Imperial Captains, Officers and Individuals[]

On this page you will be able to read and explore the knowledge and information availible of the Imperial Alliance Captains. The Imperial Alliance is a large organisation, with many differant races, as such they will be divided in sections by there species race and images of there ships and a short description will also be availible.

It is possible that more Captains will be added over time.

Imperialea High Prophet Ramordarth[]

High Prophet Ramordarth

High Propthet Ramordarth is an Imperialea and an Imperial War Councillor. Since the Emperor's went missing, he became the highest authority of the Rambo Empire. He is highly honored and he often travels with the Imperialea, the flagship of the Rambo Empire.

Early life

Not much is known of the history of Ramordarth, only that he was a great Captain in the Imperilea Fleet and later was promoted to became a Prophet, one of the more influantial people of the Rambo Empire, in the military as in the rule of the Empire.

High Prophet & ruler of the Remnant

He kept this position for a very long time until the missing of the Imperialea Emperor. Confused and shocked by the Emperor's missing, the other Prophets (there are mostly 5 of them) voted him to become a High Prophet, as it was also the wish of the missing Emperor. Becoming a High Prophet is an emergency position in case the Emperor died or went missing. He was honored by this position and followed the last instructions of the missing Emperor, joining the Imperial Alliance and ruling his beloved people.

And such he did and later headed for Ramrevera Prime, where he would meet the Lizardian Commander to discuss certain plans of a new attack. The Imperialea people, still confused were happy with Ramordarth as there new leader and had new confidence in the future of the Rambo Empire. After the fall of the Imperial Alliance he now searches a way to avenge the Fall and now prepares his forces for another assault at Rambo Nation, whether it is futile or not. After reforming the Imperial Remnant and securing relentless attacks by there enemies, the Remnant once again was stable and they were contacted by a myserious figure. High Archon Arkhadrax of the Darklight Federation contacted the Remnant and Ramordarth met with the mysterious High Archon. Hoping for a stable alliance. As of 04 AQF, when the Remnant went into an economic depression he abandoned all hopes of an alliance, as the Rambo didn't gave aid to the in trouble Remnant. As such he was crowned as the new emperor of the Imperial Remnant (though he preffered to be called Autarch) and with his guidance the people of the Remnant began rebuilding their homes and a new kind of Star Destroyers. In the tenth month of 04 AQF he gave permission to two Imperial Captain to engage two Rambo ships which crossed their borders to aid a Confederate Frigate.

The Vierian Senator

  • He is the oldest Imperialea and was the right hand of the Emperor for a long time.
  • Upon the joining of the Rambo Empire to the Imperial Alliance, he met a young Vierian, and she became his personall assistent and was called a Senator instead. She is a Vierian and admires Ramordarth a lot, some claim she is in love with him but she gives no comment on that. Latley, she is also escorting him on Ramrevera Prime, the Stronghold Ramordarth was assigned to. She then became known as the Vierian Senator or Ramordarth's left hand.

Captain Eear'Chisarlyna'Vaerynicz (captured)[]

Captain Eear'Chisarlyna'Vaerynicz


Captain Eear'Chisarlyna'Vaerynicz, often called Chisarlyna is a none member species Captain within the Rambo Empire. She joined the Rambo Empire because she liked the ideas and plans of the Rambo Imperialea Emperor. She was already familiar with the Rambo Imperialea and soon rose among there ranks and finally became a Captain of a Discovery Class.

Captain of the USS Guinevere

Upon recieving the rank of Captain, Chisarlyna recieved command of the USS Guinevere, a Discovery Class vessel and a swift vessel, build for exploration and battle.

USS Guinevere attacks a DCP Cruiser

She became good friends with Ramgûlak and aided him in several occasions. When the Rambo Empire allied the Imperial Alliance she was first a little bit unsure, but later accepted it and hoped to soon engage Rambo Nation. However, she soon recieved a transmission from the Emperor, with a special mission to destabalise Rambo Nation's posistion within the known Universe and among her allies.

The USS Dallas battles the USS Guinevere and the Adarga.

She soon executed her task and engaged a DCP Cruiser, as the DCP Captain expected a Rambo Captain, it did not raise shields and so the USS Guinevere attacked the DCP Cruiser. Taken by surprise, the DCP crew was unable to raise shield and the ship was crippled. However, Chisarlyna did not destroy the ship, instead she fled the scene, thus damaging Rambo Nation's reputation among her allies. She also fought during the battle of Capricaerón and after the Second Galactic War began advising and investigating Clone Troopers to command Imperial Star Destroyers.

However, after the Novae destroyed the Insector Homeworld Rambo Nation had suspisions about Imperial involvement and the creation of their Clone Army. In response they send the USS Dallas and the so called Rambo Team to capture her. While she was investigating the Adarga Captain Ramcard and Rambo Team attacked. Due to X-210 her advanced abilities they quickly disabled both the Adarga, whom was not fully equipped yet and the USS Guinevere. Two other members of Rambo Team, X-599 and X-493, infriltrated the Adarga and defeated all the Clone Troopers and took her captive. Upon arriving at the USS Dallas she was send to the brick. Upon Ramacards return to the Capitol Chisarlyna was send to Ramghatulkiaga.

USS Lady Guinevere

The USS Guinevere

The USS Guinevere is a ship build for exploration and battle, it is often found as a support ship and fights mainly on her own, sometimes being backed up by other ships. The USS Guinevere saw many action in differant battles, mostly fighting side by side with the USS Avalon.

The USS Guinevere is able to travel at Warp Speed and is one of the only ships within the Imperialea fleet to safely use Transwarp. It was later destroyed by the USS Dallas and Captain Ramcard.

Captain Lizaconda[]

Captain Lizaconda

Lizaconda is a Lizardian Captain in service of the former Lizardian Empire and the now Imperial Alliance. He is a calculating captain and is known to be very ruthless to his enemies. He also dislikes the Rambo, whom he likes to refer as the blue birds. He is a strong follower and loyal to Aur'Lodin, the Regent of the Imperial Alliance. He commands the Imperial Star Destroyer Liberty.

He is a Captain whom likes to fight with his Lizardians, and often goes with them to the battle field. He fights with a huge Electric Sword and favors the use of the Aura Beam, to frighten or impress his enemies.

See Lizaconda

Captain Ramgûlak[]

Captain Ramgûlak

Captain Ramgûlak is a Captain in service of the Rambo Empire and is an experient and famous Captain within the Empire. He was born over 345 years ago. During his carreer, he befriend Chisarlyna and the two became good friends.

Captain of the USS Avalon

Upon recieving command of the USS Avalon Ramgûlak quickly rose threw Imperial ranks and soon became one of the most trusted and favored Captains of the Emperor.

the USS Avalon and a Discovery Class engage a Xhodocto Cruiser.

