discuss our plans. It would be an honor if you would assist us.

The stranger makes a low bow.

??? - We will be at your homeworld when you call us.

With that, the hologram flickers off.

The Secret Meeting[]

The room was entirely black when the representatives of the four races came. At it's centre, Overlord and Overmind sat at a big round table.

Overlord - Greetings, representatives of our allies, you are probably wondering why I assembled you here...

A vermilion Volver entered the room, covered head to toe in robes which were somewhat embroidered for the occasion. He wore a rebreather mask which deformed his voice, making his identity an enigma to all. True enough, though, it was the individual identified as "Vestige".

The Representative of the Tuechalton came in next, his flowing blue Robe very prominent. He introduced himself as "Tuarlomok".

After, The Dulinket Representative came in, his Huge Eye prominently decorated with a royal-looking eye glass. He refused to state his name, saying it was "none of your business".

This caused a snicker for Vestige. Unknown to all, it was not his true name either. The alien had just gained his respect with his callous boldness.

And then, the Sagantan Communications Director Entered, with a great Crimson Headdress. He called himself "Xartok Xik".

Overmind - We assembled you all here to discuss our plans and why we needed the relics. We had been working on a big project lately, the project to create a construct known as The Gate to the Abyss.

Vestige clasped his hands together and moved his center of mass slightly forwards. He clearly was intrigued.

Overmind - When we discovered 'It' and gained our Void powers, we saw that 'It' had a pattern in it, we could say that it was somewhat connected with other Void relics. We soon learned that if we would find all of the other missing parts we would been able to create The Gate to the Abyss. 'It' in itself was the central part and we have recently acquired 4 other parts. We are now able to create the outer core of it. But there are still 8 more relics that we need to find to finally achieve our goal.

The Tuechalton Representative randomly shouted "We Helped!" He looked slightly embarrassed afterwards.

Overlord - Yes, it's true, you helped us very much.

Overmind - So, as I was saying, to win this battle, we need to find the other 8 relics. Because when The Gate to the Abyss is complete, we will be able to use its power to protect us all, at least for a time.

Overmind - Any questions so far?

The Sagantan Communications Director raised his hand.

Overmind - Yes?

Xartok Xit - So how in the world are we going to find the other 8 Parts? And how will it protect us?

Overlord - To find the other 8 relics we have created the second version of the Void Relic Detection Device, but it will be considerably more difficult because our enemies will try to stop us. It would be able to protect us be creating an essence field around our region that will protect us from any ships that enter.

Vestige - Speed is of the essence then.

Xartok Xik - Sure seems like it.

Overlord - We will then be also able to hide in the Abyss...

Vestige - Unwise.

The Tuechalton Representative - Sounds like a bad idea.

Vestige - Terikalinra rules there for now. He is no ally and would slave us to his will.

Overlord - Hmm, and is there a way possible to free the Abyss of his will?

The Dulinket Representative - Presumably not...

Vestige - Power. The gate to the Abyss will give Ada the needed power.

Overlord - Hmm, an interesting idea, Vestige, but I am afraid that Ada could create more suffering than help.

Vestige - Intriguing that you say so while being able to call upon the Void. Mind your plans - Ada and the Abyss are connected. They cannot be separated. And while he is not, shall we say, currently himself, he can be vengeful when you insult him like that.

Overlord - I apologize for my inconvenience, but I meant that if he is freed, he would lay waste to all the empires that opposed him.

Tuarlomok - Wow, what a big surprise.

Vestige - That is why you should consider your plans carefully. Constructing the Gate to the Abyss might empower us, but will also empower Ada.

Overlord - It can give Ada the enough power to free himself only if The Gate to the Abyss is overcharged, but not in a normal state. But, when the construction is complete we could scare the opposing races that if they won't stop attacking us, we will free Ada.

Vestige - A bold plan nevertheless. Let us hope your calculations are correct, which I have little doubt about.

Overlord - We will see that soon, but the problem now is that someone must first find the 8 remaining relics.

Vestige - The chaos of the war will see to that.

Xartok Xik - Should we search for them? We'd have sufficient Spaceships and so. Although, maybe on second thought...The Dulinket Representative - How about us?

Overlord - Yes, both of you can search for the relics while the other ones focus on the war, how about that?

The Dulinket Representative - Sounds Great! I'll write a memo.

He pulls out a piece of paper and starts writing notes.

Vestige - We of not best served on open combat. Searching for the relics, on the other hand, will be of little problem to our guerillias.

Overmind - Fine, the Dulinket and Vestige will search for relics. Tuarmolok and Xartok Xik, can you help us with the war?

Xartok Xik - We've been itching for an opportunity to test our Weaponry. Sure!

Tuarlomok - Sure, why not.

He pulls out a weird communications Device and starts talking.

Overlord - Good, do you have any questions then?

Vestige shook his head.

Tuarlomok and Xartok Xit both said "Nope" at the same time.

Overlord turned his head to the Dulinket Representative. After waiting ten seconds he stood up and continued.

Overlord - Good, then this meeting has officially ended.

Vestige stood up, bowed low, turned around and left.

Tuarlomok and Xartok Xit stood up and left as well. The Dulinket Representative took a while to realize that the Meeting was over, and left 2 minutes later.

48th Legion's Report[]

It was a warm morning on Ascon, homeworld of the Volver Empire. The marshlands and swamps were teeming with activity as the grand capital city of Gartoomia overlooked them in the distance. The grand palace was bustling with activity, mostly due to the approaching Springtide festival. King Brygon was walking the halls, directing the castle staff to their tasks. A Knight clad in black armor jogged over to him and bowed before his king.

Knight - Valishar, A transmission from the 48th Legion requires your attendance.

The king nodded, scratching his chin.

Brygon - Very well. Hopefully some good news for once.

The two walk into the communications room where a hologram of 48th Knight Legion Commander Naav Leros was waiting. The king's adviser, Kyaan Desaa was also present. The commander bowed to King Brygon before speaking.

Naav - Valishar, I have urgent news for you. We have been scouring the galaxy for Void artifacts, and we have discovered that we are not the only ones looking for them.

Brygon - That was to be expected. Though I would not worry too much about a few heretics and traitors.

Kyaan - Was that all Commander? I trust you and your men can handle a few heretics.

Naav - That is just it my lords, there are not just a few heretics. We have spotted fleets belonging to an empire who are looking for the artifacts.

Brygon and Kyaan look at each other with confusion, then back to Naav.

Brygon - Did I hear you correctly commander? Did you say an empire was looking for Void relics?

Naav Yes, Valishar. They seem to call themselves the "Void Eyes". I am not sure what their motive is, but they seem more organized than the common heritics we encounter.

Brygon - This is...definitely not what I was expecting to hear today.

Brygon pauses for a moment, appearing to be mulling something over.

Kyaan - Sir, if what commander Naav says checks out then we need to confront this empire before things get out of hand.

Brygon - You have a point. We should have a talk with them and see if they will listen to reason. I would like to avoid war if we can.

Kyaan - I will notify the alliance. We should convene the council first, then-

Brygon jerked at the notion of convening the council. He turned to leave the room.

Brygon - Do what you want. I'll speak with the Void Eyes myself.

Kyaan - Why not wait for the council?

Brygon - The last time I trusted the council to make a decision they allowed the Ultramirusian Empire to take root. I'm not going to allow something like that to happen again.

Kyaan was silent. He knew the king felt very strongly about this, and decided not to challenge his decision. Brygon left the room, gesturing for his royal guard to follow. Kyaan sighed and looked over to one of the comm-room operators.

Kyaan - Notify the UAE council. We should still have a meeting about these "Void Eyes".

The operator nooded and began sending messages to the leaders and council members of the UAE. Kyaan folded his arms as responses started to fill the primary monitor of the room.

Brygon's visit[]

A sleek green ship plated with gold trim begins entering Void Eye territory. The Void Eyes had never seen a ship like this before, yet they could sense something familiar on the ship. It approached their homeworld without fear before stopping in its outer orbit. Both Overlord and Overmind sat at the discussion room when the ship approached. Suddenly a communications request was pinging on the their screen awaiting for the leaders to accept it.

Overlord - Wait, who is that, I've never seen a ship like that but yet I sense something...?

Overmind - Probably one of them uses Void Energy, but we will see.

He opened the communications panel and accepted the request...

What appeared to be a hybrid Volver in a regal cape and battle armor was seen through the screen. He wore a full plate helmet, obscuring his face. He appeared to be looking over the two individuals in front of him before he spoke.

Brygon - Greetings. I trust you are the leaders of the Void Eyes?

Overlord - Yes, you are true, we are the leaders of the Void Eye Empire. But the question is why have you come so far?

Brygon - No place is too far when the Void is involved. I have come to ask why your people are searching for relics related to the Void.

Overmind - Oh, you mean those Void relics that we have been searching, we need them to boost our energy, economy and so on..., we need them because they are good sources of Void Energy.

Brygon - I suggest you find a different source of energy. My 48th Knight Legion has been out looking for those very same relics in order to destroy them.

He pointed at both of them with a clawed finger.

Brygon - It is in the best interest of the galactic community if you all cease your search for the relics and your usage of Void energy.

Overmind - I am saddened to hear that, but it is impossible because that is our main energy source and we can't change it.

