The Imperial remnants, sometimes known as Diadochi, are a disparate grouping of splinter organisations which originated from the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, upon the Empire's defeat at the pivotal Great Battle of Orbispira in 20 NE, during the closing stages of the Second Great Cyrannus War.

Many of the upstarts were high ranking Generals, Admirals, Mandators and other figures within the Empire's command structure, who would, with the death of so many high-ranking figures at Orbispira, see themselves as the legal successor and heir to the Oikoumene Emperor, though most would be called "Warlords" by New Republic Intelligence and other sources, few having the power or ability to truly be "Emperor".

Their constant battles, between themselves as much as with the New Republic, did much to bleed them of manpower and ships, and these Civil Wars contributed greatly to the collapse of most of these Warlords by 26 NE, with only those either lucky and intelligent enough to escape Republic retribution, or far enough away to make themselves an unappealing target.


The reign of the Oikoumene Emperor Tyrómairon came to an end during the pivotal Great Battle of Orbispira in 20 NE, during which the New Republic led its allies in a daring, and ultimately successful liberation of the galactic capital. In the aftermath, the Republic claimed victory over the Empire, whose remaining forces fled to friendly space.

Imperial remnants fight the Republic during the Liberation of Corulus.

For the next five years, various Imperial commanders would rise up in an effort to claim the Emperor's vacant throne, fighting amongst themselves and whittling down the once proud Imperial military, which was slowly but surely pushed away from the Empire's territories by the resurgent might of the Republic. In 26 NE, after five subsequent years of conflict in the galaxy, the New Republic had claimed almost the entirety of Imperial space, from the Core Worlds to the Outer Rim, reaching a territorial extent which exceeded that of the Empire at its height.

Faced with no other alternative, and facing a lack of resources, the Imperial leaders Henera Medé and Lord Maethoruin travelled to Orbispira to sign the Imperial Instruments of Surrender, bringing the Second Great Cyrannus War to a close and marking a new age in galactic history—the age of the New Republic. Though the Empire continued to exist in the form of a new faction, and a handful of smaller remnants, the glory days of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus were a thing of the past. Nevertheless, many those who remained loyal to Tyrómairon's grand dream of empire plotted and schemed to usurp the Republic and restore Imperial rule over the galaxy.

Notable Factions[]

Post-Orbispira Remnants[]

After the death of Emperor Tyrómairon at the Battle of Orbispira, several Imperial factions split away from the Empire to hold over their own territories while others fell to infighting in vying for power and control over the Empire in the vacuum caused by the Emperor's death, causing the Empire to fracture and fragment.

  • Cyroenia-Acrocanthaí Pact: The first major Imperial splinter faction to emerge in Cyrannus post-Orbispira, the Pact was led by the self-styled Grand Potentate Tira Mizio of Cyroenia. Though it possessed heavily defended borders along the natural boundaries of the Cyroenia and Acroa Sectors of the Core Worlds, the Pact fell to prolonged Republic campaigns in mid-21 NE, culminating in the Liberation of Cyroenia.
  • Legatus: A totalitarian dictatorship within the Quadrant Galaxies and the Space in Between that formed after the Empire lost its hold over the Quadrants during the Twilight of Divina-events, a powerful remnant of the Empire.
  • Second Imperium: A sizable Imperial Remnant within the Mirus Galaxy that splintered from the Empire after the battle of Orbispira, lead by former Propaganda Minister and last Mandator of Mirus, the self-proclaimed Emperor Dravius Orestes, an ambitious lord who seeks to create a dynasty all his own, marked in his image.
  • Zhinjar's Domain: A powerful Warlord, Zhinjar created both the Raptor Troopers and ASP-R Fighter-Bomber to make his military more powerful then any other, but he and his empire were destroyed in 22 NE, his troopers and Fighters falling into the ranks of any Imperial regime that would have them.

Post-Second Great War[]

After the Second Great War ended, several Imperial successor states and holdouts would emerge, some of which would settle for peace with the New Cyrannian Republic, while others rebelled against the new galactic government on the galactic fringes.

  • New Empire: A militaristic regime based in the Outer Rim of Cyrannus, led by the formidable Emperor Henera Medé and backed by the might of the Phaedric Order. It is officially styled as the successor of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the most powerful remnant of the “Old Order”.


  • The term Diadochi is drawn from the term used by Ancient Greeks and Hellenistic civilizations for the friends, generals and companions who came to divide up Alexander the Great's Empire after his death. Zillafire coined the term, as he felt it was appropriate for the Post-SGCW Empire.


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