If you want peace, you will get war. War is where we fluoresce and thrive, where the cowardly go to die. Its where we are meant to be.

There is no good; there is only conflict.
There is no evil; there is only bloodshed.
There is no peace; there is only war.

- The War-Imperial creed


Oh, it is not that we hate aliens. Quite the contrary. We simply can't let them become weak or pacifistic - that would be a moral failure on our part. So we wage war upon them, not out of hate, but out of consideration.

- Imperator Caligustus


Battle is our meat! Blood is our drink! WAR IS OUR CALLING! FOR WAR! FOR WAR ETERNAL!

The Dragowar are hulking, dragon-like hypercarnivores whose only goal it is to create endless war, believing that this way, the universe is made stronger. They are the second strongest species in the whole Mirus galaxy, their strength just below or equal to the Dominatus. Created merely to combat the Zarbanian Dracs with invaded the Multus Esse, the Dragowar were locked away on the arid planet of Warminz afterwards. The Multus deemed it unlikely that the Dragowar would even develop beyond this point, but eons after their extermination at the hands of the Alpha Grox, they were too be proven wrong. Locked in a continuous battle over whatever scarce resouces were available on Warminz, the Dragowar tenuously developped their first civilisations. These civilisations continuously fought one another, growing larger and larger empires with each turn, until a cataclysmic world war erupted that rendered most of the planet into an inhostitable wasteland. Fertile ground became even more scarce than it was before, and with their own numbers nearly driven to extinction, the Dragowar finally ceased their struggle against one another and looked to the stars. They soon found other planets which were more hospitable than Warminz was and reasoned that these planets might contain more abundant resourced and indeed extraterrestrial life. They also correctly reasoned that inhostitable Warminz had forged them into better, tougher predators than most other worlds, and that they thus would be able to conquer these other species with relative ease. Thus the Dragiwar set out into the stars, creating their Imperium on the altar of unending war.

Of all the races within the Imperium, the Dragowar are the strongest thus the dominant. Indeed, by the Imperium's own logic it is unthinkable that a Dragowar be a mere solider, and in the War-Imperial military the Dragowar are, at worst, officers. This is reflected in the rest of the Imperium, where the Dragowar solely occupy the highest positions, from sectorial adminitrators to the position of Imperator.

For War Eternal!

The Suchulict are the first extraterrestrial lifeform conformed by the Dragowar. Evolved on the resource-rich water world of Seleucit, the Suchulict had only relatively recently recently developped writing systems when the Dragowar invaded from the skies. Though carnivores, the Suchulict were not the top predators of their world but reproduced at such a rate that they performed ritual wars to keep their own populations in check. This made them highly receptible to the Dragowar creed of War Eternal and as such, many young Suchulict nations threw in their lot with the invaders, regarding them as nothing more than sky gods. They were rewarded by their continued existence as the Dragowar effortlessy conquered the planet and then exterminated those Suchulict who resisted them. Within a few generations, the Suchulict had been completely absorbed into Dragowar culture. What followed can best be descirbed as sapient domestication, as the Dragowar were not bereft of their own strain of empathy and resolved to uplift the Suchulict to their true potential. Now hypercarnivores much like the Dragowar, the Suchulict have remained loyal to the creed of War Eternal ever since.

The most numerous race in the whole Imperium, safe for perhaps the Voracha, and agruably the most loyal, the Suchulict form the backbone of the War-Imperial military, willingly throwing themselves into the meat grinder of war. This attitude has served them well, for the they are considered to be the second-most influential race in the entire Imperium.

*Aggressive posing*

Follow orders! Advance!

It is often said that absolute pacifism does not create peace, but instead paves the way for absolute subjucation. If anything, the tale of the Chakravylg proves that point.

