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The Imperial Civil War, commonly known by other names such as the Girdo Civil War, was a conflict between the Girdo Empire and its allies (mainly within the Seven Starr Alliance) and the Tokzhalan Empire and its allies (mainly militaristic and xenophobic civilisations).

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The Tokzhalan Empire are a militaristic civilisation whose ultimate aim is to wipe out or conquer most of what they call "godspawn" life in the universe because of their obsession to let "truly alien" species flourish. Exceptions are allowed, at least for a while, usually galaxy-spanning civilisations who might value the Tokzhalan or Girdo as allies and so will be able to be manipulated into accepting minor colonisation agreements that allow the "truly alien" life to flourish.

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NOTE: This only includes nations that are part of the main war, not just ones who have only been involved in it during conflicts such as the Battle of Sol.

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Note:One of the main reasons of this war is to get rid of the fanfic empires, either by destroying, uniting them or forcing them to leave.

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Prologue Edit

The Tokzhalan Empire was founded after an extragalactic colonisation mission by the Girdo Empire lost contact with their home galaxy. A new group mind was quickly formed by the expedition's leader, Commodore Tokzhalat, to maintain order. In addition, Tokzhalat's new-found individuality made him discover that he actually disagreed with many of the Girdo Empire's policies relating to "truly alien" species. Primarily, he believed that Girdo's diplomatic attitude to other empires was too time-consuming and would be unlikely to work, as few other empires would follow arbitrary colonisation laws in order to help potential alien species several billion years in the future.

Instead, Tokzhalat's empire would be warlike and militaristic. Taking advantage of the intergalactic situation caused by the damage of wars such as the March of the Apocalypse and the Intergalactic War, they decided that, after a week of preparations, they would announce themselves to the universe and begin their campaign of eradication.

Week One Edit

Battle of Sol Edit

Battle Over New Tokyo

The battle over New Tokyo.

The Tokzhalan Empire first revealed themselves to the universe at the Girdo Empire's colony of Titan, in the Sol System. Emperor Tokzhalat hoped that he could convince the Girdo Admiral that Tokzhalan was a far superior force and that Girdo should surrender to it, but the Admiral did not agree with Tokzhalat's ideas and did not send any transmissions to the Girdo Galaxy. Deciding that he could not simply kill the Admiral without a transmission being sent first, and realizing that the Admiral was more likely to die than do what Tokzhalat wanted, Tokzhalat instead set his backup plan into action.

Eight Imperium-class ships, including Tokzhalat's own, moved into position in Saturn's orbit around Sol, and each ship fired a Sun Buster towards the star. The plan was carefully calculated so that all of the missiles would be destroyed by the various civilisations in the system, but the Tokzhalan ships would also have enough time to escape. The Sun Busters were basically used in order to display the Tokzhalan Empire's military power to the universe, as well as allowing Tokzhalat to avoid any immediate retribution.

The Sun Busters were all successfully destroyed by the combined efforts of the Girdo Empire, the Delpha Coalition of Planets (whose ships destroyed three of the missiles), the Jovar Empire, Rambo Nation and the Magma Pulsars.

Earth Edit

Five of the eight Tokzhalan ships (the Discovery, Excavator, Intergalactic, Negotiations and Peacemaker) were sent to Earth instead of being told to leave, and were ordered to attack the Sol system's capital of New Tokyo. This was to serve two purposes: it would cause a great deal of disruption in the system's capital, potentially having harmful consequences on inter-planetary trade, communications and organisation; also, it would prevent Earth's large defence fleets from being able to intercept the Sun Busters, which would in turn mean that they not would be able to chase down the escaping Tokzhalan ships and track them to the Empire's capital of Tokzhalanapalos.

A small flotilla of Jovar ships, responding to the Girdo Empire's distress call, managed to leave Earth for the Sun Busters before the Tokzhalan ships arrived. The rest of Earth's defence fleet, however, was ordered to stay on the planet as superlaser fire was reported from Imperium-class ships over New Tokyo, first destroying the city's perimeter defences before firing on the buildings themselves. The closest ships to the city - a task force of various Jovar capital ships, a DCP Blade-class Battlecruiser, and a flotilla of BNSC Frigate-class ships - were scrambled to defend against the attackers. By the time they arrived, a large residential district had already been flattened, and a small area of the coast had been set alight.

One of the Jovar Imperator-class Star Destroyers was destroyed by superlasers and an antimatter missile salvo from one of the Tokzhalan ships, while two more surrounded a second Imperium and attacked its shields with a barrage of turbolaser bolts. A third Imperium had its shields taken out by the Blade before being crippled by proton torpedoes from the BNSC ships, while a fourth fought against a Jovar Interdictor that was four times its size. The fifth Tokzhalan ship had managed to disable one of the BNSC ships with an ion blast, causing it to crash into the coast and destroy millions of sporebucks of valuable beachfront property. It then fired an antimatter missile at New Tokyo Woolworth Building, the city's capitol, before firing on the DCP ship and disabling its shields. With the Blade's shields down, the Imperium managed to quickly get a covert scan of the ship and sent the information back to Tokzhalanapolos.


The Xhodocto arrive in the ruins of New Tokyo.

The Imperator shot down a few seconds earlier crashed into the ocean off the coast, triggering a large tidal wave which ruined even more of the city's coastal areas. Fortunately for many of the city's inhabitants, it hit a very soft region of the seabed covered by relatively shallow water, so the damage was far less than it could have been. This was followed by, to everybody's surprise, an army of ghostly Xhodocto emerging from the ruined residential district. Their origin was a mystery at the time, but many presumed that they had appeared due to a Xhodocto prophecy that referred to Earth. It was known that the Xhodocto believed that the survival of Earth was necessary for their own survival, so they would do anything to save it even if they were banished from the rest of reality. The ghostly nature of the Xhodocto meant that they were difficult to kill, as they could only be destroyed when they were firing their weapons.

The battle became increasingly chaotic from then. In the end, most of New Tokyo had been reduced to smouldering ruins, most of the rest had been smouldering ruins but the flames had been quenched by seawater, and several million civilians had been killed. As for the combatants, all five Imperium-class ships had been destroyed, along with all of the Jovar ships present with the exception of the Interdictor. None of the BNSC ships survived, nor did the DCP Blade, and several Gablinus-Avis ships along with DCP reinforcements that arrived later were also lost. A flotilla of ships from the Human Republic also arrived quite late in the battle to defend their old homeworld; only seven out of their forty-two ships fell in the conflict. Nobody was quite sure whether all of the Xhodocto had been destroyed, or whether they had simply disappeared when the final Tokzhalan ship was destroyed.

Despite the fact that the entire Tokzhalan force had been defeated, the Empire considered it to be a strategic victory, as they had accomplished both of their aims - the three commanding ships present at the battle had escaped without Earth's fleets following them, and the administrative sectors of New Tokyo were all in ruins.

Eris Edit

Battle Over Eris

The Emperor battles Rambo Nation ships over Eris.

The Emperor, along with the Destroyer and Dreadnought, left to return to their home galaxy (although using a route consisting of several detours so as to prevent tracking - and by extension, locating the Tokzhalan Empire's home galaxy - by enemy civilisations).

However, the Emperor was ambushed on its way out of the Sol system by ships from Eris. This ships belonged to Rambo Nation, who were on the lookout for any warships trying to leave the system. The Tokzhalan dreadnought managed to defeat the few Rambo ships that defended the colony on Eris, and also survived attacks by Gablinus-Avis support. However, its shields fell under a volley of quantum torpedoes, and four of those missiles combined with a Planet Buster set to detonate nearby caused the ship heavy damage. The Emperor managed to escape, though, and returned to Tokzhalanapalos for repairs.

Aftermath Edit

After the battle, the Girdo Empire had to explain what had happened - as far as the other empires could tell, the Empire had attacked itself, then the rest of the Sol system, and then asked all of the other nations to defend the Sol system against themselves. The Girdo Admiral had to explain about the Tokzhalan Empire and exactly what had happened. He also had to confirm that something thought to be impossible due to the Imperial group mind had happened. The Empire was, essentially, in a civil war.

Of course, there were far more important issues than the diplomatic incident. The battle also had many casualties. Hundreds of spaceships had been destroyed and millions of people had been killed. In addition, the capital city of the Sol system had been brought to ruins, with the exception of the outermost districts far away from the coast.

And, finally, the battle had revealed the Tokzhalan Empire to the universe and brought yet another war to an already shell-shocked Gigaquadrant.

Aid from the Cyrannus Republic Edit

Despite the URC's ongoing defeat against the Cognatus, they were willing to send a medium-sized fleet of warships under the command of Supreme Admiral Nagala to aid the Girdo against their new enemy. The Girdo agreed to upgrade the URC ships with antimatter weapons and shield-disrupting particle cannons. Due to the Intergalactic War, the fleet is made up of mostly heavy frigates and small Star Destroyers. However, the ships pack a strong punch.

