To the Emperor, we offer our lives and service in exchange for the Eternal Empire to reign over us in unity with the new Mendel Pact that will be born. To the Republic dogs and their Resistance curs, we offer only our blades and fire! May Orbispira and Ugandalore shine together in peace and order for all of time to come!

- Overlord Chokuto Gredyc, Hand of the Emperor, True Claw of Ada, Leader of the Imperial Mendel

The Imperial Mendel Loyalists, formally known as Legatate Mendel are a small government operating under the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus from a branch of warriors that broke off from the Mendel Pact. Formed by Clans loyal to the disgraced son of Lorka Gredyc, Chokuto Gredyc has sought to reclaim the rulership of the Mendel from Kirta Clett, but is driven mostly by vengeance and hatred for her, though his and his warriors siding with the Empire is not exactly unwanted. Though Tyrómairon would prefer to crush his foes through his dedicated legions of Stormtroopers, and vast fleets of Star Destroyers, the fact remains that, with the Cogsangui, Bygorian and Kulaung opposing him, all with much more powerful and skilled warriors then the Libertus, he would need beings like the Imperial Mendel to oppose their own kind, and those similar to the Imperial Kulaung Warriors.

Likewise, the Imperial Mendel will make an effective blunting instrument against movements by the Mirusian Powers in advancing onto Imperial Mirusia. While the Mendel and United Persan Descendants have thrown their all into Cyrannus, the rest of Mirus has balanced their approach to things with the war, and that allows the Empire some freedom in operating within the galaxy. With the Covenant of Mirus created by Xonexi Allies partially to prevent embittered Mirusians from entering Cyrannus' sphere of influence, and to prevent further expansion of the Empire in Mirus, such freedom is tenacious at best. The Mirusian states of the Covenant are more than willing to fight and expell the Empire from their home galaxy, feeling that in doing so they upheld their end of the bargain, and can finally reform the Covenant on their terms. Of the Mirusians, the Federation and Waptoria Alliance of Species have the power to oppose the Empire there, attacking the Empire and their Mendel allies, when the Pact-loyal Kulaung are away, would be ill-decided, creating an uneasy peace that gives the Empire some free range to operate under the nose of their foes.

History Edit

Formation and Battle of Agralla Edit

I am transferring a large company of Imperial Commandos to your command Inquisitor. Once there, they will be mixed together with the Mendel forces into an elite Special forces unit I have christened Platoon 44. From hence forth, you two have my express permission to prosecute this war by any means necessary. Not just Mendel, but Cyrandian Resistance, New Republic forces, any extra-galactics or inter-galactics, will be sundered by this group. No mercy for those that stand in the way of the Empire, understand?

- Emperor Tyrómairon, to Savis Crevix and Chokuto Gredyc

The Imperial Mendel began with the treason of Chokuto Gredyc and his warriors, made up of various members of his own Clan, and other loyal to a madman named the Hand of Retribution. Kirta Clett, the current High Queen, had gone out on a long, extended quest to end the Hand and various Mendel splinter factions. This, however, including killing Chokuto's father, Lorka Gredyc. Filled with determination and rage, Chokuto traveled about, and gathered a large number of warriors loyal to him, and waited. He did not wish to start a war with the Mendel, now that they were loyal to Kirta, and sat back and waited for his chance.

When the Galactic Empire destroyed Mou'Cyran, Chokuto saw his chance, and took his fleet into Cyrannus, eager to find any who could assist him in his war. The Mendel Clan Chieftain contacted the Empire, and made his intent to join them clear. Unsure, the Emperor tasked Inquisitor Savis Crevix to investigate them and determine if they could be trusted. After a few months, Crevix reported to his Emperor that he felt Chokuto and his men were loyal enough, and, as a test, sent a number of Imperial Commandos to them, and tasked their unit with the removal of a Resistance-Mendel Task force on the world of Agralla.

Agralla had been under siege by a Resistance cell for months, fighting between them and the Stormtroopers rough for several months. Just as the Resistance seemed to be burning itself out, a Mendel Cadre arrived, with hundreds of Mendel warriors, hundreds of Togunda Warriors, and thousands of Orgaat, eager for blood. The Imperials, by this point, were now forced into a defensive battle against a vastly superior force.

