The Imperial Galactic War was fought between the Imperial Alliance and Rambo Nation and its allies.

Eventually the war will expand not only from conflicts between the Imperial Alliance and Rambo Nation, but will also involve other nations and empires.


Factions including Rambo Nation, its allies, and its enemies clashed in an old fashioned war: ship against ship, fleet against fleet, army against army. No galactic-scale devastation, no destruction of systems.


Current Participants[]


Frustrating Rambo Nation[]

Wormhole to the Tigris System Crisis

The Saurien Sector Coaliton, part of the Imperial Alliance attacks the Rambo Task Force near the Tigris Wormhole.

After attacking the Rambo capitol bombarding the Rambo High Council, the Emperor of the Imperial Alliance and the War Council, looking to provoke Rambo Nation even further, seized the wormhole to the Tigris System, cutting the 25th Fleet of the Rambo Navy off from reinforcements and supplies.

Trade Blockade

During the Wormhole Crisis, the Imperial Alliance also laid a blockade to the Swerion Trade Federation, so that trade between them stopped, which was bad for the economic wealth of Rambo Nation's Deep Space Colonie 01 in Quadrant 89.

Skirmishes on the borders

The Imperial Alliance launched small attacks on Rambo outposts on the borders in Quadrant 82 and 89 and they are pushing the Rambo on the defensive. Many ships have been damaged already and the Judges fear an impending invasion on one of the key positions.

Attack at the Dissia System[]

Attack at the Dissia System

The Dissia System, one of the more important systems of Rambo Nation came under attack by the Imperial Alliance, the fleets of Rambulan Captain El'd'Shell and the Lizardian Commander attacked and invaded the system, dealing a heavy blow to Rambo moral.

When the forces in the Dissia System began losing there foothold Captian Ramaxar and the USS Sovereign and his fleet arrived and the Imperials began losing there foothold. When the battle infensified, from the nearby wormhole another fleet of Rambo appeard, this was the fleet under command of Judge Magister Ramhis and they joined the battle.

The Imperial forces eventually retreated, this is pleasure with the Rambo. It later turned out this was just a distraction and a trap, with heavy consequenties for Rambo Nation and it's allies.

Seeking new allies[]

After the Emperor talked with Aur'Lodin, the Regent of the Imperial Alliance both agreed that the time was almost right to go to war. The Tigris War reached it's conslusion and the Tralor managed to keep the Rambo busy in the Dissia System.

But the Emperor found it neccesarily to contact differant factions and nations once again to see if they stayed neutral in the coming war, or even wanted to join the Alliance. After long diplomatic talks with Resistance leader Ramgaro, the Rambo Resistance accepted the fact that the Imperial Alliance and the Resistance became allies.

The Emperor than awaited further answers from the other nations before going to frontal war.

The War begins[]

Rambo Task Force under attack[]

Imperial forces engage a Rambo Task Force

A small Task Force of Rambo Nation was patrolling the area near Ramrevera System, a small but important location to Rambo Nation. It lay near the Tri-Hoornbo Empire borders and the system was seen as a trade port.

The Imperial Alliance attacked the Task Force and proclaimed open and frontal war by it. The Task Force was taken by complete surprise and with the arrival of the Lizardian Heavy Defense Ship, the lead Nebula Class ship was no match for the main canon and was destroyed.

The remaining ships were soon after destroyed by the remaining Imperial Ships.

Defeat of the Tri-Hoornbo Empire[]

When the Task Force was destroyed, and unable to send a message that Imperial Forces were arriving, the Rambo Defense Fleet stationed within Tri-Hoornbo Empire Space was taken by complete surprise. Even though the Rambo Fleet was impressive, the Imperial Attack was led by an old aquintance, namely the Lizardian Commander.

Fall of the Rambo Defense Fleet near Tri-Hoornbo Borders

Thanks to his cunning and knowledge of the Rambo tactics the defense fleet was in peril. The battle took over 5 hours, and the Rambo Forces were unable to call for reinforcements since the Imperial Forces were jamming the signals.

After 5 hours of battle the Lizardian Commander saw an opening and exploited this. The Rambo Fleet was crippled by the attack and surrended. However the Lizardian Commander knew no mercy and destroyed the entire fleet.