He fought in many campaing who are unknown to Rambo Nation and the Noble Alliance. Upon recieving the command of the Emperor that they have joined the Imperial Alliance, Ramgûlak prepared his ship and Task Force for battle.

Upon hearing news of the truce made with the Xhodocto and Rambo Nation, the Imperialea Emperor ordered Ramgûlak to attack a Xhodocto Cruiser. Ramgûlak even went so far, with aid of a Discovery Class, to destroy the Cruiser and await the Xhodocto's reaction. Ramgûlak was happy, the USS Avalon recieved no damage at all and he came in a better light with the Emperor. Now he hopes that it will work, and that a new conflict will spark between Rambo Nation and the Xhodocto, so that the Imperialea will profit from it and bring both of them to there knees.

File:Battle of Capricaerón 03.png

The Avalon prepares to attack the Quadrantia Fleet when she comes to aid the CSA

He was later send to participate in the battle of the Rambo Capitol but was forced to withdrawn when the Immobilizer used her weapons and the Spacial Anomolies went out of control. During the battle, the Avalon was taken under fire by the USS Dallas. He later aided Aur'Lodin in the battle of Capricaerón and managed to destroy several CSA vessels. But after the defeat of the Imperial Dreadnought, he fled with the remaining Imperial ships as the Emperor ordered a massive withdrawn to Imperial Space. After the fall of the Imperial Alliance he returned to Imperialea Space.

USS Avalon

USS Avalon

The USS Avalon is an Excalibur Class vessel and is used as exploration, support and escort ship. The USS Avalon saw action in many campaigns and is one of the lead and famoust ships of the Rambo Empire.

From upon her launch it was commanded by Captain Ramgûlak.

Captain Ramvroght[]

Captain Ramvrogth

Captain Ramvrogth commands the Imperialea, the flagship of the Rambo Empire. Although relitivaly a new and inexperient Captain he is already very arrogant and has a tendecy to underestimate his enemies.

He carries a double bladed sword, embadded with electricity and poison.

Ramvroght arrives with the Hammer of War at Fornaeria

Captain of the Imperialea

Upon recieving command of the Imperialea, the strongest and powerfullst vessel of Rambo Natin Ramvrogth thought about glory and massive victories at the front lines against Rambo Nation and the other Allied forces.

However this turned down as his ship was to be kept classified and only was ment to transport the High Prophet from and forward to the differant locations.

Captain of the Hammer of War

As the Imperials launched there new Praetorian class into active service, measering over 35000 meters the Hammer of War. After he recieved command he explored some unknown regions and went to Fornaeria, and became active in the Battle of Fornaeria.

The Imperial Fleet under attack at Fornaeria

With the arrival of Ramvroght, the Ramo denfece fleet was forced to withdrawn and Ramvroght ordered his troops to land on the surface and take over the colonie, so the Imperial Alliance could get what they wanted. However, his time was short, as Zarbriaek and Amiaeria ships joined the Rambo fleet and soon again the Imperial fleet was under attack. Ramvroght managed to destroy the Profit at all Times and it seemed the Rambo had to surrender again. But out of nowhere, a mobile suite attacked the Light Cruisers of the Imperial Alliance and crippled quite a few of time. The mobile suite Ramvroght could not catch nor did he knew whom was piloted the mobile suite. And another surprise awaited Captain Ramvroght, Captain Rambam onboard the USS Venture had arrived and the ship was more advanced then Ramvroght ever saw. These two factors meant he had to withdraw his fleet back to Imperial space. After the fall of the Imperial Alliance he returned to Imperialea space to plot his revenge.

USS Imperialea

The Imperialea

Hammer of War

The Imperialea is a newly build Rambo Empire NX-91001 Class. She is the only of her kind and is the strongest and most powerfullst. It is said that the ship carriers vortex torpedo's and can travel at transwarp.

The ship is kept classified and is only used to transport the High Prophet.

The Hammer of War

An Imperial Preatorian Class, measering 35000 meters these capitol ships are one of the most powerful and feared ships of the Imperial Alliance.

Captain Trentucula (missing)[]

Captain Trentucula

Trentucula is a Captain in service of the Imperial Alliance, a ruthless creature, his power and reputation is respected. He allied the Lizardians and soon became the Captain of the Lusankya.

Captain of the Lusankya

When the Imperial Alliance was formed he met Aur'Lodin and soon allied with the Imperial Alliance and became a Captain among her fleet. When the Lusankya's construction was finished, command was given to Trentucula and it soon became the personall ship of Aur'Lodin.

The USS Merced and Klopplar's fleet engages Aur'Lodin's fleet, resulting in a heavy battle, with the Lusankya in the back of the picture.

Battle underneath the Lusankya

During the first Galactic War the ship was present during the final battle for the Dissia System were it crippled the USS Merced but was forced to retreat after a truce was made.

File:Battle of Capricaerón 03.png

Battle of Capricaerón

When the Second Galactic War broke out, Aur'Lodin arrived at the ship and took it with a large fleet to engage and take over the Noble Alliance, something which succeeded after heavy battles and during the fight Trentucula managed to cripple the USS Merced before it was destroyed by the Libery. He then advanced and took over the Noble Alliance, thus cornering Rambo Nation and cutting it off from it's allies. As the Noble Alliance had fallen, he was ordered by Aur'Lodin to advance into CSA territory and invaded the CSA homesytem with a large Imperial Fleet and participated in the Battle of Capricaerón.

The Lusankya destroys the last few ships of the Resistance

As his arrival and that of the Imperial Fleet and under guidance of Aur'Lodin the Imperials gained the upper hand, but were unable to use it as Captain Rambam arrived with Quadrantia reinforcements and soon a stand was made. He later retreated back to Imperial Space because Aur'Lodin ordered him to do so.

After awaiting some time and a long time of boredem, Trentucula recieved a lot of Clone Troopers which he began training personally. They were marked with the sign of the Lusankya and often were knowns as the most ruthless and creepy of all Clone Troopers. Around the time of the Final Battle of the Intergalactic War Trentucula recieved orders from Aur'Lodin and the Emperor. As Aur'Lodin once again travelled with him at the bridge, which always made him uneasy they headed to a region of the Iron Bloc, which was plunged in a war. There to his surprise they found various Resistance ships, he though they were long gone and looked at Aur'Lodin. She simply nodded to a Clone Trooper and before his surprised eyes the last remnants of the Resistance were swept away by the Lusankya her cannons. Somehow he felt sad, this was not a worhty ending in his eyes but did not tell Aur'Lodin about this. After the fall of the Imperial Alliance he was unsure waht to do and now wanders the galaxy, in hopes of evading capture by Rambo Nation.