Chokuto and his allies arrived stealthily, slipping past the Mendel-Resistance fleet, and landed in the main city, and in the jungles, both fighting off the Mendel-Resistance forces invading the city, as Crevix destroyed many Orgaat and Resistance fighters in the jungles, before cutting down the Resistance leader.

After removing most of the enemy, Chokuto and Savis meet up in the perimeter of the city, before they were attacked by the Mendel leader, a Togunda Clan Chieftain, who fought them both off for an extended battle, before killing him, though he proclaimed he would see them in hell for their sins. After, an Imperial fleet came, and drove off the Mendel-Resistance forces, and secured the world.

Impressed, Tyrómairon brought them together under a black ops unit called Platoon 44, and gave them permission to carry out the war as they saw fit. They would have more freedom then other black ops units, due to Chokuto needing to secure Mendel leadership, and needing to be a little more free to fight then others. Platoon 44 would transform into a special forces unit made up of the best Imperial Commandos, and Mendel Warriors, though the wider Imperial Mendel would remain semi-independent.

Battle of Coleteoum Edit

Hunt for the Relics Edit

Although the Platoon did not partake in the first excursions meant to find the ancient relics created by the Oikoumene and Multus Esse, their leaders, Chokuto Gredyc, due to having expertise with Multus Relics from his days as his father's personal assassin, and Savis Crevix, were placed under the command of two members of the Phaedric Order, Lady Cythonia and Lady Echoriax, and sent to the dangerous and distant world of the Khanornusi, P-4666, and undertook a mission there, battling the Khanornusi themselves, then Master Alinor Nanuq and recently promoted Knight Arasah Nui, and their three compatriots, two Koatria, Takanius Clett and his wife Mikiang’y, and Persan Dragon Rider Tohoroki. Though the mission ended in them being driven away, the Koatria-Aldárae managing to gain the allegiance of the Khanornusi, and gaining the first of the 13 artifacts, the Phaedra, thanks to Chokuto's efforts, hacked into Khanornusi computers, and managed to recover the clues recorded that lead to the other relics.

Though disappointed with the inability to get the first relic, Chokuto's efforts lead to the Empire having a head start, though the Emperor emphasized to his Phaedric Lords and Ladies, Inquisitors, and others that the important part was subduing the Republic and any rival powers right now, not chasing after relics. That would come after their complete control of the galaxy, and when the Emperor felt it would be safe to add a super weapon to his arsenal.

Subjugation of Bygor Edit

Traits Edit

Culture Edit

The Imperial Mendel hold onto their traditional culture quite well, despite Imperial leadership. Although Libertus and many other officials from the Empire oversee their operations and "Morale and motivation", the Imperial Mendel are still stubborn to change their ways and hold to their communal, progressive views. Despite their staunch anti-Covenant attitudes, the Imperial Mendel bear no ill-will towards Waptoria, Volver, Persan or even Zarbanians at large, and believe their rebellion and destruction will lead the rest to having the bravery to rise up and join them.

Clans are central to their culture, and while of mostly Mendel origin, a surprising number of those within the Loyalists are of Cyrannian origin, such as Libertus, Mortalitas or Corthrinus. The Empire chooses it's representatives among it's "Allies" carefully, choosing more martial races to help "guide" their allies, though the Imperial Mendel have no issue with Libertus, viewing them as brethren and respecting their strengths.

Though the Empire has a hand in their leadership and direction, they are careful to let the Mendel do as they wish, so long as they are loyal. The Mendel are infamously stubborn, and the Empire wisely chose to merely let them do as they like, and hope that Cyrannian leadership will offer an example for them to follow later on.

The Imperial Mendel Government has strong ties to the Inquisition, due to Savis Crevix and his efforts to work with the Imperial Mendel, and Intelligence, due to Savis' Phaedric Master Crothal having a strong hand in the Intelligencia himself. Notably however, the Imperial Mendel absolutely refuse to do battle alongside the Imperial Emissaries or ask for their support in any way, echoing the mainstream Mendel opinion that such monstrosities should all be put down rather than used.