The king fell silent for a moment. His expression was hidden behind his helm, though his body language did give off a hint of frustration.

Brygon - What if we were to offer you an alternative energy source? Void Energy will only be your downfall.

Overmind - The Void Energy is the path of ascension, the key to end all the suffering, it binds us together... But, what is your proposal?

Brygon - I propose stellar or fusion energy. It has worked wonders for my people.

Brygon - Though...you speak of a "path to ascension"...do you worship the Void or something to that effect?

Overmind - Yes, we do worship it... No, please lay down the weapon, we do not worship Ada, we see the Void as the path to end all suffering and we need to become as one with it to ascend.

Brygon - Well...at least you do not worship that maniac. But you do realize propagating the void through worship will cause the end to our very existence right?

Overmind - Yes, we do understand that, but in our belief, if you become as one with it, then you are free of the suffering, that is what we are trying to achieve.

Brygon - My people believe that if you do not suffer then there is nothing to overcome, there is no challenge. No reason to exist. But we make our own meanings in life through each other. I have been to the Abyss before. It was unpleasant to say the least. I ask once again, cease your search for the relics... for the sake of the galactic community. I know first hand what the Void can do to a living being.

Brygon raises a hand and flexes it, creating a small ball of Void Energy. He grunts before crushing the ball with his hands.

Overmind - You only get forcefully consumed by it if you oppose it, but if accept that you are nothing and ultimately can change nothing
, then you will be subsumed in harmony with the Void rather than forcefully consumed by it.

Brygon - That is where we disagree. I suppose if there is no convincing you, It is better to just warn you.

The king pointed at both of them again, this time with a bit more force.

Overmind - Wait...

Brygon - My knights will still be hunting down those relics. If your forces come between us and those relics, we have no issue going through them to accomplish our goal.

Overmind - We agree with you, our path... will bring more suffering than good with it. We will stop our relic search because those relics are really dangerous and they need to be destroyed. We are sorry to cause so much trouble to you.

Brygon stood there for a moment before looking back at his crew. He then looked back to the two leaders and spoke with a bit of surprise in his voice.

Brygon - That...was unexpected... Well then. I suppose if that is your decision, then we should have no issues in the future regarding the relics. I personally disagree with your faith, as even worship is dangerous to a degree... but I will let it slide solely because your people seem...more agreeable than the Void worshipers I've faced in the past.

Overmind - Indeed, have a nice day then...

Brygon - Mesta.

The king nodded before the transmission ends. A few moments pass and the ship begins to exit Void Eye controlled space.

After he left the system, Overlord whispered to Overmind:

Overlord - What are we going to do now?

Overmind - We? We will stop to search for the Void relics and even if we will, then only in regions where the Volver can't hear us. Also, I said we will not search for Void relics. But I didn't say that the Dulinket and Vestige will stop searching.

Overlord - Amazing idea, but we will still need to provide them with necessary equipment to search the relics while the Volver are here. I will send our new Void Cloaking device to them.

And so the Dulinket and the Crimson Splinter got the new Void Cloaking device to search for the relics in shadows.

The UAE's meeting[]

Kyaan entered the chambers of the main hall, clad in formal attire. He looks upon the gathered members of the council and bows before them.

Kyaan - Esteemed allies, it is good to see that you all received my message. I have urgent matters to discuss. I am not sure you are all aware, but there is an Empire out there who openly worships the Void.

Kyaan opened a hologram on the room's main projector, revealing the flag of the Void Eye Empire.

Kyaan - According to my king, these "Void Eyes" were hunting down void relics to help with their energy production and worship. Luckily through diplomacy we were able to avert a war and ask them to stop their search. However, it is imperative that we keep a close eye on them. There's no telling if they've got allies with similar goals.

Andokav'r, supreme commander of the Waptoria, once Raptoranean but over the battles more more Biotic than his former species, had listened with great interest.

Andokav'r - Yes, we are well aware of these..."Void Eyes." Our spymaster Oji'b encountered them with his protege, the Koatria Mikiang'y. Although first contact was peaceful, the Waptorian Andromedan Web keeps a close watch. Recently, they tried to launch a search for certain Void relics, which resulted in four such artifacts ending up in Void Eyes possession. I suggest we send out strike teams to claim the other relics before the younglings change their minds about not pursuing them any further.

Zuki had not moved the entire time since the meeting had begun. Sitting completely immobile while she had considered the document before her in grim contemplation, all the while paying special attention to those around her. The twitch of their facial expressions, the shifts in their body posture, all bore their emotions upon their sleeves in her eyes allowing her to sense when her turn to speak had come. Now her head slowly moved to face those who had come to look at her expectantly and her voice rang out into there minds.

Zuki - Looking at the transcript of the meeting between our Volver allies and the Void Eye I believe that they do intend to deceive us. No one changes their mind that quickly without caveat, especially not in such a drastic way.

She paused a bit to analyze the room around her, looking for reactions from her peers. She had become more careful in measuring her responses in recent years. The fiery passion ignited by the Dominatus for grand proclamations and forceful ultimatums had been smothered by the coming of the Xonexi and the rise of the Covenant of Mirus. Even with the Covenants fade from power tactful statements and velvet phrases were the name of the game now.

Kyaan - That is what I thought too. The King is still having our 48th Legion search the cosmos. With permission from you, our esteemed allies, we would like to widen our search to Mirus.

Zuki - Indeed, the help would be most appreciated. Any potential threat from the void is one that requires everyone's cooperation. With that she settled back into stillness, she had finished speaking.

Kyaan - Good to hear. King Brygon plans to station himself here for the time being while the relics are being located. Should we face war with these Void Eyes, I would also ask of you all to lend aid to the war effort. The past internal conflicts have a good portion of our fleet in a state of recovery.

Kyaan placed a hand on the projector and gestured to the council.

Kyaan - Any help is appreciated. Emperor Pulporious V nodded and slammed a fist on his desk.

Pulporious - You have my support, that's for damn sure. I'm not going to see yet another planet destroyed before my eyes.

The first four relics[]

The First relic[]

With all opposition to him dead, Vestige contacted Overmind.

Vestige - I have gained possession of the relic you requested in the Dimstar Outbacks of Mirus. The Waptoria have tried to stop me but in vain. I overcame them.

Overlord - Did they spot you?

Vestige - They saw, not that any of their Biotics lived long enough to transmit my existence to their central nerve nexus.

I am a Volver. Once battle is joined, I will not hide.

Overlord - Good, please deliver the relic to our homeworld, we well hide for now because we promised the opposing empires to stop searching relics to gain some time. We won't use it so they can't spot that we received another relic.

Vestige - I am on my way.

With that, Vestige turned off the holo-projector and moved to his shuttle, which lifted off using anti-gravity technology and made a speedy escape off the gas-chocked planet.

Typing in a special set of coordinates, he opened a wormhole in front of his ship that would take him right to Void Eye territory. With the wormholes closing, no one would be able to trace his whereabouts.A short while later, the shuttle landed on Great Eye. Vestige made his way to the residence of the Void Eye leaders with haste.He knocked on the door respectfully.

The door opened right after it and he was greeted by the two leaders.

Overmind - Hello, I have received the message that you found the first relic...

Vestige - Indeed. If we can enter?

Overmind - Of course you can.

Vestige - Thank you. I am but a guest here.

He looked for a place to sit down, leaving his guards at the door.

Vestige - As you suspect, I have secured the relic. My men have loaded it in the hangar of our flagship, which is here at the moment.

Overmind - Thanks, we will open the hangar for you to put the relic in there.

Vestige - That will do. Then we are done here?

Overmind - Yes, that is all for now, we thank you for your cooperation.

Vestige - I shall take my leave then. I do believe you have other guests.

Overlord - True, we have received another message from the Dulinket.

Vestige - I saw their ships in orbit. Leaving them waiting would be disrespectful behavior on my part.

Overlord - Goodbye Vestige.

After that, Vestige left the room.

The Second relic[]

The Ships in Orbit around Great Eye Descended soon after, with a gigantic, cloaked object tethered to them. A Loudspeaker crackles to life on one of them, asking for landing permission.

-Permission granted-

After the Ships landed, some one-eyed, heavily armored Creatures exited the largest Ship. The most important looking one walked over to the residence of the leaders of the Void Eye Empire. He knocked on the Door.

The door opened right after he knocked and another black seat came up from the floor.

Overlord - Greetings Torlokk, I suppose that you found the second relic?

Torlokk - Indeed, we found it on some desolate Wasteland Planet in Exterioris. We saw some Patrolling Spaceships, but none of them saw us.

Overlord - Strange, two relics that are in Exterioris..., but anyways, we will open the hangar for you to put the relic there. We thank you very much for your deed.

Torlokk - No problem.

Overlord - Goodbye my friends, and please be careful in your travels.

Torlokk - Goodbye, and no problem.

Torlokk walked back to the ships, while being escorted by the Armored Dulinket. After everyone was inside, the ships put the Void Relic into the Hangar (with a few minor complications) and then disappeared into the starry sky.