- Unknown

The Chakravylg are natives to the Bellus subsector of the former Tyranny territories. A squat but bulky race, they were known for all looking virtually alike and for their extremely pacifist natures. When the Imperium of War invaded their homes, the Chakravylg refused to take up arms are instead surrendered willingly. The few that did fight were branded to be traitors by the Chakravylg government and forced to flee to the Waptoria Alliance of Species. The races of the Imperium were, of course, not all too happy with such a meek race and began a selective breeding program to turn he race in line with War-Imperial ideology. Within ten generations, the Imperium had succesfully bred the Chakravylg to become as agressive as it's other races, though they till sat at the bottom of the War-Imperial hiararchy due to their former absolute pacifism.

The glory of our warlords is not yet broken.

Graah! Rip and tear!

Blood and Darkness call.


By war our races where born, by war our races where sculpted, and by war the Imperium's goal shall be realized!

- Imperator Caligustus

Early history[]

The Imperium of War was founded right after the Dragowar Military Imperium destroyed all other nations, and advanced to space. Right after that, they met with an unknown alien empire. These aliens where as strong as they where at that time, but still, the Imperium attacked. The war was bloody, but in the end, the Imperium was victorious. Then, they conquered their neighbors, and turned them into slaves. Soon after, they started to explore Mirus, and at some point, started to believe endless war was the best for the universe. Due to their efficiency, they soon grew into a force to be feared in the Mirus Galaxy.

Deal with the Darkness[]

Soon, the Imperium with the Zarbania Powers, who would become their first allies due to their similar ideals. This also attracted the attention of the Power's masters, the Darklings. The Darklings promised the Imperium War Eternal in exchange for servitude. Now equipped with Darkling technology , the Imperium became a force to be feared, not only in Mirus, but beyond.

Enlightenment War[]

During the Enlightenment War, the Imperium' goal of Eternal war was seemingly fulfilled. Thrilled to fight in their first galaxy-wide war, the Imperium rushed into battle. They launched various invasions across, the Mirus and Milky Way galaxies, most notably against the Soldarians. However, when the leader of the Darklings, the Dark One, was imprisoned, they were forced to rethread. Later, they heard their enemies had united into the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment.

The Great Deciever[]

While the first try of the Imperium to create War Eternal had failed, the Imperium would not simply give up. Thus, they allied two other territorial Mirus empires: the Drakodominatus Tyranny and Khilai Empire. Together with the Tyranny, they hatched a plot to set up various empires of the Milky Way against each other. As the Tyranny started manipulate empires into doing this, the Imperium attacked the side who was too strong for the Tyranny's like. Due to this, they gained many enemies in both the Drodo and Hegemony sides, with their most dangerous enemy being the Troodontid Empire. Their attacks could not evade the fact that both sides eventually found out the truth that the Dominatus had put up both sides against each other. They united against the Tyranny an it's allies, like the Imperium of War, and defeated them in one massive battle. The Imperium were and it's allies were far from defeated, however...

Attero Dominatus[]

Now the Tyranny treat in the Milky Way had been stopped, slaves were revolting against their former Tyranny masters. The Imperium of War, fearing a revolt of their own slaves, decided to aid the Tyranny in destroying escaped slaves. They, together with the Tyranny, the Kilhia and the Powers, lead a campaign against the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment and the rest of the Mirus galaxy. The Unified Alliance of Enlightenment was on the verge on defeat, when empires from othetr empires invaded the Mirus Galaxy to put an end on the Tyranny. They succeed in doing this, leaving the Imperium without it's most powerful ally. Their dream for war eternal was shattered another time.

Coming of Eternal War[]

After Attero Dominatus, the Troodontid Empire launched a blitzkrieg on the Imperium. However, the Imperium had managed to salvage most of the Drakodominatus Tyranny's Tech, and were busy incorporating it into their own technology. When this was done, they called in their allies, and stroke once more against the Troodontids and the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment, with a determination that was even stronger than during the Mirus Campaign of Aterro Dominatus. What started as a surprise attack soon turned in a battle for survival. This time, the Imperium's goals might be finally realized...