Government Edit

Leadership is handled by the Overlord of the Clans, Chokuto Gredyc, and, technically in Second Command, Inquisitor Savis Crevix. While Crevix has as much authority as an Inquisitor should in the Empire, the Mendel respect and admire his bravery to such a degree that he is granted an unusual amount of authority among the Clan Lords of the Mendel. Under them, are the elected Clan Lords, who vote and lead their forces into battle under Chokuto, and the Imperial Advisors, Imperial Agents, government officials and governors sent by the Emperor and his Mandators to oversee and "guide" the Mendel. Chokuto has equal authority to a Mandator, and leads as such, using his position and "Hand of the Emperor" to keep any stubborn Clans and ambitious Imperials inline.

Among their ranks is a Phaedric Lord, the Sorcerer-Prophet Crothal, who watches from the shadows and monitors his apprentice, and displays a keen interest in Mendel affairs and culture.

Military Edit

Ground forces Edit


  • Weapons - NE-X18 Blaster Rifle
  • Defenses - Personal non-phasic shields
  • Equipment - Limited translocation device

The iron will of the Empire personified, Stormtroopers have found many of their number transferred to serve alongside the Imperial Mendel on the field. Still just as loyal to the Emperor as before, the Stormtroopers remain fearsome foes, and even Mendel have expressed difficulty and annoyance with how well the Stormtroopers can fight, despite the lack of military and warrior skill among the Libertus. Such is the skill and ability of the Stormtroopers, that few can stand before them and survive for long.

Armed with NE-X18 Rifles, Stormtroopers can quickly come into trouble areas, engage their foes, and destroy them with well-aimed and practiced volleys of blaster fire, and adapt quickly to overcome their foes and engage them on equal ground, regardless of the weapons and skills of their enemies. Stormtroopers may not be as specialized as many of the Warriors and soldiers they face, but their all-around skills allow them to overcome any foe of the Empire in short order. Their Shielding further gives their armor a powerful edge over their foes, and few can dent their armor, with either weapons or sheer brute force.

Stormtroopers are noted to go through a tough augmentation process that produces physically superior fighting forces, ready to deploy for the Empire and take down whatever threatens their Emperor and his wishes. Though it is still denied to this day, rumors and analysis of Prisoners of War continue to hint that the Empire most certainly engages in heavy indoctrination of their recruits.

One order they have, is activated by a Coded phrase, "Falkirk", is put to effect if the Mendel ever revolt against the Empire, and must be put down by force of arms.

  • Weapons - NE-C180 Sniper Rifle
  • Defenses - Light Non-phasic Shields

The light infantry of the great Stormtrooper Legions, Scout Troopers are the fast, mobile scout units of the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps, made up of Stormtroopers specifically trained to not only handle harsh weather and rough terrain, but also to move on speed bikes and have added mobility to their movements and attacks. Unfortunately, due to both the types chosen (Most Scout Troopers come from harsh frontier backwaters) and the independence required, most Scout Troopers are considered stubborn and ill-tempered by other Stormtroopers, have the reputation for being rude and churlish compared to the composed discipline of the frontline Corps.

Scout Troopers use not only blaster pistols when on patrol on the ground, but NE-C180 Sniper Rifles, long range blasters able to launch power rounds at their targets, using hyperspace energy, similar to that of Imperial Wardroids, to destroy and utterly annihilate their victims who are at the receiving end of their attacks. These weapons have extreme long range and stopping power, so even if it is not a kill shot, the chances to keeping up the attack are slim at best.

Scout Troopers sacrifice much of their armor and shielding for mobility on the field, and as such, perform better as recon and long range fighters and guerrilla forces then frontline fighters. They act to support the main Stormtrooper Corps advance, by picking off enemies and removing important targets, making the job of the main assault much easier. However, despite their role, other Stormtroopers find them impossible to work with, and many Imperial commanders have had special barracks put in place to make sure their troopers don't attack the Scouts of their attitudes and Rambunctious attitude.

  • Weapons - NE-X19 Silencer Rifle
  • Defenses - Personal Non-Phasic Shields
  • Equipment - Stealth Gear.

At first glance identical to standard Stormtroopers, Shadow Troopers are those trained and outfitted for stealth and recon missions. For this, they receive black armor, versus the white used by field troopers, and operate ahead of the armor. As such, similar to Scout Troopers, independence is preferred for these troops. Their mission is to go ahead of the army and take down foes and harass enemies, before disappearing from sight with their stealth gear.