The Third Relic[]

Officer Eyekarus was scouting in the Carina Arm of Milky Way when he received a strange signal out of the Void Relic Detection Device. He tracked down the location of the relic and commanded the ship to fly to the coordinates where the Void Relic was hidden. They arrived at a rogue planet that was completely black, completely enveloped by a dark, thick fog. The relic wasn't hart to find as it was directly on the planets surface. Eyekarus sent out some Watcher Eyes to bring the relic on his ship. After that, he opened a wormhole to the Great Eye and disappeared along with his whole fleet.

The two leaders of the Void Eye Empire were sitting in the main hall when they received a message from Eyekarus.

Eyekarus - Greetings Overmind, greetings Overlord, I found the third Void relic on a rogue planet in the Milky Way, it's being delivered to the hangar as we speak.

Overlord - Thank you very much for your help, we shall secure the relic with the other ones.

Overmind - You weren't spotted by anyone, right? They must not know anything about it.

Eyekarus - No, we didn't face any problems whatsoever.

Overmind - Good, goodbye then, Eyekarus, you did your job well.

Eyekarus made a low bow and left.

The Fourth Relic[]

The swamp world of Abraxes IV was dimply lit by it's host red giant star, bathing the planet in a faint red glow. Black foliage blew in the harsh wind as swamp gas chocked the lower atmosphere, reducing visibility to almost nothing. It was into this less than picturesque scene that Waptorian dopships landed, unloading the Biotics embarked within. Qu'w and Qv'w, essence-attuned Biotic twins who had undergone mitosis from one another only seconds after their parent body had come into creation, had combined their power with Mikiang'y to sense the relic. Once it had been pinpointed, commander Andokav'r had been send to retrieve it at once. An honor guard of Scions left the ship before their commander, once the most famous Raptorian swordmaster in recent history, now little more that a reptilian torso and head with Biotic limbs, but with undiminished skill.

The commander turned to the twins.

  • Andokav'r - I trust that the artifact is on this planet?
  • Qv'w - There is a void there, which can mean little but some sort of Void-related activity.
  • Andokav'r - Very well. Lead the way.
  • Qu'w - As you wish, comrade-commander.

The formost Waptorian Biotics turned on their gear, their helmet lights faintly piercing trough the gloom. The tarrain was treacherous, and the collumn advanced but slowly. The signs -and stank- of decay were everywhere. Soon enough the strike team started to notice jagged black partched spead aout over both the ground and nearby rocks, trapping, distorting and breaking apart nearby motes of light. Gravity seemed to have no effect near the distortions, shredded matter hanging motionlessy in the air, as in the vacuum of space.

  • Qu'w - Void corruption. This artifact is powerful.

Andokav'r ignited his hardlight blade as the Biotics shifted their stances to a more alert position.

  • Andokav'r - Then we must be ready. If this place is strong in the Void, certain horrors will be drawn to it.

Qv'w looked at his commander in a questioning manner.

  • Qv'w - What horrors, comrade-commander? The war against the Nyarqaeshu was before my birth.
  • Andokav'r - Ada revived old enemies to beset us, comrade Qv'p. Though but shells of their former selves, they were animated by Ada's very essence and gained many new powers as a result. Those that managed to cling onto existence after Ada's death are few, but they do exist...and are drawn to these places.
  • Qu'w - We understand, comrade-commander. All Biotics, follow protocol 76-

Before he could finish, a whirlpool of energy appeared in front of him, swelling into a mealstrom which quickly generated it's own gravity well. The bubble burst in a concentric wave of cyan energy, and from it waded beings, their skins translucent and rippling like water, their lower bodies black with motes of light trapped within, turning a greyish cyan at their midsection before turning white with black cracks at their upper bodies. The "shadows" they cast, if it could be even called that, were perfectly round and a glowing white, while from their shoulders and heads radiated a liquid black flame. Regardless of species, be it Helmore, Nebulorian or Infectant, each being only possessed a single round black eye like a sort of gaping wound, which drew all light to it like a miniaturised black hole. They still wore the armor and weapons they had worn in life, but it flowed with the same gradients of coloration as their bodies and was clearly made of nothing but energy. That, their ammunition was too, shredding trough Waptorian Biotics as if they weren't there.

  • Andokav'r - Infused! Ada's revived soliders we fought during the return! As you can see, comrade-captains Qu'w and Qv'w, they are lethal. We cannot allow our enemies to gain control over such force. Terikalinra's ability to create them is worse enough.
  • Qv'w - Yes, comrade-commander. Biotics, take cover and spread out in triangle formation. We will flank them.
  • Andokav'r - I shall take point. Scions, with me.

Andokav'r raised his blade in mock salute and rushed in, the Scions behind him laying down overwatch fire as the other Biotics began their flanking manuever. As each Infused was destroyed, their corporeal forms broke down into vortices of energy, sucked into the Abyss from whence they came. They left no blood, no markings, no trace of their exitence. Despite their deadliness, Andokav'r bladework and the crossfire laid down by the Biotics did it's work, and within a minute all Infused were banished.

  • Qu'w - That certainly was...something.
  • Andokav'r - That was the power of the Abyss, the power our foes wish to gain for themselves and which we must keep out of their hands.
  • Qv'w - Comrade-commander, the relic is up ahead.

The mists before the Waptorian strike force parted to reveal the relic, which has corrupted all around it. Andokav'r took measure of it, circing around the Relic to study it's properties.

  • Andokav'r - Approaching it will be dangerous. Deploy a cointainment field, we will ship it to the nearest secret Waptorian base.
  • Qv'w - Roger that.

Minutes later, the containment field was ready, and the relic was airlifted off Abraxes IV, hopefully to be locked away safely. Of course, Andokav'r noted grimly, that was if the Void Eyes wouldn't make a misguided attempt to take it of their hands. He grimaced. Of course the rash younlings would try. It was not a matter of if but of when. And when they did, he would be ready for them.

The spotting of the Dulinket[]

The Ships of the Dulinket descended onto the Barren, Desolate Wasteland Planet. Nary a sign of life was present, yet strong Energies emanated from it and a thick, black fog surrounded it at all times. The First Scouting Droids were sent to the Surface. They walked around, collecting samples, scanning objects, and most importantly tracing the source of the Void Energy. After many hours of reports, samples, scans, and droids, the location of the Artifact was pinpointed. It was deep in a volcanic Cave. The Droids entered the Cave, and what they saw surprised them very much. There were visible spikes in Void Energy in the form of dark Waves, and Rubble was floating around everywhere. It was very dark, so the Droids turned on the Lights and kept searching. After a few minutes of dark corridors and floating rubble, the Droids found the Void Relic. All the Rocks around it were Floating, the Foliage twisted and darkened. They reported their findings to the main Ship immediately. Afterwards, a few of the Ships descended from the Skies and a group of Dulinket with Gas Masks, Mining equipment and the like exited them and entered the Cave.

They Dug deeper and deeper, digging tunnels and excavating strange objects, but soon, they reached the Relic. They called a Drill Pod to pull it back up to the surface. Once they reached the surface, they prepared to load the relic into their cargo ship.

Of course in the cold, dark depths of space other eyes were watching with detached and yet coldly furious interest. Adeptus Primus Miru was out on an excursion with one of the local Armada Minor patrolling space for any sign of void energy. For days now there had been nothing but silence, the nanos that drifted throughout the ship had remained green the entire time. All that had changed just an hour from now when they had changed to noticeable blue color, sure sighs of a sudden out flow of void energy. Miru walked up to one of the bridge bunnies.

Miru - Where is it coming from?

Bridge Bunny - Pin pointing that now, looks like... ah ha got it.

Miru - Yes I see it now as well. She turn towards the rest of the bridge to address the rest of the crew.

Miru - Engage the hyperdrives and head to the noted coordinates. Make sure to engage stealth and combat systems. This may get hairy.

Resounding responses of aye range through out the ship and the ones around it before the hyperdrives began to power up. For a brief instance the Vanara ships were surrounded in a fiery orange light before they shot off into hyperspace. It was a short trip before they materialized where the void readings where coming from.

Bridge Bunny 2 - Miru, we're picking up void readings coming from ships currently leaving the planet.

Miru - Identify.

Bridge Bunny 2 - Nothing we've encountered before, but according to data given to us by the Waptoria they appear to be Dulinket.

Miru - Void Eye allies, so it does appear that we and Volver were correct. We have been deceived.

Miru looked around and gave a heavy sigh. This was a patrol group recruited from the local Armada Minor of about twelve corvettes. She would have liked a cruiser lead and a strikecraft squadron backing to better crush the irreverent little upstarts while they tried to run but this was what she had and it would have to do. She gave her order.

Miru - Spread out and encircle, turn up EM Particle output to max, we want to disadvantage and confuse them as much as possible, take no chances.

The Commander of that division of Dulinket suddenly noticed the Vanaran Ships encircling their fleet of around 15 Ships, though the Vanara fleet number less then his the EM Particle dispersion was so thick it was near impossible to tell. The particles confused sensors and with the speed corvettes moved at their sensor readings often came fro two places at once. He Panicked a little, then sent a Transmission to the other Dulinket Ships.

Commander Nir'tok - Alert! Alert! An unknown Empire's fleet has discovered us! Quickly, initialize Weapons and cloaking systems! We can't afford to lose any men!

Nir'tok attempted to establish contact with the Vanaran Ships as he scrambled to get the Cloaking devices running. A first there was nothing and then a Miru's disembodied voice came in through the speakers, a twinge of amusement about its tone.