The Tri-Hoornbo people, who saw there defenders being destroyed surrended and the Imperial Alliance claimed Tri-Hoornbo space and the species were enslaved. The Lizardian Commander was happy, this was the first revenge on Rambo Nation, and with it he had dealt a crippling blow to Rambo Nation and the Noble Alliance.

Fall of Ramrevera[]

Fall of Ramrevera Prime

While the Lizardian Commander was leading the attack at the Tri-Hoornbo Empire, the Rambulan Captain El'd'Shell led a bold attack at Ramrevera Prime, the Rambo Colonie near Tri-Hoornbo Empire borders.

While the Colonie prepared themselves after the loss of the Task Force, they were unable to hold off the Imperial Forces since El'd'Shell made use of the cloacking systems of the Rambulan Ships and such, the Rambo Forces were crippled or destroyed.

El'd'Shell reported this news to the Emperor, who was pleased by this news, and ordered him to hold his advance till further notice.

Gaining Foothold[]

When the Imperials invaded the Tri-Hoornbo Space it took a while to completly take control of it. After a few days the entire system was under Imperial Control, but this delayal ment that the Noble Alliance had prepared a denfese fleet and that the Rambo also prepared to strike back.

The Emperor was not worried, but was not happy how the war was turning too. But when the Tralor Empire arrived in the Dissia System, a system he did not control, they made contact with eachother and allies themselves to submit the Rambo to there own will.

Pleased with the recent events and Rambo Nation put on the defence, it was time to start the campaign against Rambo Nation, to bring her down, although it would prove difficult and a very lenghty war, Rambo Nation still is a powerfull opponant, even after the loss of the Dissia, Ramrevera and the Tri-hoornbo areas.

Imperial Campaign[]

The Battle of the Rambo Capitol System[]

The Battle for the Rambo Capitol System was the first battle in the "Imperial Campaign" and was a precisly timed attack by the Rambo Emperor.

Notable Participants:

  • Imperial Alliance: Lizardian Commander Lizrkrahmkyn (Imperial Lizardian Battle Cruiser Redeemer).
  • Imperial Alliance: Saurien Representive Saraxvrantrix(Saurien Sector Coalition Cruiser Vetar).
  • Rambo Nation: Captain Klopplar (USS Merced).
  • Rambo Nation: Captain Ramcard (USS Dallas)(arrived later in the battle).
The Imperial Fleet arrives[]

The Lizardian Commander Lizrkrahmkyn and Saurien Representive Saraxvrantrix were given the order to invade the Rambo Capitol System and secure the Colonie of Pelman, and when that is done Rambulan Fleet Captain El'd'Shell would arrive with his fleet and together they would advance to the Rambo Capitol Planet, Dinoman82.

As the combined fleets of Lizrkrahmkyn and Saraxvrantrix arrived in the Rambo Capitol System they began sieging the Colonie of Pelman. As Captain Ramaxar was still in the Dissia System, the fleet captain of the 1st Fleet was not present, as the Emperor predicted.

As the Rambo and Imperial Fleet began fighing eachother Saraxvrantrix noticed that the Lizardian Commander, Lizrkrahmkyn was breaking formation and headed for the Capitol planet of Dinoman82, as Saraxvrantrix asked him to return, he refused claiming that if the Lizardian Commander could bring down the Tri-Hoornbo Empire, he could take down the Rambo Capitol System.

A costly decision[]

As the Imperial Fleet of Lizrkrahmkyn advanced to the Capitol Planet the fleet was taken under fire from the orbital canons and nearby ships of the 1st Fleet engaged the Imperial Fleet.

However, the Imperial Fleet proved stronger (as Lizrkrahmkyn took the bulk of the invading Fleet with him) and defeated the Rambo ships. As they prepared to send in the landing troops Fleet Captain Klopplar and the 5th Fleet spun there trap and now Lizkrahmkyn's fleet was trapped between the orbital canons of the Capitol Planet and the 5th Fleet his fleet was soon defeated.