Gigaquadrantic War[]

Mirus Front[]

Milky Way Front[]

Andromeda Front (?)[]

Cyrannus Front[]

Quadrantic Front[]

Destruction and Legacy[]


There are few races in the galaxy that can withstand our rage and discipline. You are not one of them.

- Imperator Caligustus

This is our army. No, not just our army. It is represents our very being. Fo face our regions is to face our empire Imperium. It is to face war itself.

- Warmaster Brutus

The Warlegions of the Imperium stood from horizon to horizon, filling the air with their roars of anger and their chants for blood. Their battle banners beared imagery representing war itself, and colored red with blood, these banners were. With one signal, all fell silent. Then came a single roar of rage and shocking loyalty, a pact of malice and bloodshed. Their armies marched forwards, soon enough starting to charge in pure rage, and ripping our ranks apart with their swords, or even with their claws if they had lost their weapon in fierce combat. The harder we fought, the more powerful they seemed to become, as if they were feeding on our hate...

- Witness

The Warlegions are some of the most heavily trained and well-oiler warmachines in the entire Gigaquadrant. Since each civilian must eneter mandatory military training, the Warlegions also have plenty of reserves to call upon. Despite being fully capable of doing so, the Warlegions shy away from horde tactics, instead preferring to start the engagement with a deadly artillery barrage and line-breaking scout regiments followed by a relentless assult of the main force. Broken and blooding, the survivors of the initial assault are soon crushed underneath massed sandals or hacked apart by roaring chainblades.

After the Warlegions had landed and unleased their fury upon us, we thought it couldn't get worse. How wrong we were. Things exploded all around, the ground shook then split open. The heavens were torn apart, and we could see the warfleet descending upon us, large enough to block out all light, and all hope. Accompanied by rain of blood, they came down, dropping bombs upon us, slowly destroying our world. We could do nothing but pray to survive this terrible, vile machine...

- Witness

The Armada of War is the naval arm of the Imperium of War, crewed by those soldiers to crippled to continue fighting on the ground and put trough piloting training. In addition, the pilots of the Armada of War also serve as the operators of other War-Imperial verhicles. The ships of the Imperium of War are known for their massive size, built that way so as to intimidate other races in a conflict. This has led to even their cruisers superseding and rivaling the flagships of some other races in size. The Armada of War is a force to be reckoned with in any engagement due to their strong armor, weapons and the fact their ships are build for long-lasting battles.

They call us brutes. We say hypocrites. They call us savages. We say hypocrites. We are civilized, and while our goals might be called immoral, we are by no ways pests. We are war. We are simply necessary for the advancement of others. Every great social or technological evolution happened during or after a war. This is the simple truth. And the day our foes discover this truth, is the day that it will be too late for them. And we will laugh much that day.

- The Warforgery themselves

While the Imperial legions and fleets are the most known, the Warforgery is as important, if not more. This shady organization is made up by Defilers, Manipulators, Warforcers and the more experienced Warforgers, and is truly the brain behind every Imperial operation, corrupting other races into waging war with each other. Their influence stretches far and wide, while they themselves remain unknown, planting the seeds of turmoil everywhere and making sure that they hatch.

War is...like an living being. We know this. We serve this being, made it our god. It allows us too see the aggression found inside each race. Yes, we sense it. We unlock it in our foes, rallying them under our banner the moment they realize the dark truth that war is part of nature. One cannot avoid their own anger and hate, yet they prefer to lock it away. There, it grows, feeding and growing ever stronger. By the force of our will, we shall release this anger found inside all. Then, the demons of war locked away deep inside the subconscious will be free at last!