Delpha Coalition of Planets on standby Edit

The DCP had not yet decided its course of action, other than to prepare. The Tokzhalat's intentions are now known; they are xenophobic of what they consider not truly alien, and in those respects fanatical. They were evaluated as a Tier 3 civilization; they qualify as a credible threat to the DCP so far (for now, they have only just started) and a high threat to some of the DCP allies. But, the DCP was experiencing a Dark Age, after the War of Ages, Intergalactic War and DCP Civil War, the DCP's fleet was spread out, its peoples demoralized, industrial capacity weakened, planets devastated and the DCP was not expanding, exploring or developing new technologies as much as it was, all so it could concentrate on the many wars it was involved in. The DCP now wants to concentrate on licking its wounds, yet, they could not let another empire to take advantage.

The DCP made its decision. It would not invade Tokzhalan space, but it will defend itself if the Tokzhalan become too much of a threat to Milky Way Galaxy galaxy. The DCP is on standby.

Defence Fleet of Milky Way Galaxy Edit

Spore 2010-08-04 23-54-57

A bomber stream.

As the DCP was recovering itself from previous wars, and trying to get out of the wretched dark era, the Council of War created a new ship, the DCP Flying Fortress. It was based on the archaic B17 Bomber from ancient Earth. The design, due to being thousands of years more primitive than the DCP's advancement, and almost so inferior technologically, the DCP found it very difficult to recreate the design. But why create a ship based on something so primitive?

Tactical analysis showed, if recreated and re-outfitted with new weapons and DCP technology, it would be a formidable ship indeed. It is not a B17, but its design is based upon it (although it looks a bit different). The ship is a gunship class, stronger than a bomber or light cruiser. However, their small size meant they could be mass produced, and their shields are almost as strong as an Ion Fighter's. Great fleets shall be built, and they will defend the space around the DCP in Milky Way Galaxy. The DCP is now at recovery operations, and are invading the MSP (and are in a stalemate with most of their former enemies), and will only go into war with the Tokzhalan if it has to. However, soon, these ships might be the defenders of the stars!

Plazith Rim Campaign Edit


The Emperor fires on a Borg Cube.

Two days after the Battle of Sol, the Tokzhalan Empire began its invasion of the Plazith Rim. It was a carefully planned campaign, and they were not intending to go to war against most of the large empires in the galaxy. Their first target was the cybernetic Borg Collective, chosen because Imperial tacticians had decided (based on records of previous wars against them fought by civilisations such as the DCP) that the Collective was possibly one of their greatest future threats. They held the possibility for an alliance of sorts, but did not hold any high hopes on the matter.

First Battle of Borg Space Edit

Tokzhalat lured a Borg Cube to his ship, the Emperor, by appearing on a planet near to one of the Collective's own. When the Cube arrived and announced its aim to assimilate the Tokzhalan ship, and showed that it was undeterrable in its aim, the Emperor opened fire with ion blasts and disabled the ship. An crew of four Imperial soldiers were beamed into the ship. There, they managed to gain valuable tactical information before beaming out. Tokahalat proceeded to destroy the Cube, and began planning his war against the Collective.

The Tokzhalan Empire made its move by attacking every Borg-inhabited planet at once with its Droners, theorising that the Borg would not have time to adapt fast enough. They were right, and the Droners reduced the Borg Collective's dominion from 100,000 worlds to 64. Another 22 planets were destroyed by the Imperiums, using their Sun Busters to cause their systems' suns to go supernova. All of the Droners were destroyed in the battle, and thousands of Borg Cubes were still intact across the whole of (what had once been) Borg Space. However, it was ultimately a victory for the Tokzhalan. In addition, the sudden chaos that had taken one of the most stable civilisations in the galaxy had attracted the attention of warlike civilisations such as the Mortalitas, who recognised the Tokzhalan Empire from the Battle of Sol and decided to form an alliance with them.

Furthermore, the Empire had several secret weapons projects that were reaching completion - "Zxxon", "Emperor", and "Bolide" would be ready soon, although "Timeship" was still only in the initial developmental stages - which combined with the new allies made the loss of most of their space force seem like a small price to pay.

DCP Spies Edit

After the near destruction of the Borg it became apparent to the DCP, that the Tokzhalan were a dangerous adversary. The DCP believes it is likely that the Borg will soon make a comeback, because they can recover and recolonise quickly. In one of the battles, the DCP sent a small ship to investigate an Imperium-class ship, the Destroyer. The DCP ship readied its weapons and the Tokzhalan ship returned fire, however, the DCP ship cloaked, and created a false holographic explosion. As it did so, it sent small spying nanomachines to land on the vessel, which was unaware of the devices because they mimic materials around them, while returning data to the DCP.

New Allies and Enemies Edit

The next civilisations along from the Borg were eight rival empires who were descended from people who left the Human Republic centuries earlier and settled on the other side of the galaxy. Tokzhalan discovered an opportunity that did not require mass xenocide. His ships each visited one of these empires and sent an "offer", asking them to join forces with the others to form a new and powerful federation. If they refused, they would have their defence ships and colonies destroyed until they surrendered. The peaceful races accepted the offer (especially after being told that their warlike enemies would end up being under their control), and were given advanced technology in return. The only thing they had to do in return was abide by restrictions on colonisation and terraforming, which left several systems open for "truly alien" life to evolve in. The empires who refused received their punishment, and soon reluctantly agreed to start negotiations with their more peaceful (and now more well-armed) neighbours.

However, all was not well for the Tokzhalan campaign. The Salsetthe Republic, who lived near Borg Space, had learnt of the Empire's intentions and declared that the two civilisations were now enemies. In addition, the Girdo Empire had overcome the flaw that allowed the Tokzhalan to control their Droners, by making the ships rewire themselves to only accept some new command signals. On the other hand, the Empire had also managed to ally with the rest of the Imperial Alliance, and "Project Emperor" was well on its way to completion.


The transmission of "Project Emperor" sent by the Tokzhalan Empire to its enemies.

Tokzhalan Military Projects Edit

The Tokzhalan Empire had been working on several projects to improve their military capabilities (as has been already mentioned). Three of these were now ready to field:

  • Project Zxxon was the genetic modification, cybernetic enhancement and psionic training of a tribal species discovered in one of the Tokzhalan Galaxies. These creatures, now known as "Zxxon" after an order of warrior monks from the Girdo Galaxy, were made to be powerful psychic warriors. They were also physically strong and highly athletic, and were even upgraded with force field generators to make them even more resilient to weapons fire (an ordinary Zxxon could withstand two direct proton missile hits). Some were even to be beamed down with supersizers, which would give them even greater strength and power (a supersized Zxxon could withstand two direct antimatter missile hits). The Zxxon were mainly to be used as assassins (for the small ones), sentries (for the supersized ones), and to manipulate primitive civilisations into following the Tokzhalan Empire (either small or supersized could work this way).
  • Project Emperor was the construction of a new class of drone ships, intended as a far superior replacement to the old Droners. These were built using millions of tonnes of nanobots to convert a rocky planet in the Ghelaxin Galaxy into fully-formed starships. Larger manned craft were also to be built, to replace both the Frigate and Imperium classes. This project was publicly revealed by Tokzhalat to a meeting which was discussing the Imperial Civil War, with the intent of scaring the allies and warning them to keep away from his Empire.
  • Project Bolide was the development of a high-yield antimatter cluster bomb, which could be dropped by a Project Emperor ship and used to devastate a continent-sized portion of a planet. Like Emperor, Bolide was publically revealed by Tokzhalan to the rest of the universe, but this time it was revealed to the ships who had participated at the Battle of the Emperor Planet.

During this time, two Tokzhalan starships, the Destroyer and Dreadnought, were sent on scouting missions to other galaxies to search for "truly alien" life and to determine whether the "godspawn" civilisations that lived there were a threat to it. The Destroyer collected samples of silicon-based life from the Andromeda Galaxy, while the Dreadnought searched Ottzello and returned with tactical information suggesting that it would be a good place to invade after finishing in the Plazith Rim. The Imperium, meanwhile, travelled to the Lagross Rift to collect some samples of the spacefaring organisms that lived there.

Week Two Edit

Plazith Rim Campaign, continued Edit


A Coalition ship fires a Planet Buster at the Borg Diamond in the Second Battle of Borg Space.

The Plazith Rim Campaign saw a temporary break from the end of the first week to the beginning of the second week.

Battle of Deltaeta Edit

Four days after the Human empires near Borg Space were made to consider peace talks by the Tokzhalan Empire, the new Human Coalition was officially founded with its capital on the previously-neutral planet Deltaeta. The celebrations were cut short, however, by a Borg invasion. Hundreds of Borg Cubes, all of what remained of the Collective's forces (besides other ship classes such as Spheres and Diamonds) were en route to the planet in order to begin a mass assimilation of Human worlds.

Fortunately for Deltaeta's defenders, a large fleet of starfighters had been modified with Tokzhalan technology (they were given "transphasic"-class missiles designed to pass through Borg shields, improved shields, and faster superluminal drives). These fighters were sent in three-ship squadrons to intercept the approaching armada before it reached Deltaeta.