Lizrkrahmkyn retreated to the Colonie of Pelman which Saraxvrantrix was sieging but found that his fleet was also crippled and with the combined fleets of the 1st and the 5th Fleet of Rambo Nation the Imperials were forced to make there stand at Pelman, trapped between two fleets and defences of Pelman.

Fleet Captain Ramcard arrives[]

Fleet Captain Ramcard onboard the USS Dallas arrives

As the stand at Pelman began the Imperial Fleet proved to strong to be defeated and Rambo Nation and the Imperial Alliance fleets were having a stand off. However, Fleet Captain Ramcard of the USS Dallas and the 12th Fleet arrived the Imperial Fleet was outnumbered and many ships were destroyed.

The remaining ships retreated out of the Rambo Capitol System and headed for the nearest Imperial Controlled system, that of the former Tri-Hoornbo Empire. As many ships managed to use hyper jumps, the Redeemer, the Lizardian Battle Cruiser under command of Lizrkrahmkyn hyperspace engines were damaged and he withdrew on impulse speed.

Luckily for him, the Rambo Fleet did not persue as they were destroying the other Imperial Ships that were left behind and began taking prisoners.

Capture of Saraxvrantrix[]

The USS Merced and other Rambo Ship disable the Vetar and the escorting Star Destroyers

However, the escort that was covering Saraxvrantrix's retreat were intercepted by the USS Merced under command of Fleet Captain Klopplar, and together with 2 Constellation and a Centaur class they disabled the Vetar (the personall ship of Saraxvrantrix) and destroyed the escorting Lizardian Star Destroyers.

As the Vetar was disabled Saraxvrantrix surrended and was taken captive by Rambo Forces.


The first battle in the Imperial Campaign was lost and the Emperor was furious as his orders were not followed, otherwise the Capitol System would have fallen within mere days. Now it was nearly impossible as the 1st, 5th and 12th Fleet were stationed there.

He now had to adjust his plans, something which he hated and someone had to pay for it.

Targeting the Noble Alliance[]

As the Emperor was furious with the defeat of Lizrkrahmkyn and the capture of Saraxvrantrix, the Emperor saw that he needed a new victory, as it gave the Rambo and the Noble Alliance hope, which could mean a turn in the tide, nothing could be as devasting as an enemy with hope.

Occupation of the Goepelke Republic[]

As such, he gave Rambulan Fleet Captain El'd'Shell the orders to occupy the Goepelke Republic, and as he launched his attack, the Goepelke soon surrended as there ships were no match for the combined forces of a Lizardian, Rambulan and Saurien ships.

Attack at the Victreeions[]

Together with this attack he send a small part of his fleet to the Victreeion Empire and began attacking them and crippling most of the Victreeion Fleet, however the Emperor talked with the Victreeions, as they were a hostile race, if they perhaps wanted to join the Imperial Alliance, since surely the Victreeions would deserve a greater purpose than serving the Rambo or the Noble Alliance.

The Victreeions however, refused and continued to defend there homesystem without the aid of the Rambo.

Destruction of the Algernon[]

He later gave order to Lizardian Commander Lizrkrahmkyn to invade Algernon Space with a Fleet of 2 Star Destroyer and his personall ship, the Redeemer. Lizrkrahmkyn saw this action as a suicide mission, but the Emperor assured him that he would succeed in his mission, as such a great and famous Lizardian Commander would do.

The Lizardian Commander, already at a bad feet with the Emperor after his devasting defeat at the Rambo Capitol Siege, complied and with sheer luck, and after heavy casualties he brought down the Algernon and destroyed most of there cities and reduced the Algernon to nothing less as scavengers and homeless space.

The Emperor expected him to die, and was wondered by the Commanders victory, and as such he complimented him. Perhaps he did have some use afer all.

Loss of a Captain[]

The Seleya under attack of the Soterus, and the USS Bellerophon moments before destruction

Captain Ramkoty of the USS Bellerophon and Insector Captain El'd'Shar of the Seleya were travelling to the Human Republic, send there as a mission by the Noble Alliance and Rambo Command to explore and meet the new allies of the Noble Alliance.