- Military report

The Warlocks and Warlords that make up the ranks of the Warhost are few in number, but dangerous none the less. Even the lowest ranking warlock can get into a battle trance, during with their physic power "bleeds" from them and influences their allies to go into a murderous frenzy, while the warlock chants monotonous hymns, and pressures enemies to give in to their own anger and hate. More powerful Warlords have the ability create physic storm with the power of their minds, and to manipulate sounds, creating shields of them while firing sonic booms with manipulate the vary brains of their enemies, causing armies to collapse as they start to fight against each other. The Warhost's most powerful and feared ability, however, is to collect the anger and bloodlust found inside the hearts of their enemies, using this to create and summon powerful demons from the primal subconscious all beings have. From the lowly Furies to the most powerful Peacebreakers, all these summoned demons share the Imperium's desire of war and are more than eager to spill the blood of the Imperium's enemies.


total mobilization time: 4 months
total mobilization time: 2 months
total mobilization time: 1 month
total mobilization time: 2 weeks
total mobilization time: 1 week
total mobilization time: MOBILIZED







He who wishes to join us must have it well with us.

- Convencional Dragowar wisdom

Though a vastly elitist society, Imperium of War is strangely meritocratic in how it's government works, though merit in this case is based mostly on might and military skill. Service is manatory from adulthood on, and high-standing civilian jobs are only open trough an advancement in the military. However, the Imperium makes certain that cronyism and corruption do not creep into the system, and that sons and daughters of nobles actually fight on the front lines as much as anyone else, if not more so due to their honoured relatives. Military progression is fairly straightforward, going from mere soldier to a Decurion who command as squad, to Centurions who lead centuries, to Tribunes who lead cohorts, and finally Legates who command entire legions.

Still, after retiring from the military and entering civilian life, public officials start from the lower rungs again; first becoming a Quaestor in charge of tax collection, giving land and a pension to military veterans, and supervising the police. From there one can become an Aedile, in charge of supply lines, organising victory feasts, and supervising the fire brigade and public works divisions. Next up are the Censors, in charge of the census, making certain the able-bodied join the military at their allotted, and preventing War-Imperial religion from straying. In this capacity they oversee the Auspices and Haruspices and are the magistrates given the power of censorship. Second highest amongst the civlian administration are the Preators, in change of governing a single world each, serving as supreme judges, and seeing to the integration of aliens in the Imperium. The highest purely civilian position, however, is that of Consul. Consuls serve as governors of an entire sector and also hear appeals, after which the only recourse is a pardon by the Imperator.

The Imperator is the highest office in the entire Imperium of War, and merges both the supreme civilian and military duties. The Imperator governs the entire Imperium of War and is also in complete command of all it's branches. While having imperial authortity, the Imperator is never suceeded by his genetic heirs - in fact he or she is forbidden from having genetic heirs at all, thugh births out of wedlock requently occur. Instead, the Imperator travels the entire Imperium looking for worthy sucessors and hand-picking them to become his Warmasters. As the imperator cannot be everywhere on every front at once, Warmasters function in his stead instead, and serve as his emissaries to the War-Legions, overriding every authority therein safe for the Imperator's own. Though there are multiple Warmasters, for tye Imperium's military fronts are many and varied, only one is the Inheritor or heir. The Inheritor does not actually have more power than other Warmasters, ad the title is purely symbolic until the current Imperator dies, in which case the Inheritor takes his place.

Slavery does exist in the Imperium, and is widespread, but without any racism underlaying it. Slaves are not of disenfranchised species or anything of the like, for the Imperium of war makes no difference between Dragowar and non-Dragowar in this regard, but are either pacifists captured from their foes by the Imperium, or former citizens who have fallen upon hard times, and become slaves as a means to stay out of debt, as slaves by War-Imperial law cannot be indebted. The Imperium grants equal rights including healthcare to all its citizens regardless of species, though voting in public officials is only allowed after having served at least one tour of military duty.