Over the course of the battle, the Borg failed to adapt to the new torpedoes, but they developed a new plan instead. At the end of the battle, there were only three Cubes left, but the Human fighters had ran out of missiles so they no longer had any weapons that were effective against the Borg. The Borg disabled the few remaining starfighters by bombarding them with shield-disrupting weapons, then pulled them in with tractor beams for assimilation. The Cubes then left, before the Deltaetan defence forces could make use of any more superweapons.

Second Battle of Borg Space Edit

Hoping to strike back before the Borg had managed to adapt the advanced technology into their own systems, the Coalition launched a counteroffensive against the Collective. Seventeen Borg colonies were destroyed by Planet Busters, but most of the Human ships were destroyed by Borg Spheres. Realising that several of their Spheres had also been destroyed in these attacks, the Collective launched their flagship, the Borg Diamond. Distress calls from Coalition ships quickly caused the battle to centre around the Diamond. In the chaos, the battle ended when the last Coalition cruiser fired a Planet Buster at the Borg flagship - even its shields couldn't withstand a missile designed to break apart septillions of tonnes of solid rock. The explosion also destroyed the remaining buildings in the Borg colony below, along with the Spheres that were the Diamond's escort craft, however, the entire remaining fleet of the Human Coalition was also caught in the blast.

Both the Borg Collective and the Human Coalition isolated themselves from the rest of the galaxy in the aftermath of the battle. The Borg, because they had been reduced to twenty-four planets, six Cubes and a few dozen other ships; the Humans, because their entire space force had been wiped out. It would take both sides several months - at least - to recover.

The end of the battle marked the end of the Plazith Rim Campaign in the Scutum-Crux Arm of the galaxy. It would still continue elsewhere, though.

Alliance with the Daleks Edit

Meanwhile, Emperor Tokzhalat was at New Skaro, capital of the New Dalek Empire. He proposed an alliance with the Daleks, hoping that they would make for useful allies. Both empires shared what appeared to be similar aims - the Daleks wished for the extermination of all life in the universe except themselves, and the Tokzhalan Empire believed that the eradication of most "godspawn" life in the universe was necessary.

Although the Daleks initially chose not to accept the offer of alliance, they changed their mind when Tokzhalat proved his abilities in battle by destroying a Dalek "negotiations" drone in single combat. Three new experimental warrior Daleks were then sent to serve on Tokzhalat's ship, the Emperor, while the rest of the Dalek Empire began to seriously consider the possibility of an alliance (although, as far the Daleks were concerned, this would simply be a means of using the Tokzhalan Empire as laser fodder).

The Salsetthe Fleet Edit

As the battles in Borg space continued, the Salsetthe Republic was beginning to make preparations to engage the Tokzhalan Empire in battle. Ships were called to the shipyards of the Salsetthe Republic in order to be outfitted with technology that would improve their capabilities in battle, and the new flagship of the Salsetthe Republic, the Vey'rch was commissioned on Earth date August 12th, 2756 in order to join the fleet in order to defend the Salsetthe Republic against this new threat. Most of the fleet consisted of Salsetthe starships, but around 25 Huartin starships joined the fleet. As the entire fleet, consisting of 17,500 ships, assembled, colonies once again put their defensive systems to "standby" and went to tactical alert. The minefields that surround almost every Salsetthe colony were activated, and a tense calm started to be felt by the Salsetthe and their allies.

Once the entire Salsetthe fleet had assembled, a single order was transmitted to the entire fleet. "Pach!" meaning, "Engage!" was the entire transmission, and every single ship activated their interphase cloaking devices, set a course for the Tokzhalan fleet, and powered up their quantum slipstream drives. The Salsetthe fleet was expected to arrive at the last known coordinates of the Tokzhalan fleet within the next 18 hours.

Battle of the Emperor Planet Edit

A Girdo Frigate-class ship managed to track the Destroyer (which had been bugged by DCP nanobots the previous week) to a point where it was meeting with the Emperor to transfer cargo between the two ships. The Emperor was then tracked to the Ghelaxin Galaxy, where it was believed that "Project Emperor" was located after the message announcing it to the universe was traced to there. More Girdo Imperial scouts began to the explore Ghelaxin, and soon they found the "Emperor Planet".

On another planet in the same system, the whole of the Girdo Empire's fleet (including with the flotilla of URC ships) gathered to prepare for an attack on the planetoid. Several other empires - including the Salsetthe Republic and Rambo Nation - also sent ships to join in with the attack. The DCP, although not sending any vessels, developed a spacetime missile which could be used to completely destroy the Emperor Planet and gave it to the Girdo fleet.

Once the entire allied fleet had gathered, the spacetime missile was fired and the Emperor Planet was annihilated in a few seconds. However, around thirty billion of the planetoid's sentry drones managed to escape, and flew towards the attackers. The allied fleet fired various superweapons at the approaching swarm, reducing its numbers to a more manageable 100 million ships. The Girdo Empire's Droner-class starfighters moved to engage the Tokzhalan swarm, however, it was quickly discovered that the Tokzhalan drones were designed to be superior to the Girdo ones. Despite being outnumbered, there ended up being twice as many Tokzhalan drones as there were allied ships by the time the Droners were forced to retreat and regroup. The other allied ships continued the battle and managed to destroy the rest of the enemy swarm, although they were reduced to four thousand ships in total in the process.

Tokzhalat then contacted the allied fleet, revealing that he had taken several billion drones away from the Emperor Planet before its destruction, so the destruction of the planetoid had only made it less easy for him if he wanted to conquer the universe. He then sent his own eleven Imperiums and two hundred Frigates to attack the allied ships. The allied fleet was again victorious, losing only five hundred ships. The Girdo ships Imperium and Astronomer destroyed the Tokzhalan flagship Emperor with a volley of superlaser fire, and the Imperium then disabled the three Daleks that were on board the Emperor with ion bolts.

Tokzhalat again contacted the allied fleet, explaining that he had also taken some non-drone ships from the Emperor Planet, including a new flagship, which is where he currently was. The ships that had just attacked the allies were of now-obsolete design, which is why they had been sent to fight such a numerically superior foe. Tokzhalat finished the message before revealing "Project Bolide", an antimatter cluster bomb system that had been installed in all of the new Tokzhalan ships, before disappearing. The allied ships were unable to follow his ship, as it had disappeared too early for them to track it.

The next day, long after the allied fleet had left, Tokzhalat's new flagship returned to the system to collect the remains of the three Daleks for further study. Tokzhalat also decided that the Plazith Rim Campaign should take a temporary hiatus, as there were far more unstable regions of the universe to attack, and it would be best to try out his new fleet in those places.

Week Three Edit

Solar explosionEdit

Novae fifiring 02

The Novae destroys the Insector homeworld's sun!

The third week of the Imperial Civil War started with a boom, literally.

The Galactic Emperor took the Novae, escorted by two Imperial Star Destroyers II to the Insector Homesystem. The Insector reacted immediately, sending an emergency transmission to the Cyrandia Alliance that three Imperial ships had arrived in their homesystem. Various D'Kyr classes went to intercept the various Imperial ships. However, they headed for the sun in their surprise and, upon meeting each other; the Star Destroyers engaged the D'Kyr Class vessels of the Insectors.

In the midst of battle, the Unknown Entity opened a channel, claiming this was the end for the Insectors and the strange Imperial ship, known as the Novae fired an energy beam at the sun of the Insector homesystem. Immediately flames erupted and destroyed the various Insector ships, and soon the sun went nova, massive waves of solar energy ripped through the system, killing all that inhabit her.

Yet to the Galactic Emperor's surprise (he was also onboard) something went wrong, the sun did go nova but the two Imperial Star Destroyers also took heavy damage and one even exploded. Soon the Novae began shaking and, as the sun was gone, it was left with no propulsion system. Communications were also down. Still, the Galactic Emperor was pleased, as the Insector homeworld was destroyed. But now he was stranded, with Rambo and URC forces probably arriving soon.

The Emperor's new soldiers Edit

Tokzhalat sent several Apalos-class ships, the result of Project Emperor, to explore uninhabited areas of the First Gigaquadrant. Several of these carried Zxxon soldiers, which were intended to be able to convert any uncontacted civilisations to the Tokzhalan Empire's cause. One of the exploration ships soon managed to find a planet with an intelligent species on it.

It was an early tribal race - so early, in fact, that they had yet to develop a language and a proper name for themselves. They also had no technology more advanced than fire, basic hut-building, and a few simple weapons. However, they were fierce predators, with highly-tuned senses and a strong hunting instinct.


A Zxxon encounters an aggressive tribe of what would soon become Faratann soldiers.

The Empire decided that they would make for good warriors - after all, the new Tokzhalan Imperial Space Force had no dedicated ground soldiers at the time - so they sent down some Zxxon to make contact with them and try to incorporate them into Tokzhalat's forces. Like the Zxxon, these "Hunters" were promised luxury and a perfect life. In the Hunters' case, this perfect life consisted of hunting down as much prey as they possibly could, which they would be able to do in warfare.