While exiting Quadrant 82 however, the Seleya and the USS Bellerophon were taken under attack when a cloaked Valdore Class decloacked and attacked the two ships. It was the RSS Soterus who engaged the two ships, a ship of the Imperial Alliance.

Taken by surprise the Soterus targeted the Bellerophon first and crippled her badly, however, the Seleya proved to strong and damaged the right wing of the Rambulan ship and it fled afterwards.

However, the Bellerophon's engines were critically damaged and a Warp Core breached destroyed the ship with all hands. Captian El'd'Shar witnessed his best Rambo friend last moments, and was saddenend and greatly hurted by this loss.

Afterwards he informed the Noble Alliance and Rambo Command and was withdrawn, as the Imperial Alliance was not to be allowed to discover the Human Republic. El'd'Shar headed for the Rambo Capitol Planet to explain the events to Empress Ramashe.

The Laberynth[]

USS Luna evades the Laberynth while escaping into a nebulae

Shortly after the succes against the Noble Alliance and the destruction of the USS Bellerophon the Emperor sended a new class of ship into service, the Heavy Battle Cruiser with the modified Laberynth as it's prime example.

However while on mission, the Laberynth encountered the USS Luna under command of Captain Rambam.

See Captain of Space and War,

Commander Lizrkrahmkyn[]

Battle of Reien[]

The USS Sovereign cripples the Redeemer

Taken great pride in his victory, Lizkrahmkyn advanced toward the Braafrena system to siege the Rambo Colonie of Reien. However, the Braafrena is the system closest to the Rambo Capitol System.

Although Lizrkrahmkyn's plan, who did not inform the Emperor, was a good one, he did not count the presence and fast intervention of the USS Sovereign and the 12th Fleet under command of Captain Ramcard.

While he saw his fleet crippled, he ordered the remaining ships to bombard the planet. But before the commanders flagship, the Redeemer got bombard the Colonie the USS Sovereign, under command of Captain Ramaxar, crippled the massive warship by firing the new weapons of Rambo Nation, the Quantum Torpedo's. Lizkrahmkyn was forced to leave the ship as the Rambo boarded her and as such, he fled to a taken over part of the Colonie of Reien.

Last failiure[]

Commander Lizkrahmkyn perishes at the hand of Aur'Lodin

But as Lizkrahmkyn entered a floating docking port, to his great surprise he saw the Regent of the Imperial Alliance, Aur'Lodin. And she was not happy, but very anger, she was flanked by two Imperial Guards and she and Lizkrahmkyn had the following conversation.

  • Aur'Lodin:"The Emperor is not pleased".
  • Lizkrahmkyn:"Hmpf, so he sends his personall litle cute slave to let me know that?"
  • Aur'Lodin:"How dare you.........."
  • Lizkrahmkyn:"Don't interrupt me, I am a War Councillor and I have as many rights as you"

Lizkrahmkyn said vicious, but as Aur'Lodin circled around him she said.

  • Aur'Lodin:"This was your last failure".

Lizkrahmkyn was surprised, and suddenly Aur'Lodin stood behind him and as she turned, she smiled to him. But Lizkrahmkyn could not smile back as Aur'Lodin used her massive sword on him and as he fell to the ground, the world turned dark for him and he perished.

As Aur'Lodin turned, she witnessed the destruction of the Redeemer by the USS Dallas and a few Rambo Ships of the 12th Fleet and she left soon after.

Fortifying the Dissia System[]

As the Emperor was worried by the succes of the Rambo, he sended the Lizardian Commander and his fleet to the Dissia System to reinforce and fortify the Dissia System.

There the Commander joined forces with the Tralor fleet and met with Captain Tul and prepared himself for the final battle of the Galactic War.

Resistance Campaign[]


When the Rambo Resistance allied the Imperial Alliance they aided them in the Galactic War by attacking the Rambo Outer Colonies, so that Rambo Nation was forced to wage war on differant fronts so that there Fleets were scattered and growing thin.

Siege of Javan[]

The first target of the Resistance was to siege the Rambo Outer Colonie Capitol Planet of Javan. The planet is protected by Captain Ramborwski, Captain of the USS Thomas Paine and Fleet Captain of the 18th Fleet. Charged with the protection of the Rambo Nation Outer Colonies.