Regular Citizens[]

The plebs shall be able to appoint a Tribune to make their wishes known to the Imperator. They shall appoint two Aediles, one to distribute the food and drinks to them, and another to oversee the streets and public buildings. The Aediles shall have have an ivory seat in the Senate, and be the left and right hand of the Imperator. The Tribune shall be be able to over-rule the Senate, and have the last word. (Added shortly after: The Imperator shall have the power to over-rule who shall be appointed Aedile and appoint his own cliënts as Aediles. The Imperator shall be able to over-rule the Tribune also, and if the Tribune is not to his liking, shall take him of his office and replace him; the people shall accept the descisions of the Imperator, for he is the patron of the whole Imperium.)

- A War-Imperial law

So the people have the power? Oh, wait, no, it's still the Imperator.

- A Waptorian commenator

Noble Citizens[]

The elder males of noble families shall represent their families in the Senate; with the two Aediles and the one Imperator, they shall form the Senate. Any citizen can become a noble trough a great deed in battle; the Imperator can make citizens noble; new nobles shall become part of an existing noble family. If a noble shows cowardice in battle, he shall lose his status, and a great shame shall come to him, for he shall become family-less, until he shows bravery again...The highest ranks in the military are only for nobles, for only they have shown the bravery required for command. Noble shall not make command; bravery shall make noble, which shall make command.

- A War-Imperial law


...If a slave is freed, the slave shall become full citizen, and shall be forever in debt of him who freed him. If one's life is saved by another, he or she shall be forever in debt of the one who saved him or her. The whole Imperium shall be forever in debt to the Imperator, he who is the Incarnate of War. His rule will be absolute, his word law, never to be refuted by anyone but himself...

- Part of a War-Imperial law

Famillies and Houses[]

...The familly is sacred. You shall give to them in trouble; they shall give to you in trouble. If they do not, go to them each day, and shout in front of their doors each noon your complaints, so everyone hears. If they do not comply after eight days and eight nights, go to the War-Imperial court. A Preator shall curse them and they shall be disgraced...Girl, if you marry, you shall move families...Girls and women shall be under the supreme power of this husbands, and their husbands under the supreme power of the oldest male in the entire family. Only he shall judge who gains what. To the house belongs the couple, their children, their slaves, their grounds, possessions and belongings. This all shall be under the supreme power of the husband, if he is mentally fit. If he is mentally ill, the supreme power over the house shall go to the eldest son...

- Part of a War-Imperial law


The only rule in war is that there is only one winner. In peace there are no rules. In either war or peace the only constant is death, and new birth. It is the way of the galaxy, it is the way we follow. There is no point in trying to avoid it.

- Imperator Brutus' last words

The Imperium is extremely aggressive, placing absolutely no boundaries on their warmongering, outright attacking other species without any proper declaration of war, and merely to thest their own strength. They are noticably trigger-happy, using anything from the xenophobia of certai states and border friction to laying claim to the same solar system as another state as a reason to do battle, and rejecting the validity of non-aggression treaties out of hand. They do, however, stand by their word, readily coming to the aid of their allies even if involved in conflict elsewhere. The one exception is if their allies become more pacifistic in some way, such as when Zarbania set aside it's rivalry with the Mendel Pact, which resulted in the Imperium turning on them, for they saw this as Zarbania no longer honoring the fallen they suffered due to the Pact. The Imperium cannot stand pacifist societies, thinking them all cowards, and these are often subjected to war for for the crime of merely existing. During peace time, they have gladiatorial arenas were their own soldiers pit themselves against one another to train. Since every civilian is (or has been) a soldier to some extend, and is forced by law to stay fit for duty if possible, most citizens will have entered these gladiatorial contests at least once in their lives.

Due to it's constant warmongering, the Imperium of War is openly shunned and hated throughout the gigaquadrant, even by other bellocose species. This is because unlike many other warrior species, the Dragowar and their underlings follow no law of ethical war, and seem to fight only for the sheer enjoyment of it. In fact, when an enemy following rules to warfare is to be found, Imperium of War will often actively disregard these rules and use these blind spots to win. This also rings true for the galactic code, as the Imperium of War has repeatedly used weapons of mass destruction to devastate their enemies.