The Lusankya

The Lusankya

She is a sister ship of the Laberynth and was the second Heavy Battle Cruiser constructed. It was active during the First Galactic War and later also during the Second Galactic War. She is a powerfull ship, equipped with many blaster weapons, torpedo's, cannons and contains a large hangar with fighters.

Former Imperials[]

The Lizardian Commander[]

The Lizardian Commander

The Lizardian Commander is one of the most dreaded and fearest commanders within Rambo Nation. He is a master mind who managed to deal severe damage to the Rambo twice. Although his real name is now known, many know him as the Lizardian Commander.

Just calling his name can make some of the boldest Captains of Rambo Nation tremble in fear for him. But none the less, he is not immortal and can be wounded. To the history of the Lizardian Commander will be very short, Rambo Nation knows nothing about his history, only when he arrived in Quadrant 82 to challange the Noble Alliance and Rambo Nation.

He commands the Lizardian Battle Cruiser Chimera.

Service in Lizardian Empire

Around 8 years ago the first Lizardian ships were spotted in the uninhabited nothern parts of the quadrant. They settled themselves there and remained quiet for a while.

Although it is now known that they were sending spies, so that they could measure and learn of the species and Empires in Quadrant 82.

Over the course of years they began expanding there realms in the Nothern Parts and became even bigger than the Noble Alliance. Although there weren't many ships in their systems.

The Lizardian Threat (16 BQF)

Around 3 years ago a massive Lizardian fleet out of nowhere surprised the Noble Alliance and overrun the first defense Fleets of them. This proved to be a disaster, now the Lizardian Fleet split up and divided itself in 3 seperate fleets and began targeting Noble Alliance Capitol Regions.

While the Lizardian Commander sended one fleet to Proogency, the other he send to invade the Insector Eldarion Space. He took command of the biggest fleet and while defeating the fleet in the Dissia System he advanced to the Rambo Capitol System and targeted the Rambo Capitol Planet.

After weeks of fighting Rambo Nation managed to cripple their flagship, and the Lizardian Commander had to retreat since his other fleet were also losing due to reinforcements of the other members of the Noble Alliance, which the Commander was not informed off. So the Lizardian Commander retreated, and send a message to the assembled fleet, indicating that he was only send as a scout fleet, and with the trouble they already had with that, he warned them that they would probably no match for an invading fleet. Although the Lizardian Commander retreated back to his settlements and colonies in the Nothern Part, he continued to harras and attack systems of the Noble Alliance, and also continued to send spies among Quadrant 82.

After a succefull raid on a Lizardian Ship, it was known that the Lizardian Commander was warned by his leaders and commanding officers elswhere, that he should not have attacked and should have waited for reinforcements to arrive.

Latley the Lizardians are remaining very quiet, so that one can only wonder what the Commander has planned this time.

Imperial Alliance & War Councillor

It later turned out that the Lizardian Emperor was killed by the Unknown Entity, thanks to the aid of the Commander, in return he was given a position at the Imperial War Council, and thanks to the Commander, the Lizardian Empire joined the Imperial Alliance. As a War Councillor, the Commander ordered all the Lizardian forces to join the Imperial Alliance, something they did, since the Commander was a high and famous officer among the Lizardians.

After the forming of the Imperial Alliance, he makes plans to hit Rambo Nation at his heart, as a revenge for his defeat. When the plan was formed, he led the attack at the Rambo Capitol. taken by complete surprise he was able to bombard the Rambo High Council and left shortly after to engage the other Noble Alliance members.

But before he could do that, his fleet was joined by that of the Rambulan Fleet Captain El'd'Shell and they withdrawn to former Lizardian space. Shortly after, they attacked the Dissia and gained a foothold there. But when Captain Ramaxar arrived with his fleet they were forced to retreat, as he was ordered by the Emperor. He know prepares the next stage of the plan to go into frontal war.

Imperial Galactic War (05 BQF)

The Commander his forces defeat the Rambo Defence Fleet of the Tri-Hoornbo Empire

When the war finalley started, the Lizardian Commander send a part of his fleet to engage and destroy a Rambo Task Force near Ramrevera Prime. When they succeeded the Commander was pleased and took his entire fleet under his command to engage the nearby ally of Rambo Nation, the Tri-Hoornbo Empire. After a lenghty battle with the Rambo Defence Fleet the Imperial Forces emerged victorious and the Tri-Hoornbo surrended to the Imperial Alliance.

the Commanders fleet, stationed at the Dissia System


Feeling proud of this victory, he killed the Tri-Hoornbo leader as an example to others and divided his fleet to completly take control of Tri-Hoornbo Space.

He then advanced towards the Dissia sytem and joined forces with Captain Tul of the Tralor Empire. During his meeting with Tul, he regocnized Tul's new slave, Princess Ramtilsae and complimented him on it. When Fleet Captain Klopplar arrived with the 5th Fleet he span his trap and defeated the 5th and allied fleet which, with aid of the Lusankya. He took Klopplar captive and interrogated him. Afterwards, he sended him towards Koerban for interrogation by Tul. But before that could happen, the Capricyránae Sector Alliance, Rambo Nation, Noble Alliance and Swerion Trade Federation attacked his fleet. Making his stand, he was ordered by Aur'Lodin, the Regent of the Imperial Alliance to withdrawn from the Dissia System as some sort of truth was made with Empress Ramashe.

Ramtilsae is taken captive by Captian Tul and recognized by the Lizardian Commander

During the Cold War the Lizardian Commander prepared his forces and fleets for a new war.

During Captain Tul's escape from the Ramghatulkiaga Orbital Prison with a shuttle, he was intercepted by the USS Reliant, a Miranda Class vessel. However, as Tul seemed to be re-captured the Lizardian Commander arrived onboard the USS Chimera and attacked the USS Reliant and drove her off. As Captain Tul was brought aboard the Lizardian Commander greeted Captain Tul personally. During the Travel to Lanat Prime the Lizardian Officer and Tul had a conversation about secret things, and both promised to keep it a secret. And as such he brought Tul to Lanat Prime and left soon after back to the wormhole. But when coming near to the wormhole, he noticed the USS Dallas.

The Chimera vs the USS Dallas, two arc enemies.

Second Galactic War (0 BQF)

When the Second Galactic War broke out, he started the very beginning of the war. He engaged the USS Dallas and her escort when they exited the Dissia Wormhole, while defeating Ramcard, but unable to destroy him he advanced with his fleet to the Colonie of Koerband and began invading the Colonie.

The Chimera reigns down at the Rambo Fleet

During the invasion he met with Captain Earionnae and branded her responsible for the fall of Koerband, making sure she was a wanted and unwelcome person in Rambo Nation. After meeting her, and letting her go, he continued his attention to completly take control of Koerband and headed to the Capitol building, to take Ambassador Ram'Vell captive.