Their rifles are the same, though modified to be near silent when fired, allowing them to operate under cloak much easier, while still doing the same amount of damage. Their armor is the same as Stormtroopers, though notably black in color, and their Non-phasic shields are weaker, due to needing to power their Stealth equipment.

Shadow Troopers are deployed to put fear into their foes. While guerilla and Resistance forces can melt into the forests and wilderness, Shadow Troopers can not only take the fight to them, but their ability to disappear in any condition makes them a good way of reminding populations that the Empire is always watching. Many settlements have reported a number day suddenly turning to chaos due to Shadow troopers appearing out of nowhere, slaughtering many, and disappearing again.

Due to their role, many Shadow Troopers serve Intelligence Agents, and notably, Lord Blackhole surrounds himself with a specialized division of Shadow Troopers named Blackhole Troopers. Equipped with his own personally designed Rathanii Armor, they are identical to other Shadow Troopers, but with red highlights throughout. He prefers these troopers over the Standard Storm and Shadow Troopers.

  • Weapons - Pulse Rifle, Claymore
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor
  • Equipment - Grenades

Among the Mendel, a number of warriors abandoned the traditional ways of battle and armor, to join the Storm Warriors under the Hand of Retribution. Created from fearsome war veterans of the Mendel who had fought the Covenant and inflicted heavy loses on them, the Storm Warriors are the most brutal frontline fighters the Mendel can deploy, though after the defeat of the Hand of Retribution, Kirta ordered many of them disbanded and brought to trial for war crimes. Most, however, refused, and escape with their families elsewhere. When Chokuto formed his group, many Storm Warriors flocked to his banner to fight against those that would dishonor them once more.

Storm Warriors make up the vast majority of Kulaung and other former Mendel fighting for the Empire within Chokuto's forces, and are something of an in-between from the rank and file Stormtroopers, and the elite Super Commandos Chokuto has trained and outfitted for his missions. Their Pulse Rifles and weapons are designed for a shock Trooper/line breaker role within the Imperial forces, and it is a task they relish in.

Their armor is the same as other Mendel, though by choice, it is stripped down, removing armor around the arms to expose their flesh and scales to their foes. Across their arms, are curses and oaths of blood and violence across their arms, tattooed onto there to invoke fear in their foes, and remind themselves to take no prisoners. While still protective, Storm Warriors rely on getting in close and finishing their foes quickly, before moving on.

Storm Warriors are often deployed onto enemy ships for boarding operations and lightning raids, using their brutal tactics to neutralize ship resistance quickly and efficiently.

  • Weapons - Blaster Rifle, varies
  • Defenses - Armor

While they have more then enough Stormtroopers and Mendel Storm Warriors to put to the field, as not to waste resources, a number of Mercenaries are put to work by the Overlord to see to the defeat of the Mendel and any other Mirusian forces. Vastly out-numbering Imperial or Mendel personnel, they are considered expendable muscle, used in place of Imperial Army Troopers, and sent to stabilize and support their Stormtrooper cousins when numbers are needed. The Mendel regard them as lowly, dishonorable curs, and the Imperial leadership has little use for them, but it keeps them busy and from raiding Imperial trade lanes and backwater worlds, so they are maintained.

Mercenaries carry various forms of rifle and other ranged weapons, but these lack the effectiveness of the weapons used by the Stormtroopers and other imperial forces. While capable of putting down light resistance and standard enemy forces, will fall to the more discipline and coordinated forces of the New Republic or the spirited defense of the Resistance, not even counting their allies of other nations.

Their armor is considerably stripped down compared to that of even Army Troopers, and most regard them as simple meat shields hired and put to work by the Empire to put down revolts and maintain numbers over their foes, and reduce causalities of their foes. As they are Mercenaries, the Empire maintains a number of Officers and Administrators that see to discipline and stability in the Corps, but they are still regarded as ill-behaving malcontents.

There are rumors that prisoners of war may end up enslaved to the Empire if captured by these forces, though these rumors remain unfounded.

