So begins the greatest age of the Raydoni.

- Emperor Zadarr

The Imperial Confederacy of Raydoni Systems is a constitutional Monarchy native to the Arm of Knowledge of the Borealis Galaxy, serving as the main government for the Raydoni who had formed it.


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The government of the ICRS is a constitutional monarchy lead by an Emperor or Empress, who traditionally come from the Dustari Clan from which their founder, Rason Dustar, was born. As such, the emperors are decided by inheritance, usually from father to son; though if there is no son to inherit, the title of emperor is given either to a daughter or the closest male relative at the discretion of the Senate.

While the emperor is seen as the greatest authority in the ICRS, the Imperial Senate and Grand Court are given the powers to keep the emperor's power in check. Meaning the emperor simply cannot pass a law without the approval of the senate, which then have to be approved by the court.

The Imperial Senate is the more democratic branch of government. It currently has 10 members, two for every province under the ICRS' control. The main duty of a senator is to keep control of the province from which he was elected, and to pass laws specific to their aforementioned province. The senate, along with the court, must approve of any petition for war with a unanimous decision: either presented by the emperor, a senator, a judge, or a large portion of the ICRS' citizens.

The Grand Court is the judicial branch of government, it's main purpose is as the final "enforcer" of laws proposed by the emperor or senate. The court has 5 members, which are not decided by voting from province-based voters like the senate. Instead, they are voted for nationally. And as such, where each respective judge is from has no influence on their position.



The Imperial Confederacy has an average military and navy, strong enough to stave off most invaders. Their economy is well and fairly stable compared to most other nations of it's tier, with very few recessions or crime sprees.

Raydoni soldiers are known for being ferocious warriors in melee and short to mid-range combat. They can resist surprising amounts of physical damage, and are regularly and periodically trained to resist both torture and mental breakdown. They excel in adapting to all sorts of events that could take place on a battlefield, making the shifts in battle to normally be in their favor. However, their weakness lies in combatants using long-range or explosive weaponry, such as snipers or shock troopers.


Possibly due to their seclusion from outside influences, the Imperial Confederacy is one of the least dystopian when compared to other empires in Borealis. While crime is occasionally an issue, the freedoms given to citizens is usually seen as worth it.

In the Imperial Confederacy, people are treated equally and given the choice to live their lives as they see fit so long as they follow the Imperial law.


The habitats of the ICRS are many, ranging from the bustling urban cities to the more peaceful rural towns that dot the space between the more densely populated areas. ICRS cities are commonly seen on land, in the air, and even on lifeless moons and T0 planets.



I'm getting very tired of seeing good people die.

  • Name - Var'randen II
  • Race - Raydoni
  • Status - Active

Emperor Var'randen is the ultimate ruler of the ICRS. Var'randen is a very old Raydoni who is very good-hearted, intelligent and wise. While Var'randen is welcoming to most outsiders, he is extremely weary of the larger nations that draw ever closer to his corner of Borealis.


I've had my fair share of wars. I wouldn't mind a couple more.

Kiznad is the commander-in-chief of the entire ICRS Navy, which makes up two-thirds of all government sanctioned ships in the Imperial Confederacy. And, like all Chief Officers, has great political influence and a personal seat in the Senate. Kiznad is well known as being a sarcastic, spiteful person. In truth he is indeed that, but still follows his moral code with great devotion. Overall he is seen by both the people and the Imperial Hierarchy as the best equipped out of his peers, though he despises this recognition as he'd rather be an "unsung hero".


  • Name - Drack Sibertus
  • Race - Raydoni
  • Status - Active

Drack is the commander-in-chief of the ICRS' ground force, which includes all of the Confederacy's infantry, artillery, rangers, and skirmishers.And, like all Chief Officers, has great political influence and a seat in the Council of Chiefs. Drack has been become infamous for his brutal, sometimes outright immoral tactics in battle including smothering enemies with virtually unending waves of troops. Respecting only raw power, Drack still has great loyalty to the Emperor, but that only extends to Var'randen himself meaning he cares little what others say about him or his tactics. He has recently shown a rivalry with Kiznad, his subordinate-turned-equal.



Diplomat PassionFor a better Borealis!

  • Polar Crystal Alliance -"A force for good in this galaxy. We are happy to join them on their mission for order."


Green faceWe would lay our lives down for you.

  • Aeoneonatrix Empire -You gave our forces shelter when they were lost in your galaxy. It won't be forgotten.


Blue face "It's good to have people to trust."


Yellow faceWe don't know what to think of you.

  • "Them" -Uhhh...yeah. Okay.


Orange face..."


Red facePrepare to face our wrath!

Quotes (Add your own!)Edit

You were lucky that you caught me on a day where I was happy.

- Grand Admiral Gravius Gnissenkrassau of the Drakodominatus Tyranny.

I guess you'll make good friends...

- W'tze of the Waptoria alliance of Species

It is good to see another organized species within the sector. The Celophicix admire it's keeping of peace.

- Kaxirr
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