Most of them accepted their offer and were assimilated into the Tokzhalan Empire's group mind. Then they were taken off-world, given cybernetic upgrades, armour, and powerful weaponry in order to complement their already-deadly natural abilities. The few openly hostile tribes that refused the offer invariably fought back against the Zxxon, resulting in their eradication.

They were now named the "Faratann", after the city of Faratan on the Imperials' homeworld (and also the Girdo Empire's capital, although the Tokzhalan Empire weren't planning on that to last too much longer) of Imperial Capitol. Back in the ancient history of Imperial Capitol, Faratan was once the home of a dangerously militaristic nation-state, before being conquered by the armies of Apalos and made as the new Apalosian Empire's headquarters for military administration. For the Tokzhalan Empire, made sense for these Hunters, now conquered by the Tokzhalan Empire and put to work as their soldiers, to be named after that city.

The new Faratann soldiers then began military training in secret locations somewhere within the Tokzhalan Galaxies, to prepare themselves for almost-inevitable future engagements.

Project Timeship and more Tokzhalan military research Edit

In another secret location within the Tokzhalan Galaxies, scientists were working on "Project Timeship". The main aim of Timeship was to develop space-time manipulation technology that could be incorporated into Tokzhalan ships. To aid their research, the Empire's scientists managed to acquire several sources of information:

  • Scans of a DCP Blade-class battlecruiser, taken during the Battle of Earth.
  • The three Dalek casings, disabled during the Battle of the Emperor Planet.
  • Graviton spheres, given to them thanks to allying the Imperial Alliance.

The Dalek casings were also used to develop and improve on other technologies by careful reverse-engineering. Firstly, the Tokzhalan Empire managed to improve their scanners and transfer beams to be able to work through even nonphasic shields. In addition, they began studying the Dalek gunsticks to try to figure out how to recreate their unique "death ray" technology.

The Imperial Alliance also, in return for the Tokzhalan Empire's zero-point energy extractors, gave them information on the Novae's new particle weapon, which Tokzhalat had expressed interest in. Yet another team of scientists were set to work on analysing, replicating and modifying the starbusting technology for use in the Tokzhalan Imperial Space Force.

Ottzello Campaign Edit


Dalek and Tokzhalan forces begin the attack on the Telzoc colony of Trondothse, the first of their combined fleet's battles in Ottzello.

In the Ottzello Galaxy, the New Kralgon Empire suddenly appeared and began a war on the rest of Ottzello. Tokzhalan Imperial scout ships noticed this, and Emperor Tokzhalat proposed an alliance, offering vast fleets of Drones along with help from the Dalek Empire in the invasion. The Kralgon Emperor accepted, and gave his new allies strategic targets which the Daleks could take slaves from, which convinced the Daleks to dedicate hundreds of battleships to the conflict. With thousands of Tokzhalan Drones as escort ships to fight off enemy defence fleets, and with countless Dalek soldiers being used as ground forces to exterminate unwanted civilians and capture strategic locations, the combined Dalek and Tokzhalan offensive quickly and efficiently cleansed their target worlds of native Ottzellan presence with minimal casualties.

Week Four Edit

The Second Ottzello Galactic War continues Edit

The Ottzello Campaign continued into the fourth week of the Imperial Civil War. The Telzoc were the first Ottzellan species to become extinct or enslaved, while the war then spread to the Gykar Empire and the DCP. The Dalek-Tokzhalan fleet was no longer operating under Kralgon orders, and instead the Daleks just made their way across the galaxy exterminating and enslaving hundreds of worlds.

Meanwhile, Tokzhalan scientists continued their attempts to replicate Dalek technology. They concluded that "Dalekanium" was no improvement on the armour that they already had, but were still struggling to work out how to generate the Daleks' shields and "death ray" weapons.

Girdo Imperial Mass Production Edit

However, the Tokzhalan Empire weren't the only ones working. The Girdo Empire was also working on improving their technological capabilities and the size of their space force. Firstly, their own scientists had developed a rapid-fire launch system for their missiles, which meant that their Droners could match the Tokzhalan Apalos-class Drones for firepower. Their antimatter missiles were replaced with improved "quantum"-class missiles, which contained plasma in their warhead to help cut through defensive shields more easily. In addition, they modified their energy guns to also be able to fire ion blasts in the unguided "repeater blaster" style as well as in the typical guided "autoblaster" way. These unguided blasts would mainly be used when there was little risk of not hitting the target, but they could also be fired over a large area to increase the chances of a hit if the Droners found an opportunity to do so. Both of these systems were fitted into all of the new Droners and Frigates as well as the Premier and the Imperium-class ships.

Production of starships initially began with making Droners, but after seven days (the entire third week of the Imperial Civil War) this stopped. Each of the Girdo Empire's colonies was given three Swarms of Droners (46,656 Droners to a Swarm, so 139,968 to a planet) for defence each, and them production shifted to building Frigates. Once there were 46,656 Frigates, which took a further three days, production stopped again. Finally, the Girdo Empire began work on building more Imperiums, since they realised that they would need a dedicated fleet of warships for dealing with the threat of Tokzhalat and his forces. One Imperium was built for each Girdo colony world over the course of four days, but production had not even finished by the time the Tokzhalan Empire began their invasion of the Girdo Galaxy.

Week Five Edit

The Second Ottzello Campaign continued, but the Tokzhalan Empire quickly turned their sights to elsewhere. They put their Drones under the control of the Daleks, set up a system by which every Drone that was destroyed in Ottzello was automatically replaced, and took their war to the Girdo Galaxy.

Girdo Campaign Edit

Girdo Campaign

In the invasion of the Girdo Galaxy, the Girdo Empire made full use of their technological advantages such as rapid-fire missiles, but these were not enough to defeat the Tokzhalan Empire's fleets.

Without warning, all of the Girdo Empire's colonies along the Southern Arm of their galaxy were attacked by Tokzhalan Drones over the course of a few sectons. The Girdo forces were caught by surprise, and quickly scrambled their defence fleets to stop the invaders. They had not yet finished making their first set of Imperiums, but the ships were ready to fight and were sent off to battle as soon as they could be crewed. However, the Tokzhalan Imperial Space Force outnumbered and overwhelmed that of Girdo, and within a matter of hours the entire Southern Arm no longer had any Imperial presence. The ex-colony planets were then stripped of all life and the Tokzhalan fleet moved on.

The Girdo Empire's civilians were not killed, however. They were taken inside Tokzhalat's new "Mothership" type Apalos-class craft, incorporated into the Tokzhalan Empire's group mind, and taken to the Tokzhalan Galaxies to become citizens of the Tokzhalan Empire. This allowed Tokzhalat to transfer skilled workers and useful scientific knowledge directly from Girdo to his own group mind, which he expected would eventually give him yet another advantage in the war.

Meanwhile, in the Northern Arm, a mass evacuation was taking place. All citizens of the Girdo Empire were taken to the Imperial Sector, the part of the Girdo Galaxy surrounding Imperial Capitol. This included all Trade Frigates and Imperium-class ships, leaving only the Droners and perimeter turrets of their other colonies to fend off the Tokzhalan hordes. And Tokzhalat's ships, knowing that the uninhabited colonies could be later recolonised by the Girdo Empire, indiscriminately glassed the planets from orbit.

The Imperial Sector was left alone, as Tokzhalat chose not to destroy the Girdo Empire. He realised that the Girdo Empire's influence of other empires would help in his fight against "godspawn life's uncontrolled dominance over reality", even though the same influence may result in more harm being directed towards his Empire. Instead, the Girdo Empire was restricted to colonies in the Imperial Sector. The Tokzhalan Empire explained that they would use a nova-causing superweapon, given to them by the Imperial Alliance, to prevent any nearby stars from turning into an uncontrollable supernova, which meant that the Girdo Empire's colonies would be protected from astronomical disasters.

To prevent outside invasion or attack, Tokzhalan forces began building "Hyperluminal Defence Stations", which could fire hyperluminal missiles either in real space or subspace, and at targets either inside the Girdo Galaxy or approaching it. Sixteen of these were built around the edge of the galaxy, built using millions of tonnes of nanobots (since the Tokzhalan Empire didn't stop producing them after Project Emperor), and defended with millions of static turrets and Drones. These could also reinforce the rules put in place by the Tokzhalan Empire, as Tokzhalat showed the Girdo Admiral by destroying the (uninhabited) planet Artes with a single hyperluminal missile.

Meanwhile, the rest of Girdo became a galaxy-sized nature reserve for the protection of "truly alien" life, with features such as the "8000 Parsec Sanctuary" for spacefaring organisms, built with the intention of it being a larger and better-protected version of the Lagross Rift in the Plazith Rim. The Girdo Empire was given the duty of looking after the galaxy, and the Hyperluminal Defence Stations would protect it from outside threats.

The Girdo Campaign had lasted less than a day, but although it had finished, it did not mean the end of the Imperial Civil War.