Black Ops

Black Ops troops, soldiers active since the Great Cyrannus War, some going even further back into the Cognatus War. Surgically, chemically and genetically enhanced to be superior to our standard Stormtroopers. Multiple weapons and equipment pieces to carry out assassination, sabotage and other tasks of utmost importance.

- Savis Crevix, explaining to Chokuto Gredyc the importance and skills of the Imperial Commandos.
  • Weapons - NE-XCC18 Blaster Rifle, Sniper Attachment, Anti-Armor Attachment, NE-Z9 Sidearm Pistol, Wrist-Mounted Knives.
  • Defenses - Kaltran-class Heavy infantry Armor and Heavy Energy shields.
  • Equipment - Tracking gear, Night-Vision and Heat-Vision HUD, camo-cloaks.

Imperial Commandos are tried and true veterans of the craft, the best of special forces of the Imperial army, and many have served since the First Great Cyrannus War and Cognatus War. Strong, dutiful and ruthless, Imperial Commandos are among the few dozen sub-types that are far more fearsome then their Trooper brethren, as many devastated Resistance hideouts and enemy forces can attest to. Organized in Squads of four, Commandos are the best black ops troops in the Imperial army, but frequently find themselves having to serve alongside the Dread Troopers of Imperial Intelligence, or the horrific Eradicator Troopers of the Inquisition. Of these three special forces units, the Imperial Commandos are the most "human", being able to talk and have human relationships.

Commandos Receive modified NE-XCC18 Rifles, similar to their Stormtrooper cousins' standard field rifles, but modified to include Anti-Armor Grenade Launcher attachments and a Sniper attachment, allowing them a wide field of weapon choices, situational uses and ability to adapt and overcome their foes in battle. For situations in-close and in need of quick removal and assassination, a knife is mounted in their right and left gauntlets.

Their heavy Armor is superior to that utilized by the Stormtroopers, having much more power Non-Phasic Energy Shields, and the armor itself being considered superior to what most soldiers get on the ground. All of this, combined with Camo-Cloaks, Tracking gear, night and heat vision, allows the Commandos to adapt and overcome any situation that might threaten them and spell disaster for their mission. With this, Commandos receive a rigorous set of implants and enhancements above the standard Stormtroopers, making them almost super-Cyrandian in some respects.

IMP Mendel
  • Weapons - Imperial-class Snahence Rifles, FNR-Heavy Minigun, Fodiur Blaster Pistols, Claymores.
  • Defenses - Imperial-upgraded Mendel Battle Armor, Light Energy Shields.
  • Equipment - Jump-packs, tracking gear.

Imperial Mendel Super Commandos are Kulaung warriors, loyal to the Galactic Empire, whose masterful skills of war and battle were eclipsed by their loyalty to the Empire. Serving the Empire as enforcers and elite shock troops, Imperial Mendel were followers of Chokuto Gredyc since he fled Mirus long ago, and have fought against everything from the Mendel and the Protectors of Clan Shesara, and even other warrior races aligned with the New Republic. The Imperial Mendel fight for the Empire under the promise of being given control of the Clans by their Emperor, with Chokuto acting as both Viceroy of the Mendel, and given the important title "Emperor's Hand".

The Imperial Mendel carried weapons based on Mendel designs, but forged by Imperial scientists. Though they use the standard pulse rifles of the Mendel, the Imperial-style of Pulse Rifles are more powerful, using yellow pulse rounds to down any target, and do not overheat as quickly in battle, though use a variety of miniguns, pistols, and their famous Claymores especially, using whatever weapons they can get to eliminate and destroy their targets.

Imperial Mendel wear armor that, although forged and built with Mendel bodies in mind, they are built by Imperial Engineers, though overseen by Mendel to make sure no sabotaged occurred, as well as supplying them with the famous metal Bescar'gam, the heavy, protective material the Mendel use in all their weapon. To symbolize their loyalty to the Empire, the Imperial Mendel replicated some of the design cues and choices of the Stormtroopers and other Imperial forces. This armor had advanced tracking gear, jumppacks, and even light energy shields to protect them.

Imperial Mendel Commandos are mostly used as personal enforcers for High Inquisitor Savis Crevix, and answered only to him, the Emperor, the Imperial Overseer, and most of the Phaedric Lords. Maethoruin, for example, requested a platoon of them to assist in his conquest of the Bygorian Ascendancy, that temporarily operated separate from Crevix's Taskforce 44.