The Chimera vs the USS Sovereign

After his friend, Captain Tul, managed to disable one of the shield generators in one of the major Cities of the Rambo Capitol the Commander arrived with a massive fleet to attack the Rambo Capitol. During the battle he managed to defeat the USS Sovereign which was forced to retreat and with aid of reinforcements he managed to take over the Rambo Capitol and forced Rambo Nation to surrender.

The Chimera evades fire and Spacial Anomolies.

After his victory, the Commander remained at his position and spread the Imperial influance over the Capitol system. However, as the Quadrantia Threaty was signed his fleet came under attack and it first seemded he was losing the battle. But as Rowar was liberated, as he planned, he could reign down his entire fleet upon the Allied Fleet and the allies were soon in despair. But the Immobilizer arrived, claiming to aid the commander and activated her weapons.

The Commander's forces retreat from the Rambo Capitol

It created massive waves of Spacial Anamolies and a large part of his fleet was destroyed together with a part of the allies. As he tried to make a stand the Syllit's also attacked, but later retreated. This and the spacial anamolies meant that his fleet was losing ground and the commander was furious, he was going to be defeated due to one of his own.

The Discovery at Koerband

As the battle raged on, the Commander contacted the Emperor and was ordered to retreat. This in displeasure with the Commander, he did so as ordered. But this command meant that his trust in the Emperor was damaged and now he was defeated for the 2nd time, both times during the fight for the Rambo Capitol. His new mission was to aid Aur'Lodin. However, he did not arrive in time to turn the tide of the Battle of Capricaerón. He then returned to Imperial Space and hear in surprise that the Imperials stopped the war (again). He did not understand this as a lot of new ships were almost ready to launch in active service. He then consulted the Galactic Emperor, and he understood why he did that. Although the Emperor was carfull in his words. the Lizardian Commander knew something big was about to happen, but he could not fully understand what.

Lizardian Battle Cruiser Chimera

He later was overseeing the excavations at Koerband, where they discoverd something which could lead them to the good side of the Cognatus. Meanwhile he also recieved a new ship to command, as his former ship became retired out of service. After the fall of the Imperial Alliance he led the Lizardias and the Order of Light away from the Quadrant Galaxies, fearing the wrath of Rambo Nation they migrated elsewhere and are now searching for a new home and place to settle.

  • He did not reveal his name yet to the outside, only the War Council and the Emperor know his true name.
  • Although the Commander was saddened by the death of his friend, Lizkrahmkyn, he knew he could not afford any mistakes, and so made sure that he wasn't going to loose any battle.
Lizardian Battle Cruiser Chimera

The Chimera is a huge ship, measering over 3 km's. It weapons are very powefull and it's hanger bays are filled with fighters.

Chimera Below view

The ships defenses are also strong, and the ship is even stronger than a Galaxy or Sovereign Class. ships. It took over 25 ships to cripple the ship, with only 12 ships still intact of Rambo Nation.

When in retreat, it was repaired in Lizardian Space and now lies in orbit of what seems the most important Colonie of the Lizardians in Quadrant 82.

Chimera II

The Chemira was one of the earliest Battle Cruiser build by the Lizardian Empire.

It later became part of the Imperial Alliance and kept it's position as flagship of the Lizardian Commander. However, he later recieved command of the newer vesion of the Lizardian Star Destroyer, the Chimera II', a way stronger ship with more powerfull weapons and shields, and is even larger in size.

Saurien Representive Saraxvrantrix (Captured)[]


This HarbronrSaurien representes the Saurien Sector Coalition and is the leader of the Sauriens.

Tigris War

Saraxv (nicknamed) made a crucial mistake when he joined the Tigris War and betrayed Rambo Nation, at first they had succes, but when the Congregation attacked the Sauriens, they had to abandon there worlds and at advice of the Uknown Entity, they went to Quadrant 89 and became members of the Imperial Alliance.

War Councillor of the Imperial Alliance

When he achieved a position at the War Council, he under advice of the Emperor, contributed to the rebuilding of the Saurien Sector Coaliton and the population of planets in Quadrant 89.

When the bombing of the Rambo High Council occured, Saraxv was still at the newly colonized territory of the Saurien Sector Coaliton, when hearing the succes, he started to make preperations to take over the Wormhole leading to the Tigris System to block reinforcement of Rambo Nation to there.

He later executed this plan and attacked a Rambo Task Force there, his fleet was joined by other Imperial ships and they now have control over the Tigris Wormhole in Quadrant 89. He now awaits futher instructions.

Imperial Galactic War
Keeping Control of the Wormhole

During the war he had his fleet still stationed at the Tigris Wormhole and managed to defeat or drive off every effort of Rambo Nation to retake it.

The USS Merced and other ships disable the Vetar and the Star Destroyer Escorts

Siege on the Rambo Capitol System and Capture

Afterward he was given a new order, together with Commander Lizrkrahmkyn he had to siege the Colonie of Pelman, as interlude to invade the Rambo Capitol System (as Pelman was a Colonie in that system). As they arrived, he executed his orders and began sieging Pelman, but Lizrkrahmkyn had other plans and advanced to the Capitol Planet of Dinoman82. This however was a trap as the 5th and 12th Fleets of Rambo Nation arrived and after a furious battle they were forced to retreat.

During the retreat the USS Merced under command of Klopplar and other Rambo Ships destroyed his escort and disabled the Vetar, his personall Saurien Battle Cruiser. He was then taken captive by Rambo Nation after he surrended himself.

He was trasnferred to the Ramghatulkiage Orbital Prison, but after the discovery of that opinion he was trasnferred with the others prisoners to anohter and classified location.

  • Although he doesn't want to admit it, he fears the Regent of the Imperial Alliance.

Rambulan Fleet Captain El'd'Shell †[]

Rambulan Fleet Captain El'd'Shell

This Rambulan Captain is the only Rambulan Captain Rambo Nation has ever met, and he represents the Rambulan Star Empire and was promoted to Fleet Commander of the Rambulan Star Empire Fleet.

When the Imperial Alliance was formed, El'd'Shell was given a position at the War Council and still has this position today. However during the Battle of the Rambo Capitol El'd'Shell perished as his ship exploded.

See Captain page .

Lizardian Commander Krazkramkrazm (former)[]

Lizardian Commander Krazkramkrazm

Before the Unknown Entity killed the Lizardian Emperor, he made contact with Krazkramkrazm (nicknamed Kraz), who was in command of the Imperial Guard. It was no secret he disliked the current Lizardian Emperor, who could not defeat Rambo Nation, so when the Unknown Entity showed him his vision and plans, he was quickly to side with him.