The Plazith Rim Campaign resumes Edit

Plazith Rim Part II

The Plazith Rim Campaign resumed with the Tokzhalan Empire fighting near-Human empires, much like what had happened in the first part of the Campaign.

Not long afterwards, the Tokzhalan Empire began putting into action its plans to continue the Plazith Rim Campaign. First of all, it went to the area of the galaxy around the Human Republic, and tried the same trick on the empires of that region as they did to the near-Humans around Borg Space. This attempt went differently, though, with most empires surrendering after the destruction of a few of their colonies and a large portion of their fleet, one demanding that Tokzhalat win an honourable duel against one of their own warriors before submitting, and the Human Republic remaining on poor terms with the Tokzhalan Empire due to the Battle of Sol. However, the Human empires were soon once again united into a single Human Republic, although one that did not seem to be as stable as the Coalition on the other side of the galaxy. As far as Tokzhalat was concerned, that was a matter for local international organisations to deal with, as he believed that he had more important issues to consider.

Specifically, he was planning to form an alliance with the Grox Empire. When the Apalos arrived at the Grox Space, the Grox responded to Tokzhalat's offer of alliance by beaming some upgraded Dronox onto the ship and testing them by attacking some Faratann guards. The Faratann fell instantly, but the ship's internal security systems incinerated the Dronox before they could cause any more problems. Still, the Grox considered their project a success, and then reconsidered Tokzhalat's proposal. Even though the Grox-Tokzhalan alliance was finally made in secret, the Tokzhalan Empire's use of Sun Busters around Grox Space was enough for nearby civilisations to easily be able to work out that it had happened. Destroying planets is a typical tactic for impressing the Grox, although few empires would use Sun Busters for something with no other tactical or strategic benefit. Tokzhalat's Empire was clearly one of these, since it had used several Sun Busters just a few weeks earlier in the Battle of Sol.

Rambo Nation aid the Girdo Civilians!Edit

Rambo aiding fleet

The USS Valley Forge leads the evacuation fleet to Girdo.

After the Admiral of the Girdo Empire and Empress Ramashe had made contact due to the fall of the Girdo Empire at hands of Tokzhalat, they came to an agreement.

The Admiral told the Empress they were allowed to leave the Girdo Galaxy as refugees and Rambo Nation was willing to open her borders to Girdo refugees. The Admiral also asked for aid in the evacuation and during the Serindia meeting at Rambo Command in Rambo City, Rambo Command ordered Captain Klopiels of the USS Valley Forge, a Excelsior Class V2 to aid the Girdo. He was given command of a large task force of Antares Class (transport ships), Olympic Class V2 (medical ships) and Normandy Class (civilian transport ships) to aid in the evacuation.

Klopiels immediately headed to the Girdo Empire and, upon arriving, he contacted the Admiral of the Girdo Empire again, bringing the words that Rambo Nation was prepared for the evacuation.

The Girdo Empire was already in the process of rebuilding in the part of the galaxy in which they were allowed to remain, which meant dozens of new colonies in the Imperial Sector and hundreds of new starship would soon be able to house most of the refugees from the Northern Arm. However, 84,000 would still be homeless, so these were taken to Quadrant 82 by the evacuation fleet to temporarily live as part of Rambo Nation. The Tokzhalan Empire's defence stations were ordered by Tokzhalat not to shoot down the escaping civilians, so the evacuation lasted three days without any problems other than organising all of the evacuees. Now that their citizens were safe, the Girdo Empire continued to rebuild.

DCP ready for war Edit

By now, the DCP had recovered from previous wars and was ready for new conflicts. Although the Tokzhalan had never attacked the DCP yet, the Daleks had, and pretty much won. Also, the DCP had been observing the activities of the Tokzhalan, their allies the Telzoc, had been made extinct, at least this was thought for now, and the Girdo had been defeated. The Tokzhalan were also very dangerous, able to force nearly all Human and near-Human empires (one of the most influential species in Milky Way Galaxy) into one alliance, and nearly crushed the Borg (not that they would be missed a great deal by many). Any Tokzhalan ship that nears DCP space will be fired upon; it wouldn't take much now for the DCP to declare all out war.

Week Eight Edit

Nearly two and a half weeks had passed since Tokzhalat formed an alliance with the Grox Empire, and not a single shot had been fired in the conflict since then, unless the Tokzhalan Drones' part in Ottzello is also included in the Imperial Civil War. This was because of technology sharing between the Grox and Tokzhalan Empires, as well as the Grox continuing their project to upgrade and update their entire military force to once again be a threat to the rest the universe. Eventually, their project had finished, and the new Grox Imperial Fleet was ready to take revenge against their enemies.

New Grox Wars Edit

Main article: Fiction:New Grox Wars
Human Republic and DCP vs Grox

Human Republic and DCP forces fight the Grox.

The first Grox attack in several years was against, of all civilisations, the Human Coalition. Since they were still recovering from their battles against the Borg, the Coalition fell quickly. This was probably the reason why the Grox chose them as a target - they were a highly advanced civilisation, yet would also be easy to destroy. After each battle, the Grox assimilated any useful technology, exterminated any survivors that they could find, and dropped Conqrix pods onto each planet in order to purge them of life and use all useful resources to make more troops and ships for the Grox war machine. Some Coalition ships survived the invasion, though, and fled to the Human Republic in hope of refuge amongst their relatives on the other side of the galaxy. The Republic, being a peaceful society, accepted the refugees. They also made use of the Coalition's technology in order to boost their own military defences, since they knew that the universe was becoming a dangerous place with groups such as the Tokzhalan Empire, the Cult of the Deathmarch - and now the Grox - ready and able to destroy them at any time.

Battle of Nebula PR-P441P3-H2V11 Edit

One of the first campaigns of the New Grox Wars was an invasion of the Plazith Rim's Grox Space by the Salsetthe Republic. A "backup fleet" of Tokzhalan ships, stationed to help the Grox in case of emergency, moved to an unnamed nebula while Salsetthe forces attacked the outermost Grox colonies. Eventually, a Salsetthe task force engaged the Tokzhalan fleet. Due to the Salsetthe ships' extensive use of their technology (primarily their "tricobalt devices", but their cloaking devices and improved deflector shields also helped slightly), most of the Tokzhalan ships were destroyed, although the surviving Salsetthe craft were no match for the Mothership. Five more of the attacking ships were destroyed by various methods - three of them by antimatter missiles transported near to the warp cores via shield-ignoring transfer beams, another one by the "Staff of Death" that had been given to the Tokzhalan Empire by the Grox, and the final one by one of the Mothership's point-defence guns - while the remaining three were allowed to escape.

Salsetthe versus Tokzhalan

Salsetthe ships fire "tricobalt devices" at the Tokzhalan Mothership.

The Salsetthe authorities, however, considered the battle a "huge success" despite their tactical loss. Not only had three ships been allowed to escape (which the Salsetthe considered to have been a "foolish" decision), but several Salsetthe prisoners that had been captured by the Tokzhalan had managed to gain detailed scans of the Mothership's interior before terminating their own lives, simultaneously gaining what could potentially be important tactical data while also apparently depriving Tokzhalat's forces of useful information.

During this time, just ahead of the Salsetthe attack, the DCP unleashed Torpedo spheres and subspace-based weapons on the Grox, however, the Grox were able to repel them. While the Human Republic prepared for a new war. After the DCP and humans joined forces, they invaded Grox space but were still outnumbered five to one. However, the next battles would be known as the great struggle, as the DCP, Humans and Near-Humans attacked the sector.

Into the steps of giants Edit

As the Tokzhalan were trying to research every empire they meet or have heard of, they eventually found out about a collection of ancient races, very ancient races, in fact billions of years old, known as the "First Ones". They were Tier 1 empires, dwarfing even the DCP in technological advancement and very alien, so the Tokzhalan became interested in them. Famous in Milky Way Galaxy for guiding younger races down different paths, it would not have been too long before the Tokzhalan heard of them. Emperor Tokzhalat wanted contact, to judge whether they would be a very dangerous foe, or powerful ally.

Finding them Edit

First target was meeting the Vorlon. By now, the Tokzhalan had known that if any ship entered their space, it would be destroyed. So the Emperor warned his ships to trace the outlines of their space and make their attention known. They decided to fire a massive subspace signature, the energy equivalent to that of a planet buster. This certainly did attract their attention. One Vorlon ship approached the fleet. The Tokzhalan was careful to raise their shields without looking to threatening. But what they had heard of the Vorlon, their shields would be rendered pretty useless. The ship was biological in origin, however, it didn't fire, instead they received a transmission. The entity that appeared on screen was wearing some kind of suit - an encounter suit, however, it was said that they were beings of energy inside. A strange wheezy sound of chirps and musical notes was emitted before and during it spoke. It was then realized this was their form of speech.