Miru - Hello there, may I ask what you are doing with a large source of Void energy on your pretty little ship there? It would be a shame if something were to happen to it, and after all accidents are so easy out in space. Looking at those around him he could tell they head the voice as well.

Nir'tok - Hello? Ok, nothing, Have a nice Day, Argh, Goodbye!

Nir'tok appears to have completely lost it, immediately ordering the Ships (still cloaked) to disperse.

Miru - Oh me oh my, what grand conversational skills you have.

Laughter then filled the room in the fleet before the transmission cut. Miru was expecting to feel some degree of anger, rage, or fury, but instead all she felt was exasperation. They hadn't even attempt to justify or hide what they were doing, just bolted like scared mice. Perhaps her act had been a bit too effective? Well that was all well and good in her mind as she gave the order to fire.

The Ships all seem to have flown away, however, except for one, but that was evacuated as well.

Miru - Hmmph, run for now mice, a coyote can always find your burrow. Especially when teamed with a badger.

Bridge Bunny 3 - What are you talking about?

Miru - We're heading home, contact our allies along the way and tell them of what has transpired. The Void Eye and their allies shall soon learn to fear the wrath of the horde.

After all the Ships left, Vanaran or otherwise, a Spaceship-sized Insect uncloaked itself, collected all the Scraps, surveyed the Damage, and left again. But not without remembering what transpired...

The Arrival of the Dulinket[]

A Fleet of around 15 Ships descended from the Skies of Great-Eye. They seemed to have a few Gunshot Holes, but they were mostly intact. They landed, and a very stressed looking Dulinket ran out of the ships and to the residence of the Leaders of the Void Eye Empire. He hastily knocked on the door and the door opened as always.

Nir'tok - Emergency, Help, Help, Argh, Void Relic, Vanara, Spotted, Escaped, They know now, Argh!

The Captain of the Fleet seemed unable to form proper sentences due to his immense stress. He could feel Vestige's eye boring into him with cold fury.

Vestige - What did you say?

Nir'tok - Help Vanara Spotted Void Relic barely escaped now they know I need some tea argh...

Nir'tok Fainted right after these words escaped his mouth.

Vestige - Who gave this bumbling buffoon a post of command!?

The two leaders of the Void Eye Empire were speechless. Then Overlord rapidly levitated Nir'tok to the table and sat him on a chair. After that he performed a strange technique on Nir'tok that awoke him instantly.

Nir'tok - Whuh? Goodness, what just happened? Last thing I remember was Mr.Vermillion over there looking at me angrily...

Overlord - What happened, please explain more clearly, where is the relic?

Nir'tok - We have the Relic, but... A fleet of Ships unmistakably from the Vanara Empire spotted us and we barely escaped. Now they all know...

He buried his face in his Hands.

Nir'tok - Why did they entrust me to do this? They should have known it would just fail...

Overmind - This is indeed bad news for all of us...

Overlord - There is no need to give all the fault to yourself, even if you spoke better, they would decipher it anyways.

Overlord looked down.

Overlord - What should we do now?

Nir'tok - Make me not ever have such a position of power ever again, that's for sure...

Overmind - Anyways, please tell your ship to secure the relic in the hangar...

Nir'tok - Sure thing...

He pulled out a little device, spoke some words in a strange Language, and looked out of the Window as the Ship Started moving the Relic into the Hangar. After it was finished, he put the Device back in his pocket and turned around.

Nir'tok - So, now what? We're screwed, aren't we?

Overlord - Well, we have obtained 4 out of eight relics, and we need to somehow get four more, but that will be of course much more difficult because they know now what we are doing.

Vestige - How we will have the entire Enlightenment Alliance on our tails. Where we had to move quickly before, now speed is of the greatest importance.

Nir'tok - So I was right, now everyone is pissed.

Overmind - They will probably visit us first.

As the Four were Discussing, a loud Sonic Boom shocked everyone in the room.

Overmind - Oh no, THEY are already here, they can't see us all here, just talking, we need to do something fast!

In one fluid motion, Vestige unsheathed his shortsword and plasma pistol, taking up a protective stance before Overmind, Overlord and even Nir'tok, his former enmity forgotten in the face of danger.

Soon after, a massive Insect descended onto Great-Eye. It was odd, it had a cabin grafted onto its skin below, and its exoskeleton had guns mounted to it. It was followed by five more.

Overlord - Vestige, hide fast, they must not see you here... He stopped for a second. Overlord - Wait, that isn't the Enlightenment Alliance...

The Doors of the first Insect's Cabin opened, and some strange, tall figures emerged. They were clothed in black suits, their faces all obscured by cloaks. They started Talking, it was a Language no one in the Room Recognized. Then, they set their nine-eyed sights on the Building in which the Four Resided. Their Antennae were twitching as they inched closer.

The Strange Figures Approached the Entrance. One of them had to bend down while entering the Residence. Once he was inside, he made a low bow and pushed a little button on a device he was carrying. Then he spoke.

Unknown Visitor - Greetings, Overlord and Overmind. May I have a seat?

Overlord - Yes, of course you can.

Unknown Visitor - Thank you. He sat down.

Unknown Visitor - So, you are the leaders of the Void Eye Empire, if our Assumptions are correct.

Overmind - Yes, you are correct.

Unknown Visitor - Good. I heard your exploits have caused quite the chaos in the Intergalactic Community. We watched as one of your allies was nearly shot down by the United Persan Descendants.

Overlord - Yes, these last days have been not welcoming for us.

Unknown Visitor - And because of exactly that, we toyed a little with the idea of helping you. And our conclusion was that we would help you. We are experienced, we know what we are doing.

Overmind - That is of course great, but could you please tell us who you are first?

Unknown Visitor - Of course. We as an Empire, or me as an individual?

Overmind - Both.

Unknown Visitor - Very well. First, I shall introduce myself. I am Sin-Tak Fissos, Second in command of our Empire. and we are the Sinistonsos, an Empire that came into this Universe 250'000 Years ago. We watched, dormant, as the Universe evolved around us. And now, we emerged.

Unknown Visitor - Also, I would like to ask... Who is that Vermillion Fellow over there?

He made a sort of chittering noise.

Vestige - You shall know me as Vestige. That is all I shall divulge about myself for now.

Unknown Visitor - Very well. What do you think of our offer, Vestige?

Vestige - It depends on how open you will be acting. You are ancient; the Enlightenment Alliance has a precursor in the Multus Esse on their council. Act discreetly, and you help will be much appreciated. Act rashly, and it will only incur the wrath of the Multus.

Unknown Visitor - Very well. So far, our attempts to stay silent appear to have been successful, for none of the Members appear to have noticed us listening to some of their Conversations.

Unknown Visitor - Same goes with you. We know of your plan. We listened.

Overlord - How or where did you get this information? He was completely stunned. Unknown Visitor - Let's just say... We have the necessary Technology. Other Universes harbor different energies and technologies, after all.

Overlord - Wait, if you could listen to our secret meeting, then you might be able to know what the UAE are planning too...

Unknown Visitor - We have listened to a few, and so far, they seem to be planning attacks on you.

He turned to Nir'tok and Vestige.

Unknown Visitor - Including your empires.

Vestige - Your information is faulty. I have no empire.

Unknown Visitor - Hmm... looks like we'll have to re-evaluate the gathered Data.

Overlord - Wait, how did they know that the Crimson Splinter is here? Or do your technologies look into the future?

Unknown Visitor - No idea, maybe they don't. As I said. Though for the Dulinket, we are certain.

Nir'tok - Drats.

Suddenly, Overlord looked on the Unknown Visitor with his Eye opened very big.Overlord - Have they discovered any of the Void relics, and if yes, can you find the location?

Unknown Visitor - The Waptoria Alliance of Species appears to have found one. We are uncertain as to where they have it stored, however.

Vestige let out a loud sniff, his arms crossed.

Vestige - Of course you don't. You are not from Mirus, after all. I will say this, visitors. You have done little to impress me so far.

Unknown Visitor - True. We settled in Mirus, but we are not from there. As for your Statement... Any more insolence like that, and we will not take kindly to it.

Overlord - If you want to help us, then please, find the location of the relic and retrieve it from the Waptoria Alliance of Species, that would be the biggest help to us.

Unknown Visitor - Very well. We shall be on our way. Goodbye.

Overlord and Overmind - Goodbye.

He made a low bow, made another low bow as he went through the door, entered the cabin and let the Insect fly off to somewhere, the other five following. Another Sonic Boom sounded, and then they were gone.

Vestige - Let us hope they do it silently. Anything else is certain to arouse the Multus. Given their penchant for sonic booms, however, I have little hope for that. He let out a long sigh.

Vestige - We should shore up our defenses, just in case.

After that, Overlord continued.

Overlord - That is for sure, once they come, we will be prepared, but don't worry about the Sonic Boom, we will engage in an open war soon anyways and any help is needed.

Vestige shrugged.

Vestige - If you say so. At this rate the war will be bigger than any of us imagined. Shall I gather the Splinter for you, my lords?

Overmind - Yes, we will need them soon.

Vestige - Very well. I will do so at once.

He bowed low and turned for his ship.