War Councillor of the Imperial Alliance

When the Imperial Alliance was formed, he was given a seat at the War Council and he kept his position as Commander of the Imperial Guard.

When the Lizardian Commander invaded Quadrant 82 for the second time, and after the bombing of the Rambo High Council, he remainded behind with the Emperor. He later joined the Lizardian Commander and the other Lizardians to find a new place and migrated away from the Quadrant Galaxies.

  • He is the only War Councillor who does not commands a fleet, he does not want that because he already commands the Imperial Guard.

Rambo Commander Ramauron, former Royal Guard Captain†[]


This former Rambo Royal Guard Captain betrayed Rambo Nation to the Imperial Alliance, he is now a member of the War Council and is seen as the biggest betrayer after the current leader of the Rambo Resistance. Due to his betrayal, his color changed. The Rambo see this as a punishment of the Rambo Gods.

War Councillor of the Imperial Alliance

Before he was assigned to the War Council, he aided the Unknown Entity, giving him the information to bombard the weak points of the Rambo defenses. Thanks to him, the Bombing of the High Council was possible and when the Imperial forces retreated, he joined them.

At return, he was brought before the Unknown Entity who praised him and gave him a position at the War Council. Now he tries to get the Rambo Resistance to join the Imperial Alliance, but they still refuse. He was also given a fleet at his disposel, something all War Councillors have. He makes preparations to invade the Rambo space in the Tigris System. Because they do not known that he is a traitor, because of the Imperial blockade of the wormhole.

Galactic War

In secret Ramauron explored the Tigris System aboard a cloacked Rambulan ship and found that the Xhodocto were swarming that universe and that every planet, including planets like Ramirith, DSC02 and other planets were destroyed.

He reported this back to the Emperor and awaited further instructions. When the Resistance forces were defeated during the Battle of Erion and there leader, Ramgaro was captured by Fleet Captain Ramborwski the remaining Resistance members who did not surrender, fled to Imperial Space. Upon arriving there, they were placed under his command, and as such, he became the new leader of the Resistance. However, upon defeating Rambo Nation Ramauron was killed by the Emperor.

  • He is an excellant swordsman, and he fights with a sword and shield.
  • He betrayed Rambo Nation, because he thinks Rambo Nation will not survive the wars, so he wants them to join the Imperial Alliance.
  • He hates the Judge Magisters, and he is equall in strenght with them.
  • He was also given a fleet to command.

Lizardian Commander Lizrkrahmkyn †[]

Lizardian Commander Lizrkrahmkyn

Lizrkrahmkyn is another member of the Imperial War Council and is ruthless and among the Imperial Alliance he manages differant functions. He mostly oversees internal stuff and keeps track of diplomatic stuff (as far as the Imperial Alliance wants to acts in the name of diplomacy anyway). When the former Lizardian Emperor was killed, he sided with the Unknown Entity and vowed to serve him. He also is also a fleet commander, something he realy enjoys doing.

War Councillor of the Imperial Alliance

As a War Councillor, a seat he has recieved when the Imperial Alliance was formed, he helped planning the attack at the Rambo High Council which eventually succeeded.

When the Lizardian Commander invaded Quadrant 82 he made preparations to frustrate Rambo Nation in Quadrant 89 and commanded the fleet that blocked the wormhole to the Tigris System and laid the blockade to the Swerion Trade Federation. He now makes preparations to invade Rambo Space.

Galactic War
Siege of the Rambo Capitol System

The USS Dallas arrives and cripples a Star Destroyer, the first sign of a disastrous defeat.

As the war started he was given the order to invade the Rambo Capitol System, together with Saraxvrantrix and combine there fleets. As they arrived, Saraxvrantrix executed his orders, however he himself had other plans and advanced to the Rambo Capitol Planet of Dinoman82. He wanted to be equall and better then the Lizardian Commander and his achievement of taking over the Tri-Hoornbo Empire. However it turned to be futile decision as the 8th and 12th Fleets arrived at reinforcements and defeated both Imperial Fleets.

As he managed to retreat with the Redeemer, his personall ship, his hyper jump engines were damaged and so he had to retreat on impulse speed. When Saraxvrantrix was captured he realised his mistake, and feared the anger of the Emperor. Instead of going to the nearby Imperial Space, he headed to the Dissia System.

Destruction of the Algernon

As the Emperor was furious with his defeat, he send him with 2 Star Destroyers and the Redeemer to invade the Algernon Empire, and by some luck and after many casualties he managed to defeat the Algernon and lay waste to there system and cities.

The Emperor was surprised by him, and he became in better favor with the Emperor.

Failiure at Reien

Aur'Lodin kills Lizkrahmkyn above Reien after his failure to take over the Colonie

The Redeemer crippled by the USS Sovereign

When Lizkrahmkyn advanced to the Braafrena system, he wanted to take over the Reien system to have a staging area there.

However he did not count on the arrival of Captain Ramcard and Captain Ramaxar and his fleet was soon defeated. As the Redeemer was crippled by the USS Sovereign he fled to a Floating Docking Port above Reien. But he was confronted by Aur'Lodin and was killed by her for his failiure.

His ship, the Redeemer was shortly after destroyed by the USS Dallas and ships of the Rambo 12th Fleet.

  • He sees himself as the rival of the Lizardian Commander, although this is at friendly terms.
  • He was given the task of invading the Rambo in Quadrant 89, there Deep Space Colonies there.

Captain El'd'Tall †[]


Rambulan Captain El'd'Tall

Not much is recorded of the early years of El'd'Tall, only that he was born around 45 years ago and that he later joined the Rambulan military. Around the time the Rambulan encountered the USS Hood and Rambo Nation in Quadrant 89, he was a Tactical Officer aboard the Devoras, under command of Captain El'd'Shell.

When the Rambulan Star Empire joined the Imperial Alliance, he was promoted to Captain by El'd'Shell himself. He is a ruthless person who has a deep hatred for the Serindia and the other Rambo Species. He also likes to fight with a huge horn like weapon.

Captain of the RSS Soterus

He was pleased to became a Captain, and was given command of the RSS Soterus. A Valdore Class and the newest Rambulan ship in service of the Imperial Alliance.

But he was dissapointed by the first mission he was given by the Regent of the Imperial Alliance, Aur'Lodin. He had to patrol the far borders of Quadrant 82. A more boring mission he could not imagen. He even asked the now new leader and War Councillor of the Rambulans, El'd'Shell for another mission. But he said he was unable to give him another mission, as Aur'Lodin stood above him in rank.

The Soterus engages the USS Bellerophon and the Seleya

However, during the early days of the Imperial Campaign an Insector ship and Rambo ship approached his sector. It turned out to be Insector Captain El'd'Shar of the Seleya, and Rambo Captain Ramkoty of the USS Bellerophon.