However, the Imperium has an honor code of sorts, living and glorifying battle and war, but not living for senseless slaughter. War, after all, is like a fine vintage, that should not be dilluted with unnecessary ingredients. They generally do not treat the infirm foes with scorn, though this certainly does not ring true for all Dragowar. Indeed, the imperium will often honor those of their enemies who recieved serious injury in battle, even making certain they recover faster, so the Imperium can face those brave warriors again. Prisoners of war are treated properly, and are sought to be converted to the Imperium's cause of Eternal War, before being incorporated into War-Imperial society. Due to this, a surprising variety of extraterritorial species can be found within the War-Imperial borders, though any and all would be already completely adapted to the Imperium's homogenous and warlike culture, and tend to be captured soldiers or the descendants thereof. However, the Imperium of War has absolutely no problem persecuring those who refuse to fight out of principle rather than those who simply cannot due to disability, reserving the full measure of their wrath for such individuals and sparing no expense in hunting them down.

Due to its extreme warrior culuture, the citizens of the Imperium hold no grudges for being defeated, and are often very puzzled at revanchist movements springing up in other states after suffering a military defeat. To the Imperium of War, might makes right, and defeat simply affirms one's inferior position compared to the victim. This is why they went from fighting the Drakodominatus Tyranny as vigorously as anyone else early on, to becoming their staunch allies after being beaten.

To a Dragowar, resolving matters amicably with a foe merely means fighting them to the very end. Though the Dragowar like fighting, the joy they feel when fighting is quite alien to others, and they themselves can not fully explain it. The answer is to be found in their genes, specifically in the so-called "Berserker Gene" that both possess, implanted into them by the Multus Esse. The Dragowar, when inducting other race into the Imperium of War, will often specifically pair the most agressive members to breed in favor of any other couplings, artificially influencing the newly-joined species to adapt to their mindset without having to resort to outright genetical enhancement, which they abhor as cowardly.

Though known for their violence, the Imperium, in fact, enjoys fine arts, clothes and food, as well as classical music, mostly opera and operetta. While the buildings on their frontier worlds are mainly military-purpose, the buildings and cities of their inner words tend to be true architectural marvels, with a very classical, rustic and simple feel to them.

Foods and Drinks[]

Eat sober from dusk til dawn. It will make one disciplined. Though, any one must eat, and any one must drink, so once the night falls, one must eat and drink a'plenty. Then rest to disgest, sleep, and rise sober once more. Make this a cycle, hunger and satisfaction, and be disciplined not to eat too much until the time is there.

- A Dragowar teaching

Military Collective Meals[]

The Legionnaire shall eat together with his fellow soliders in his group's barracks. The Legionnaire's meal shall be small and not excessive, and will consist of sour blood wine and ground red beef, with some slices of bread added as a makeshift breadboard. A small amount of fish sauce and hot spices might be served, the tastes colliding to harden them. Before the meal, the Legionnaires shall drink a full bowl of black soup, for that will harden them. Decurions and above, especially if they are of noble status, must give away half of their rations to those they wish to reward for exemple in combat, and to set an exemple to their own.

- Part of the "Legionnaire's Codex of War"

Victory Feasts[]

After a generous rubdown with oil, we put on dinner clothes and laid down on our sofas. In front of us was a large table, very luxuriously laid out with plates containing eggs, crustaceans in fish sauce, clams, and hot saussages. We each ceremonially drank a small bowl of black soup before commencing on what was laid out for us. When we opened up the eggs, we found fried bird embryos inside, which we were expected to swallow whole. When we gestured to our host we were ready to advance to the main course, the doors behind him opened and eight slaves came in, four carrying a huge stray full of honeyed spare ribs, cut out of an epic creature of some sort, as four others carried a huge bowl of red ground beaf each. When we were done eating, the Imperator had a great battle re-enacted in front of us. This mock battle was certainly thrilling, though no one was seriously harmed in the effort. After that, the doors opened again, and a whole epic creature was carried in as a meal! When we cut it upon, to our sursprise, we found a demi-epic inside it! Inside it was a rogue creature, then an alpha, each creature inside smaller than the last one, until we arrived on a pile of fried, crunchy insects. As for the honeyed and spiced wine, we were fairly swimming in it. I do certainly thank my fellow diplomat for giving me the advice not to eat the whole day! I believe the whole meal lasted deep into the night, for around three full hours.