After that, a little, green bug with a microphone on it scampered out from under the table, paused for a minute, and then left.

The two looked at each other silently for a minute.

Overlord - So that ancient technology was under the table all along, why didn't you check the table before saying all our plans loudly?!

The Bug scampered up to the legs of Overlord and a little Loudspeaker emerged.

Unknown Visitor's Voice - I said, we listen to everything.

Then, the Bug left again.

After that the two started dying from laughter.

The Reveal of the Void Eye's Deception[]

The Arrival of the Koalians[]

On the bridge on the Barge, class Koalian ship Providence the crew was at unease. The large windows showing the outer space. The big arches that covered the gothic design of the ship. A smell of sweat and Unease lingered in the air of the bridge in the commanding chair Admiral Ste'norl sat. A Koalian thought lost in a battle against the traitor chapters that turned to the ruinous powers of the Abyss 500 years ago. He sat pondering as he felt it, like a chill down his spine a freezing cold around his cybernetic eye. Looking at the ones next to him seemed to be feeling the same. he asked them in his Commanding voice.

  • Admiral Ste'norl - You feel it too?

The one next to him nodded in approval.

  • Admiral Ste'norl - It is not a disturbance in the rift we feel that would have been stronger. I had the same feeling when there was activity near one of our Forgeworld's mining complexes near the Lastlight region. Can these be related?
  • Providence Navigator - I don't know but we received recent news from one of the Outsider ports in the Spulsa region that unknown ships seeping with negative destructive energy causing disorder has been seen.
  • Admiral Ste'norl - Hmmm that port is near Vanara territory.

His 4 remaining eyes suddenly widened as he had another of the feelings of the disturbance he Immediately screamed orders at the communicators to get him in contact with the Spulsa region Outsider port and get them to relay the communication to the Vanara Empire.

  • Providence Comms - Understood Admiral...

It didn't take long for the Outsiders to received the message and after a small bit of convincing they eventually agreed to relay the Providence to the closest Vanara flagship heavy cruiser or "whatever muckin big military ship they could find"

  • Admiral Ste'norl - Well Vanara I am politely asking to you because the Outsiders of our race have detected ship seeping with void energy. we had Mining colonies detecting something similar by the Lastlight region of Mirus if you have something to do with it care to explain if not explain anyways...

Miru's face appeared before him after not too long a wait, the scowl that had scrawled itself across her features gave off the impression that the Adeptus Primus was significantly annoyed sufficiently annoyed.

  • Miru- Ah hello, I would say good day to you but today is not a good day. As for that energy reading it's void energy and no we had nothing to do with it.
  • Admiral Ste'norl - I see any information on what it might have been since from our information it had a fairly different pattern to the energy reading we see from the Demon of the abyss and the legions and the Traitors that fell to the Abyssal lords. So please enlighten me on this Void.

Ste'norl showed no sign of changing from the meeting. He had remained his calm. Though his tone had changed from a calm to show a small signs of annoyance.

  • Miru - Hard to explain what void energy is for its not really anything, it's the power of nothing is about as close as I can get to actually describing it. Simply put though it's dangerous for the Void as a force seeks to devour all reality.
  • Admiral Ste'norl - So this Void you call it is as we saw and got confirmed by you... Say I never got to catch you name but well it is a highly chaotic energy that destroys. by the list of Shells a Legion Terminator leaves after filling a traitor with holes, it is gonna be a traitor war all over again. You are basically saying that these things that had this void energy might be the end of Mirus so we are about to face a Galaxy res ending?
  • Miru - Well, I would not call Void energy chaotic, it seeks order, order of an absolute variety. After all a clear lake can not be disturbed by ripples if nothing lives within it. But such is beside the point, while I doubt those who seek this energy intend to end the galaxy, left unchecked void energy will do exactly that. The Void Eyes and their allies, one of which procured the source you were speaking of, believe they can control the energy and avoid falling into its grasp. They are sorely mistaken.
  • Admiral Ste'norl - This may be bad if help is needed you may trust in the Koalian Empire for the aid in the fight against these Void eyes.

In the background a small prayer about how weak the flesh is can be heard.


From the weakness of the mind, Machine save us. From the lies of the Antipath, circuit preserve us. From the rage of the Beast, iron protect us. From the temptations of the Fleshlord, silica cleanse us. From the ravages of the Destroyer, anima shield us. From this rotting cage of biomatter, Machine God set us free.

  • Miru - Thank you, now if you'll excuse I have a few more calls to make.
  • Admiral Ste'norl - Understood and once again I never got your name... And I never introduced myself, I am Admiral Ste'norl of the Koalian Navy it shall be an honor serving with you.

Meeting of Andokav'r and Miru[]

On Miru's desk, another hologram had already been opened. Andokav'r had politely been silent the entire time, his arms crossed behind his back.

  • Andokav'r - Well, Commander Miru, it appears we will be giving the Koalians association status with the Enlightenment Alliance.
  • Miru - Looks that way, but what other choice do we have.

Andokav'r curled his lip down in distaste. An aristocrat of birth, he clearly disliked the grim and drab architectural sense of the Koalians.

  • Andokav'r - Their workers stink of sweat a mile away.

He waved his hand, dismissing his own concern. Miru smiled at the comment slightly, both of them being saurians neither sweated but they did pant.

  • Andokav'r - You are correct, of course. Though I find their views on the Void as dangerously narrow-minded as that of the Eldarisians, we will have to work with the servants of the motive force in this instance.
  • Miru - Hopefully this is farthest this fiasco will extend. We have heard of other troubling reports regarding forces not of the void.

The Waptorian commander frowned at the news.

  • Andokav'r - And what of this?
  • Miru - The Claxe have become increasingly active.
  • Andokav'r - Troubling news, Commander Miru. We cannot afford to fight a war on multiple fronts at this time.
  • Miru - For once I'm not entirely certain Claxe seeks to attack.

Androkav'r frowned even deeper.

  • Andokav'r - Do they not? Strange indeed.

Miru held up her hand and let blue Eihr particle disperse from her gauntlet.

  • Miru - The Claxe seeks nothing less then to continue its own survival whatever the cost. Gluttons whores of greed they maybe, but they oppose the Void and it's drive to devour all.
  • Andokav'r - I have ill feelings about this. For something like this to happen... I foresee this will be far greater than just the Void Eyes.
  • Miru - The wheels of change are turning, we all knew the Covenant's fall would be the beginning. The beginning of what though we could not say.

Andokav'r nodded and released a smile.

  • Andokav'r - We always had our disagreements on the function of the Covenant. Regardless, it brought stability and now other powers will be seeking to fill that void. Such is the nature of things. It falls to use to see to it that this void is not filled with... undesirable elements.
  • Miru - Agreed, Alliance was made to watch over Mirus, a position that was subsumed by the covenant, we will need to step up to that plate again. So anyway, what are you going to do?
  • Andokav'r - We must deny our enemies space. I have recently discovered a Void Relic and am seeking permission to move it to Matrukoris. It will be safer there.
  • Miru - Right, I will increase patrols and prepare for the worst, the less room we give our enemies to maneuver the better.
  • Andokav'r - I intend to inform commander Kyaan of our find shortly. Good hunting, then.
  • Miru - Aye, same to you.

Andokav'r drew his sword and saluted, albeit with the hardlight blade turned off. After this sign of respect, the hologram vanished, leaving Miru to plot her course.

Meeting of Andokav'r and Kyaan[]

Kyaan, having remained on Matrukoris, stood with his guards awaiting any transmission from King Brygon and his 48th Legion. What he received however was not a Volver transmission, but a Waptorian one.

  • Kyaan - What's this...?

Kyaan accepted the transmission. His gold and white helm was all that could be seen on the other side of the transmission, though his clan's sigil was recognizable enough to any UAE citizen. As soon as he accepted the comm-link, the stern figure of Andokav'r projected from the palm of his hand.

  • Andokav'r - Commander Kyaan. I bring good and ill tidings both.
  • Kyaan - Ah greetings...you say good and bad? What happened?
  • Andokav'r - The good news is we have procured a Void Relic. We are preparing to transport it to Matrukoris as we speak. It shall be safer with you.
  • Kyaan - That's wonderful news actually. I'll have it sent over to Dr. Que in Sector Ga once it arrives. I could convince the Valishar to compensate you for your efforts as well, should you require it. But first...what is the bad news?
  • Andokav'r - We are not alone in searching for these relics. I have spoken with commmander Miru earlier. She has encountered a Dulinket crew attempting to retrieve a relic. Such ignorance could be easily dealt with without further complications, were it not that they are allied to the Void Eyes. They gave their word not to continue their search...most unfortunate they were attempting to decieve us.

Kyaan fell silent. His face, as usual was obscured by his helmet, though somehow Andokav'r could sense his disbelief. He was quick to pounce on the opportunity.

  • Andokav'r - They are oathbreakers.
  • Kyaan - Lobuu.

He said with a bit of a low grumble.

  • Kyaan - Valishar Brygon will not be pleased to hear this. Knowing him he won't be as civil about it.
  • Andokav'r - From the very start, I have been expecting such lies from those who meddle in the Void. We better be not taken advantage of a second time.

He paused for a bit, then went on.