First Battle[]

The USS Divide evades fire of the URN NX-01 Enterprise during the Siege of Juvan

When the URN NX-01 Enterprise, flagship of the Resitance, entered the Willa-2 system to find out where the fleet was stationed it encountered the USS Divide under command of Captain Ramirriking the two engaged each other.

However when the USS Divide evaded fire it retreated deeper into the Willa-2 System. The URN NX-01 Enterprise saw this as a victory and follwed in persuad. But if it was a wise decision?

Battle of Juvan[]

Battle of Juvan, the USS Thomas Paine heavily damages the NX-01 Enterprise

As the NX-01 Enterprise persued the USS Divide to the Rambo Capitol Colonie of Juvan it was joined by the rest of the Resistance Fleet.

As the 18th Fleet of Rambo Nation prepared themselves for battle the Resistance Fleet arrived and took the Rambo Fleet by surprise. But by quick thinking of Captain Ramborwski the Rambo Fleet managed to make a stand off.

As the NX-01 Enterprise was taken under attack by the USS Thomas Paine Captain Ramchar proclaimed that the Resistance will never fall. However the 18th Fleet proved to be to strong and drove the Resistance Fleet off.

With a lot off ships damaged Ramborwski decided that it was time to strike back and with leaving a part of the fleet behind he persued the Resitance back to Resistance Capitol of Erion.

Battle at Erion[]

Battle of Erion

Now that the USS Thomas Paine under command of Captain Ramborwski and the 18th Fleet arrived at Erion, the Resistance Capitol the two fleets engaged each other.

However, as the Resistance Fleet was already damaged, and the Resistance forces taken by surprise the USS Thomas Paine and a few other ships managed to attack the main Resistance Contsruction Yard and blocked the Emmette, so that Ramgaro could not escape.

During the fight the URS Dauntless damaged a Constitution Class and the USS Thomas Paine crippled the NX-09 Avenger.

Ramgaro Captured by Captain Ramborwski

After a few hours of battle most of the Resistance ships surrended, but Ramgaro and the Emmette managed to escape during a surprise assault by Ramchar and the URN NX-01 Enterprise. However it proved in vain as the Emmette was taken under attack and chrashed at a nearby moon.

Soon after, Captain Ramborwski and a few guards landed on the moon and took the Resistance leader, Ramgaro hostage. Now the Resistance were defeated by Rambo Nation, a surprise to the Emperor and which could endanger the Imperial Alliance.


The remaining Resistance ships and members surrended, others escaped to Imperial Space and were placed under command of the Rambo Traitor, Ramauron.

But the Resistance was crippled and lost control of the Outer Colonies, which Rambo Nation re-took. Although the Resistance was reduced to a few remaining ships under command of the Imperial Alliance, they were still dangerous but not a great threat anymore to Rambo Nation.

The Great battle at the Dissia System[]

The Final Battle of the Dissia System is one of the major battles of the Galactic War, and decides who takes control of the important Dissia System, close to the Rambo Capitol System and the Wormhole leading to the Tralor Empire.


The Imperial Fleet prepares to attack the Allied Fleet, they are aided by Tralor Empire Ships.

The Allied Fleet under command of Fleet Captain Klopplar approaches the Dissia System, the fleet consists out of Rambo, Swerion and Tralor Rebel ships.

After Empress Ramashe consulted with Viceroy Swerion of the Trade Federation and Grand admiral Yanis of the Tralor Freedom Force, she and the Judge Magister decided to engage the Dissia System and re-take from Tralor and Imperial hands. they were also joined by Insector El'd'Shar and a few Insector Ships.

But before Ramashe decided to engage the Dissia system, she made sure that the surrounding systems and Colonies were evacuated and that the 5th Fleet under Fleet Captain Klopplar and the USS Merced.

They were the first line of the attack, and were functioning more as a diversion to complete the evacuation of the surrounding systems.

However, the Lizardian Commander and Captain Tul of the Tralor Empire, were not unprepared and so the Lizardian Commander dispatched a part of the fleet to engage the oncoming Allied Fleet.