The USS Tempest crippeling the Soterus during the Second Galactic War.

He followed them for a while but decided to attack them. He decloacked the Soterus and engaged the Bellerophon first and crippled her and heavily damaged the Rambo Ship. However the Insector ship proved to strong and damaged the right wing of the Soteurs and he was forced to withdraw. The Bellerophon however was destroyed with all hands by a Warp Core Breach due to the attack.

He reported this and was complimented by the Regent, but he was assigned again to patrol the borders. When the Second Galactic War broke out, he was still patrolling the borders, and encountered Captain:Captain Ramosky of the USS Tempest, whom was sent to investigate his attack at the USS Bellerophon. He decloacked and engaged the Rambo Space Ship, but during the fight the Soterus was hit and leacked plasme. Ramosky then demanded surrender, but El'd'Tall had no intentions of doing that. Instead he asked to discuss the events in private, in release for his freedom. But Ramosky was not yet sure what to do.

The AI station destroys the Rambulan Star Empire!

But Ramosky after learning the information he wanted released El'd'Tall and he went to Ramrevera Prime for repairs. Later on he participated in the 2nd battle for the Rambo Capitol and his ship was forced to retreat when the Immobilizer unleashed it's spacial anomolies. During the retreat the Soterus took damage again and needed repairs again. Shorlty before the end of the Second Galactic War the Soterus was repaired and was stationed at the Dissia System and the colonie of Koerband. After the fall of the Imperial Alliance he went into isolation with the rest of the Rambulans. Around 04 AQF El'd'Tall died in the first initial attack of the AI station during the AI attack when his ship exploded and killed all aboard and later on the entire Rambulan Star Empire.

RSS Soterus

RSS Soterus

The RSS Soterus is a Valdore Class and is the newest Rambulan Ship under the Imperial Alliance. The ship is very fast, strong and pretty powerfull.

It also has a cloacking device. The ships are about the same size of the D'derix Classes but more powerfull.

The Soterus is one of the early launched Valdore Class and already saw action agianst a Ramob and Insector ships.

Captain El't'Isco (former)[]

Captain El't'Isco


Captain El't'Isco is a Rambulan Captain in service of the Imperial Alliance. Instead of Commanding a Rambulan Ship, he commands the Rambulan Docking Station above the Imperial Capitol of Quadrant 82, Impaerusqiantia.

He was a former first Lieutenant of the Soterus but when the Rambulans joined the Imperial Alliance, he was promoted to Captain and transferred to the Rambulan Impaerusqiantia Docking Station.

Captain of the Rambulan Impaerusqiantia Docking Station and beyond

When El't'Isco became Captain of the newly build station, he found himself in a special position. Without his permission no one could land on the planet without his permission. But, he stood under the War Councillors and got his instructions from them. None the less, he had often converstations with the War Councillors and differant Captains of the Imperial Alliance and there allies and he was soon a liked person. However, he could also be rude when he was intervered when he was busy.

During his reign of Captain, nothing really special happened other than certain Captains and War Councillors asking permission to be beamed down on the surface. He was later captured by Rambo Nation forces during the fall of the Imperial Alliance (02 AQF) her aftermath and power void, after his capture he was send to Ramghatullkiaga Prison and remained there for another two years before being freed by the Confederacy at 04 AQF. He then aided the Confederate cause and became wanted of Rambo Nation for 1 million gold. Though he refused to take a ship to command, as he has no experience with ship to ship combat.

Sometime later he vanished from Confederate sight and he began wandering the universe to find a new purpose in life.

Rambulan Impaerusqiantia Docking Station

Rambulan Impaerusqiantia Docking Station

The Docking Station is a medium Station where only shuttles or small crafer were allowed to dock at. Upon arriving, the visitors were faced by two Rambulan Soldiers and asked to go to the Captain to ask for there clearance. After walking down the hallways they arrived at the Control Center where they talked to the Captain and got there clearance.

The Station is fairly new and has very good shields. Rumors have it, the station can even cloack. The station later came into possesion of Rambo Nation upon the fall of the Imperial Alliance and was destroyed.

Captain El't'Vall †[]

Captain El't'Vall

Captain El't'Vall is a Rambulan Captain in service of the Imperial Alliance and the Rambulan Star Empire. He is an excellent hunter and like to hunt down his prey. He commands a Rambulan Bird of Prey. He is a new and inexperient Captain, only been promoted to Captain 2 years ago.

Captain of the Hunter

When being promoted to Captain he was given command of the Bird of Prey Hunter. A small but fast ship. He participated in the Final battle for the Dissia System but was forced to retreat after the peace threaty. His current status is unknown.

USS Pearson moments before destruction, the USS Saratoga engages the Rambulan Hunter

During the Final Battle of the Dissia System he crippled several Tralor Freedom Force and Rambo Ships. He was then withdrawn when a truce was made with Rambo Nation, but not for long.

The Hunter

During the Second Galactic War El't'Vell was part of the first battle, the invasion of Koerband and soon advanced to scout the area. Upon arriving above Stasje, he decloacked and engaged the USS Pearson, which he managed to destroy. But was forced to withdrawn when the USS Saratoga arrived.

He later participated in numerous battles during the Second Galactic War. After the Second Galactic War he was assigned to patrol the bordors of the Imperial Alliance. After the fall of the Imperial Alliance he went into isolation with the rest of the Rambulans. Around 04 AQF in the 4th month El't'Vall died due to the effect of the virus the Quadrantia AI released upon the Rambulan Star Empire to destroy them.

The Hunter

The Hunter is a Rambulan Bird of Prey. Is was recently launched into active service and has already fought in two devasting wars.

Captain Gudraforgth (former)[]

Captain Gudraforgth


Gudraforgth is a Gudrafnar and is the Supreme Commander of the Aegistillia Order's Fleet. He commands the Enlightment, the flag ship of the Order's Remnant. He now is in service of the Imperial Alliance after the order left universe 66501.

Captain of the Enlightment

He has been a Captain for many millenia now, he was already active during the Reign of the Ash Nazkgr and the conquerig of Aegistillia. However, when the Rambo arrived things turned for the worse for his beloved Order with the arrival of the Xhodocto. This soon meant the diminshing of the Order and they were almost extinct.

Gudraforgth Task Force under attack by the Sylit Republic during the Second Galactic War


But when the Remnant of Allies left Universe 66501 they secretly followed and upon arriving they joined the Imperial Alliance.

Battle against the Xiaan Alliance

When the Second Galactic War broke out, he led a task force guarding the borders of Quadrant 82 to prevent the Allies of Rambo Nation to enter there Galaxy. However, when the Sylit Republic came to aid of Rambo Nation, Gudraforgth task force was defeated due to the many ships attacking his task force and he was forced to retreat.