- A foreign diplomat on a dinner held by Imperator Caligustus.


The duty of the Senate shall be...to make sure the citizens are healthy and fit for War. To that end, they must see to it that any citizen that is not of nobility shall have enough pudding and ground meat to eat and non-alcoholic wine to drink. This shall be for free...Bread and dried fruit shall be distributed amongst the citizens that are not nobility for a small fee only. The Senate shall see to this. Shall they not, the Tribune shall veto them, and a great curse shall come over the Senate, until the plebs are hungry no more, or the Imperator lifts the curse...Nobles must pay for their own food.

- Part of a War-Imperial law


You would deny the Idol of War? Surely you have war-gods that you worship. And in doing so you title to the Idol, for All is War, and War is All. All tithes to the ever-sharp teeth of destruction!

- A Dragowar Warlock to an captured priest when asked about the nature of the Imperium's worship


Brothers in War[]

Yellow face.png Struggle there is and struggle there will be, for it is the cause of everything. Welcome.

  • Green face.png Hegemony of Astrath - Your ruler is a wise man. This galaxy shall fall to conflict.
  • Green face.png Dominion of Kelfax - Who is strong and who is weak is indeed up to individual merit. Embrace the alien and make a slave out of only those who reject you.
  • Green face.png Drakodominatus Tyranny - We will not make their mistake. One enemy, one war. A gigaquadrantic conflict, one galaxy at a time.
  • Blue face.png Gigapedus Dominion - They craved war, yes, but only against a single foe. The universe has so much more to offer.


Yellow face.png We shall not do battle with you...for now.

  • Blue face.png Infernal Republic - A republican form of government often breeds weakness. Evidently not here.
  • Blue face.png Vartekian Empire - We salute you! Such conquerors are truly worthy of simulation!
  • Yellow face.png Greater Zarni Empire - There is potential here. So much potential...
  • Yellow face.png Brood of War - One of the few we can truly respect, even though they are sullied by a false sense of ideal.


Orange face.png Make your case and make it quickly, lest we fire upon you.

  • Yellow face.png Mag'heli Dominion - Idiotic, unthinking brutes! Though they have their uses, we shall NEVER be allies!
  • Orange face.png Mardor Empire - We do not mourn your destruction. You lacked courage anyways.
  • Orange face.png Thérenian Dominion - The Dominatus where foolish to ever ally you, betrayers.
  • Orange face.png Milla Republic - You stay quiet. Or the consequences will be yours alone to bear.
  • Orange face.png Delpha Coalition of Planets - Waging war for the sake of general peace? Hah!
  • Yellow face.png Talven Empire - You passed the test. This is good. Your destiny is written in blood across the stars.

Barely Restrained[]

Red face.png If you want peace, you will get war!

At War[]

Crossed Swords.png Whether hot or cold, it matters not. A war with us is a war you shall lose, for we are the masters of war!


There is no instance of a nation benefitting from prolonged warfare.

- Sun Tzu, from the Art of War


- Sanktanaar Divin-Ra

Ahh, My wonderfull servants. Divin-Ra may have plans for you, but they are boring and pointless. My plans for you, are much more. Darkness, Night, and an Empire based all around it. That is my vision, and you can kill as much as you want in it.

- The Dark Lord of the Brotherhood.

Our brothers in battle. While I dislike some of their practices, they do orchestrate a fine army. They are to be feared indeed.