This is Captain Vorotoonash of the Tokzhalan Empire. The Emperor himself has sent us to meet you.
So it appears.
Err, yeah. Now, let’s get down to-
You seek to know of us.
Yes, we do! Perhaps it might lead to an-
Okay, how about some other form of contact?
We are not interested in your affairs.
May I ask why? And try to speak more clearly, sir.
A wall will never answer.
Bye, then. We are still open for commun-

The Vorlon ship then vanished. Feeling slightly strange and disappointed, Captain Vorotoonash must report his findings to the Emperor. It was decided attacking the Vorlon might be very foolish, an empire billions of years old would not fall easily. However, there were other First Ones out there. Most were ascended, or had vanished, but two others also interested Emperor Tokzhalat. The Shadows, and the Ancients. The latter, had already ascended, but had left behind incredibly advanced technologies, most interesting of which was a wormhole network. They also were responsible for the spread of early humans, who later evolved into near-human races of the galaxy. The Emperor will look at researching them into in time. But for now, aiding the Grox, entering Fluidic space and making contact with the Shadows was more important...

The Shadows were evil, their goal was to guide races down darker paths. This did not deter the Tokzhalan. They heard that the Shadow's homeworld was Z'ha'dum, so they dispatched several ships to the location. However, when they arrived, they found only rubble, as the planet had been destroyed several hundred years before. Believing the Shadows were gone, the ships left, but they were being watched. Just before they left Shadow space, suddenly they were confronted by a black, spidery ship, with a strange glint in the eternal night. It fired a purple beam without warning, cutting through one of the ships like a hot knife through butter. The two other ships fled, and the battlecrab faded away and then reappeared in front of them, there was no escape. Luckily for the Tokzhalan, they had brought a Dalek. After it was detected, the ship lowered weapons. They got a transmission, of what could be described as horrid screeches, but the Dalek seemed to know what it was saying. It had one pilot, a telepathic one, which communicated with the Dalek and captain of the team. Somehow the Daleks were affiliated with them. Not long after, an alliance was forged, although for the Shadows, they had more sinister plans of their own...

Attack from the Shadows Edit


The Shadow onslaught.

As the DCP and human fleet was attacking the Grox, after taking down a few systems using star killers, the fleet one million strong had been reduced to a mere 300,000 ships. The Grox had been terribly underestimated, based on figures from before they prepared for a return. The DCP fleet wanted to sacrifice itself, however, they received an emergency call from the nearest DCP sector. The sector was being attacked by large, mysterious, even organic ships, literally fading in and out of hyperspace. Eventually, it was realised that they were being attacked by the Shadows. The DCP defence fleet was getting cut to shreds, even stations and space habitats miles wide were being sliced in half. Strangely, the ships only carried one of two weapons. The DCP tried to disrupt the Shadow battle crabs from fading in and out of hyperspace using subspace weapons but failed to stop them. The onslaught took the DCP by surprise. All of the nearest available ships must return to the sector, and since the battle of Grox space was not going down well, the fleet returned to fight the strange ships. The fleet soon arrived (it wasn't too far from the Grox) but unfortunately got laid waste. The Grox decided to invade with their new allies, and now the sector was getting attacked by two enemies. It only got worse, news from another sector reported yet another attack, this time by the Daleks, the sector had in fact been weakened by an invasion by Taberon a couple of weeks before. The DCP ships poured in, and many Grox were destroyed, but Shadows and Daleks were barely effected. Within days the sectors had been eradicated, worse still, the Grox, Daleks, Shadows and maybe even the Tokzhalan were planning an invasion straight into the heart of Delpha, the mecha of the Coalition. All the while, the Shadows also fortified Grox space with some of their ships, on the way they found a few small empires, like the Apeox, Bananaz (and some other NPC-type empires), which the Shadows happily eradicated.

Battle of Delpha Edit

Spore 2011-06-26 20-13-27

The First Ones return!

Two days later, a Dalek, Shadow and Grox fleet was ready to attack the Delpha Sector. Over 10 million strong, the ships would soon engage the DCP. However, the Delpha sector was full of defences and millions of warships. The Shadows destroyed the DCP spatial barriers in hyperspace, the Daleks foiled the DCP's high tech defences, such as cloaking fields, ghost phasing, holotech and nanoswarms. This would be another ship to ship struggle. They gathered on the coreward edge, first attacking the Minor Empire, one of the weaker members. This time though, due to the DCP firepower and number, even the Daleks were gaining casualties. The Shadows attacked the Chibby empire, using their planet killer similar to the Staff of Death on some of their worlds, this upset the ecologist Chibby greatly. The Grimbolsaurians were furious, their rage so strong, they collided with several Dalek motherships, destroying them. However, yet more Shadows appeared. As battles raged across the large sector, the Core Federation, nearby decided to lend a hand, some of their powerful weapons of light burned away Shadow ships, but even this was not enough. The advance of the enemy got as far as Puppidium, the Jarzo homeworld, but the DCP was able to push them back. But soon, new arrivals would appear on the scene - the First Ones. The Vorlon, Walkers of Sigma 957, Culture and other ancient races appeared. The DCP was unsure what was going on, until they targeted the Shadows and Daleks. Firing strange weapons of great power never seen before, even the Dalek fleet was wiped off the map, and the Shadows were forced into retreat. Meanwhile, the DCP took the chance and crippled the Grox invasion force. When the DCP asked the Vorlon why, they replied in their cryptic, riddled language that the Shadows were up to something big, and that the DCP must one day take over what the First Ones had been doing, once the Shadows plan had been ruined. War had sparked between the Shadows and the Vorlon once more...

Beyond the Rim Edit

Deep in the region of the First Ones, the battles continued. The Vorlon and Shadows were evenly matched. However, the Shadows’ master plan, only known to the First Ones, was destroyed. Whatever it was, it had the power to eradicate the galaxy in some way or another. All of the First Ones joined forces and together they pushed the Shadows out of the galaxy. They had not been destroyed, perhaps the Shadows had other plans, but strangely, the First Ones also left the galaxy. The DCP got a transmission from the Vorlon, announcing that they planned to either ascend or move beyond the rim. It was now the DCP's turn to look after the galaxy. The Vorlon proposed the idea of the Civilized galaxy sometime in the future. After that, the First Ones left, and it is unknown if they will be seen again, except for a fleet of Shadow ships which will continue to fight for the Tokzhalan cause.

Following the First Ones, was another ancient race (although not nearly as old), they were the Asgard, an extragalactic civilization, who were interested in researching their long lost Milky Way cousins that committed mass suicide centuries before. After a futile attempt by the Grox to attack their few colonies Milky Way Galaxy, which were easily de-materialised by the Asgard's teleporter-like weaponry, the Asgard decided that getting involved would be a bad idea, and as an intelligent species, they simply left the galaxy. As allies of humanity (and in their debt), they would still have contact, but nothing more. But the story of the ancient races involvement was not over yet, Emperor Tokzhalat now had his eyes on the Ancients (also known by such names as the Preservers and Celestials in at least one far-off galaxy), who left technology perhaps greater than even the Vorlon, and may have been responsible for the manipulation of Human and near-Human evolution. There would be no chance of contact as they had already ascended, but one of their technologies in particular, the Stargates, particularly interested Tokzhalat.

Discovery of the gate Edit

The Stargates were eventually discovered by the Grox on a desert planet, who sent their Conqrix to investigate, where they found a small rogue human civilization which the Grox destroyed. The Tokzhalan quickly set up a base of their own. Using some captured humans, the Grox soon worked out how to unlock the chevrons, six were used to lock down a point in space and the seventh the point of origin. What the humans didn't tell the Tokzhalan is that an unstable vortex is created. Several Tokzhalan officials in charge of the operation died. The prisoners smiled with satisfaction, they had got their own back, however, they were killed. But now, the Tokzhalan were sending various teams through the stargates and using stolen data collected by the Human Republic, soon learned the history of the gates (and some powerful enemies, the Replicators, Ori and Wraith, however to the Tokzhalan's relief, they had long been vanquished, at least in this galaxy). Some Ancient technology was discovered, such as advanced materials and dimensional engineering. Despite their age, they were in perfect condition. It was not long before whole stargate-dependant societies; both primitive and advanced were found. Strangely enough Stargates were found leading to the homeworlds of various Near-humans, including Earth. Some teams were lost when they hit Iris barriers or deflector shields on the other side, but this was not a problem, the Tokzhalan simply fired superlasers through the event horizon. Most societies were in an Iron-age state of development, so were easily enslaved or killed. However, one day, the Tokzhalan sent a probe through, but it was destroyed by a directed-energy weapon. They had discovered a Goa'uld System Lord. This was yet another rogue human civilization, which had reported to the Emperor. The Goa'uld were assumed extinct up until now (save the "good" Tokra, part of the Human Republic), and was hiding in the shadows. Troops were sent through, but when they returned, something odd was about them. Later it was discovered that they had been infected, and planned the preposterous idea of taking over the Tokzhalan! But thanks to efficient screening, the parasites were killed. After this hostile attack, the Grox ceased their chance to invade, also destroying any stargates they came across. However, there were many gates, and the Tokzhalan were able to take a few.