The First Battle[]

The Allied Fleet under lead of the USS Merced smashes the first line of defense of the Imperial Alliance above the Colonie of Stasje.

As the Allied fleet and the Imperial Fleet engaged eachother, it soon proved that they were equall in strength.

But due to tactic employed by Fleet Captain Klopplar onboard the USS Merced and with the aid of the Tralor Freedom Force and the Swerion Trade Federation they soon smashed threw the first rank of defense of the Imperial Alliance.

The Imperial ships were soon crippled and overrun and were forced to withdrawn, but many more were destroyed or were left driftless as the Allied Fleet forced there advance.

The battle near the mining Colonie of Stasje was over, and was a victory for the Allied Fleet and Rambo Nation.

The Lizardian Commander aboard the Chimera retreated to the Capitol Colonie of Koerband.

Klopplar wanted to persue, but first ordered the evacuation troops to get all the Rambo of the Colonie of Stasje. He also contacted Empress Ramashe and told her that Yanis of the Tralor Freedom Froce could execute her mission.

After doing this, he reasembled the Allied Fleet and prepared to engage the damaged and disoriented forces of the Imperial Alliance at Koerband.

But the Lizardian Commander was pleased, he now could span his trap.........

Devastation at Koerband[]

The Lizardian Commander stood at the bridge of the Chimera and looked happily on the coming Allies Ships under command of Fleet Captain Klopplar and the USS Merced.

As he ordered Captain Tul to hold his ground on the surface of Koerband, he would deal with the Space Battles. As the Lizardian Commander saw the Tralor ships as inferior and he wanted to have this victory for his own. He ordered the surviving ships that retreated to Koerband to hold there position in orbit of Koerband. While he ordered the Chimera to advance towards the Allied Fleet.

Captain Klopplar was surprised, even though the Chimera was an Imperial Battle Cruiser, one of the strongest ships, even stronger than the Imperial Star Destroyer or Imperial Valdore Classes. Only the Imperial Heavy Battle Cruisers were stronger than this class. But a lone Battle Cruiser could not defeat Klopplars fleet, combined of Tralor Rebels and Swerion ships. And as such Klopplar advanced towards the Chimera. Without the aid of the Laberynth, an Imperial Heavy Battle Cruiser, who was involved in the hunt for the USS Luna, the only threat was the Chimera.

The Imperial Fleet arrives under command of the Chimera and the massive Lusankya

The Lizardian Comm officer aboard the Chimera looked at the Lizardian Commander, and he nodded. The Comm officer immediatly sended a transmission.

Captain Klopplar noticed this too, but before he could jam the signal, an enormous fleet dropped out of Hyperspace, it were all Imperial Lizardian ships, together with the dreaded Heavy Battle Cruiser, which the Lizardian Commander introduced as the Lusankya. Now the Imperials had 2 of these massive and dreaded vessels. He then ordered to withdrawn back to Stasje, but Klopplars fleet was ambushed and trapped between the Imperial Forces.

The Allied Fleet crippled under attack by the Imperial Forces and the Lusankya.

The two fleets engaged eachother, but with the Lusankya presence, the allied fleet and the 5th fleet of Rambo Nation was soon crippled and many ships were lost or destroyed. One of the last ships still fighting was the USS Merced and a Swerion Battle Cruiser. But the Swerion Cruiser was destroyed by an Imperial Heavy Defense Ship and the USS Merced was taken under fire by the Lusankya.

The Lusankya cripples the USS Mercy, shorlty before Klopplar's capture.

Klopplar saw his fleet and forces be defeated, and ordered a retreat back to Stasje. The Allied Fleet, demorilised immediatly withdrawn but the Lusankya persued the USS Merced and opened fire. When also a Tralor Ships attack the Rambo Ships, the USS Merced shields and engines were failing and the Lusankya crippled the USS Merced and took the ships into one of it's massive Cargobays. Captain Klopplar was taken captive and brought to the Lizardian Commander.

Stasje gets Fortified[]

The retreating ships went to the shorlty re-taken Colonie of Stasje in the Dissia System. Empress Ramashe was informed of the capture of Klopplar and was furious and saddenend. She was forced into other actions, and the plans of her to get Yanis to enter the wormhole had failed. She then ordered the Rambo to fortify the Colonie of Stasje and await reinforcements. They had to keep that Colonie at all costs.