Upon the taking of the Rambo Capitol Planet Gudraforgth led a massive Task Force into Xiaan Alliance space, and after some heavy battle the Xiaan Alliance surrended, thus claiming a massive victory for the Imperial Alliance and the RSA.

He later also suffered a defeat during the battle of Ramgotheria and also participated in the Battle of the Rambo Capitol Planet. However, after the Immobilizer arrived and unleashed the Spacial Anomolies he was forced to retreat. In anger, he withdrew to the Imperial Capitol of Quadrant 82 to defend her from on oncoming attack. After the Second Galactic War, he went in council with the Galactic Emperor. After the fall of the Imperial Alliance he led his people along side the Lizardians to a new galaxy after they migrated from the Quadrant Galaxies.

The Enlightment, a Gudrafnar Battle Cruiser

The Enlightment

The Enlightment is a Gudrafnar Battle Cruiser and is the Flag Ship of the Order of Light. It is a very ancient yet powerfull ship. However it is not undestructible, as it was forced when an overmight of Sylit Republic Ships engaged the ship.

Captain Lizassk (former)[]

Captain Lizassk

Captain Lizassk is the Captain of an Imperial Star Destroyer Defender and is often seen in outer region battles. He dislikes the Rambo, but Aur'Lodin even more.

He has a lust for battle and often engages the enemy forces on his own will, instead off waiting at reinforcements. However, he does have some kind of honor. He likes to engage the enemy himself, and when in battle he carries a large shield and a blaster to defeat his enemies.

Captain of the Defender

When the Defender was launched into active service shortly before the Second Galactic War, Lizassk resumed command and went with her into the Second Galactic War.

He participated in the Battle for the Dissia System and the Battle of Koerband. After the fall of the Noble Alliance he engaged the Colonie of Ramaakota, a desert Colonie and conquered the entire Colonie with aid of the RSA. He later rampaged the colonie and left it in the hands of the Ruin Sector Alliance.

Battle near Pauvenris

Shortly after, he headed with a small convoy to the Colonie of Pauvenris but was stopped even before entering the Braafrena System. As his forces were taken under attack by the USS Dallas and multiply CSA and Rambo vessels they proved to strong and Lizassk retreated toward the Dissia System and the Colonie of Koerband.

Battle of Rambo Prime

After awaiting his time there, he later attacked Rambo Prime, a Rambo Nation Colonie near the Wormhole Fields and was succefull and almost overrun the defense fleet stationed there. But as the Battle of Capricaerón reached it's end, a Quadrantia Fleet dropped out of Warp and engaged the Imperial Fleet. After a short and intense fleet Lizassk retreated at orders of the Imperial Command.

The Verpine vs the New Horizon

Captain of the Verpine

After remobilsing the Imperial Troops and the launch of various new ship designes, the Defender was withdrawn from active service and Lizassk was given a new Ardent Class Frigate as ship, namely the Verpine. This new class was perfect in swift attacks, something Lizassk was already a perfectionist in with the older Lizardian Star Destroyer class. With the Verpine he prepared to investigate a new arrival in the Cyrannus Galaxy.

However, he did not had to travel far as he encountered the New Horizon and opened attack. He took all the clones captive of the ship and killed the Commander of the ship. He then left the ship a drift and returned to the Imperial Capitol of Quadrant 82. After the Fall of the Imperial Alliance he joined the Lizardians in there mass migration to a new galaxy and away from the Quadrant Galaxies.

The Defender

The Defender

The Defender is an Imperial Lizardian Star Destroyer and was under command of Lizassk since her launch. It fought during the Second Galactic War and afterwards was put out of active service and was dismanteled.


The Verpine

The Verpine is an Ardent Class Frigate, although small it became one of the fastest strike ships of the Imperial Alliance. They have decent firepower and are often used as escort or hit and run attacks. The Verpine became Lizassk personall ship after the Second Galactic War and after running some tests, the ship was ready for active service and battle.

Captain Lizrawn (Presumed dead)[]

Lizardian Captain Lizrawn


Lizrawn is the Imperial Lizardian Captain of the Heavy Battle Cruiser Laberynth. He is ruthless and never gives up his tasks or mission. He likes to tortue people and has a favor for slave danceresses. He also enjoys blowing up ships and hunting down his enemies.

He was already a Captain when the Lizardian Empire joined the Imperial Alliance, what his duties and record was is classified.

Captain of the Laberynth

Shorlty after the forming of the Imperial Alliance, Lizrawn was given command of the Laberynth, a massive Heavy Cruiser and very powerfull.

When the Galactic War started, he was send into Imperial Space and did some tests during his time there, after the tests succeeded he was send into Rambo Space.

The USS Luna evades the Laberynth

He soon encountered the USS Luna under command of Captain Rambam. He soon persued the ship with the intention to destroy her, but during those events he lost the Laberynth and was taken captive by the Rambo forces and was about to be brought to prison.

Battle of Proogency

After those events, he was able to re-take the Laberynth and dropped the Rambo on the ship safely near a Rambo Colonie. However, his revenge and sworn enemy Captain Rambam of the USS Luna was still alive and escaped, and as such his story and hunt for the Rambo Captain did not stop, as he was given a second change by the Lizardian Commander.

See: Captain of Space and War

After these events Lizrawn took a small escort with him and attacked the Colonie of Proogency and managed to defeat Ramanyia her forces there. After the battle he took Ramanyia captive and began monitoring the transmissions from Rambo Nation and other Empires, to use in advance in the war efforts of the Imperial Alliance. After learning of many event Lizrawn picked up a transmission of the Blockade of Ramsoria Run, and informed his Emperor about it. He was then send with a large fleet to aid the United Lanat Empire and to punish the Dagians.

The Imperial Fleet arrives at Lanat

Battle of Fornearia starts.

He later took a massive task force, mostly excisting out of Star Destroyer II and Ardent Classes he arrived at Lanat, the ULA capitol planet and Lizrawn prepared his forces to aid the ULA in there struggle against both the Rambo and the Freedom Force.

However, he was already scanning for nearby Dagian precense, something he wished to destroy right away. None the less, Lizrawn opened the channel and pledged the full support of the Imperial Alliance to ULA. Although he wondered why they made the bold move to blockade Ramsoria Run, a inner region trade route and colonie, since it was a provoking move and surely the Rambo were already planning something.