Alliance Attacks Edit

Despite being engaged in a major war at home, the Light Sector Alliance had been founded to fight evil, so they sent a large fleet to participate in the Imperial Civil War. The Ghelaxin Galaxy, the eighth Tokzhalan Galaxy, was their destination. For a while, there was no activity. Then, near the core, they were suddenly attacked by a waiting patrol fleet, after finding major activity near the core and detecting a few large fleets. They outnumbered the patrol fleet but they were overpowered; their numbers were mostly Believer-class Frigates and Hammer-class Cruisers, neither very powerful. Eventually, they were forced to retreat, but set up six major colonies on the very outskirts of the Ghelaxin Galaxy, completely remote systems and well hidden and protected, as bases of operations. A further four small colonies were then placed in intergalactic space. These would be perfect places to build shipyards and ships, and as major military camps.

New Grox Wars go galactic Edit

And a galaxy in chaos.
In the centre of the Plazith Rim Grox Space, several huge attack fleets were being built. The Grox knew that they were unlikely to survive in the Plazith Rim with so many enemies attacking them, so they decided to do whatever they could while they were still able and sent some of their attack fleets to attack several minor empires across the galaxy. The Daleks, although feeling less under threat, also began manipulating various civilisations into destroying themselves. Over the course of the next few days, several of these small nations collapsed and fell. Amidst the destruction, a few of the extragalactic civilisations with a presence in the Plazith Rim fled, abandoning their colonies. The galaxy was falling into chaos.

One of the extragalactic empires that left was the Galactic Empire. Very little was known about this very large empire, as they came from a far off galaxy beyond the First Gigaquadrant, but was known for their favour of world-sized ships and superweapons, ruled by powerful, evil psychics. Assumed to be Tier 1, many suspected that the Galactic Empire was planning on conquering the galaxy. However, they too were abandoning their few research colonies; it seemed they had given up on their invasion, probably because there wouldn't be much of a galaxy left to take. Perhaps something was kicking off in their galaxy, such as a civil war.

One of the empires that was under attack was that of the Goa'uld, near the Human Republic. The Grox that were attacking them destroyed most of the "Stargate" network, although Tokzhalat's forces managed to steal some of the Ancient technology to be studied, and sent it to Ghelaxin for use in "Project Timeship". However, like across much of the galaxy, the Tokzhalan Empire's fleets left to escape the destruction.

And yet another strong empire of Milky Way Galaxy was falling. The Dominion was a powerful organization that parallels the Human Republic in the so called "Gamma Quadrant". They refused to enter the Human Republic, so instead the Tokzhalan gave them another offer - joining the attackers. However, it wasn't long before they fell into dispute the Daleks, who manipulated the Dominion into a civil war, and cutting ketracel white trade routes on the loyalists’ side, sending the Jem'Hadar mad. The empire descended into a civil war, and the Tokzhalan didn't really care less and abandoned the Dominion. However, the fleet of Shadows which didn't join the Shadow Empire and stayed behind in Milky Way Galaxy stuck with the loyalists. This was a bad decision, as now the Shadows were fighting on both sides of the conflict. With more Shadows on the loyalists’ side, the other Shadows swapped over, however, the Daleks decided enough was enough, and proceeded to attack the small fleet, which was completely destroyed. However, most of the Shadows were now beyond the Rim, it is unknown whether they will be seen again, or even if they will survive against the other First Ones, or just ascend.

Week Nine Edit

Dalek Invasion Edit

While the Light Sector Alliance were busy with colonising another universe and fighting Taberon, a Dalek fleet appeared in the Alliance's space in the Ghelaxin Galaxy, one of the Tokzhalan galaxies. The LSA had never heard of Daleks before and did not know what had just appeared, but the Elliontics had fought them before. They knew they were deadly, and the Elliontic Colony-Master commanded the defence forces to engage and try to destroy the Dalek fleet, but the Dalek ships were more powerful and the Alliance ships were eventually beaten back. However, when the Daleks landed and tried a land invasion, the Alliance fought them off, and destroyed their ships when they were stationary. The Daleks had claimed a system though.

End of the Plazith Rim Campaign Edit

As the wars in the Plazith Rim Campaign continued, many more empires fell. Along with this, they managed to expand their scientific knowledge, most notably finally managing to obtain additional technology for "Project Timeship" from the Stargates that were under Goa'uld control. Eventually, Tokzhalat decided that he might be able to afford to leave the galaxy if something drastic happened to his forces. Such a thing was being planned by the Salsetthe - the destruction of the Tokzhalan Mothership Meydh.

Nearly 150 Salsetthe Star Cruisers and Dreadnoughts, led by the Salsetthe flagship Vey'rch, were filled with as many tricobalt devices as they could carry and were given improvements to their prototype subatomic disruptors so that they would become useful weapons. When the Salsetthe ships attacked, they crippled the Mothership quickly. The battle was helped by the scans of the Ghelaxin taken in the battle that occured the week before, as the Salsetthe knew that, upon weakening the shields and causing enough damage, they could beam tricobalt devices inside certain sections of the Meydh and tear the ship apart.

Even after this, the Meydh continued fighting, and the Salsetthe forces were weakened enough (especially after using up all of their tricobalt devices) for the battle to continue for several more minutes. The Apalos, which was inside the Meydh at the time, tried to escape, but was intercepted by the Vey'rch. The two ships fought each other, destroying each others' weapons and damaging each others' structures enough so that the battle might have resulted in a loss for both sides were it not for an away team being beamed from the Salsetthe Dreadnought to the Tokzhalan flagship. There, although incurring great losses (only three of the seventeen beamed onto the ship survived), they managed to turn the battle into a Salsetthe victory - they took a Tokzhalan soldier captive, they managed to steal an Apalos-class Drone for further analysis, and One - leader of the Salsetthe forces - managed to cause the near-destruction of the Apalos with antimatter and plasma explosives, but was forced to sacrifice his own robotic life in the process.

However, it wasn't entirely a victory. Tokzhalat, most of his crew, some of the Apalos and part of the Meydh managed to escape, using a makeshift intergalactic transporter made using Dalek transmat technology to beam them back to the Tokzhalan Galaxies. However, when Tokzhalat arrived back on Tokzhalanapalos the next day, he gave the order to end direct Tokzhalan involvement in the galaxy, effectively ending the Plazith Rim Campaign.

Dalek-Undine War Edit

Cube and Saucer

A Borg Cube approaches a disabled Dalek Saucer.

Although most of the conflict in the Plazith Rim was dying down - the Tokzhalan Empire had left, the Grox would soon be destroyed, and most other hostile influences had been eradicated - two more militaristic empires, the Daleks and the Undine, were beginning another conflict. The two races were very similar - advanced technology, xenocidal attitude, belief in their own genetic superiority - and for these reasons, the two had a strong dislike for each other from the moment they made contact. The Daleks were the ones who fired the first shot, after exploring the Undine's home of "fluidic space", although the Undine were vehemently opposed to intruders "polluting" their realm and so fired their own first shot a few microseconds afterwards.

Although the Daleks had access to superweapons such as the "Staff of Death" (from the Grox Empire, via the Tokzhalan), they did not believe that such a weapon would be effective against the whole of fluidic space, so the Dalek-Undine War quickly became a war of attrition, with ships on both sides constantly struggling to destroy their enemies.

As is typical in wars between such powers, both sides ignored any other empires that might have been affected. However, given that the only other civilisation nearby was the Borg Collective, this would eventually be a bad idea - not just for them, but for the rest of the galaxy. Upon finding an inactive Dalek battlecruiser drifting through space, the Borg assimilated everything that they could find inside, including advanced Dalek technology and the Daleks themselves. With the Dalek technology, they managed to modify their nanoprobes to be able to assimilate the Undine and their technology.

The Borg were back on the path to recovery, and although it would still take a long time to reach their former glory, they were closer to their goal of perfection than ever before. However, after the Grox had been defeated, the Borg scavenged their space for remains; as well as assimilating a few worlds, the Grox's bodies easily turned to the Collective.

"The Civilization" Edit

Main article: The Civilisation

In some ways, both the Tokzhalan the DCP got what they wanted. The DCP gathered many new members from dying empires, and quickly started expanding across systems lost by other empires. The Tokzhalan intended for the galaxy to be united in a single civilization, and the DCP planned something similar, called "The Civilization". It was neither an alliance nor an organization, but basically empires in the galaxy working together for to achieve common goals, releasing the need to war over things. Trade would get stronger, and while every empire remained independant from one another, together as every empire as a whole became one civilization. Over the next week, the DCP and its allies eradicated every Grox colony in the galaxy, and with the exception of a few hostile empires the Plazith Rim was united.

Week Thirteen Edit

After nearly a month of practically no Tokzhalan activity besides the war in Ottzello, a quarter of a year after the Imperial Civil War began it finally came to a close.

Capture of Tokzhalat Edit

After the Apalos had been repaired from the damage it took during the Battle of the Meydh, Agency intelligence predicted that the ship would soon visit the Quadrant Galaxies, so the Girdo Empire contacted various pirates, along with the Syndicate, and offered a bounty for the capture of Tokzhalat. The reward - "as much white spice as your ships can carry" - would be given to any ship that survived the encounter with the Apalos, in order to prevent unproductive competition between the different groups.