Star Fleet Forces Edit

Individuals Edit

Leaders Edit


The current Overlord of the armies of the Mendel, and positioned by both merit among the Clan Lords, and by the personal favor of the Emperor himself, Chokuto Gredyc has done much to organized and lead the remaining Clans against the Mendel, forging them from fearsome warriors, into ruthless weapons of the Empire. Though driven by the ideals of avenging his father and paying back Kirta blood-for-blood, his goals have shifted into commanding the rest of the Pact and gaining control of it, using distrust and dissatisfaction towards the Covenant of Mirus to gain more support beyond his original scoop.

A ruthless commander, outside of his title of Overlord, Chokuto was, after many campaigns and battles, given a strange new title "Emperor's Hand", among a few hundred or so beings granted such an award, though what it entails and what it grants him, even he cannot reveal, his position and power hidden between him and Tyrómairon himself, as well as the other Emperor's Hands.

Chokuto leads his group with ruthless cunning, magnetic charisma and loyalty to the Empire's aims. Though he had doubts and is rendered nervous by some of the Empire's more ruthless aims and goals, he cannot move against them now, feeling the die is cast, and all that is left is to carry out his goals and the Empire's operations.


High Inquisitor Savis Crevix, though not an official leader among the Imperial Mendel, was tied to their alliance with the Empire, and making sure they were actually loyal, and not a trick devised by the Pact, and has remained a close ally and friend to Chokuto Gredyc. The two have worked together on a number of assignments and missions, and Crevix continues to prove himself a ruthless and cunning member of Imperial Inquisition.

Though once only relying on his powerful Phase Saber fencing and sword-play, Crevix has been furthered trained in utilizing Dark Side Valin energies to assist him, his greatest amount of learning coming from Lord Crothal the Shadowspawn himself. Though he hopes to one day become a trusted Phaedric Lord, Savis still remains a powerful asset to Inquisition forces until his Master is ready to finish the rest of his training.

Crevix is, while paranoid, delusional and often psychotic, is considered one of the more amiable members of the Inquisition and utilizes charisma and charm over brute force and torture to get what he wants from his targets, disdaining the more brutal methods taken by other Inquisitors.

Supreme Antokra
  • Name - Antokra Za
  • Position - Supreme
  • Species - Kara'tokii

Supreme Antokra Za, mostly known by his title of Supreme, is a mysterious alien figure who has become a part of the Imperial Mendel through some unknown means, his race originating from the Void between galaxies, and somehow ending up in Imperial space as an exile, his race refusing to accept him due to some impurity. Offering his services to the Empire, Antokra took his races' title of Supreme as his own, and was selected by the Mandators and the Emperor to serve as "Imperial Advisor" and Vizier to Chokuto Gredyc, seeing to Imperial interests within his group, as well as the collection of tithes, maintaining of forces, and governorship of things in Chokuto's name.

Antokra Za sees to the maintaining of ships and their discipline, and that Troop numbers remain in good standing, and discipline is maintained. He also handles the recruitment of, and outfitting of the various Mercenaries and sell-swords among the Imperial Mendel, and keeping in touch with the Emperor and his officials to make reports and such regarding the state of affairs among the Imperial Mendel.

Supreme Antokra is a zealous and almost mindless servant of the Empire, desiring nothing more then to do what he is told and ordered to by the Emperor and his trusted authorities. Despite being considered lacking in ambition and any deception towards his lords, Antokra is still intelligent, and a capable strategist and planner for the Imperial War machine, able to seamlessly take command of both the Empire's fleets and armies, as well as logistics, supplies and funds all the same.

Antokra personally views the Mendel as base savages and barbarians, but hides these feelings from Chokuto and the rest to carry out the Emperor's will all the more.

Admirals and Military Edit

Captain Martz
  • Name - Martz Talbit
  • Position - Admiral
  • Species - Libertus

Admiral Martz Talbit, formerly Captain, is the leading Admiral of the Imperial Mendel, and charged with not only overseeing the combined fleets, but is one of the many Imperial Liaisons that acts within the Mendel to help "guide" them. Martz is a Captain who once served in the Old Republic, during the First Great War, and saw many comrades and soldiers under his command killed. This lead him to grow cynical of both the ways of the Republic and the Confederacy, and desired a change in pace. He was at first charged with guarding the Republic trade routs on the Perliama Run, before being called by a mysterious figure to oversee a new secret fleet being constructed to end the war. Martz, along with a trusted number of figures, were gathered by a shadow benefactor, and ordered to remain hidden until such time as the Order was given.