Lizrawn later recieved orders to attack the Rambo colonie of Fornaeria, and as said he attacked the colonie. He laid a blockade around the colonie and claimed the citizens of Fornaeria still had supplies of the Imperial Alliance, left there after the Second Galactic War. Yet Rambo Command did not believe it and started to attack the blockade. Lizrawn ordered his fleet and ground forces to engage but he could not imagen the outcome of this battle.

the Brassbound collieds with the Laberynth


When Rambo Nation engaged the blockade, Lizrawn called for reinforcements and they came with an Imperial Mortalitas Dreadnought and various Imperial Light Cruisers. When pressing there attack, soon a Constellation Class V2, the USS Fading Sun was destroyed and Lizrawn then headed to orbit, to stop Ramuchi and the two Krakana Class ships. While disabling the Brassbound, Lizrawn was unable to reach the other Krakana Class. While Shinar, a Red Serindia Captain saw what was going on he beamed himself to the Brassbound and evacuated the ship, he made an intercept course with the Laberynth. Lizrawn simply laughed at this attempt, but when getting frustrated at a clone he forget the Brassbound was to late to prevent a collision with the Brassbound.

A large explosion engulfed both ships and the Laberynth broke in half. Lizrawn is presumed dead.

The Laberynth

The Laberynth

A big and powerful vessel in the Lizardian Navy. This massive ship is slow but very powerfull. It is a sister ship of the Lusankya.

However it was upgraded and refitted and could match even the USS Luna's speed, so the experiment was succeeded.

The ship took damage during the hunt for the USS Luna, but has been repaired and upgraded since. It fought during many a war and conflict, but was destroyed during the Battle of Fornaeria.

Captain Lizvear (former)[]

Captain Lizvear

Lizvear is the Captain of the Imperial Star Destroyer Allecto. He is a faithfull Captain and veyr loyal to the Lizardian Commander, but he shows no mercy to slaves or criminals.

The Allecto damaged by the USS Dallas


He is an older and experient Captain within the Imperial Alliance. He was already a Captain when the Lizardian Empire still excisted, and even was present during the Lizardian Threat as part of the Lizardian Commander his fleet.

Captain of the Allecto

When being promoted to a Captain of a Star Destroyer, Lizvear was proud and became arrogant. During his carreer he participated in a lot of battles and conflicts in the name of the Lizardian Empire and the Imperial Alliance.

Before the forming of the Imperial Alliance, he was already a Captain and one of the more ruthless and feared ones among the slaves of the Lizardian Empire. He dislikes slaves and lesser beings, and is known that he even ate lesser species to still his hunger. This gave him a little bit of strange reputation among the Lizardian Officers. None the less, he is a very intelligent and capable captain. When the Galactic War between Rambo Nation and the Imperial Alliance started, he participated in the Battle for the Dissia System, the Fall or Ramrevera, battle for the Rambo Capitol System . During the Battle for the Rambo Capitol System his ship became damaged and crippled by the USS Dallas under command of Captain Ramcard.

He managed to retreat and his ship was repaired. He was then send by Aur'Lodin to the Tigris System where he would rendevouz with the Laberynth and Captain Lizrawn.

However he never showed up as he had other orders and Lizvear prepared himself for other mission and he participated in numerous battles of the Second Galactic War, like during the Battle for Koerband and the Battle of Tuacio and the battle of Veloci. After the Second Galactic War Lizvear was given a new ship to command, after the disastrous battle of the Rambo Capitol System and the Liberation of Rowar the Second Galactic War soon turned in tide of the Allied forces. After withdrawing all Imperial Forces from current Rambo Space to mobilize various new ship classes were launched and the Lizardian Star Destroyers were put out of active service.

The Allecto

He then recieved command of the Immobilizer, the first superweapons of the Imperial Alliance. Although he was sure not to use the spacial anomolies weapons again unless in dire need, the power to prevent ships of going into hyperspace was something he was eager to try. After the fall of the Imperial Alliance he joined the Lizardians into there mass migration to another galaxy and away from the Quadrant Galaxies.

Immobilizer, the first superweapon of the Imperial Alliance!

The Allecto

The Allecto is a Imperial Lizardian Star Destroyer and pretty powerfull. It participated in numerous battles and managed to survive an attack by the USS Dallas.

The Immobilizer

The Immobilizer is a Immobilizer Class and one of the more special and powerfull ships in the Imperial navy. However, as the Immobilizer was used in the Second Galactic War it resulted in the loss of the Imperial control of the Rambo Capitol Planet. This meant that the Spacial Anomoly weapons was not to be used anymore unless in dire need (which would also certainly destroy the ship herself). Now the spheres of the ships are used to create a gravital beam to prevent ships of going into warp or hyperspace/jumps etc. Than the ships turbolaster can easily destroy the targets. These ships are also often used in the defense of various locations or to escort Imperial convoys.

Captain Sarxvrean (former)[]

Captain Sarxvrean


The Vetar part of the blockade

Sarxvrean is the Captain of the Vetar, personall ship of the leader of the Saurien Sector Coalition and a good friend of him. He favors stealth and a hobby is singing of him.

He was already a Captain of the Vetar when the Saurien Sector Coaliton became part of the Tigris War and migrated with the others of his race to Quadrant 89. He however, was not pleased with this and still misses his home. But was happy to find out that they could become part of the Imperial Alliance and could combat the Rambo again at even terms. During the Galactic War that happened between Rambo Nation and the Imperial Alliance he saw many action and the Vetar became the flagship of Saraxvrantrix, leader of the Sauriens.

He was part of the blockade to of the Tigris Wormhole and destroyed several Rambo ships.

However, during the Battle of the Rambo Capitol System the Vetar was disabled by the USS Merced and Saraxvrantrix was taken captive by Captain Klopplar of the 5th Fleet. When the ship was taken captive too, he was able to escape the Rambo forces and destroyed several small Rambo vessels. He was saddened by the capture of his friend and leader, and vowed to free him one day.

He later was dispatched to the Dissia System to combat the Rambo and there allies there but was forced to retreat after orders from the Emperor. He now awaits further orders.

Second Galactic War

Vetar vs the USS Merced

During the Second Galactic War Sarxvrean became part of Aur'Lodin's attack fleet and engaged Captain Klopplar's Fleet. During the battle the Vetar destroyed many a ship, but when under attack of the USS Merced the Vetar became seriously damaged and was forced to retreat.

The Vetar

It then headed to the nearest Imperial colonie were the ship was repaired. He then rejoined Aur'Lodin her fleet. After the fall of the Imperial Alliance he still commanded the Vetar, although it was officially in use anymore and he joined the Lizardians in ther mass migration, as he did not wish to join Rambo Nation.

The Vetar

The Saurien Sector Coaliton Battle Cruiser Vetar is over 7 km's long and is pretty powerfull. It is the flagship of the Saurien Sector Coaliton forces and managed to destroy many Rambo ships, it is also widly known throughout Rambo Nation.

During the Galactic War the ship rammed threw several ships, but took no serious damage, proving the strength of the Sector Coaliton ships.


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