  • Andokav'r - This has not gone unnoticed either. The Koalians, an empire from the far side of Mirus, have pledged their support to us should things come to a fight. My personal grievances regarding their taste aside, their mechanized knights will be most helpful.

He grinned.

  • Andokav'r - ...If you can put up with a bit of a rivalry.

He nodded, tapping a clawed finger to his helm's upper plate.

  • Kyaan - We Volver never back down from a challenge. And it would seem that these Void Eyes and their allies have made a grave mistake in deceiving us. Valishar Brygon is back on Ascon at the moment. I will relay the news to him, but if you need anything else, I would contact him. I'm staying here on Matrukoris to ensure this relic makes it to our good doctor.
  • Andokav'r - There is nothing more at the moment. I will leave you to it.

The Relic Heist[]

The Fishfly-class Carrier carrying the Void Relic glided silently trough space, solar sails propelling it forewards while reducing energy consumption to the barest possible minimum. It was flanked by four Lacewing-class fighters, six Spoonwing-class Interceptors, and befitting the importance of what they were guarding, two Stonewing-class frigates. To confound their enemies, they had dropped out of hyperspace a while away from Matrukoris. Up ahead, a massive Griffinfly-class Colossus would be waiting to escort the fleet for the last stretch, and then any attempt to steal the relic would almost certainly be forlorn hope. If any attempt at stealing the relic was to be made, it had to be done before then. And since the Waptoria had done their best to confound and throw off any pursuers, they believed themselves safe.

What they did not expect, however, was that the prospective thieves were already waiting for them. Hidden behind strange visual cloaking shields, some of the spaceship-sized bugs of the Sinistonsos were following the Waptorian Fleet. Once they deemed the moment ideal, they sent loose a little mobile cloaking field filled with hundreds of little robotic insects. The swarm split into many, each flying to the Waptorian ships, nigh swarming them, but they made sure to avoid any of the eyes. The little insect robots snuck into all kinds of places, making sure to leave no hidden corners unchecked. It took a long time. They only checked the places where no Waptorian could find them.

The carrier detected slight tingles, of course, but dismissed the notion as the buildup of anticipation for delivering such important cargo. The robotic insects were creeping and crawling, checking any and all crevices they could find, always making sure not to disturb the ship beyond the unavoidable slight tickles. Their primary directive was to find the Void Relic. They digitally marked areas where no Void Relic was found, as to make sure that no repeats occured. The other ships were searched similarly. They were mere escorts and it soon became clear they were carrying nothing of imporance. And after the message spread throughout the swarm, they all either returned to the Sinistontian ships or joined the main search troop. More and more rooms were checked, more and more data files created. Eventually, they found the room in which the Relic resided.

The room was analogous to the stomach of many a living organism, hermetically sealed off from the rest of the ship and completely subsumed in highly corrosive acids. Only the acid-resitent walls of the ship and the containment fields encapsulating both the relic and the entraces to the room were not affacted. If the Sinistontians wanted to retrieve the Relic, first they would have to drain the room. Doing so, however, would inevitably cause discomfort to the ship and alert it of intruders. Because of that, the bugs scanned the room while crawling around on the ceiling. After they felt they had gathered enough data, some of them exited the stomach room to have a little "breather" while sending the data reports. The others stayed behind, as a sort of alarm system, in case anything of note happened. They took turns of course, as not to be corroded too much by the acid. Most of them were outside, only a few periodically entered to collect data. Once they had sent all the data they needed, they all left the ships, leaving behind a little device so they could return to a spot close to the stomach room. The Sinistontian operatives would have to find another way.

However, soon after, the swarm returned to the ship. They formulated a plan, and it was to be executed by the swarm itself. They all used the device set up next to the stomach room to crawl in position next to the entrance. After all of them were situated at the entrance, they entered the stomach room together, creeping, crawling and even swimming to reach the Relic. They stationed themselves all around the Relic's surface, and after the whole Relic was covered in a mess of robotic bugs, they teleported off to the Sinistontian ship, and suddenly, the Relic was nowhere to be seen. A little bug returned and took the teleporting device with it, leaving not a single trace.

The carrier hadn't even felt what had transpired, and simply continued on it's current course. It was only after it had docked on Matrukoris and the ship had been thoroughly searched that anyone noticed the Void Relic had gone missing mid-transport.

Great-Eye was approached by a swarm of huge insects, each of them buzzing ecstatically. One of them was disproportionally big, with a massive cargo bay. Vestige was watching from the balcony of Overmind's residence.

  • Vestige - It appears I was mistaken. They must have secured the relic. Impressive.

The giant insectoid swarm Landed, and the Largest one opened a door on the side. A part of the swarm started working on getting the Void Relic out safely, while one of the insects flew closer to Overmind's and Overlord's residence. Some Sinitak emerged, once again cloaked in their mysterious black robes. One of them went to the door of the residence. The door opened right before he wanted to knock on it and he was greeted by Overlord and Overmind.

  • Sin-tak Fissos - Greetings. I have arrived once again, this time with wonderful News.
  • Overlord - Did you suceed in your task, did you retrieve the relic?
  • Sin-tak Fissos - Indeed. We are currently working on transferring to the hangar, the area where we heard all of them should be placed. The Waptoria still had it, and seemed to plan on delivering it to a place called "Matrukoris".
  • Overlord - That was a close one, Matrukoris is one of the most defended locations in Mirus.
  • Sin-tak Fissos - We know. If we had not hurried, our fleet would have surely been obliterated.
  • Overlord - Well then, you did you job great. We have 5 out of eight relics now, only 3 to go.
  • Sin-tak Fissos - That is good. We will try to find out where the last three are located.
  • Overlord - Goodbye my friends...
  • Sin-tak Fissos - Goodbye, and see you later.

He made a low bow, made another one as he exited, and then entered the cabin. The insect then flew back to the swarm as it was unloading the Relic. After a few minutes, the Relic was safely stowed away in the hangar, and the swarm flew back to the place from whence it came.

Back on planet Ascon, Brygon's ship The Chariot was docked in the city's busy landing bay. The king himself was still on board, communicating with the 48th Knight Legion. Kyaan had only arrived a few moments prior to Brygon, and he was heard rushing to the ship's command center. Brygon turned to face him, and nodded respectfully, however Kyaan began to speak before Brygon could ask him about his trip to Matrukoris.

  • Kyaan - Valishar, I've got urgent matters to discuss.
  • Brygon - Very well. Go on.
  • Kyaan - Firstly, our allies within the Waptoria have recovered a Void relic. It was en-route to Matrukoris-

Brygon interrupted.

  • Brygon - Was?
  • Kyaan - ....Yes. It would appear that their ship was infiltrated and the relic was stolen before the ship docked.

Brygon slammed his fist on the nearby communications table, letting out a frustrated growl. Kyaan took a solitary step back and took a deep breath before continuing.

  • Kyaan - We also have intel that suggest that people who call themselves the "Dulinket" are searching for relics as well. What bothers us is that they are allied with the Void Eyes. They might be working together...

Brygon looked up at Kyaan, his face of course obscured by his helm. He stared blankly at Kyaan for a moment before standing up straight and turning towards the crew on the lower level of the command center.

  • Brygon - We're going back into Void Eye territory.
  • Kyaan - With all due respect, Valishar, we should head back to Matrukoris and-
  • Brygon - No. I'm doing this my way. I'm going to have to make myself even more clear to these foolish beings.
  • Kyaan - What do you intend to do?

The Chariot begins to lift off, the engines humming and the crew moving about the ship. Kyaan looked at them nervously and then back to Brygon, who still had his back to him. He stepped forward, now within arms reach of the king.

  • Kyaan - Valishar, answer me. What are you going to do?

Brygon looked over his shoulder at Kyaan.

  • Brygon - I'm going to do what we always do with lobuu.

Kyaan's heart skipped a beat at this. He knew what that meant. But it was too late for him to try and convince Brygon otherwise, The Chariot was already leaving Ascon's solar system. By the end of the day, there would be blood on someone's hands.

Brygon's Second Arrival[]

The green and gold cruiser drifted into orbit over the the Void Eyes homeworld. Brygon was standing in the communication hub, sending a transmission to the Overmind. His arms were folded and his foot was tapping impatiently.

Kyaan - Valishar, we should re-think this. If you intend to cause harm to them, how can you guarantee that we will get out of here safely? We didn't bring the fleet or any allies.

Brygon - We'll be fine. What's gotten into you Kyaan? I thought you of all people would be all for confronting lobuu. You created an entire Legion for hunting them down.

Kyaan grumbled before speaking again

Kyaan - This is different.

Brygon - How is this any different?

Brygon paused after studying Kyaan's body language. Kyaan was silent, but he seemed to glare at Brygon through his helm's visor before turning his attention to the planet they were approaching. Brygon looked over at the communications table and sighed.

Brygon - Never mind... Regardless, we've got to deal with them here and how before they become a problem.

Overmind was waiting silently with Overlord in their residence for the UAE to arrive. Then, when the Volver ship arrived, he rapidly opened the communication.

A Volver operator was heard on the other end.

Operator - Greetings Overmind of the Void Eye Empire. Our esteemed Valishar would like to meet with you in person. We request permission to dock our ship.

Overmind - We will give you the permission if you only want to talk with us.