When the third year rolled in, Martz and the other admirals and captains received the word, as Orbispira was stormed by the Confederacy. Martz was part of the war fleet, and ended the war, as Tyrómairon revealed himself, showing his abilities, and swore to bring an end to the bloodshed with his fleet and political power. Martz was offered a high rank in the newly-made Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Martz declined, going back to his Accalamator-class Frigate "The Prosecutor" to patrol areas of remote importance.

After discovering and helping Savis Crevix make contact with the Mendel loyal to Chokuto, Martz was promoted to admiral, and given a new Star Destroyer "The Prosecutor II", to lead their fleets into battle as the supreme naval figure within the new state.

Martz is a strong and capable officer, with little patience for blood and war. Martz is cynical of the Republic and Confederacy's ideas, and frowns on the Confederacy of Free Planets and New Republic, but distrusts war. He may dislike their governments, but feels that war is a waste of life, and doesn't wish for anymore fighting among the Cyrannians, believing the Confederates, Republicans and Imperials should strive to live in a peaceful galaxy. He keeps these views private, not wanting to be seen as treacherous.

  • Name - Carko Hadath
  • position - Ship Captain
  • Species - Kaguran

Jurisa Saber
  • Name - Jurisa
  • Position - Imperial Valin Adept
  • Species - Unknown.

Jurisa is the secret daughter of Lord Blackhole, and one of the Imperial Valin Adepts, a group of beings with expertise in Valin use who are powerful assassins, warriors and fighters for the Empire, but have not yet been raised to the rank Inquisitor or Phaedric Lord. Jurisa was called from the Sorcerers of Rathan by her master, Blackhole/Crothal, to serve him in the Galactic Empire. Jurisa and many of his attendants and other servants arrived, and Jurisa became a prominent figure among the Imperial hierarchy as a powerful assassin and warrior, used by Crothal to lead assaults on Resistance bases to crush these rabble-rousers, or to destroy important leaders silently and with efficiency.

Jurisa is mostly a servant of Crothal, and seeks to please and execute his will without question, but, at times, finds herself serving Inquisitor Savis Crevix and The Imperial Mendel as a whole. Her skills as a frontline warrior, assassin and master of Dark Alchemy make her an undisputed champion among the imperial Mendel, and her growing abilities in Valin are also a powerful addition.

Other Edit

Lord Blackhole

Blackhole, otherwise known as Lord Shadowspawn, and among the other Lords and Ladies of the Phaedric Order, Crothal, is one of the newest Phaedric Lords to join the Order, and one that, like Moranonúngur, tied heavily with the Intelligence agency within the Empire. Though seen across the galaxy in his holographic form, Crothal rarely ventures out of his personal holdings on Antemurale or his dreaded flagship, Blackstar. However, he does often appear to his student Savis Crevix, to advise and direct his efforts, and often to assist the Imperial Mendel in missions important to ImpInt.

Crothal is a terrifying wraith of a being, shrouded in mystery and horrifying to those that deal with him, either those opposed to the Empire, or servants of it. He can vengeful, hatefilled and destructive one minute, and easy going, charming and good-humored the next. This is all part of his plan, for he never reveals more of himself then what he wishes, and does everything he can to keep his motives shrouded in shadow, and for his rivals to never know what he is truly planning.

Crothal has a masterful command of many Phaedric techniques, but seems to have many esoteric and prophetic powers from another creed, that he often combines with Phaedric lore and teachings to truly unleash devastation upon his foes. Combined with his own secret order of Blackhole Troopers and alien warriors referred to as Janissaries, and Blackhole makes for one of the most dangerous additions to the Imperial Mendel, when he has common goals with them at least.

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  • This page contains numerous references to the Republic Commando books and game, including Delta and Omega squad, the existence of Mandalorian-inspired being joining the Empire, and Martz's name and ship.
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