As soon as the Apalos arrived at the Tarermi system, at the edge of Quadrant 89, it was ambushed by a fleet of pirates. Tokzhalat was captured by Captain Iilfertu in the Makeshift, using Dalek transmat technology to abduct him through the Apalos's shields. There he was taken to Imperial Capitol, where the Girdo Empire unsuccessfully tried to assimilate him back into their group mind. The attempt failed, as Tokzhalat's mind was mysteriously different from those of other Imperials in such a way so the mind control device used could not reintegrate him using the same methods that would work on any other ex-Girdo citizen.

Meanwhile, a Tokzhalan Mothership had tracked Tokzhalat to Imperial Capitol. There, it disabled part of the planet's defence fleet with a barrage of ion cannon fire, then transported Tokzhalat away from the planet to return him to the Apalos.

Battle of Timeship Edit

The Light Sector Alliance ships in the Ghelaxin Galaxy eventually managed to find a heavily-guarded Tokzhalan military base, and as many of their ships fell to the planet's defences, they sent a distress signal to the Delpha Coalition of Planets. When the DCP fleet arrived, they discovered the base to be "Project Timeship", which was working on the development of spactime manipulation technology. Timeship deflected the DCP ships' spacetime weapons with ease, forcing them to beam down soldiers (concurrent with pulses of warped spacetime, in order to prevent the teleportation signals from being destabilised by the Timeship) to infiltrate and destroy it.

Project Timeship was defended on the outside by supersized Zxxon soldiers and manned on the inside by normal-sized Zxxon armed with Dalek-derived "death ray" weapons, and in space a Tokzhalan Mothership and a force of hundreds of Apalos-class Drones arrived to deal with the orbiting DCP fleet. The Tokzhalan Mothership had already been upgraded with spacetime manipulation technology to use against the DCP ships, but the Drones were still only able to use missiles and particle beam weapons.

On the ground, nearly all of the DCP soldiers and Zxxon were killed, leaving just one Juggernaut Commander and one normal-sized Zxxon remaining. In the space battle, the DCP fleet was incurring several losses, but it quickly ghost-phased, rendering the Tokzhalan weapons worthless. During the ghost phase, the Mothership left the battle and the Drones approached the planet, but the DCP ships quickly dephased and followed them.

The battle ended when one Drone fired a chronon missile at the Juggernaut, who had managed to infiltrate the inside of Timeship. The Juggernaut was holding a Zxxon captive, and as the Zxxon did not want to be erased from time, it took control of Timeship and used it to freeze time in the nearby area, with only the two soldiers and Timeship itself not being frozen. There was also one DCP ship outside the time-freeze, which retrieved the Juggernaut and finally destroyed Project Timeship with a Planet Buster. The fate of the Zxxon is unknown; it is generally believed that the Juggernaut killed it.

Invasion of the Tokzhalan Galaxies Edit


The Girdo-controlled Drone is hit by one of the Dreykzin's chronon missiles. An Imperium-class ship can be seen exploding in the background.

The Seven Starr Alliance soon decided that it was time to strike against the Tokzhalan Empire in their home galaxies, instead of waiting for a Tokzhalan invasion to arrive. Since it was clear that there was no Tokzhalan presence in the Ghelaxin Galaxy apart from a few military bases, the SSA sent some of its forces - the Fleet of Retribution from the URC, the Twelfth Battle Fleet from the Rambo, most of the Girdo Imperial Space Force, and a million DCP ships including three Gargnatuan-class superships - to the next closest of the Tokzhalan Galaxies, Dreykzin.

Meanwhile, in preparation for the attack, the Tokzhalan Empire called upon their allies, with the promises of both defending the Tokzhalan Empire and, more importantly, being able to destroy a large portion of the SSA's forces at once. Ships from the Confederacy of Allied Systems, Imperial Alliance and Grox Empire joined those of Tokzhalat, and spread across the Dreykzin Galaxy in order to ambush any invading SSA fleets.

The battle began when one group of Apalos-class Drones attacked a small task force of four URC starships in a blue giant system. Both sides were alerted to their enemy's presence in that system, and all of the warships in the galaxy soon gathered around the blue giant along with two neighboring stars, a yellow dwarf and a red dwarf. The very largest and some of the smallest of the Tokzhalan and allied ships took up positions around the outside of the systems, destroying any enemy ships trying to enter or leave the battle. However, before long, the Tokzhalan Motherships joined the fray. Using their spacetime weapons, two of them performed a very rare feat, and destroyed one of the DCP's Gargantuans. The other two superships stayed in ghost phase for most of the battle after that, but were played by Grox ships that could also ghost phase, and which also beamed Conqrix armies aboard to disrupt the Gargantuans' operations.

However, the Tokzhalan Motherships were damaged by the blast caused by the Gargantuan's destruction and were quickly destroyed afterwards. Over the course of the battle, the rest of the Motherships were also destroyed - one by a DCP flotilla, one by another Gargantuan temporarily dephasing, one by a URC fleet, two by the Girdo Imperium-class ships, and by the final Gargantuan in conjunction with a Rambo task force.

The second of the two Motherships destroyed by the Imperiums was the Dreykzin, which was at the time acting for Emperor Tokzhalat. It was destroyed due to Tokzhalat's choice to use time-erasing chronon missiles as a defence system - the Girdo Emperor piloted the Apalos-class Drone captured during the Battle of the Meydh to the Mothership, and since erasing the Emperor from history would have caused a time paradox (due to the Girdo Empire never existing, and by extension the Tokzhalan Empire and so the chronon missile itself), the missile was ineffective against the Drone, allowing it to penetrate the Dreykzin's defences. The Drone destroyed a small portion of the Mothership (perhaps aided by detonating of the Mothership's antimatter missiles that were being prepared for launch), which was enough for the Imperiums missiles to start getting through, ultimately resulting in the ship's destruction. In the process, however, all of the seven Imperiums were destroyed, with only a few survivors managing to escape from the Starfighter.

As Tokzhalat died, his remaining ships executed "Tokzhalat's Last Command" and fled the scene, going in thousands of different directions to prevent the SSA fleets from following them. Since all of the other Tokzhalan-allied ships had fell over the course of the battle, there was now nothing that the invasion force could so, so they counted the battle as a victory and returned home.

Treaty of Dreykzin Edit

The Imperial Civil War ended abruptly the day after the Battle of Dreykzin. That morning, the Girdo Empire was contacted by the Tokzhalan Empire's new Emperor, who had written a treaty to declare an armistice. The Girdo Empire's Commodore Hlraka delivered the message to the SSA, who grudgingly agreed to accept the terms of the treaty due to the state of the First Gigaquadrant, particularly the threat of the Grox and the Cult of the Deathmarch, and the instability in Ottzello, which the treaty would decrease somewhat.

The content of the Treaty of Dreykzin is as follows:

  1. The Tokzhalan Empire will not conduct any direct hostile actions against the Seven Starr Alliance or the Seven Starr Alliance's member nations, or vice versa, with the exception of the use of Hyperluminal Defence Stations under the conditions already agreed to between the Tokzhalan and Girdo Empires. The two entities will be officially neutral towards each other.
  2. The Seven Starr Alliance and its member nations will not attempt to explore, spy on, or otherwise try to gain information:
    • From within the Tokzhalan Galaxies.
    • About what is within the Tokzhalan Galaxies.
  3. The Tokzhalan Empire will withdraw its forces from the Ottzello Galaxy.

It also abides by standard intergalactic treaty protocols: any violation of the conditions, including by third parties such as mercenaries, renders the treaty void. However, it should be noted that, due to the specific wording of the document (...will not conduct any direct hostile actions...), the "third party" protocol only applies to the second and third points.

With the acceptance of the treaty, the Imperial Civil War was over.

Notes Edit


An Imperium-class ship over Titan. Made by Wormulon using Spore and Space Engine.

  • The Imperial Civil War was written from July 31 2010 to February 24 2011, alongside a more character-driven story, "Truly Alien". It was the featured fiction from December 5 to December 11 2011.
  • On November 10 2013, it was replaced with the Girdo Campaigns, and the Tokzhalan Empire was retconned to be a fiction made by the Girdo Empire for their interventions in Ottzello.
  • Since then, many parts of the Imperial Civil War that were not incorporated into the Campaigns have been made inconsistent with canon, such as nearly everything that took place in the Sol System. Other aspects have been modified to be incorporated into other fictions, such as Project Emperor being taken to its logical extreme by Da Rogue Boyz in Da Reckoning. A few have been retconned in other ways, such as the Faratann and Zxxon having been Girdo natives from the time of the Grand Galactic Fleet.
  • Between November 10 2013 and October 1 2017, this page was deleted, as its creator had apparently forgotten that it had been featured back in 2011. The day after its undeletion, Wormulon made a new version of the infobox picture, visible on the right, with the background being taken from Space Engine instead of the original Celestia.
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