The Operator looked over at something off screen, nodded, and then back to the Overmind.

Operator - Alor Kyaan of Clan Desaa wishes only to talk with you.

Overmind - Then you are permitted to dock your ship at our residence.

The transmission ends and the Chariot descends into the atmosphere of the planet. It seems to glide smoothly towards the Overmind's residence, slowly landing on the landing pad. A hand full of armed Volver clad in the orange armor of the royal guard leave the ship first, keeping a watch as Kyaan and Brygon exit the ship. The two walk towards the entrance of the residence, leaving the guards to watch the ship. The door opened right before them and both leaders greeted them.

Overmind - Greetings Brygon, Kyaan, I have waited for you.

Kyaan took a respectful short bow with a hand on his chest. Brygon folded his arms, appearing to look at both of them before a audible exhale escapes from his helm.

Kyaan - Ah, greetings Overmind and Overlord. I am Alor Kyaan Dessa, Advisor to the Valishar. You are already acquainted with Valishar Brygon Ta'raron correct?

Overlord - Yes, he has visited us before.

Overmind - So, what is the point of the current meeting?

Brygon scoffed and his head turned slightly as to regard Kyaan.

Brygon - Te Lobuu thon noss'kessuk

Kyaan made a swatting motion towards Brygon as to tell him to hush, a bold move for his advisor, though Brygon merely turned his attention to the two leaders .

Kyaan - We believe that you might not have heeded our warnings, nor have you respected our goodwill in allowing you to live your lives the way you do.

Kyaan folded his arms, giving a speaking in an impatient tone.

Kyaan - Firstly, we are aware that a Void relic we recovered has gone missing. We have linked that incident to the Dunlinket. Your allies.

Brygon - I have reason to believe that they delivered that relic to your people. Even though I thought we agreed that you wouldn't seek out Void relics any more.

Overmind - Well, yes, that is true, we are aware of the Dulinket incident, but we are also aware of the ones that tried to hurt the Dulinket.

Brygon - I'm concerned with what they stole, not if they got hurt.

He took a step forward, his voice now becoming a bit more agitated. Kyaan extended his arm in front of Brygon as if to hold him back.

Overmind - Oh, so you mean the relic, but they didn't steal anything...

Brygon huffed, shaking his fist.

Brygon - Yes the relic! Your allies stole it from the UAE.

Overmind - Wait, what, the Dulinket didn't steal any relics from the UAE.

Kyaan - Our allies within the Waptoria Alliance of Species told us that the Dulinket were searching for relics. The next thing we know, the relic they had in their possession was reported missing when their ship arrived on Matrukoris.

Brygon - Besides... this place feels even more tied to the Void since the last time I was here.

Overmind - Yes, the Dulinket were searching for relics, but they didn't steal it. Here was a strange visitor recently, he told us that he wanted to help us and then came back with a relic.

The two Volver look at each other, and then to the two leaders.

Brygon - What visitor?

Overlord - Oh, it was a second-in-command of an empire that flies in strange bugs.

Kyaan scratched his chin, thinking to himself for a moment. Brygon stepped forward again and lifted an open palm as if he was expecting them to place something in it.

Brygon - Whatever the case, if you would kindly hand over that relic, we can be on our way.

Overmind - Look, if it was so easy, I would have done that once you entered this room.

Brygon folded his arms, sighing.

Brygon - And why isn't it so easy?

Overmind - The reason is the same as why we can't give you all our Void relics that we got out of the Relic Search Competition.

Brygon - But this goes against what we agreed upon. You accepted a relic given to you after I told you the dangers and you agreed that you would not seek them out.

Kyaan - Valishar, their allies probably gave them the relic to hide the fact they they are still looking for them.

Overlord - Well, you left us no other choice...

Brygon - I gave you a choice. You could have just abandoned your search for the relics.

Overmind - Well technically, we didn't break anything, because we did abandon our search.

Brygon inched closer to Overmind, leaning towards him. Overmind couldn't see Brygon's face through his helm, but he could feel that the king was squinting at him.

Brygon - What are you implying?

Overmind - I mean, we actually did stop searching Void relics. But remember, that when we first met, I said that "we will stop searching the relics", but I didn't mention our allies anywhere.

You could see that Overmind was in a good mood today.

The king stood up straight studying the Overmind's body language. Brygon's arms were still concealed within his cloak, which hid his clenched fists.

Brygon - So, you just found a loop hole to get what you wanted after all then...

Kyaan - I suppose that doesn't make them lobuu after all...technically they're right, Valishar.

Brygon's gaze slowly settled on Kyaan before he spoke again.

Brygon - And "technically" these people have made a mockery of us. You must think yourself clever, Overmind.

Ovemind got more serious.

Overmind - Look, I wouldn't do that if you didn't give us this choice of either a war, that was at the moment impossible for us, or a violation of everything that we already did and of what we believe in.

Overmind - Oh, I almost forgot, you hated us right from the start, only because we used the Void Energy and you would not tolerate that.

King Brygon sighed, shaking his head.

Brygon - I had hoped you could see reason. Of course I can't tolerate the use of Void Energy. You know that cannot and will not allow the Void to propagate. Brygon appeared to twitch slightly, though it wasn't horribly noticeable.

Kyaan shifted and placed a hand on Brygon's shoulder.

Kyaan - Valishar, let's just leave. Talking to them won't do us any good. Let's head back to-

Brygon shoved past Kyaan, and raised his arm from his garments in a rather forceful manner. The bracer on his forearm glowed a bright blue before the top extended into a long electrified blade.

Kyaan - Brygon what are you-

Overlord - Please, let's stay civil-

Kyaan tried to rush forward to stop Brygon's advance, but he wasn't fast enough. Brygon was already a swing away from the Overmind's head before he even noticed that Byrgon had moved.

But then, previously unnoticed, a Volver jumped out of the corner of the room and blocked the hit in a fraction of a second 10 centimeters away from Overmind's eye. It was Vestige.

Brygon looked at the Overmind's defender in shock, and then glared at the Overmind himself.

Brygon - Are you harboring the Crimson Splinter as well?!

Overlord - Well, they are one of our first allies after all... Anyways, meet Vestige...

Brygon - "Vestige"? Is that what he told you his name was?

Vestige pushed Brygon away from their blade lock. They stared each other down for a moment before Brygon appeared to lower his blade to a peculiar position. Vestige seemed to do the same, as if they had communicated through their mere movements alone.

Iloburaas - A name, my king, is but a changeable thing. I was born as Iloburaas of the Sa'laota. Your father would have known me as his spymaster, though that was long ago.

Brygon seemed to give a slight nod to the figure.

Brygon - Well met, spymaster. But you know as well as I that as your Valishar I cannot allow this treason to go unpunished.

Iloburaas - Our attempt to right the weakness of your generation was treason, then?

He seemed to suppress a snicker.

Iloburaas - Well, no wonder so many Volver have walked in Crimson's footsteps then. You are becoming quite authoritarian, my king. But then again, you never listened to those around you.

Kyaan seemed to shift uncomfortably almost as if Iloburass was referring to him.

Brygon - Authoritarian?

The king scoffed, and squinted at Iloburaas from under his helm

Brygon - Your beloved "Crimson" tried to usurp me when I was but a boy. I'm merely doing what is necessary to reunify the Empire our ancestors built.

Iloburaas - And perhaps that is warranted. Though...You should never forget that you are king of the Volver first and foremost.

Kyaan - Iloburaas, perhaps. But what the Volver need is a good relationship with our allies.

Kyaan turned to regard the Overmind.

Kyaan - I had hoped that we wouldn't have to come to blows. But it would appear that war is upon us.

Overmind - Well, I had hoped that too. It is of course sad to see that the war is irreversible...

Brygon - You're in luck, Overmind.

Brygon sheathed his sword, making a hand gesture towards Iloburaas.

Brygon - Since there is a Volver party of a notable clan among your allies, we will adhere by our Code of Honor.

Brygon - We will allow time for you to gather your forces, as we gather ours.

He turned towards his ship, prompting Kyaan to do the same.

Brygon - No matter the outcome, let it be known that we Volver are not without mercy.

Overmind - So be it.

With that, the two men boarded their ship with their royal guard. The ship made a speedy ascent into the skies, and blasted off into space.

Overlord sunk his head.

Overlord - Brother, you were lucky that they gave us at least some time after what has happened...

But Overmind stood silent...

The Awakening of the Iar'ota[]

After the unsuccesful meeting with Brygon and Kyaan, Overlord orbited around the new Crimson Splinter colony, when officer Eyekarus came running to him to tell him the urgent news.

Overlord - Have they come?

Eyekarus - No, but we have news from our Exterioris colony, we found a strange planet there with signs of a precursor race...

Overlord - Did you identify the species?

Eyekarus - Also not, we will need to land on the planet, but I first need to have your permission.

Overlord - Stay here and orbit around the Splinter colony, I will investigate this planet myself.

And so he left, leaving Eyekarus behind. The Planet he found himself on must have once been home to a thriving community, but now it's just covered in Ruins. The Ruins were strange to look at, perfectly cuboid, yet somehow extremely chaotic. There was Flora growing over most of the Buildings. They were quite obviously Abandoned. And still, shortly after Overlord approached the planet, a Communications Request appeared.