She then went into a meeting with the Judge Magisters to make a plan to save Klopplar.

Interrogation of Klopplar[]

When Captain Klopplar was interrogated by the Lizardian Commander aboard the Chimera, he was severly tortured but did not tell a single word about the tactics of Rambo Nation nor there plans.

It then proved even more difficult, when the Imperial and Tralor forces could not push back the Rambo ships nor re-take the Colonie of Stasje. This frustrated the Lizardian Commander very much, especialley when the Rambo found out about the capture of Princess Ramtilsae and the sudden joining of the Nigtrion to Rambo Nation.

This troubled the Emperor too, and ordered the Commander to hold his position till further notion. The Commander knew what this meant, even with the capture of the Fleet Captain of the 5th Fleet, it would seem the Emperor made plans to withdrawn from the Dissia System because of new and unexpected events. But the Commander vowed that would not be without a fight.


As the Lizardian Commander prepared the Imperial Forces, he contacted Captain Tul and the Tralor, but Tul was not responding, as he was still on Koerband, which the Rambo Forces at Stasje jammed there signals.

The Commander walked at the bridge of the Chimera, and wondered if he would stand a change, the Lusankya was withdrawn at order of the Emperor himself. Now he missed his strongest ship, although he still had the Tralor and the Rambulan vessels.

As he read threw the files, he smiled, he just sended Klopplar to Captain Tul too for interrogation and was soon to arrive at the planet. Suddenly a crew member yelled to the Captain that the front of his fleet was being engaged.

The Commander looked surprise, who would dare to attack them. As he opened the viewscreen, he saw unknown ships, joined up with Rambo vessels engaging the Imperial ships. Taken completely by surprise, the front Imperial Star Destroyers and Heavy Defense Ships were soon crippled and destroyed. As he wanted to warn Tul, he saw the 12th Fleet of Captain Ramcard, together with Noble Alliance and Swerion Ships drop out of warp and engaging the forces of Tul. Outnumbered and taken by surprise, the commander yelled out in rage and slammed his fists on a panel nearby. Which was disabled by his force. When he wanted to order the fleet to fight till the last man, he was contacted by Aur'Lodin, the Regent of the Imperial Alliance whom he despised. She ordered him to withdrawn to Imperial Space, as the Rambo recover was extremely strong with the help of their powerful allies. The Emperor negotiated with Empress Ramashe for peace, and in return the Imperial forces had to leave the Dissia System. And as such, the Commander did that. Although he did not like his withdrawn, the 1st in his entire carrier.


As the Imperial Forces withdrawn, the Tralor did not and were soon defeated by the Rambo and Allies forces. Thanks to the Capricorian Sector Alliance Rambo Nation and the Noble Alliance and allies won the Galactic War with the Imperial Alliance.

However, the Emperor made peace with Rambo Nation for another reason, which he kept to himself and did not reveal it to the War Council yet.

As for the Tralor, Captain Tul was taken captive by Judge Magister Ramhis, but many more managed to withdrawn the Dissia System, together with Princess Ramtilsae. As for Tul, he now awaits interrogation and transport to the Ramghatulkiage Orbital Prison.

End of the War[]

Although the war had ended and the Dissia System was liberated, the problems were far from over. The Rambo fleets were crippled, a lot of casualties and the constant hammering assualts and threats by others also weakened the defences of Rambo Nation. So the peace that was signed came as a surprise, which Ramashe took with two hands. With the time given, she could rebuild the fleet and lay new alliagences to strengthen Rambo Nation.

Even though the Dissia System was liberated, the Imperial Alliance still had there occupied systems and territories, thus a stronghold in Quadrant 82:

  • Goepelke Republic occupied.
  • Fernikki Empire Destroyed.
  • Tri-Hoornbo destroyed.

After the peace a cold war started, where impending conflicts would come to rise. The Emperor dissapeared from radar and searched for a new, and dangerous ally, who posses strong powers and could defeat Rambo Nation within moments.