- Lord Gridlock of The Zarbania Powers

We have seen your crimes, Dragowar. You destroy hundreds of innocent nations. You kill trillions in your quest for "eternal war". You refuse to understand that goal will never be fulfilled. The Dragon King himself wants you dead. We are more than happy to oblige his orders. Look out your window one last time, that view of your capital, we believe? It won't be there for long. The races all fighting to destroy you is far too much for you to handle. Jakal Vamuhlaki! We declare war!

- Lord Admiral Kel'Thamad of the Draekar Dominion

When I defeated your forces on the edge of Tyris Major, I made great progress towards the name 'Dominus'. Now that I have taken that name, even when I am long gone, people will know of the day I broke your legions.

- Dione Ardal of the Soldarian Empire

The worst scum of all galaxies. They definitely have to be eradicated!

- President Draicon

If you live for war you will die by it.

- Praetor La'isran of the Thérenian Dominion

Just how they managed to survive this long with all those enemies stacked against them is beyond me.

- A Waptorian citizen

To be perfectly honest, I have no idea how these people got past the era of nuclear power.

- A Drodo citizen

You are wrong, the peace is the real clue of the evolution, not the war.

- Supreme Senator Aranleia Brinal of the United Federation of Species

Nah, I refuse to see you as a political entity or even a legitimate government, nope and more nope.

- Overseer Kilerv Xandria of the Clifsk Confederation

Eternal War, huh? Tell me how well that worked out when your soldiers are all dead, your cities are rumble, and your planets are burning, okay?

- Empress Besta of the United Persan Descendants

If it's war they want we shall give it to them! And it won't last long as we shall emerge as the victors!

- Marv Xhous of the Comet Republic ground forces.

You...are...ANNOYING! You an enemy to my, our, goal of universal unification. I swear...I will beat your emperor into the ground until he is a bloody pulp when I get my hands on him...

- A fairly pissed off Bloodlust

If there is one nation I wish to be removed from power it is this one. If we are to maintain any sort of lasting peace then the Imperium of War must be either dissolved or contained. Regardless we must find a permanent solution without crossing any moral boundaries.

- Trinity Councilor Zuki of the United Persan Descendants

Blergh! I am going to tear Caligustus a second anus and make him spend the rest of his life in a casket.

- X-30

How about we just blow the crap out of their worlds until they surrender?

- Racheara High Inquisitor Dreza'Dero replying to Trinity Councilor Zuki

Surrender isn't in their vocabulary. Tactical retreat, sure, surrender, no. Normally we seek equitable peace, however in the case of the IoW containing them to a prison planet or several would be the safest, most ethical option in their case.

- Trinity Councilor Zuki in response to Racheara High Inquisitor Dreza'Dero

People keep acting like the Imperium was some special kind of evil, but really what atrocities did they ever commit that haven't already been committed by men fighting for peace?

- Forterra

What we did to the Imperium to defeat them was a shame. Not because what they did wasn't awful, it was. Rather because the question is: did ever any choice but to be what they were in the first place?

- Speaker of Speakers Auvia of the United Persan Descendants

Of all the rats Mirus was infested with, what made these ones more notably was simply because they were a particularly annoying breed of rat.

- Vhamlas Naralhi, Dynast

Could you be...Strong enough to be an ally?

- Dolonov Vaytar, Grand Exalted Leader of the Sovergin Pikeain Armies

Are you okay, man? You're kind of at war with like, every living thing. Take a break, man.

- God-Emperor Ipliq of the Divinity of Spodia


  • The Imperium of War was mainly introduced for the comedy. Since then, however, it became an important part of Eco's fiction.
  • Due to their near-inability to make peace, Ecoraptor made it a point to have as many empires become an enemy of the Imperium as possible. At it's height, the Imperium was at war with 50 organisations and states. Eco will leave it at that.
  • Cabal Stomp - General theme.