Overlord was first surprised, but then he immediately accepted the communications request.

Mysterious Voice - Outsider Approaching. Please State Name and Purpose.

Overlord - I go by the name Overlord and I am the leader of the Void Eye Empire.

Mysterious Voice - Please State current personal objective.

Overlord - I just wanted to investigate this strange planet, my officer said to me that he found some kind of precursor ruins here.

Mysterious Voice - Assessing gathered Data... A few seconds passed.

Mysterious Voice - Access Granted. Please Refrain from inflicting property damage to Masters.

Overlord - We shall.

Mysterious Voice - Thank You. Terminating Connection...

And with that, the transmission cut off.

After that, Overlord landed on the planet with 10 other crew members near one of the biggest ruins. The streets were lined with perfectly ordered cubic lamps. The Pavement was perfectly smooth, even after what was presumably thousands of years. The Building was massive, filled with ordered, yet chaotic windows. The door was open.

The door lead to a long hallway, lined left and right with Screens displaying Data in an alien Language and Desks filled with all kinds of technological tidbits. On one of the Desks there was a little Text Translation Assistant Device.

One of the crew members, a former scientist picked it up and started deciphering it.

The data was hundreds of thousands of logs, records, files... Amidst all the mess, there was a clear pattern. Consciousnesses. Thousands of them. Among them, there was also data about preservation procedures, guard turret upkeep, and a very strange file filled with awakening instructions. It was labeled "EMERGENCY".

Scientist - Hmm, that is interesting, Overlord, come and see what I have found.

Overlord - What have you found?

Scientist - Some awakening instructions!

Then, he started to read the instructions for everyone in the room.

It was a series of complex Technical things supposedly done behind the Screens. At the end was a warning: CAUTION: TO BE USED IN EMERGENCY! CONSULT INSTRUCTIONS ONLY IF [REDACTED]!

Scientist - Well, we are kinda in emergency now after Brygon left, and we will require any help, so let's try it out.

In a matter of seconds, he went to the desk and started to work. After he was finished, the other screens suddenly flared up with activity. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a loud sonic boom shook everyone in the room. A bit of the tech fell off the desks. Machines behind the walls began whirring as they activated.

Overlord - Are you sure that this was a good idea?

Lights were turning on, one after another. The Whirring of the Machines intensified, and Pipes along the walls were starting to fill with strange, green fluid.

Overlord - We need to leave fast, get to the ship, I will protect your backs.

As they ran outside, things looked more and more insane. Buildings were rising out of the ground, robots whirred to life, streets suddenly became uncomfortably bright... It was chaos. Yet, in the chaos, a pattern could be seen. As they were running, pods started to rise out of the ground. They contained strange creatures, with six arms, two legs, greenish patterns all over their black skin, and no mouth to speak of.

Scientist - That are these precursors, there were many pictures of them in the logs.

And, as if they noticed, they opened their eyes. The Pods opened and the Creatures emerged. Most of them fled to their Houses, but some stayed to check if everything was ok. They didn't notice Overlord and his crew. In the distance the Void Eye-ship could be seen.

Overlord - We will be soon there, only a little path remains.

The robots everywhere continued scouting, kept not noticing Overlord and the crew. The aliens had calmed down a little, accustomed to the sudden awakening. They looked confused. All the machinery was settling down, the chaotic sounds slowly turning into a soft, steady whir. Suddenly, one of the aliens noticed Overlord and his crew.He looked surprised.

Overlord and his crew stopped when they reached their ship. Then Overlord introduced himself to the precursors.

Overlord - Greetings, I am Overlord, the leader of the Void Eye Empire. We have awoken you when we were studying the codex in the biggest building here.

Precursor - I see, so you managed to enter the Library somehow. How did you read the instructions? And what year is it?

Overlord - Yes, the door was open.

Precursor - oh...

Overlord - My scientist deciphered your instructions and today is the year 28XX.

Precursor - I see. So, now that we are free again, I assume the war is over?

Overlord - Which war?

Precursor - There was a conflict between us and another empire, and after everything went downhill, we placed ourselves in stasis as a last resort.

He thought a little.

Precursor - So, we do owe you something for that...

Overlord - Well, we are kinda in a bad situation now, our enemies, the Volver Empire, want to attack us anytime soon.

Precursor - Another war... You'll have to ask the Military Officer. You'll find him left of the library.

Overlord - That is good. I will go to him now.

Precursor - Very well.

And so, the Precursor walked away.

As Overlord and His Crew were walking down the street, a broadcast was played loudly throughout the entire colony.

Loudspeakers - Awakening protocol successfully executed. Instructions will be sent to other colonies in 9... 9... 9... 9... 9... hours. Thank you for your understanding.

Overlord walked again to the library where the Military Officer resided.

Overlord - Greetings, Military Officer, I am Overlord, the leader of the Void Eye Empire.

Military Officer - Greetings. I have just obtained the news that you managed to initialize the awakening protocol.

Overlord - Yes, my Scientist did that here.

Military Officer - Good job, you. So, what is it that you are here for?

Overlord - Well, we need your help... The Volver Empire wants to make an assault on us soon.

Military Officer - So there is going to be a war... This is interesting. I accept your offer! I'll try to mobilize a fleet as soon as possible.

Overlord - It is great to see you understanding us, many thanks.

Military Officer - You're welcome. Feel free to stay at this colony a little.

He turned around to face the many screens behind him and started typing. After that, Overlord left the Library and flew back to the Splinter planet to announce the good news.

Internal Conflict[]

Hours later, King Brygon and Kyaan were standing on the command bridge of the Volver Imperial Royal Cruiser. It was on course back to the Volver homeworld of Ascon. The King stared out into the void of space, nearly motionless. Kyaan on the other hand began to pace back and forth, mumbling to himself before speaking to his friend directly.

Kyaan - “That was really unwise.”

With a rather robotic movement, Brygon turned to Kyaan.

Brygon - “What do you mean?”

Kyaan - “Drawing your weapon on the leaders of another empire.”

Brygon - “Hm.”

Brygon turned back towards the command bridge’s main viewport. Kyaan, rather agitated grabbed Brygon by the shoulder, and forced the king to face him

Kyann - “What do you mean ‘hm’!? We are about to engage a fledgling empire in a war!”

Brygon - “They were harboring traitors to the empire. And they also are propagating Voidism. We can’t allow either of those things.”

Kyaan - “We could have negotiated the turnover of the traitors. And Voidism? We could have just left them to their on devices! As long as they aren’t Adaists or Moaists we can leave them be!”

The much taller king loomed over Kyaan, his voice becoming rather harsh.

Brygon - “What are you saying? That we just let these Void worshipers do what they want? They are doing something with those artifacts! We have to stop them before they do something stupid.”

Kyaan - “So we start a war!?”

Brygon - “If that’s what it takes.”

Brygon turned to make his way to the hanger of the ship, but Kyaan stepped in his way.

Kyaan - “Brygon, you’re neither thinking rationally nor are you acting like yourself. This can be solved peacefully! If you won’t listen to me as your adviser, listen to me as your best friend!”

Brygon - “What does it matter Kyaan? We can crush these fools like bugs.”

Kyaan - “Just because we can doesn’t mean we should. I thought after all these years as Valishar you would understand that by now.”

Brygon - “You claim that I’m not acting like myself, but you were the one who initiated the Voidist hunts. You’re the one who went on a bloody inquisition against the 'heathens'. And yet now you stand before me, lecturing me on how we should spare these Void Eyes on the grounds that they are ‘fledglings’? I will hear none of it, Kyaan.”

Kyaan opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out. Brygon rolled his single eye and stepped around Kyaan, continuing to walk down the hallway. Kyaan followed after him.

Kyaan - “That was decades ago. I’ve...experienced so much since then and I believe that we should let the Voidists worship in peace.”

Brygon - “I can’t allow that.”

Kyaan - “And yet you wonder why we have to deal with rebellious Volver?”

Brygon stopped cold, and quickly turned to Kyaan with what seemed like murderous intent. I pointed a single clawed finger at Kyaan.

Brygon - “Watch your mouth, Kyaan. We may have grown up together, but I am still your Valishar. I will not tolerate you insinuating that I caused those rebellions.”

Kyaan - “Maybe we are both to blame. You sanctioned my violent inquisition. We were too wrapped up in pan-Mirusian politics that we let my brother rise to power, and then Anthil after him. What if we didn’t persecute the Voidists so violently Brygon?”

Brygon - “There is no other way. The Void becomes a bigger threat as more people worship it.”

Kyaan - “Then we meet that threat with the same ferocity and tenacity that we used to beat the Void last time.”

Brygon scoffed as the ship landed on the surface of Ascon. He turned again to leave the ship, looking over his shoulder.

Brygon - “I’m going to put an end to all of this now. You can stay here if you don’t support my cause. You’ll thank me soon enough.”

Before Kyaan could retort, Brygon had been surrounded by his Volver Knight escort and was walking off to the palace. Kyaan stood there for a moment thinking things over.

Kyaan - “It doesn’t have to be this way…”

Kyaan scratched his chin for a moment, thinking. He perked up, getting an idea, and rushed out of the ship and to his own personal transport. The ship took off, and headed to Matrukoris.


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